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#921 roc


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Posted 26 June 2019 - 12:29 PM

More Ta Ta's!

#922 Alder Logs

Alder Logs

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Posted 28 August 2019 - 12:17 PM

Seemed worth noting (not going to bet against this hand):






teevee.png 111111111.png

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Posted 06 September 2019 - 03:06 PM

Aaaaaaannnnnnndddd...... Here's Steampunk with his 4000th post! Getting there!  :biggrin:

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#924 crazy1


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Posted 07 September 2019 - 07:03 AM

Hit my 2000th a bit back in Hyph's backyard grow thread.


Feels good to be back here with family



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#925 HailYeah



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Posted 11 September 2019 - 12:17 AM

Well I’ve got almost a dub posts! Lol I’m so green you could call me Tricho! But please don’t because I just had a spell with that fuckerboy and had to toss all 18 PF Tek cakes and 2 of my 6 qt dub tubs because of that SOB. I don’t know what the fuck happened either. I’d been doing great for like 4 months with no cont and then all of a sudden, BAMM! I’m a total newbie so there very well may have been signs I missed but I don’t know what they were. I’ve done about 50ish jars so far and not a single one did I lose to cont. 18 of them were PF Tek BRF cakes and the rest were grain noc’s and from there grain to grain noc’s. Some of them are still cooking but I’ve not seen a single speck of any other color than white mycelium. Grains were WBS and then I moved to Rye Berries. I’ve put 2 of the 16oz WBS jars to fruit like you would a PF Tek jar and had a great first flush! Then they got fucked. Had to abandon the whole thing mid second flush when the green monster came knocking. I took the whole bucket, 2 16oz grain cakes and 12 8oz BRF cakes and dug a hole in the back yard and buried them covering them with sheep poo and peat moss before covering them with dirt. I’ll keep you all posted if anything sprouts! Like I said I’m a total newbie and anything that anyone wants to contribute would be greatly appreciated.

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#926 Misfit



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Posted 11 September 2019 - 07:41 AM

Seems like an odd thread to post that in

“I’d rather have nothing than have a lie”
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