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Safe ways to travel round the country dirty

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#101 Jaspmf


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Posted 23 March 2010 - 02:13 PM

A friend of mine had his car dismantled on the side of the interstate once (about 900 miles north of the border), and I mean they tore it apart all the way down to removing his dashboard. I was riding with another friend when we passed him "Hey look, isn't that..." and then 3 hours later when we came by again he was still there but all his stuff and many parts of his car were scattered all over the shoulder. :smokin:

In all honesty, I suppose he brought that on himself by flipping off a State Trooper that passed him (and he was a long haired freaky dude that did it on purpose because it was the one time he had nothing on him, but didn't intend for it to go THAT far, lol).


I've always thought about flipping em off, what an instigator!

Yeah I always act respectable towards em, so if/when they do a search it's always a quickie.
Clean cut, clean clothes...never smoke or anything before I rollout.

#102 whatchamacallit


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Posted 23 March 2010 - 02:46 PM

i herd if u have a dog in your car and thay have a k9 unit the dog is 99% false positive so most of the time thay will not even bother if u have a dog with u just wanted to put that in ther have a great one best of luck to the travalers

SWIM has been made to get out of the car with the dog and stand a ways away on the side of the road, so they could conduct a K9 search, so this doesn't always work..

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Posted 24 March 2010 - 07:00 AM

SWIM has been made to get out of the car with the dog and stand a ways away on the side of the road, so they could conduct a K9 search, so this doesn't always work..

That's when it's time to release the horde of geeked-out chihuahuas! :reb:

#104 mav360


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Posted 24 March 2010 - 03:23 PM

great thread!

Just wanted to say that if you have a ball hitch on your vehicle make sure the ball is not blocking your license plate its a reason to pull you over at least in washington state. i wasnt lucky enough to not get searched as they had probable cause from the smell of weed. got arrested with 58 grams of grass but only got charged with 50 damn thieves. i was lucky and got possesion charge dropped to a misdemeanor but had to plea to a dui of ganja even though i hadnt smoked in 4 hrs. 12 trips to court, 6 days in the slammer, 5 yrs of probation!

I dont even know how many cops suv's ive seen that have ther licence plates blocked by a ball hitch.

Be very careful and make sure your vehicle is road ready legally!

#105 BotanyPhD


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Posted 24 March 2010 - 04:06 PM

Make sure the tag light works, brake lights, turn signals, nothing is dragging on the road. Tint is proper, nothing obstructing the tag, nothing placed on the tag, make sure your tag is valid! FOAF has a nice PVC contraption he magnets up under the bed of his truck you cant find it unless you got a lift. Good way to get to where ya gotta go. Make sure your car is clean and vac it good.. no seeds in sight...

Im not sure about the initial post. But in Florida if the dog hits they dont need a warrant. It gives them casue to get in the car, permission or not.

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