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...and so it begins: salvia arrest

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#41 sangraal


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Posted 21 June 2008 - 09:51 AM

did the state actually conduct research on every type of hallucinatory herb???? wtf. this is so sad. :thumbdown:

I wonder how fast they'll be pulling nutmeg off the shelves?

#42 leomanxvii



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Posted 21 June 2008 - 09:31 PM

I wonder how fast they'll be pulling nutmeg off the shelves?

seriously. how ignorant can these hags get??

another :thumbdown:

#43 FDK


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Posted 22 June 2008 - 02:14 AM

seriously. how ignorant can these hags get??

another :thumbdown:

Well in the strict sense I think they let that light shine thru with the beginning of "The War on Drugs" in the first place considereing what Proabiton on Alcohol did for the Black market / Syndicate in our Country. (Essentially the same as it has done now.)

Of course I dont believe their true motivation in this war is infact "to help save society from itself" but rather provide society another shining star at which to point and shout, "Look, if it werent for our efforts, your cities would be nothing more than smoking ruins due to all the people Hopped up on Pot, Smack and Blow! You need us to tell you how to live!" Which of course requires more tax dollars to fund, which requires hiring more goose stepping henchmen to enforce these laws, which requires more tax dollars to fund. Not to count the endless stacks of profit they make now by seisure and resale of assets and the piles of money stashed away in those assets. "But they should legalize and tax it like Tobacco!" A guy in a $700,000 house idriving a $40,000 Car has 5 Lbs of Weed or 80 ounces. Let's suppose that were the house & car to be auctioned after this Guy gets popped for intent to distribute the house brings $400,000 and the Car $20,000. That's $420,000 free and clear in profit for the Fed's for all their goose stepping which was already funded by our tax dollars to begin with. For the Government to earn an equal amount of profit on this same 5 Lbs of taxed weed, that would amount to $5250 per ounce, the tax alone would lead to the same black market conditions which exist now. And even if there were slightly greater savings to be made on the cost of inprisonment of these dealers (Not) it still wouldn't be worth the price to them of admitting they were wrong in the first place.

Be as a thorn in the side of injustice.

#44 Subbalteatus


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Posted 22 June 2008 - 02:22 AM

I really have no interest in Salvia however I do find it interesting that an herb that will intoxicate you for only a few minutes into delirium would be scheduled above a poison (alcohol) that intoxicates individuals for hours on end, and is at the root of thousands of deaths a year in every state, not to mention Alcohol has torn millions of families apart for centuries.

Maybe we should make a citizens law to penalize all these politicians and police for promoting and condoning the use of alcohol and lets Throw their asses in jail and take away their rights. I'm all for it! Lets start a petition!

As for why the bash on salvia and other herbs..... well I dont believe its the head shops as much as the internet and the flow of information, You Tube especially. Salvias been around for a long time in those head shops but not until the free flow of todays internet has it become widespread and well known, among users and haters alike.

Thats the great Irony of drugs..
if its good it get used
if it gets used it gets shared.
if it gets shared it gets well known
then it either gets taxed or made illegal

With todays flow of information its only a matter of time before all the good stuff will be far out of reach legally and then the tripper that has any care for the law will be stuck to smoking bannana peels because thats all thats legal. Or I suppose he can turn into the cookie cut drunk, smoking, over taxed numbskull that the goverment wants him to be so they can send him to oblivion or watch him die of liver failure or lung cancer. Fucking idiots running this country and were all following allong.


#45 FDK


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Posted 22 June 2008 - 11:01 AM

Fucking idiots running this country and were all following allong.


Careful how you use the term "We" as it might include all of us. ;)

The following is from SWIM, of course.

Some fun ways to phuk with them.

Portable "High power" wideband radio transmitters tuned to cover their range of radio frequency with 10x the amplitude of the average transmitter. Moderatly powered, it will locally disrupt their Radio communications, pump enough power out and you will fry their receiver units, very costly stuff. (Ever see a Cop who cant call for Backup? :) )

EMP Generation devices are a fun way to shut hardware off for good, let's start taking Their toy's away and see how they feel.

Pour oil, sand, glass shards or plain old garden dirt into their gas tanks at every opportunity you find (Channel locks do wonders for riping off the caps if they start using the locking ones / Be sure to keep your face well hidden, also hunch over and walk with a gimp or something so as to make your positive I.D. more unlikely) 1 minute smoke bombs up the tailpipe of a car can have unpredictable results (Beyond smoking that is. / face the fuse in toward the muffler) Even Crazy Glue in the door lock tumblers iseffective in really annoying the "Powers that be"

Be a friggin miscreant, but use proper caution and "common sense" when doing so or they wont let you do it for long. The fun is not in getting caught.

I'm not suggesting or Advocating the use of hazardous or lethal force, after all these are just other fellow Americans who were simply better brainwashed by the (un-)educational institutions, what we really want is to make it much more difficult for them to do their job, make it less profitable to them by destroying the tools of their trade at every opportunity we find. So yea, no fire-bombing or drive-by's because somwhere behind the Badge and all that Kevlar is just another poor working class American with a family to feed. We want them to see our right, not our might.


For those who feel the above mentioned tactics too extreme, at least slap pot leaf stickers on their bumpers or over the door emblems. Remembering of course to "disguise" yourself from the dash-cam or parking lot security cameras, or traffic light cameras. (DONT buy these in bulk from a local store, while unlikely it will increase the chance of being found.

Ooooh, fun Idea with some likely legal repercussions. Get as many friends together as possible (20+), garb up in black and blitz their parking lot, slapping stickers on as many cars as possible before dissapearing nto the night.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

I'm pretty sure I've got a dusty old book around here with some plans on EMP devices and other gadgets. I could scan some if anyone's interested. :amazed:

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Posted 22 June 2008 - 11:51 AM

Hmm. There are two types of crime in terms of legal principles. Mala (or Malum) Prohibita and Mala In Se. That's "wrong/evil prohibited" and "wrong or evil in itself." Prohibition of marijuana and other drugs are illegal because society decided they were (mala prohibita). Murder, rape, theft, vandalism, and the like are seen as mala in se, evil in themselves. If I smoke a joint in most states, I'm technically a 'criminal' but only because the State says so. I make a vital distinction between the type of criminal I am and the other types that exist, and just because I may break one unjust law does not mean I'm willing to break all laws. That unfair association has been used to slander recreational drug users since the beginning of prohibition.

Besides, I'm not sure how nearly insignificant property damage and short-term disruptions of communications would help anyone's cause. If such tactics were ever broadly associated with legalization advocates, for example, it would push our credibility back a long way. Not to mention the one time you jam emergency services radio frequencies will probably be the time they have some kind of life-or-death issue unfolding for someone who desperately needs some real help (like an ambulance, maybe) but didn't get it 'cause the frequencies were jammed.

I personally don't want to confront or attack law enforcement itself, I just want them to direct their focus on real, actual crimes that have victims (mal in se kinda stuff). I've had enough close friends robbed, attacked, raped, or murdered to know why the police were created in the first place, but it's unfortunate that they cannot be trusted in our society thanks to the endless list of petty wrongs prohibited that make us all criminals.

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