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growing if you have children in the home

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Posted 08 November 2005 - 03:49 PM

Well, I have 3 kids, my oldest just turned 11. I have shown them how to grow shrooms, cactus, cannabis, etc, as much as they were interested or curious in knowing. They know about all kinds of drugs. I teach my kids what all the drugs are and tell them what they do(not like I sit em down with a guidebook, but as the situation arises or when the subject is brought up easily from movie, TV, Dead tour, etc..). To be honest, now they show very little interest in any of my hobbies and they don't go bragging that daddies got such and such, maybe because I have explained all I could about these things and about the law, and that they are not out of the ordinary things that they are unaccustomed to. Maybe some kids need to be shielded, and all people are different and should have the right to raise their kids as they see fit, as long as they are responsible and can be sure their kids aren't hurt. It's a total judgement call and so far my judgement has been impeccable. My kids are very intelligent and excel in whatever they choose to do, they show almost no interest in drugs now and when/if they begin, I am sure I'll be the first one they'll talk to. My kids have been to festivals and Dead shows and they enjoy travelling and the whole family scene. I am sure there are horror stories about kids who reveal parents and crap, but I firmly believe it depends on the kids and the parents, so to each his own. My way works for me... Oh, and I don't need any lectures with your opinions, I am happy this way, and just providing a point of view that works for me... :D

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Posted 08 November 2005 - 04:22 PM

BTW, where I live almost everyone smokes weed, and I mean if they don't they drink and their friends all smoke, so it's no big deal. My kids know that shit is illegal, but we live in the hood where people do illegal shit all the time. My kids know that cops are out to bust ya, and you only ever call them if you SERIOUSLY NEED help. When I was growing up I never got any drug education, except D.A.R.E. and that taught me all drugs were bad and showed me what they looked like. They said they will all get you hooked and turn you into some strung out junky. Well, by the beginning of highschool I was interested, since I had seen a few things, and was curious as to what they really did. After smoking cannabis, I was like, "where's this been my whole life??" Then I began reading about it and what a beneficial plant it was and started smoking it everyday. I was gettings all A's and B's in school, and stoned all day, and never even had to do homework!! So, I am like, "WTF?? I thought I was gonna be some strung out bum junky!?!?" Then I tried acid and shrooms, not long after... Still, no probs... By then I figured it was all lies and started trying harder drugs. By 20 I was using heroin and cocaine on occasion and soon became a junky... Now I am not gonna blame my poor drug education, the cops, and my parents, because I ultimately chose to do what I did, however, I am positive that had I had a proper eductaion with real causes and effects from the various drugs, I may have been able to make better choices. Had I been able to go to my parents and talk about the drugs I was thinking of doing without fear of punishment for my interest. Maybe they could have steered me clear. Of course, they were poorly educated on drugs, too. So, I have found while sharing information about drugs may seem like only an adult subject, it's the kids that need the education, so they don't fall into the traps that are easy to fall into when being naive... I meet young people in the rave scene that are like, "I just do E and coke, because I don't wanna get permafried from those psychedelics like acid, and I don't wanna be dumb from smokin weed." They are really confused nowadays, all because of propaganda and the war on drugs. BTW, my kids have seen me get sick from not having heroin or my methadone, and they have seen what it took to get clean, so they understand that drugs are no joke. Too bad all kids aren't educated on the subject of drugs, like they are about sex when they begin junior high. And I mean a real education!!!

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Posted 22 December 2008 - 08:24 PM

Just use common sense and do things when the kids arent home or are in bed!:eusa_shif

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Posted 22 December 2008 - 11:31 PM

I would have to throw in a vote of "keep kids away from all recreational drugs at all costs and with all the effort you can muster."
We have chosen a path to walk and it was our choice to make. Most all of us have rationalized it to be a perfectly acceptable thing to do, and perhaps it is, for us.
But when I look back at what my personal choice has cost me, I regret ever taking that first toke. I turned down art scholarships because I just wanted to hang out and get high and didnt want anything more to do with school. When the airforce called and said they liked my grades and my aptitude for airplanes and they would like to put me throught the acadamy and make a pilot out of me, I told them that there was no way I could get up as early as they do. They never called again.I kept smokin'.
Now as I wish I could explore the artistic side of my personna, I have lost the ability to create sellable wares due to not practicing for 25 years and just getting high.
And as I stand next to the airbase here and watch f-16's blast off into the great sky a tear wells up in my eye as I think that could have been me but I was more into getting high when they called. Dont even get me started about missing out on the space thing.
And as I crawl into another scummy furnace to clean someones crap out of it all I can think of is why the hell am I doing this, I was meant for so much more. I could have been the engineer in the nice office designing them instead. But I chose to get high instead of go to college.
I guarantee that I would have been a much happier person if I had not discovered drugs. But when I was a kid no one realy understood what the drug sceen was about, or what it cost in the form of lost potential, and there was no education about it for our parents to draw from to keep us away from it.
And as I now take all the experimental pills and injections to hope I fall into the 40% that have had their hepatitis beat back to a near cured state by them I wish I had never put that needle to my vein, over and over and over.

Drugs? Hell ya man their great! Love them! Wish I had some.They have done so much for me my whole life.mmmmmmm yea baby. << (being highly sarcastic)

Please do everything you can do to keep your kids drug free, there are so many more opportunities open for clear minded drug free people. They're fun and all that but the cost can easily and quickly rack up to preportions that few of us really understand.
Im betting no one here ever wants their kids to hear from their doctor that theyre going to die in a few years because they chose the high life and at some party when they were all messed up they let someone shoot them up with a dirty needle because it looked like it was so much fun, and they kept doing it because it DID feel so good.

