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Hi guys!!!! I'm a new member from Italy!

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Posted 03 December 2008 - 10:18 AM

Wow, we are all over the world!!!!

@mjshroomer: Really you know Samorini?
His book "Funghetti" here in Italy is a cult for every grower!!! Every grower her have got a copy of it!

Here in Italy there is the problem thet there aren't any type of guide to grow mushies...And Funghetti i the only one that talk about our friends..I've got a copy, too!!!

Nice to meet you all. In this site there ary millions of threads and posts..Is immense!!! Now I'm going to post some my new pics of my last casings!!! Byezz!!! Bless


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Posted 19 January 2020 - 12:32 PM

I wonder why this person never posted any photos after my post here of literature by Giorgio Samorini who discovered and first wrote about the zoomophic shroom figures at the Tasili Caves in Northern Algiers.


I also wonder about this person's knowledge because the book Funghetti by Samorini is a small 4 inch wide X  6-Inch high 36-page booklet.  1993.  Two images of cover and back cover of this book.  He wrote this under the name of Silvio Pagani.


Pagani, Silvio (Pseud.). 1993. Funghetti. Nautilus. c. p. 1311-10100 Torino, Italy.
A small pocket guide on the occurrence in Italy of Psilocybe semilanceata. 1 colored photograph of Psilocybe semilanceata. By Giorgio Samorini. In Italian.    This book is 4 wide and 6 high and is 36 pages only. A pocket sized guide with full color centerfold featuring 4 colored images of Psilocybe semilanceata. and two images in black and and white, and nothing about cultivation whatsoever..  












The above book is actually 4 inches high and 6 inches wide.  So\ Giorgio was able to print two books each for the price of one by paper size of 9 by 12. Also features a separate Wrap-around-Cover.


And his bigger  2001 book Funghi Allucinogeni--Studi Etonomicologici by Giorgio Samorini is about the hallucinogenic species in Italy and also the history of the art in European countries and in Italy as well.  Mostly religious images of shrooms in churches throughout Italia and the Europe region.  There is no cultivation methods in this book either.  I am posting both covers of the two books. 


Samorini, Giorgio.. 2001. Funghi Allucinogeni - Studi Etonomicologici. Editor: Telesterion, Dozza (BO), Italy, 2001.  250 Pages.
In Italian. An ethnomycological review of the history of hallucinogenic mushrooms and mushroom cultures throughout the ages and their representation in art throughout the world. Well illustrated with photographs of mushroom art symbolism.  More than 100 Figures in black and white of religious mushroomic paintings in Euro-churches.


So I have no idea what this kid was talking about as far as his recollection of a book called Funghetti because neither of Giorgio Samorini's book discuss any cultivation.   And because he never came back after he posted this thread I am assuming he was some kind of troll.


Here are the cover and back cover for the book. There is no table of contents but the book has over 100 black and white figures and many figures have 2 or more photos of mushroom art from Religious paintings in churches throughout Europe and the Baltics as well.  In Italian.  






I only came across this threaded post from the google while I was attempting to open a page with my name on it so I could see what user name I had. Last time I had a temporary password from Mycotopia.  And this morning when i came to log in,  I had such a hard time logging in after my security deleted my browser histories and deleted all my passwords to this site and many others I no longer can log into/  I was trying to find a page I had been on because the site was not recognizing  the name of mjshroomer. So i qot able to get a password sent to me from the site.


Eventually they sent me one. But This page was listed on Google by this Italian person [sic?]!  whom I now wonder if he was really from Italy.  There are no Italian books on the cultivation of magic shrooms.  


Anyway, I just noticed the yellow text high line color here which is from my copying my bibliography references and still kept the yellow color.  


I do not understand people who make up stories and then make posts as if they are experts at something.  What i did notice today is that this thread is from 2008. that was exactly one year after I quit the Shroomery and Hippie 3 invited me back here to Mycotopia.  So I think this person named kinbone 23 posted some bs here because he never came back to post pictures as he said he would after he responded to my post.  But enjoy the covers. The smaller book is out of print and I believe the bigger Samorini book is still on eBay for sale or maybe on Amazon.


Have a shroomy day. I need to get back to what I was working on before this problem of my password came up this morning.


mjshroomer / man of knowledge

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