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Do you prefer trippin' at night or during the day?

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Poll: When do you prefer to Trip?

When do you prefer to Trip?

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#21 Fresh Brewed

Fresh Brewed


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Posted 19 February 2009 - 06:15 PM

Being on the beach as the sun rises from the ocean is pretty cool. More than once I have felt like the molecules of light, the first ones at the first break of day seer right into my soul.

Very cool

One of the coolest moments I ever experienced while tripping was during the day. A buddy and I did some acid on the mall in Washington DC. While walking in the wide open grass spaces around the Washington Monument, we sort of wandered into a huge flock of walking pigeons. Seemed that we were walking through a magical sea of synchronized birds...Amazing!Posted Image
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#22 XxMushroomsxX


    Myco. Thumper

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Posted 08 October 2009 - 12:19 PM

It dose not matter to me i just love to trip.

#23 MrChen


    Rocky Mountain High

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Posted 21 July 2010 - 02:01 AM

I must say sunrise is by far one of the most awesome things to observe whilst sober. Tripping or on some visual fundum? Yea baby!

So...Tripping hard, good visuals?
Please give me some light to enjoy them with. :headbang:
Daytripping all the way. :thumbup:

#24 Sidestreet


    May your tracks be lost...

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Posted 13 August 2010 - 07:32 AM

Daaayyyaaay tipper! I mean tripper. ;) I like getting an early start. I don't like to throw off my sleep schedule unless it's special occasion, like camping or something. I like to get out and walk around once I feel ready, and I get the noids walking at night, like people are afraid I'm some sort of trouble maker.

But, lawdy dawdy,
we like to party,
we don't cause trouble,
we don't bother nobody...
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#25 fucgubarn



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Posted 13 August 2010 - 07:41 AM

Early morning if i have a choice if not it is all good :):)

#26 Stoned Angel

Stoned Angel

    aka dew drop daddy

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Posted 18 August 2010 - 04:26 PM

whenever I trip I just love being outdoors. I see more things at night. and feel much more relaxed knowing no one else is around!!

#27 Lilpilgrim


    Home Grown Green

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Posted 08 September 2010 - 01:24 PM

Day Tripper, Once built a Snow woman, In the High Desert, complete with Boobs and a bush(cedar bark) While on shrooms, and weed and Wodka, In the late morning.. Twas wonderful day!!


#28 firerat


    Why am I so thirsty....

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Posted 08 September 2010 - 01:27 PM

I lean more towards night time. If I do trip in the day, it's usually early morning or late afternoon.

The middle of the day is waaaay to bright for my rediculously dialated pupils to take.

#29 111skcusennast


    Get there while you can.

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Posted 09 October 2011 - 07:20 PM

Nighttime allows for the trip to come alive for me. Silence and darkness. The TMK method.

#30 Spliff



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Posted 09 October 2011 - 09:28 PM

Around 4pm is also my usual time. Usually spend the day waking up early, clean my house and room, make sure I have all the needed incense and tools (paper, pencils, playlist), meditation, then I go to this old book store and cafe, where I buy a book and spend a good few hours reading and mingling with good people. Back at home I dose just about 30 mins before the sun starts setting...tea and a ciggie, of course, with the quieting down of the day, a cool breeze...fantastic. The ritual of it all is very important to me. At night you can almost listen to the silence and need I mention fire!
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#31 Mind



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Posted 09 October 2011 - 10:03 PM

In a group setting always have prefered night time, though during the day the most powerful trips have tooken place in the mountains by myself. Only times ive felt that direct commune with nature was in the wilderness by myself.

#32 Uncle G

Uncle G

    "Good Ole Uncle G"

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Posted 09 October 2011 - 10:05 PM

I know when I dont. Jail, on my way to jail, in the drunk tank at jail and I trip most often right before I go to jail. I am sure that tripping and going to jail for me is unrelated.

#33 psylocaria


    Search for understanding

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Posted 09 October 2011 - 10:14 PM

I like the night tripping, but the last couple trips have been screwed up because I got a late start and was ready to sleep a couple hours in. :eusa_

I'd like to say I've learned my lesson. But, doubt it. It's like if I decide I want to trip a certain date, then by hell I'm gonna do it. And generally I don't tell anyone, so there's no one to say "hey youre pretty tired wouldn't it be better to wait". Sorry for the rant.

But to answer the question better, I'd say I like things getting into full swing, around dark.

#34 Dr.Psilo.


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Posted 09 October 2011 - 10:16 PM

I like lucy in the daytime, boomers at night.

#35 Skywatcher


    Walk's between...

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Posted 09 October 2011 - 11:34 PM

I always prefer to start late afternoon into sunset, good moonlight is another requirement.

#36 Soulocybin



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Posted 12 January 2016 - 11:21 PM

Better mood set at night for me.It is a time that I can relax and I love the colors and visuals that I can see in complete darkness.

#37 dead_diver


    Stoned Since '76

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Posted 13 January 2016 - 12:34 AM

I usually trip at night if I have nothing important to do the next day. But sometimes I like to drop early in the morning and watch the sunrise while I'm peaking. The comedown also seems less harsh during the day, it just seems to fade away with a nice afterglow the remainder of the day and sleep at a regular time is easy. But trying to go to sleep while coiming down and seeing it get light outside sucks.
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#38 wharfrat


    someone familiar

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Posted 13 January 2016 - 01:04 AM

i'm an afternoon tripper.. usually around 3 or 4 o'clock. in bed by 9  lol, i'm getting old.

#39 Coopdog



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Posted 13 January 2016 - 02:44 AM

I like to start at about dinnertime if I am taking acid, so about 6pm-ish and rock it out all night long. If I do mushrooms I usually do those alone as soon as I get my morning coffee in me. Seems to work best for me.

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#40 darci


    snarky butt monkey

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Posted 16 February 2016 - 02:18 AM

I remember Interview with a Vampire, the scene where he is in love with the beauty of the night.  That's me on shrooms.  Anything brighter than a candle and I curse and hiss.

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