Well I need to take my morning hand full of Ribavirin and a shot of Pegalated alpha 2 interfearon ( which really makes me quite sick most of the time) and hope that the pain in my liver will go away soon.

I Totally agree to Hips response to this. IMO most of those with "drug problems" probably should look a little deeper into themselves for the REAL cause of lifes disappointments. Perhaps a little mescaline might bring that to the surface? Im not trying to be funny here, bro. Im just saying that psychedelics have been used quite a lot to root out the underlying causes of substance abuse issues and have in many cases cured thise individuals of their vices. Drugs arent a universal 'scourge'.
My opinion has been that drugs are only a problem for those with little to no respect for plants and fungi and the substances they contain. Lack of education and REAL information, disinformation, misinformation, scare tactics and propaganda are the causes of the drug 'scourge'. Ive had my share of lifes disappointments, Ive made some crappy choices that led me down bad roads, but I dont blame drugs. I blame my weakness, I identify that weakness and try as hard as I can to grow stronger. What we allow our children to see, hear and know is relative to YOUR family context and diff. circumstances call for diff. measures. Some children would benefit from knowing the truth about what dad does in the basement while other kids just arent bright or strong enough to use discretion.

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Posted 24 January 2009 - 09:23 AM

ALSO KEEP THIS IN MIND PLEASE: A FOAF had a nice marijuana grow back 15 years ago and his daughter was older 10-15 somewhere in there. She found it and wound up telling the police on her dad. Runened him..... Just sticking that out there for potential thought. not over the debate of this guy. Please everyone be safe and peaceful. B-




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Posted 26 January 2009 - 12:01 PM

I got a 3 year old and a 2 year old here and they have never seen anything. Im lucky enough to have a attic that has mold and water proof paint everywhere with 2 hepa systems in it. But just lock the room you grow in or keep it in a closet. Just use common sense.

In agreement, I have a 3 year old, and we have a closet for our own personal mary jane habit. Now, I don't grow for any other reason than my fiancee and I love to smoke, and smoke has gotten so expensive we just grow our own. But, at no risk to my son, we own our own home, and take every precaution possible. Right down to only allowing certain people over.

Don't let your kids in tune to your secret until they are old enough to understand the choices we all make for ourselves - then determine their own personal choice. I'd rather have my son come to me at 18 and smoke with me, than go out on the street and do what he can to score some smoke that could have been treated with god knows what. In the area we live in, people will do nasty things to product to make the weight heavier, so you have to watch everything you get.

But until he is old enough to make his own choices, he wont have a clue. We don't smoke in front of him, around him, near him, or at all when he is awake. We keep our doors locked where certain things don't need to be seen, and care for our hobby (and our smoke habit) after he napping or sleeping.

We're not bad parents, we just love our drugs :-)




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Posted 08 February 2009 - 01:42 AM

SWIM grew MJ for years, stoners would come by to smoke and say, damn thats good " wish i could do something like that", people SWIM knew for years and trusted completely never knew or suspected garden locale. One time SWIM came home and found out that local PD had been in living room because sister-in-law was mad at her neighbor(justifiably) and came to our house to file her complaint. SWIM almost shit pants and passed out upon hearing this info. Because sight of roach or anything else could result in full search warrant. Anyway this was real good stincky, loved by all that knew her, not easy to hide in a sack in an enclosed space. Ventilation is everything, and SWIM's primary goal and somthing that SWIM thought about constantly, was what if PD comes knocking on door, and they did for reasons SWIM never could see coming , but he was prepared from the beginning out of paranoia. WhichItruly beleive can be a freind of ours, as long as its not a bummer, to me its just playing out every possible scenario to a happy ending. So my advice if you have made it this far is to picture the PD knocking on your door in the middle of the night when your least expecting it, seeing what there problem is, and sending them back on there way ASAP. If you can send them away happy, kids are fairly easy. Adjust your schedule till they are in bed. And keep things where they cannot be stumbled upon. But I guess 99 percent knows this.




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Posted 08 February 2009 - 02:07 AM

We were all kids, for the most part it is innocence, and by law, and i think it may be law, should remain innocence, there is no need for drugs and getting high. The kidly state is that which has been taken from us which we are all trying to acheive (IMHO). I love the stuff, but never can belittle the person who is happy without. I just wish that the person that can live without would stop belittleing those who prefer to live with. Actually i beleive that those that live with is the next natural order of evolution for the human race to survive.




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Posted 08 February 2009 - 02:40 AM

This is my final note; Here in the southeast, there has been a great ICE storm since around 1987 or so. SWIM and many freinds and children have been caught up in and many destroyed in this movement. They have been left cold and lonely and desperate and very isolated, to continue this path to many is certain death. I have heard from some who first reached me, that there is another way, one that doesn't leave you empty, but enriched and fullfilled. Honestly i agree. Sometimes i wonder " maybe its not a path for everybody, just a path for those that need it"

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Posted 09 June 2009 - 06:08 PM

I dont know if this is any use to you but
i thought it was worth putting some thought to.

I do not and woud not grow around mine or anyone elses kids but thank you for the tips scotsman. I know there are people out there that do practice there hobby with childeren in the house and instead of cutting them down by doing it you provided some tips to help.:eusa_clap

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