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Smuggling Dope on a Plane ?

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#41 Hippie3



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Posted 21 October 2005 - 10:01 AM

but the thread is about planes...not trains, not even automobiles


#42 Guest_Peter Cottontail_*

Guest_Peter Cottontail_*
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Posted 21 October 2005 - 11:43 AM

For very small personal use amounts like 2 grams, I know it will work for the lady to put it inside her bra. Divide it in half and put each half in the bottom of each cup so the breast rests on it and holds it in place. We've used this method several times since 911. The mrs was even pat-frisked on one trip and came through undected.

#43 Guest_dial8_*

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Posted 21 October 2005 - 11:59 AM

If you are travelling within the US hiding it in a sock you are wearing will work fine. Everytime I have left the US I walk past way to many dogs to try it, imo.

#44 dead_diver


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Posted 21 October 2005 - 12:14 PM

I always just tucked it under my nuts but the last time I flew was in 1994. Things have changed since then I'm sure.

#45 Guest_lost_onabbey_rd_*

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Posted 21 October 2005 - 01:16 PM

i've gone through a few major and minor airports with small personals
putting it in a sock is a bad idea IMHO
i've had to take my sandels off... so they could check them
i was like WTF am i gonna hide in a open toed sandel?
i've seen them make a dude untie his boots and take them off..
best thing to do IMO is seal it up good and hide it near the crotch..
taped to the inside leg of a piar of boxers..
b/c for the most part security officers are to paranoid of a sexual harrasment charge to frisk private areas
even carried it in the pocket of a pair of cargo shorts..
they pulled me out of line with that one.
asked me to empty my pockets in the dish..
so i pulled the stuff out of my regular pockets and just squeazed my cargo pockets to show there was nothing in them..
then they ran a metal detector over me...
but every time i go they are doing things a bit different..
i have only seen dog at airports a few times right after 911..
but honestly they have all been military.. no police dogs..
and i suspect they are trained for bombs.. not drugs..
the biggest part of getting through alive is to just act like you don't have anything at all.. take a pair of head phones and a book.. i try to avoid wearing anything with metal.. b/c if you set off the metal detectors you get pulled aside and checked closer, something i try to avoid
don't put anything questionable in your carry on.. even hidden...
they xray your bags.. and if you get pulled out of line while getting on the plane .. they will take EVERYTHING out of your bag and examine it
chill relax and be cool..
so i try to carry as little with me as possible...the less stuff you have.. the less time you spend with security.. unless you are acting all nervous..
seriously.. just act like your waiting for the bus..

#46 anticheffy


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Posted 22 October 2005 - 04:39 PM

Ive been all over the world alot , post 911, and I always felt like I had a name tag on that said "random" . I allways get searched but no one has ever checked my sorts to see if there was anything but me in them. I would just wrap it up tight and set it next to willy and not worry about it. Just make damn sure you dont have metal on you so you can slide through faster without the personal scan.

#47 mook


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Posted 02 November 2005 - 01:17 PM

ups is the best way........mook

#48 Deadhead74



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Posted 16 November 2005 - 11:34 PM

Well, i dont suggest taking it on a plane. but if you must: I've never been searched at all. I havent even seen a goddamn dog and i've done plenty of flying as of 9/11. So i have 2 suggestions. Seal it well, try and use something to conceal the smell, and tape it to the inside of your crotch. though if you're strip searched, your fucked. Like i said, i ahvent done it cause i havent seen too many dogs. All in all. not worth it.

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