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DIY Disc Golf Basket On A Budget

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Posted 01 July 2009 - 07:57 PM

This is how to make a very cheap disc golf basket. Check out how much the real ones cost: http://www.discsunli...lf_baskets.html

Now granted this one wont be PDGA certified, but it gets the job done ;)

Material List: (under 10$, you might have most of them already)

Heavy Duty Garbage bag
Hula Hoop
Duct Tape
Zip Ties
Wooden Stakes

Now the garbage bags I have are about 5' tall, so I cut about 2' off the top. I then folded the edges on the top over itself to make two layers. I tacked it down with duct tape so it wouldn't unfold. Now tape all the way around it so you have a reinforced edge.

Get your hula hoop and place it in the garbage bag right at the top. Now get a razor blade and poke a hole about a half inch below the top of the bag (make sure the hole is through the tape). Get a zip tie and tie the hoop to the bag. Now do this about 7 more time spaced evenly apart always going to tape.

After this point I taped all around everything once again, and on the bottom. Now get your wooden stakes (mine had a point on one end). They should be about 3' tall. On the square end drill a hole about 1" down. Do this for the remaining 3 stakes. Now tie these stakes evenly around your hoop/bag. It helps to pound the stake in the ground before tieing the zip tie down.

Now it looks kinda chinsey, but it is cheap, and gets the job done. Enjoy.

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