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More thoughts on Storing shrooms

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#1 {Mr}fLoYd



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Posted 19 January 2006 - 10:53 PM

So there have been a lot of posts on this board about preservation ect ect. and i have a large amount of pinheads on a cake of GT and should expect full first flush in less than 7 days, at first i was keen on drying them but the more i read the more i want to keep them fresh especially since i am going back to Providence RI to stay for a weekend with a bunch of old college buddies, they are putting me up for the weekend and i figure the least i can do is buy some beers and bring some shrooms. Im going to RI within 2 weeks and it should be enough time to fully flush my single cake out and provide just enough shrooms to make everyone happy.

SO i dont want to dry them. The alcohol thing is cool and so is the honey but has anyone ever stored whole fresh shrooms layer packed sort of in honey? likewise has anyone ever made Chocolate bars from fresh chopped up shrooms. I am a chef so i am really thinking about all the cooking preservation methods i use, somehow pickled Psy. cubes dont bring good thoughts to mind. Doing the chocolate bars is a sinch for me and if people have ever made them and can say that they dont cause any problems when fresh i think thats the way im going to go. obviously the mushrooms should be chopped up reasonably small , no one wants to bite into a solid cap stuck in chocolate :dead:. and any dosage recomendations would help, im looking for like a good 6-8 hr trip, i know my limits dried but i have never done fresh...



#2 {Mr}fLoYd



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Posted 19 January 2006 - 11:00 PM

So there have been a lot of posts lately about drying and preservation of shrooms and this has me thinking. I have a lot of pin heads on a cake of GT and will be leaving for a weekend of sin in Providence RI, going back to see some college buddies. they are putting me up for the weekend and i figure the least i can do is bring some shrooms.

I dont want to dry them because it would have to be too covert as i still live at home and i would like to keep them fresh but its going to be slightly more than 2 weeks before i get to RI so they will be moldy and might not even get cracker dry in that time. So .... has anyone ever packed fresh shrooms in honey like they make a mushroom powder mix? and also has anyone ever used fresh chopped mushrooms in chocolate bars? Im a chef and other than these two i cant think of any other long term vegetable or produce preservation methods that would be nice ( somehow pickled psy.cubes dont leave me with a good feeling :dead: ) so im open to ideas im really not hot on drying them especially if people say the chocolate bars will work thats what i would really like to make. Also any dosage recomendations are welcome i know dry limitations but i have never done fresh, im looking for a good 6-8 hr trip on one bar...



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Posted 20 January 2006 - 09:51 AM

It would be easier to dry them then to make chocolate bars! And I think they use dried mushrooms when they make those bars. I don't think there is any way getting around drying them if you want them to last 2 weeks. Just lay them on your computer monitor overnight, it doesn't take long.

#4 I_am_me



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Posted 20 January 2006 - 10:01 AM

I don't believe fresh mushrooms will work well in chocolate. Chocolate doesn't respond well to water. You can have shrooms cracker dry in 2 days. If you want a nice hard trip I would recommend eating 3.5 grams or so each.

#5 shedthemonkey



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Posted 20 January 2006 - 12:26 PM

Fresh chopped up works very well in liquer. Is that not an option for you? You just squish the pulpy stuff up with a spoon or whatever and then filter with a dollar store filter. Would last months that way and is not bad if you use decent quality liquer. Alchol is a preservative too. :)

another idea. Have you ever seen the vacuum jars that Food Saver makes? Or even the Vacuum Bags would help. I have kept shrooms fresh for over 3 weeks with no problem using one of those. Bit of an investment and not too stealthy in a jar but that is another option. Walmart has them and I think other stores do to. The food saver line is pretty good for preserving stuff. I like to keep dry in a vacuum bottle, but fresh stays great for a long time. Dose 8-10 times the weight of dry. It has a slightly different feel as you get more of the other trace chemicals that seem to go away in the drying process. Fresh is my favorite way to dose but not always convenient to have around. As a for instance, I like to party with a 4 gram dry dose. Fresh that is 35-40 grams. Weigh your dose. If they smell at all NON-shroomy when you take them out of the jar, make tea by boiling them for 3 minutes finely chopped. Just another idea.

#6 DocOc



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Posted 16 April 2006 - 01:37 PM

Anyone ever try keyboard/electronic duster (tricholor or triflouroethylene)? I think it would work but it might be a little sensitive to uv. I think the best would actually be helium: cheap, inert, and readily available.

#7 Spark



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Posted 16 April 2006 - 02:30 PM

I store them in bags.

#8 Hippie3



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Posted 17 April 2006 - 11:40 AM

i want to keep them fresh

best way i've found is to place entire cake in the fridge with shrooms still attached, good for months.
if that's not possible
pick them and place them in paper bag
and place in fridge, good a couple weeks.

#9 Guest_Glasshopper_*

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Posted 01 May 2006 - 07:04 AM

Toss 'em in honey.

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