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Favorite Smoking utensil

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Poll: Whats your tool of choice for burning the ganja

Whats your tool of choice for burning the ganja

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#101 morvis



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Posted 16 October 2016 - 08:16 PM

Salutations Morvis,

Just in case some feedback was expected, still trying to keep in line with the announced topic...

I have a magic flight launch box vaporizer. don't have to vape a whole session worth at once...

That is similar to my pipe habit and i even recall the MLFB seemed to be a viable option for myself, once, in the begining... More exactly i'd comment that both devices share a common feature which is brief pre-heating while the owner of a more typical product may feel reluctant to forget about his toking so easily (especially after investing limited resources to get there in the 1st place)... Actually i should also mention that i view anything based on accumulation (balloons, bongs) as potentially promoting abuse by design.  So, « It works! » à la Microsoft isn't good enough and years of proven popularity is no garanty that *MY* needs have ever been accounted for before those of industrial$.
There are creation tasks better performed when starting from the ground up and this implies the genesis of conceptual roots before performing commercial implementation(s):  E.G. reflexion before action; identifying problems, remedies and their various consequences...  More specifically the reader is invited to pay close attention to the inlet path length in a Volcano (with suitable focus on A, B and C), for example:





Then compare the above situation to my negative pressure (vacuum) experiment which illustrated how such hardware can be effectively relocated out of the lungs path:


YouTube:  HerbalAire ShotGun (Bag) Accessory (2011-Mar-8)


That was years ago and it confirmed to me that i didn't really need exposure to an excess of fresh-new plastic hints in exchange for some more convenience (to a manufacturer dealing with many more priorities than just function)!


In other words lets keep an eye on what sort of trade-offs had to be made.   Huge clouds published on YouTube seem exciting then heafty price tags in stores appear to suggest it's all justified and yet none of it necessarily reflects the order of priority i just refered to...  Anyway i'd bet often enough the prototypes themselves will depend on what's already available from the inventory, and/or components catalog, etc., etc...

Someday i'll have a volcano.


Personally i feel appropriate to argue that the venerable Volcano (and most followers) would simply fail to provide a type of Release/Transport Agent which my own physionomy prefers, in retrospective... Not to mention successive expenses seeking the St-Graäl while in the end it happened to reside elsewhere!


In addition i'd be careful with slow pre-heat times as that tells me there could be some baking going on inside an oven, inbetween inhalations.

Some people don't like it...

My bet is it may have something to do with having to rely on a mix of conduction/radiative heat with no convection component, compounded with using only Hot Dry Air as a lesser Release/Transport Agent, etc., which i believe to impact on climbing the learning curve since there are (continuously overlooked) fundamental design flaws that remain to be compensated for, etc., etc...  Still, we don't all ask for universality so if it works and the proper operator skills could be acquired then why not!


Hoping it was OKay to post all of these comments here.  :tongue:


Good day, have fun!! 

I had to read this one a couple times to fully grasp what was being conveyed.  And copy paste a few words into my google dictionary machine  =).


Anyway, that's a pretty cool looking vape, that HerbalAire. I'm going to have to look more into it.  I only mentioned the 'cano because a buddy has one and i've used it a couple times and boy did it get my fucked up and the flavor was mighty nice though it.  I'm open for viable, less expensive alternatives, for sure.

#102 Egzoset



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Posted 17 October 2016 - 03:02 PM

Hi again Morvis,

I had to read this one a couple times...

Then if there are some passages still causing difficulties please simply provide a more specific quote as i wouldn't mind to rephrase.


...pretty cool looking vape, that HerbalAire.  I'm going to have to look more into it.

M'well, i used to keep nicer/better snapshots around but it's been quite a long while so here's what i could still manage to find locally (not to mention computer OS problems, etc.).  Sorry about such poor photographic quality, at least it should help to support related comments i think:


HerbalAire v2.1 All of the electronics 400x300 .PNG HerbalAire v2.1 PC Board Solder-Side 400x300 .PNG HerbalAire v2.1 Oven-Heater Assy 300x400 .PNG

I recall it had a nice shape but i wish i could have shown how the 2 half shells actually attach together, loose one screw and there's only one left to hold it together... Yet i liked to hold it in my hand despite the size: its gentle warm (except on top, evidently) felt good.  Its transformer seemed too heavy considering it was supported by the PCB and not the other was around (it shrank down in size in v2.2); then the worst part of that deal was its questionable mechanical support for the thermocouple as that was really a concern knowing there's teflon right inside the core...  By chance the thermocouple "support" was also corrected in v2.2 - and that was no luxury!

...a buddy has one and i've used it a couple times and boy did it get my fucked up and the flavor was mighty nice though it.

Yeah, actually the technologies ain't much dissimilar.  HerbalAire or Volcano it's still based on Hot Dry Air alone and i just can't stand this type of Release/Transport Agent anymore.  On top of that it's baking inside, between inhalations, so that's why the HerbalAire shines best when in balloon mode.  In any case mine has been collecting dust long enough to make it difficult for me to remember, except i still have rememberances of dealing with the "locomotive" effect (i couldn't let noble molecules go to waste:  that bag MUST be emptied after waiting 3 minutes to fill it!)...


