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El Sol and detatchment from the grid

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#1 Jose_sixpac



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Posted 02 July 2009 - 01:57 PM

Brothers and Sisters, once again thankyou, Self sustainment, by recycling and reusing, everything under the sun.

Think fast, think green.

The potential for easy solar/wind/water sustained living is at your finger tips.

Imagine, isolated dwellings completely solar powered climate control, fiber optic growlights. and no IR signature.

Personally I have reached 700 + degrees with a simple fresnel lens, from a discarded big screen. I can brew my coffee, distill water, make steam, bake bread, BBQ, and roast about any thing that fits, oh...and burn the phuck out of myself, without any fire.

paribolics have demonstrated continuous generation with outputs exceeding 6 KW...just from the sun coming up, with minimal expense.

We have Hydrogen all around us

In conjunction with new efficient motor designs using electromagnetic components that run at unbelievable RPM and minimal friction, we soon will have this ability.

We can make dome dwellings that are flood proof, fire proof, earthquake proof, and insect proof...all with a few rolls of continuous sand bag material (comes off the roll in a tube) some barb wire, sand and some lime.
Using a couple basic window and door frames that are reusable for the next dwelling you have a very good shelter...Phuck abunch-o-Fema trailers that are more dangerous than the natural and man induced disasters that may leave us homeless.

I will pull up some links that instruct you how to do the above later.

The Art work you see on my page here, are from a type solar powered projector which I have a patent on, I can do light shows for outside venues and project three dimensional rainbows as big as you want, just as long as the sun shines.

all from the sun all natural, no plugs, no power bills.
Film at eleven.

we have control of our own destiny...Roll the Bones.

Energize envision and engage!


#2 Foster



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Posted 02 July 2009 - 07:56 PM

Cool stuff Jose. I am very interested in the renewable energy sources and am currently working on a solar distiller/oven/pasteurizer.
I am also trying to come up with a tank to setup a solar water heater.
I currently have an outdoor wood burning boiler which not only provides heat for the house in winter, but also provides pre-heated water to the electric water heater we use for residential hot water.
I have found pre-heating and insulating the electric water heater saves me almost 1/4 on monthly electric bills during winter.
I dont use it in summer because I get tired of cutting wood lol.
I realize its not the most "green" setup, but because I have an almost limitless supply of dead timber, it is saving me money.
I would love to integrate the solar water heater into the system for yr round heated water.
Put up some links, and feel free to share any ideas on ways to build, modify, use, or setup any kind of renewable energy source.
I for one am very interested. Keep it green, Foster

#3 Jose_sixpac



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Posted 02 July 2009 - 09:45 PM

you can convert the boiler to solar with one of those lenses from the projection screen tv's...I melt brick with the sum-bitche...but you would have to track the sun for efficiency.
Great minds think alike I too have been thinking up a solar UV-light-hi temp steam sterilizer / expresso machine...
might as well brew up a pot of Joe, while waiting for the sterilizer to run it's course.
been thinkin bout a solar kiln / bread oven / George Foreman grill / mini-forge also.

with a steam turbine generator you can make hydrogen and oxy to fire the boiler, and convert that pool in the back yard into a liquid cell battery / capacitor.

That is why I need that Swiss Army knife like real Bad! The one like that Duck skinnin dung slinging Hypster cat has...
There are some good vids on you tube that demonstrate the different teq's

solar wind water energy sources.

STMF :pirate:(stay thirsty my friend)


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I forgot

#4 Foster



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Posted 02 July 2009 - 10:00 PM

"great minds think alike" LOL. More so than you might think. Heh I used to use "cyantologist" as my sig under my name too!:amazed:

I have been looking into the "solar tubes" also. They now sell them at l*w*s and large box hardware stores. I am talking about the polished stainless tube with a half globe type cover, which you install through your roof to bring natural sunlight in. I believe the cover has filtering to remove harmful/ heating uv rays. Pretty cool, but still a bit pricey. Like most of the renewable/solar equip.

#5 Jose_sixpac



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Posted 03 July 2009 - 03:38 PM

Hea, I thought I was all original wit the cyanthingy. I got some kuddo's from it.

There will come a time, when we will be right with the natural sway of things.

nice to meet you amigo, we're in the same!
frame of mind...better.

Cheers and STMF

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