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Random venting thread !

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Posted 11 September 2021 - 10:26 AM

Brother saga continues and hopefully ends today. Yesterday he says, "I'm moving out Saturday". Thanks for the heads up dickwad. Apparently my parents drove into town to help him move (22hrs) Motherfucker for 6 months I've asked you if you need help moving shit. Now that it's the day before get fucked. You are a manchild and had your parents fly into to help you move. They are fucking old...


What the hell dude, pizza and beer. Fucking easy and done. Don't fucking bother me, I don't even want to see my parents I just learned they are coming yesterday. You don't just show up to someone's house without a heads up. Also you been to every fucking risky state and doing risky behaviors I don't condone. So get lost!

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Posted 11 September 2021 - 06:37 PM

So they helped him move out today and at like 3pm demanding that I help them move. I'm a bit busy at the moment take a break and I'll come in a bit. 
"You'll do it now..."
Me raising my voice over my mom, "I will not do it now. My home my rules. I never bothered a soul to move me 10 times through out the country" 

As they are finally wrapping up. "Did you clean your room, bathroom, and bedsheets." 
"Ughhh can you check if you did?"
"If I have to check it means you didn't."

"I'll be back monday to clean and get a package." 
"yeah how about my guitar you've held hostage for 10 years"


I may hire a cleaning lady and stick him with the bill. Fucking child, parent's still coddling him at 40. I was on my own at 18...

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Posted 13 September 2021 - 12:09 PM

When I get home excited with my new cannabis purchase but the child proof packaging makes me feel like this


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