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DMT e-books in .pdf format!

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Posted 22 July 2008 - 03:37 AM

PLEASE NOTE THESE ARE LINKS TO ANOTHER SITE THAT I CAN NOT VOUCH FOR, NOR DO I HAVE ANY AFFILIATION WITH WHATSOEVER. I TESTED THE SPIRIT MOLECULE AND ITS WORKING PERFECTLY FINE AND LEGIT. THE REAL ETHICAL THING TO DO IS GO OUT AND BUY THE BOOK(s) YOURSELF, AS THEY ARE NOT EXACTLY O.S. *cough* *cough*....IF YA DIGS WHAT I BE SEZZIN....:reb: hip--files too large to up to your server/site so LMK if you want me to zip it up and upload that (i forget if u can even UL .zip/.rar files here, but it may be a good idea, for posterity...or to maybe have it [*exclusively* ;)] on the topia DVD....:thumbup: definitely saving this one to cd wheni buy a stack tomorrow. i lost my copy of tmc also. so either checkin around for my old myco cd (yes, cd. i bought it way back when dvd wasnt even around..:shy:....SCARY...:lol:)

DMT: The Spirit Molecule
(by Rick Strassman M.D.)

there are others but i actually am deciding to wait till servers are upgraded or hips consent to post them. here is something we could use. it may be in the old archives but god knows where. prolly in the usenet file part :drk: i aint scourin that shit :lol: so believe it if u need it if u dont just pass it on :) its kinda old but still a good one to have around imo. yodas too. i have that one i will post in the future :))

here's Loki's tek (flashback! :amazed:)

anyways....:)...enjoy the links...but PLEASE, if possible, do give back,
and go buy the friggin book. heh. its not bad costwise AT ALL for such a great read!
i have it in my hands here. it was on sale at borders in nyc for 14.95, but retail on back of paperback cover reads 16.95, and even that is 110% worth it! McKenna's foods of the gods, et al were almost double![if memory serves right] and shit...i gave that one [fotg] away before i even read much of it :teeth:
but hey it was to a person new/not privy to the 'spiritual/useful' side of psychedelic drugs/plants/entheogens
....felt i *had* to hand it to him like that, sayin "PLEASED read it, man. Im givin it to you to read. so promise me youll give it a shot" hehehe
havent seen him since, but the hope was/is to open him up to the light. the immense life-changing powers these plant teachers hold in store for us.
he had no more of a view on same, then taking mushrooms to get stoned, and, as we all know, they are capable of so much more then that. :) books are major. i wish i had moremoney to buy more and give them to the ignorant :D)

yuppers :)





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Posted 22 July 2008 - 12:32 PM

wow great, good find :)

#3 Blumpkin



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Posted 29 July 2008 - 04:36 AM

thanks, good find im glad i came across this look forward to reading this book. wasnt going to buy it so u solved my problem. Even then i dont know if im going to read it.

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