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Cactus Tea Pictorial & Illustrated Guide ~ by irishlion

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Posted 20 June 2011 - 02:13 PM

How much of dry material one should use for single medium dose(Estimated), in grams(or centimeters)?

And is there any changes one should apply to the tek when preparing with dry material?


Can somebody reply to this question? thanks

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Posted 20 June 2011 - 03:04 PM

How much of dry material one should use for single medium dose(Estimated), in grams(or centimeters)?

i would say it depends on your starting material, weather it be san pedro, torch, or bridgesii. san pedro being the least likely to be potent, and bridgesii being the most likely to be potent, then there is torch some where in the middle.

its hard to say what a medium dose might be due to several factors. the plants alkaloid content being the first, which is controlled by genetics and environmental conditions. also your dry material may be from the whole plant or just from the green layer right under the skin. this would make a huge difference in the % of alkaloids per a certain weight.

next would be your own sensitivity to the alkaloids contained in these plants. have you ever ingested cactus or their extracted alkaloids? if not then how do you react to doses of other plant teachers as apposed to your piers (pretty subjective)?

and we cant forget about set and setting. sometimes (although rare) a heroic dose just doesn't get me there. and other times a low dose will hand my ass to me. i can only chalk this up to set and setting.

after taking all that into consideration, you then have to consider whom is recommending the dose. because they have their own perceptions of dose and effect. a "light" dose for me goes barely noticed. for me a "medium" dose of tea or mescaline hcl is as close to purgatory as i wanna get. i find it to be uncomfortable, speedy, and similar to sea sickness for 10+ hours. for me a "high" dose is much preferred. it seems to level out all the "bad" qualities and make for a very comfy clear headed experience.

if using dry material:
san pedro 100+ grams
p. torch 75+ grams
bridgessi 40+ grams

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