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Magic Mushroom Chocolate Truffles (Happy Halloween)

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#1 iduncan



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Posted 08 October 2007 - 01:39 AM

Magic Mushroom Chocolate Truffles (Happy Halloween)

How To Make Chocolate Truffles Recipe (Food & Drink: Sweet)

(This is how the French do it but I have a microwave)

Makes about 20 Truffles (3 Steps)

28 Grams Mushrooms (Powdered)
1 (Bag of Chips) 11.5 OZs
1 Pint whipping Cream
1 (Microwaveable Bowel) Preferably Plastic or Wooden
1 (Stainless Steel bowl)
1 Whisk

Well this is the first time I have written this so I am sure it will be changed and modified.

Step 1
First place metal bowl and whisk in the freezer this is the make the whipping of your cream easier. (Wait 5 minutes)

[FONT="]Next take out the metal dish that has been in the freezer with the whisk

[/FONT] Whip ¼ pint of whipping cream until if forms cream.

Step 2
Take the microwavable bowl and pour the 11.5 oz of chocolate chips into the bowl.
Add ¼ pint of whipping cream into the dish.

Microwave the dish in eleven (11) second increments until chocolate is soften enough to fold. Taking the bowl in and out of the microwave stirring to assure the chocolate is melting evenly.

(Chocolate being folded)

Note (Make sure your bowels and spoons are all dry water will cause the chocolate to crack and not set properly)

As the chocolate is melted add you powdered mush.

Step 3
Then fold in the cream (from step 1)into the melted chocolate and milk be careful not to add to much. This is the crucial part. You want the consistence to look almost like hot fudge.

After you have finished mixing the semi hot chocolate, mush, and cream together, pour the mixture in a bowl and allow the set in the fridge for 3-6 hours. Then you may roll into balls and cover with whatever you like. [FONT=Wingdings]J[/FONT]


My Favorite is Milk chocolate with toasted Almonds
(You may toast nuts in a frying pan, no oil)

Finished Product

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#2 Guest_floppypeter_*

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Posted 08 October 2007 - 12:56 PM


great Idea !!!

First class !!

#3 fahtster


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Posted 08 October 2007 - 01:07 PM

yeah... good stuff! :thumbup: :headbang:

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#4 Hippie3



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Posted 08 October 2007 - 01:33 PM

made me salivate like pavlov's dog you did

#5 Endo


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Posted 08 October 2007 - 06:10 PM

1.4 grams of mushies per ball that works out to be.. 2-3 of these yummy looking things should send you flyin!

#6 lovesshrooms



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Posted 08 October 2007 - 06:13 PM

Wow sure do look tastey.... First class idea :)

#7 chimp


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Posted 08 October 2007 - 08:37 PM

I'm comin over to your house to trick or treat

#8 bugs


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Posted 09 October 2007 - 08:57 AM

I've been saving aborts for some tricky treats. I like the looks of this recipe!

#9 mycobri


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Posted 26 October 2007 - 10:00 PM

mmmm chocolates :greenboun
nice recipe. i can tell you if they taste good for you ;)

#10 Fun-Guy


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Posted 26 October 2007 - 10:08 PM

Thats pretty cool, thank you, and Happy Halloween

#11 eastwood


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Posted 26 October 2007 - 10:13 PM

Maybe i can improvise a sugar free version.. so my sugar level wouldnt sky rocket ..looks and sounds great

#12 Dank Side Of The Shroom

Dank Side Of The Shroom

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Posted 26 October 2007 - 11:04 PM

shit that is one i will try. havnt tripped in months now. got a big pile of cubes i picked on the coast the other day now i know what to do with them.

#13 aumbrellaforainydays


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Posted 27 October 2007 - 07:53 PM

i'm going to trick or treat at your house for sure!




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Posted 27 October 2007 - 08:46 PM

^ lol

and cool write up :)

#15 Sunstar


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Posted 28 October 2007 - 01:36 AM

Sounds like a good recipe Duncan

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