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Maximized Invitro Bag Method!

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#21 morthos



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Posted 23 March 2006 - 06:52 PM

Coming from you, that's high praise. Thank you Hippie3.

Thanks for immortalizing it in the Vaults as well! When time permits I will try to complete this, as well as expand on the Max Obire variation.

There are other misc comments to be thrown in with this tek for someone that tries it... When one has several bags running it seems feasable to combine the then-smaller masses, but this may only be done with substrate from the same spawn/clone source. If they are cousins they are actually each a substrain and disappointment follows.

Please ask Q's people, I would be happy to further define the method.


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Posted 23 March 2006 - 07:19 PM

Thanks for the re-posting of your method! I saw that it was from a year ago so I wasnt sure if you were still on the board or not lol! I suppose Ill give the WBS another try, since its worked for you obviously. I had a question though. Due to limited space, and I do mean limited, would it be possible to...

1. Construct ovenbag with patches, etc...
2. PC ovenbag for 30 mins
3. Soak, rinse, simmer WBS
4. Mix with the verm in a mixing bowl then add to the bag directly and PC that for an alotted time? Instead of doing the plethora of jars individually. Just wondering...

I cant wait to move into my new place and venture into the world of ovenbags lol.

#23 morthos



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Posted 23 March 2006 - 10:05 PM

I'm not growing anymore physically, but I'll be growing for some time in my head. :) Wbs is a good substrate imo; if you follow my method exactly and are able to find a similar mix of wbs, you should reliably get success. My brand of wbs was 'pick of the birds', 8kg bag. The 18kg bags had another seed in there that took up too much water...we'll talk about it when the time comes.

In a small space, you should be able to:
1. definately.
2. If you've a PC, an element & a sink, definately.
3. Yes, but for soaking you will need a refigerator. If this isn't possible we need to consider another way of retarding bacteria growth during an 8~12 hour soak.

4. No. I found the hard way that you cannot sterilize substrate within an oven bag even if you've a huge PC. Inevitably you will have some air & water inside the bag and under heat it will burst the bag. The breathing patch isn't enough to equalize pressure within the bag inside a PC. This may be as the bag will also have to be wrapped in foil, and all this means that the plastic of the bag has no real leeway for it bursts here and there.

ONE box method (god I love this stuff!):
Inoculate 12 500ml jars. Select 4 jars for spawning later. Use the other 8 if suitable for a bag(if less, simply make a smaller bag in a 1:1 ratio with verm)With 4 jars of spawning wbs colonized, you keep them in the frige until needed(no pins wanted). As soon as you've 6 wbs jars PC'd, you spawn 1 with the 6PC'd and get 8 as it fluffs up some. In a week that 8 is ready to mix with 3L of wetted verm (you can skip the jars & PC'ing for verm if you're clean). Really, you could create one 6L Obire a week this way if you're efficient. Between bags you can inoculate 4~5 new jars with spores to keep fresh spawn jars coming. Ask if you've ambiguities with this can be very smooth! Soon you'd max out on the number of bags you can manage!

An Obire operation is really about getting a calendar and plotting within a couple days of what you'll do when. Two weeks for spores to germinate & colonize, 1 week for spawned jars to be ready, 14~18 days for first bag harvest. If you plan it and have the right things ready at the right phase, it's very sexy and very low-maintenance and not as labor intensive in ratio to harvest as PF neglect jars.

My type of glovebox wouldn't suit you...a styrofoam cooler takes up too much space that you can't spare. I have seen around here a pic and instructions on a collapsable plastic glovebox...could someone get a link to that please?


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