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Chem free and Taste free Pedro/Torch Concentrate

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#41 jimbojones


    Just some Dude

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Posted 27 August 2009 - 12:56 PM

It's d-limonene, not linoleum. This is basically distilled orange oil. That's the non-polar solvent, food lime is used instead of lye, and vinegar is the acidic polar solvent, which means the entire extraction can be done with food-safe chemicals instead of lye and xylene.

I never said anything about linolium, I mispelled limolene limolium, I'm not an idiot just a bad speller.

And the chem free tek this started as ends up a thick tar which can be rolled into pills and eaten with no taste or nausea.

#42 Landogarner


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Posted 28 August 2009 - 01:57 PM

Does anyone try smoking herb to help with the nausea?

#43 Jose_sixpac



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Posted 29 August 2009 - 09:19 AM

The first time I read your recipe Jimbo, I couldn't follow your tek...
now after helping my lil brain along with your reply's since, and in re reading your process a second and then third time it makes good sense and seems like an easy follow, for a reward far exceeding the recipe process of extraction.

and it jogged a memory.
It reminded me of my friends uncle when we were kids who used to make cactus tea using mexi-pectin.

I know it was cactus cause I looked in the pot he was using, it was cactus but not the kind you would see in the store, and it wasn;t served for dinner that night.

but they sure had a party a few nights later...they all sang in mexican (sonoran) all singing different words all at the same time.

Ithought they were drunk.

I like Irish's tea also, and have no problem 2-3 grams over a short time, or with the nausia or cleansing purge, have you considered just making a tea once you are at the flour / corn starch point of the recipe?
That was what I was thinking about doing, or does the flour /cornstarch do something besides thicken the extract?

Will def give it a try the next time I sweat.

Thanx Jimbo.



#44 jimbojones


    Just some Dude

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Posted 30 August 2009 - 02:21 AM

The human digestive system cannot digest pectin, the sticky stuff holding the cells together that contribute largley to the snot factor. If you take papin (a pectic enzyme that will help you digest it) it may help with the nausea. I don't really like to smoke anything on mesc, it feels like I'm poluting my body, and I'm a big herb fan. Just the pure joy of mesc when the time is right. I have batch brewing, I soaked it in acidic solution of PE for a few days an it bubbled up like ectoplasm, releasing air and all kinds of reactions. I boiled it to kill any budding spores and am letting it sit with more PE and acid for a couple more days before basically making three batches of tea with the sludge and cooking it into tar using a dash of corn starch and a baking pan in a 200 degree oven with the door cracked. I honestly believe he enzyme aides the release of a lot more mescaline locked in the goo. I'll let you know if the letting the tea sit for days affects the potency as well as how much it decreases the snot.

Thanks for paying attention, give it a whirl, it's quite rewarding and very witchdoctorial.

The cornstarch just thickens it into like a taffy while warm and you can roll it into hashlike balls and eat it over a couple of hours with a glass of water. Just like popping pills, easier than the drug test passing kind which make me vomit. I have a very weak stomach, a sip of tea and I would hurl, the tar is tasteless and easy to administer orally.
Tastless tar ball pills over big glass of the most awful chunder you've ever gulped. And yes I did have a cleansing purge but it was very pleasant and resulted in a black ball of tar, no mess. Felt like a million $ after, and the next day, plus before I ate it I had a huge dinner of eggs and toast, so I did not fast or anything.
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