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HBWR seeds trip report

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#1 pskovinsky


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Posted 09 November 2003 - 02:56 AM

Light visuals, shroomy kind of moving/shifting stuff, no real patterns, INTENSE mental trip, for a while i was quite sure that i was in the process of dieing, but i was just fine with that. It'd be a wonderful way to die... i spent about 2-3 hours in bed in the dark listening to trance. Discovered i was totaly immune to pain (which left a few interesting marks on my body, oops). Then i came down off that level and started wandering around, i eventually settled in front of the tv and watched that 70's show, and communed with it (i didn't talk to it, but i was seeing it as though it were real and i was in it), then my gf came home, and we watched some more tv, i droped the remote into the ice cream two or three times(oops again). Eventually we headed into town (she drove) and we went to longs and some other stores, it was really amazingly cool, everything was bright and sparkely and interesting and wonderful. I was EXTREMELY distracted at all times, for istance it took me at least five or six tries to get around to opening the freezer to get the ice cream.
Despite that i would have moments of perfect clarity, i knew exactly what was going on in the world, i just didn't really care as much, and couldn't keep focus on it very well.

I highly recommend them, but START WITH LOW DOSES.
I took 6, crushed up (look in botanicles for hippies post of two methods, i did the "tea bag" method, not eating the crushed bits). I got fairly sick to my stomach, but never threw up (it was more like it was being grabbed and twisted then it was going to throw up...). I made the tea with 8 seeds, next time i'm going to try 6 and see if that gives me the happy wonderment without the lying in bed pinching myself because it fealt really neat...

The very beginning when i just felt sick but wasn't really tripping kinda sucked, and when it wore off more i was exceedingly tired but couldn't get comfy or go to sleep, that also sucked, but the 5-6 hours in between them was fantastic.

I discovered that it was basicly impossible for me to not be happy and enthosiastic, if i started thinking "bad"(unhappy, pissed, etc.) thoughts, i'd get distracted by a pretty color and forget about it within a second of starting to think about it.

This morning i woke up in a highly annoyed state, because i had been highly annoyed about not being able to go to sleep and being uncomfortable (for maybe half an hour or so), after a few hours of playing mindless video games, and some mountain dew to wake me up more, the day got pleasant though still slightly dreamy.

To sum it up, maybe 1g shroom visuals, with 3-4g's at least worth of mental WHOA, but without the totaly lost in the worldness that i usualy get with that big of a dose.

Sorry for the rather random trip report, this was only last night and i'm still thinking a little differently (not bad, just the order of my thoughts is slightly different)

If anyone has an more specific questions, post 'em here and i'll try to answer them to the best of my memory/knowlage Posted Image

#2 Guest_erebus_*

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Posted 09 November 2003 - 04:26 AM

I have yet to try HWBR but I have some experience with morning glory seeds. I had the most intense trip I've ever had with them, strangely enough.

This was 2 or 3 years ago. I was on either Effexor, Welbutrin, or Paxil at the time which I am pretty sure made a big difference.

I don't know the dosage for sure, but at the time I thought it to be 500 seeds. It's impossible to tell for sure though because I also finished off my friend's concocation and I might have had another.

Effects are first were nil.
I went for a walk with a friend, which was really dumb but also incredibly fun. We first visited the graveyard, not much interesting there. Then we started walking along the railroad tracks. Along the way we started to smoke a few bowls.

I don't remember any specific mental effects at this point. We then reached the tunnel, a road runs over and the train tracks went under the bridge. Here I started experience intense visuals. There were 2 posts or something I couldn't quite see, that was strangely covered in a spider web. It was actually a hallucination. But it was a fully 3d one. The web which was made of the shroom type visuals (aztec pattern, geometric type stuff) but it looked like it was an actualy screen between these two posts as I looked around it, amazing.

Time perception was heavily distorted, and all I remember thinking was "OH MY GOD" "WOW". My vision was completely filled with geometric patterns, much like you would find on a tiled floor with patterns. My friend was wearing a Kurt Cobaine shirt, where Kurt has a strange grin on his face. This played with my vision and a kaleidoscope of this face was present. I could see nothing else other than this kaleidoscope and patterns. My attention at this point was nil.

The Kurt pattern would talk as my friend said things (I have no idea what he said).

Eventually we started on our way home. We round a corner and who do we see? A cop. I try my best to act normal, and I remember waving to him which was probably stupid. Anyway, my "friend" (who I am no longer friends with, and never really was to begin with), says "Run, hes turning around". I KNOW this was a lie because he is a chronic lying piece of shit. Anyway, we take off running. I remember sitting in the woods for several minutes.

It felt like my hands were covered in poison ivy and were burning. This was all psychosomatic and went away after I stopped freaking out from the cop.

We are back at my other friend's house, and some stuff happens I don't remember what. The one thing I remember is one of my friends talking about falling down the rabbit hole. Previous to this I had never heard the term. In my tripping state it was so profound. I thought about Bugs Bunny and the Thats All Folks logo with the rabbit hole picture (from Looney Tunes), and also thought of course about Alice in Wonderland.

From this point on the room would zoom in and like the scrolling marquee screen saver "YOU ARE FALLING DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE" was displayed across my vision. The room faded in and out as this happened. After several more minutes of this I remember completely losing touch with reality and could only see this strange large flying-through-space japanese type creature. I accepted this creature as myself as I viewed it in third person. Incredible.

When I finally layed down to sleep, it felt like I was falling very fast (I.e. Loss of equilibrium). This was of course very uncomfortable.

I woke up in the morning with INTENSELY cramped legs which sucked. I smoked some reefer with my friend and his bright red hair looked like jell-o as he moved his head around, trailing like crazy.

