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Random venting thread !

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Posted 22 February 2017 - 12:29 PM

I really feel for you, as I am quite sure I could not do it.  I have no organizational chops at all.  I have not done it in many decades, and when I did, it was some short form (which I am sure was easier back then).   I have lived as a minimalist for next to forever, so I never made enough to have had to pay anything to the feds.  But, because I was odd jobbing, I was technically self employed, and they could probably make some kind of case against me for that.  I viewed my situation as being employed by whatever person I was working for at the moment, and just never got my official paperwork from them.   At one point I got a non-service related VA pension, and from then on, I started working for others for free, not even barter, but just as karma yoga service. 


By not filing, and not getting refunds and such, I know the government saved a butt-load from my not filing at all, not to mention their lessened paperworkload.   I saved them, at all levels of government, as I eschewed all forms of aid and welfare at the same time, though I would have been qualified in many cases.  The only dip I have been taking is my annual VA checkup and a couple of emergency room visits to the VA hospital for an injury and a kidney stone.   But all in all, I am one deadbeat they have surely realized a profit by.   Under the letter of the law, they could probably imprison me and then they'd show me, when I would be costing them whatever it takes per federal prisoner. 


I lost my little pension when my mom died and I got a tax free chunk which I am now spending down.  I suppose they could come after me for the interest on my savings account, which in a year is about what anyone has to spend in a week.   Whatever to law is about that, I don't want to learn it, hoping that they can appreciate how much money I save them each year by being nobody. 

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Posted 22 February 2017 - 12:37 PM

Welcome the time of year that will make me physically nauseous just thinking about it.....

Last night I was informed I have 48 hours to prepare all the info to do taxes for me and my partner and my mother in law. This means that for the next two days I will need to tear the house apart and rack my brains trying to find all relevant reciepts and remembering all medical appts., locations, co pays, calculating distance , and searching for all the papers I carefully marked "save for taxes" , which somehow mysteriously get moved I know not where or why.


I hate math, I hate doing this, and it seems I am the only one in this house who can. I will be a neurotic mess by Friday morning, with a temper fuse that is lit and has 1/8"left to go. There will be screaming, crying, and gnashing of teeth.


The reward for all this is having to pay hundreds of dollars to have the tax lady process all this into an acceptable filing, because no human can possibly be able to know all the loops and hurtles in this f(X!%$  tax system of exemptions and quicksand.....


I hate this, I hate this, I hate this !!!   Taxes are a curse..... 


Now I need to start. I may need to come back here to vent a few more times before friday, or there will be a small explosion....

Completely fact I used this as my favorite excuse to start smoking cigarettes again year after year after year.........I've been quit nine years now..........IMHO no one that cares about themselves at all feels good about being extorted......... the fucking king and his taxes!




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Posted 22 February 2017 - 07:49 PM


Just got done filling three bankers boxes with all the paperwork. Skye, you said exactly what I feel about this!

I got turbo tax, because as much as I hate this shit, I refuse to pay someone to help me pay even more to to uncle "fuck me up the ass" Sam.

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