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Greenhouse question.....

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#1 greenweanie


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Posted 16 December 2007 - 11:34 PM

I have my greenhouse set up in my basement due to space requirements. Till i find a tub big enough to fit the GH in, it has to sit open bottom, however its about 6 feet away from the floor drain so water removal isnt a problem. Its a lil bit nipply down there, about 60 degrees, so i have a small space heater with thermostat control, sitting on the bottom shelf inside the gh. I tried outside the gh with no luck on getting the temps where i wanted it. It keeps the GH at 78 degrees on the top shelf and circulates the air inside nicely. I have an ultrasonic pumping humidity into it from the top via 4 inch aluminum piping, slider control for mist amount on it set so i am maintaining 80%. I have tried to run it full bore to keep it humid enough with the cool mist running but no luck, it drops to about 40%. So i set it back down, put the cool mist on a timer, every 4 hours it turns on for 15 minutes. So far it doesnt fluctuate too badly during the on time. The humidity catches back up within an hour, and stays pretty decent during the rest of the cool mist's off time.

My question is how are other people with the 4 tier greenhouses keeping their humidity up while running the coolmist 100% ? I seen alot of setups with smaller piping, starting to wonder if thats the key? Or maybe the non-open bottom? And above all, does it really matter how its done as long as the same objective is reached (80% humidity, some fae, correct temps) ?

here is a pic of it setup right now, the only thing i have planned to change is adding a resevoir setup with a tub piped to the coolmist and the ultrasonic so i can add water to the resevoir instead of turning off the items to refill.

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Posted 17 December 2007 - 05:47 AM

my humidifier has two knobs, one for mist and one for humidity. I usually keep the mist one almost all the way down but the humidity up. 3 times a day or so i'll walk back there, give the door a good flap for some fresh air, close it back up and crank the mist all the way up for 30 minutes. it gets thick fast but it dissipates within an hour. when all is said and done droplets form on the side but you can still look into the greenhouse without opening it.

i've tried to run the mist side 100% of the time but things are just soaking wet and since mine is all one unit i cant really use a timer. but its really not a problem for me. i think i've fogotten to do it once before work, but the humidity still stays up so its not a huge deal.

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Posted 17 December 2007 - 10:46 AM

That sounds dangerous, I mean the part about having a space heater inside a greenhouse that has such high humidity. I would definitely keep that kind of heater outside the GH. You can also attach foam board insulation to the basement walls, especially near the GH, and that will help it stay warmer.

There is one kind of timer, Intermatic makes it, that allows 14 on/off settings per day with a minimum on-time of 1 minute. I set my ultrasonic to come on every two hours for 2 minutes during the day and every three or so at night (I used up all the settings so the times are unevenly spaced a little bit). I'm still tweaking my setup, so those times will likely change, but for now they support good pinsets and that's what counts!

This is what the timer looks like:

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#4 greenweanie


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Posted 17 December 2007 - 02:28 PM

i have an older model of the same timer, has 6 on 6 off. works pretty decent but i have been thinking of upgrading to something atleast 12/12. how much was it and where did u get it?

as for my space heater, this is the one i use....
Holmes Compact Heater Fan - Wal-Mart
works pretty well so far, would rather be outside of the gh but i would have to buy a big heater for that since its cold in the basement.

as for ur humidity, how are you keeping it up there so long? are you piping in from the bottom or the side? my piping is from the top and i am wondering if its escaping from there? or that i dont have a tub underneath, so it escapes out from the bottom? or that its so cold in the basement that the humidity dissapates.

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