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My Bufo Alvarius(s)!

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#21 assmonkey75



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Posted 11 November 2008 - 10:00 AM

I owned an alvarius for 7 years.

I do not believe it is possible to milk a toad without putting it under tremendous stress, if not outright pain. At the very least, these toads are very skittish: if provided a proper hiding spot (this is a necessary component of its enclosure), you will rarely see them out and about. Any handling is obviously very unpleasant for them. However, it is my opinion that the milking is actually painful for them. The agitation of the parotid gland is much akin to the popping of a large zit, if you will forgive the unfortunate imagery. Perhaps there is a more gentle technique, but honestly, I have a hard time imagining one, having seen what it takes to get these animals to express these defensive toxins.

If you are going to keep these (or any amphibians or reptiles), do not use pine in your enclosure. It contains phenols which are highly toxic and easily absorbed by the animal. Coco coir makes an excellent non-toxic bedding which they love to burrow in, and which dries quickly.

I'll be honest: I got my toad for the purpose of milking him. I did it once. That was enough, both in terms of torturing this animal and, in fact, the trip: it is never going to be a party drug. Glad I tried it, wouldn't do it again.

Then I kept him as a pet for 7 years. Buying a toad is a commitment to taking care of it. Is it worth it to buy and gut-load 50 crickets a week, clean your cage twice a week for 7 years for one experimental high? For most people the answer is no and the toad suffers in the form of neglect.

I really wish BBB wouldn't sell them. I do not feel it is responsible.

#22 entheogenetics


    Tengu Yamabushi

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Posted 11 November 2008 - 11:30 AM

I think it's unethical to sell or buy these toads. Would you like to be held in a miserable tiny microenvironment for the rest of your life? Try prison at best. Then you have these giant animals forcing your fluids out whenever they see fit. If you haven't already, please don't buy these toads. If you already have them be sure to go way out of your way to provide an optimum evironment for their happiness.

Really people, 5-meo and bufotenine aren't even pleasant experiences. If you want to smoke something that makes you trip make DMT, it's simple and much better than toad venom.

#23 cuts


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Posted 11 November 2008 - 01:14 PM

To say 5meo dmt and bufotenin aren't pleasant experiences you would almost have to put DMT in on that one. I enjoy DMT but i wouldn't say it was a pleasant experience. I have also enjoyed 5meo DMT and bufotenin.

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Posted 11 November 2008 - 01:19 PM

:yawn: Save a a beaver! :nana:

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Posted 11 November 2008 - 01:35 PM

I appreciate everyone's feedback, and with respects to ethical treatment, my bufo are my pets, I carefully regulate their temps and am careful to provide the best living environment for them. I can see how it would be considered unnatural to keep these as pets, but I hardly think its better for them out in the wild where there are predators, food shortages, and harsh weather.

I switched out the pine, thanks a lot for the heads up, now they have coco coir and peat. Thanks guys!

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