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Incubation at 80 versus 85*F ?

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Posted 08 December 2007 - 09:34 PM

80 is fine, figure it varies a bit

I have been doing this for three seasons now and started incubating at 75 which I got from one of the original PF teks. When I went up to mid eighties, incubation went much faster and there were no problems (so far).

You obviously are more experienced. What is the problem with mid eighties? Does that have a negative effect on more cubensis strains than others?

I am now only at the point where I still shoot up jars with a syringe, but do not fruit the cakes. Instead I use the casing method, but nothing about the incubation has changed.

P.S. This site is very nice. For a while there I was afraid all there was was the Shroomery. A good site fror cultivation info, but the forums are hellish...

#2 Hippie3



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Posted 08 December 2007 - 09:47 PM

well the deal is about pushing the extremes = stress.
for starters, mycelia itself generates heat
then glass traps it [think car windows up sunny day]
if you're heating ambient air to 85
once the mycelial mass reaches a decent size
it'll kick the temp up a few degrees more,
and that will be inside the jars since glass traps it
thus that won't show on your thermometer.
so you're thinking.
ah cruisin' at 85
but inside the jars
it's more like 90+.
the mycelia begins to sweat, release waste fluids
some of which starts smothering tissue weakening it
then here come a few bacteria
and they love the heat even more than mycelia,
growing even faster.
they feed on the wastes and attack the weaken tissue
and the mycelia starts yellowing, growth slows.
hopefully by then it's birthing time so it generally survives
but a bit worse for all that extra and un-needed stress.
just a bit more conservative strategy of
good enough as opposed to max'd out all-or-nothing.
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