On the bright side, as you may have noticed it provides an INLET access in addition to its whip connector, which renders experimentation convenient and even pleasant (LEGO-style); that's one crucial feature of the HerbalAire as this allows different consumption modes, for example:


HA v2.1 & Fog-Bong with 3rd-Party Glass Whip (Unloaded) .PNG My HerbalAire AirVapor & Fog Paths (2012-Dec-1) .JPG

(e.g. the pump is optional)


The analog HA has a nice shape but i wish i could have shown how its 2 half shells actually attach together.  I mean, just loose *1* screw and it's hanging on the only other one left to hold it together...  Yet i liked to hold it in my hand despite the size:  its gentle warm (except on top, evidently) felt genuinely good.  I found imperfections in the implementation but it turns out v2.1 was discontinued anyway.  The device does release nice flavour hints but this depends on load size which was near 300 mg if memory doesn't fail me, that's 3 times my target while i couldn't tolerate the idea of baking my cannabis.


Don't get me wrong, it's a bit expensive for what's inside but vaporism happens to be a niche market after all and hence it was some fair commercially-available offer IMO.  Too bad it's designed with the same old (manufacturer-convenient) basics in mind:  electrical dryness.  Consequently i'd say of the HA as of so many others that it's not as much about manufacturing quality than it is about conception meeting consumer needs inclusively:  to me these machines simply failed long before blueprints to be absolutely honest.


In other words, even if implementation were excellent that's still not an option for ALL users, not for me anyway.  Because it's not the machine which is broken, it's the underlying concept behind and i regret having to argue that most products on the market have taken that very same route...  On top of that the dedicated web sites i once visited never cared to mention the most elementary item of all in a vaporizer:  which is its Release/Transport Agent.  Actually that's a tag-expression i had to discover/create by my own considering they won't tell...

I'm open for viable, less expensive alternatives, for sure.

My daily tool is a customized pipe working on clean-burning butane (to "potentialize" the Release/Transport Agent + support self-moisturizing).  It's not expensive but that was quite a ride trying to adapt it (instead of me adapting to the pipe as sold...);  i still needed to climb a steep learning curve but i eventually managed to identy what i like or not in a vape.  Consumption method is shaped by the tool, that's another aspect i needed to address, because i wanted something that feels healthy which tastes good while it won't bake a cannabic load before it's even served its purpose, etc.  Nonetheless, i'd be in trouble today if i were to go through the whole process again with commercially available articles as my only solution.  Hence i find hard to meet your requirement thinking how much i've spent in this venture of mine already...


Hummm...  The MLFB didn't sound too bad, it's not a complicated design and most importantly its pre-heating is done fast.  The VapMan maybe be an interesting alternative if you want a "Plan-B" that doesn't rely on electricity.  Also there's the Venus Vaporizer driven by an halogen bulb that made me hopeful a couple years ago.  Yet that's still all awfully dry, blame the poor competitor's own standards for it (Volcano, Arizer...  you name it!)...  Etc.


Good day, have fun!!   :cool:

#103 Egzoset



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Posted 21 October 2016 - 01:35 PM

Updates on my previous post of October 1st:


[ ]


[ ]


[ ]


[ ]

Good day, have fun!!  :happy: :cool: :meditate:

Attached Thumbnails

  • 1 - Egzoset's Fully Customized Classic-style Alu VG Pipe (2016-Oct-15) 400x300 .PNG
  • 2 - Egzoset's Fully Customized Classic-style Alu VG Pipe (2016-Oct-20) 300x300 .PNG
  • 3 - Egzoset's Fully Customized Classic-style Alu VG Pipe (2016-Oct-20) 300x300 .PNG
  • Egzoset's Multi-Purpose Kit (2016-Oct-6) 640x640 .PNG

#104 riseabovethought


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Posted 01 November 2016 - 12:55 PM

I answered bubbler because I absoulately love my bubbler- but it is so fucking clogged I have to retire it.  I wish there were some sort of smaller more compact bubbler available.  I love smoking through water and foresee some sort of vape/bubbler apparatus coming around one day- which would be grrrrrreat!! 

#105 Egzoset



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Posted 21 August 2018 - 03:34 PM



A couple years have passed, hence this is a long-due update i might say...  For example, here's my reversible "Bi-Energy" compatible (multi-)handle solution:



[ http:// ]


And numbers after some final tweaking:



[ http:// ]


Its 17-Holdes Metal Disc weight only 0.75 g, which makes this a potential match for 3rd-party ready-made IH drivers as the 50 ~ 100 W NoFlame and clones (provided its MonoBloc is non-magnetic or at least adapted).


And that's my slogan for it:



[ http:// ]

Now please keep in mind that's only an extension of a pre-existing patent owned by the original manufacturer, supplier of my "Prototyping Platform" material.


Never mind slow & steady rituals using this:  it's all about "Micro-Bursting", packetized "Heat Charge" injection and dosing, etc.


Some more info there:  [ https:// ]


Here (if i lurk around...), or else.


Good day, have fun!!  :meditate:

Edited by Egzoset, 21 August 2018 - 03:42 PM.

#106 oldmushmellow



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Posted 24 August 2018 - 10:23 PM

What about the Steamroller? Mine is made out of an antique coke bottle.

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#107 Invitro


    Don Vitro

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Posted 26 August 2018 - 10:10 AM

A little piece of paper with a thin strip of glue
Is all I ever need .
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#108 Psilocyduck



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Posted 27 August 2018 - 08:54 AM

Arizer Extreme Q desktop vaporizer. - Been my go to for many years now. I loved this piece so much I donated my first one to a friend who couldn't afford it and bought myself another one. He is an older man who had never tried vaping before and fell in love with it and now he switches between joints and vaping with this machine. However, I do also use a Flo brand water pipe and sometimes when friends are over, roll joints sometimes too. So, to recap this is my preference:


Solo/2 people - Arizer

3+ Joints and Bong


stretches the green longer :)

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