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#121 Guest_xxxsevxxx_*

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Posted 20 December 2005 - 01:13 AM

Yes, the 9V battery is a very good indication it is acid of some kind. If there are RC's with the battery taste I would like to know. I have no experience with exotic RC's and would like to avoid them if possible. I prefer the tried and true hippie drugs of my youth:)

yeah that ten strip i ate the other day was on my top five list of best acid ever . awesome visuals no body noise and no after effects . in fact the next day i felt better the i have after any other acid trip . even the low dose acid trips ive taken to test sheets . imo that is the best way to get any acid , buy a test strip and eat one hit guestimate the dosage from that one hit if you enjoy the high and its what your looking for buy them out that way you know for sure what you have . myself i find acid to be more appropriate for a wider Varity of occasions then mushroom or mescaline . acid goes great with all kinds of events from movies to museums /opera/ orchestras as well as camping and outdoorsy stuff . where mushrooms tend to lead me on the trip that they want to show me . there is nothing better then eating a ten strip and going to the opera or seeing a really big orchestras production .its something that can only be explained by experiencing it and i recommend it even if your a rap ,rock ,country,. hell even that neo-Nazi "thrash metal " kind of guy its one of the most beautiful things ive ever done . i ate a 10 strip of flying rainbow pyramid and went to a Phil harmonic orchestra show . and it beat out my sky diving experience that i thought would be on my 1 one spot of coolest experience ever done in my life.

#122 Guest_pcsillypj_*

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Posted 20 December 2005 - 01:45 PM

Damn dude, ur sayin' you eat acid twice a week?
5-10 L trips a year is alot for me.

yeah....why not..i'm still young and dont plan to do
it usually get sick from most things
that make someone trip...but acid goes hand and hand
with my trip ever....and if it's around and
cheap...why not...:D.....b4 like a year ago i had no lsd
for about 2-3 years....

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