His grandparents brought us out to eat and the only other effect was that I saw EVERYONE in the parking lot that was driving by was staring RIGHT AT ME! I wasn't still tripping so it seemed so real. I have no explanation for this except maybe a mild schizophrenic-like hallucination.

Tthe trip was a lot of fun and EXTREMELY profound at the time. However, in retrospect I gained nothing from the experience . Had it not been for the cramped muscles, I would recommend to anyone.

My last morning glory trip was very bad, ending up as a NDE and losing my vehicle for several weeks. I tripped for DAYS after, it really sucked. Visuals were VERY much like the screaming face animation from Pink Floyd's The Wall. I usually have all kinds of emotions in the faces I see in everything when tripping, but it was all negative with that trip.

So in the end, I can't recommend Morning Glory seeds because eating the seed mush is absolutely disgusting. There is no feasible way to strip off all the coatings. However, with HWBR this is very possible and maybe the cramps would be much less prominent.

Did you have any muscles cramps Pskovinsky?

#3 pskovinsky


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Posted 09 November 2003 - 11:58 AM

When i was coming down (back in bed, 9-10 hours after drinking the highly disgusting concoction) i had a general feeling a tightness in all my muscles, specificly my back and legs, it wasn't painful really, but certinly not relaxing. Had i been walking around i don't think i would have noticed, but lying in bed trying to go to sleep it felt roughly like a large lactic acid buildup.

Now that i think about it i probably should have treated it as such and stretched for a while.

Oh yeah, the other interesting thing about the not-quite cramps. At about 10pm (8 hours after taking them) i went to sleep, quickly and easily. Then two hours later at around midnight i woke up being very uncomfortable, and was aay 30-40 minutes before i was able to ignore the tightness enough to sleep.

My main problem with hbwr is the nausea, which felt pretty lousy, like stomach cramps actually. I think if i had taken some dramamine an hour before the hbwr it would have helped more (i was justing starting to have fuzzy thoughts when i realized that i forgot it, 20 minutes after taking the hbwr, oops).

I recomend trying them, IF you are an experianced tripper, there were some parts (like being convinced i was going to die) that would have been extremely frightening had it been my first trip.

Anyway, that was a long answer to a short question.

Does anybody else have expieriance with hbwr or morning glory?

(P.S. that sounds like quite the trip there erebus, sounds like quite an interesting time)

#4 Guest_mycos_*

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Posted 09 November 2003 - 05:59 PM

Summer 2000, I was getting many packs of M.G.s. I mentioned in a previous thread about a month ago to someone who was a first-timer (Are you still out there? How did it go?) about the leg pains. The best way I can explain them is in an analogy to the trails. A burning, cramping feeling that felt like it was "Trailing" in and around my legs! That, and a funky feeling in my gut, would go away after the first hour though. Many a time laying on my back in bed, staring at the massive, slowly rotating Aztec Sun Wheel/Kaleidoscope-like matrix of rapidly changing colors and forms. But the next two years after that, I dunno if it was me getting used to them, weaker seeds, or what, but the trips just weren't the same anymore. The unconfortable sensations seemed to be more predominant. So I turned to growing shrooms!

Still haven't tried the HBWR.

Oh, Erebus: I think if you soak M.G. seeds in water, just like HBWR, the ends will split, then you can peel them away to get to the mush. I always did mine ground in a coffee grinder, then through a little strainer to filter out the crushed seed-coats, then packed the resulting greenish powder into gel-caps.

#5 banjojo



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Posted 09 November 2003 - 10:35 PM

I have eaten Morning Glory seeds 4 times. The first time I didn't stomach enough to have noticable effects.
The second time I layed in the fetal position for an hour before I fell asleep. When I woke up I was tripping hard. I was walking around in the cemetary thinking to myself "nature is beautiful"
The third time, I didn't drink enough to get sick. again I felt nothing.
last time I did it, I used home grown seeds. I think that elimated some of the nausea factor. I also found a good middle ground where I get minimal visuals and don't get quite as sick. about 50 seeds is all I had and I think I got the most rewarding experience because there weren't 200 seeds lying aroung for me to eat shortly before barfing.

The visuals were great, they were very cartoony like someone who never tripped before might imagine them to be. When I closed my eyes one time I remember seeing dancing mushrooms, with happy faces. as my peripheral vision panned out on the visual I saw that they were all dancing in one big psychedelic pattern. I also remember more visuals from morning glory seeds, and if it weren't for the nausea I could function on it, meaning I could deal with a problematic situation without wigging out. Or when playing guitar I can stay focused on playing a song rather than just trickling madness.

You could probably get those visuals from the right shroom dosage though too, and if you got shrooms you really have no reason to fuck with Morning Glories.

I am going to experiment next with HBWR, probably make an extract. I am going to experiment with using tea tree oil as my non-polar solvent, as I can get it certified organic, and I am afraid to use petroleum. I think that there are bound to be traces of it left over even after evaporation

#6 pskovinsky


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Posted 10 November 2003 - 05:13 AM

If you can keep it under pressure or below 42 degrees butane might be a good solvant, as it evaporates quickly and compleatly. The downside of course is that above 42 degrees it boils nicely, and freezes the shit out of whatever you put it in (if it can't take some serious pressure to keep it from boiling) I've made has oil with butane before and it works nicely. However it is insanely flamable (lost half my facial hair once, oops), and sticks around for a while, if you use it DO IT OUTSIDE. (truth be told, i don't really recommend it enless you can't find anything else).

The water extractions seem to work fairly well, they just limit the number you can take without stomach issues.

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