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Psilocybe Medicine - Dr. Karl Buchanan

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Posted 06 November 2009 - 06:26 PM

Hey Sheik ~

I think i might go on a daily regim of .2 grams a day with all the other vitamins i eat. See what happens.

I am thinking of taking on a patient dx'ed (by someone else) with sero deficiency. I am considering a regimen of low dose (.2-.5) per day with him also. He has a real physical/mental syndrome going on with this and my thinking is to use 2 grams syrian rue in combination so to extend the "day" he gets from the psybes. Have you ever thought about stretching the "low dose effective" time by doing this? Has anyone else?
This SEEMS like a good protocol to me, and I was even going to write it up - but wondered who else might already have experience?

BTW - I really love this thread folks.

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Posted 06 November 2009 - 06:27 PM

syrian rue + shrooms = shroomyhuasca eh?

Yeah - I've had students (and my brother) whack that way before but I myself have not. I taught it as an option to weird up your trip and extend it based on stuff I read and most of them said "Yup! Sure did!" - except one who just ate 4 grams rue by itself and felt pukey. I eat rue for a "Happy Day" kind of thing and to make weed high EXtreme (it does!) and I know the "noticeable" dose about 4 grams so I was hoping to achieve good results on the LD model the same way.
I actually got REALLY high big time by eating 4 grams rue and then someone got me stoned about 1.5 hours later and I was tracing behind it

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Posted 06 November 2009 - 06:28 PM

It definately has helped people, thank you

As for MAOI's, syrian rue is rather expensive compared to the chinese tribulus, which can be found at Dr. Kang's for ~2 dollars a pound


Start with 1 tablespoon. To all those considering this, TAKE THE MAOI DIET SERIOUSLY! I always follow the wisdom of the jungle and as such limit my diet to vegetables and some fruits for the previous and following 24 hours

Curenado, I was fascinated with your posts until the maoi abuse. Be careful when suggesting or discussing maoi containing plants - many could read and not know the strict dietary restrictions they require. Also I think talking about extreme highs could compromise the integrity of the topic's medical significance

Otherwise, please keep up the good work and keep us informed!!

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Posted 06 November 2009 - 06:29 PM

Thanks for the link to kang. Posted Image Sorry if anyone was bothered by my candor regarding the taboo subject of personally responcible happiness. I would (for myself and my patients) define abuse as "excessive and detrimental" use of any substance. I don't mean to imply either. I do agree with your posted warnings as there are many on the site with little experience and it was my fault for speaking, in that case, as if I were addressing a lecture of such individuals who have the pre-req's and direct knowledge. Apologies all around. and...
It seems to me 'nar that with your reco's on the tribulus that it is a richer organic maoi source or at least equivalent to S.R. content?
I never offer anything I haven't tried and I am looking forward to learning more about it, and you are right - rue is $20 / pound on the least expensive vendor I've found.
I also (FYI) included the MAOI/dietary list from erowid in my note sent to FMRC and maybe we should place those links here also for all who may not be up to speed on this:

Interactions between MAOI's, SSRI's & Recreational Drugs

Food to Avoid with MAOI's IMPORTANT!!

Drugs to Avoid with MAOI's

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Posted 06 November 2009 - 06:31 PM

I am at present making a preparation for a terminal lung cancer patient. It contains Ganoderma,Poria,Psylocybe,and Gymnopolis with the actives in trace amounts suspended in a cannabis syrup.She has not lost her fight and may not for some time to come as her "numbers" keep coming back more positive each test. She uses the prep twice daily in conjunction with the 25mg of melatonin her naturopath has prescribed to supply tryptamines to her condition. That tryptamines are a whole new/ ancient medicine is without debate. Now it falls to us to research that which the established channels ignore.

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Posted 06 November 2009 - 06:32 PM

I am at present making a preparation for a terminal lung cancer patient. It contains Ganoderma,Poria,Psylocybe,and Gymnopolis with the actives in trace amounts suspended in a cannabis syrup

You sir, is a genius. Posted Image
The poria and gymnopolis had not occured to me. Neither had using gymnopolis in targeting the lung. I have been using primarily Ganoderma, Cordyceps & Coreolus in daily protocol for that and 'psybes bi-monthly in the larger dose, though you, eric_the_red, bongincarnate and the "Miss Julie" in the COPD article described above have me totally *gorked* Posted Image Posted Image on LD daily and combo protocols - and like eric said, I can't believe such hadn't occured to me. This is proof of the value of such thread/group. Posted Image

I really wish now that we could re-name this thread "Neurotropic Medicine" or perhaps "Practical MycoNutrition" because I really have to put forth that it seems to me that there actually is no such thing as "MycoMedicine" - we are dealing in simple foods here (IMHO) and it seems to me that in most of these conditions/cases we are really just "feeding" people. Just re-expanding their dietary palette - as I wrote to Peele recently "I would say #@*% Stone Age Medicine, but CAVE PEOPLE had better!" - and that has really been sinking in.

...'Rasta - I have been wanting to put more punch in my "lunger mix" and really - Posted Image now I have hours of brain cells to crunch!
Posted Image

PS- What put you on to Gymno's/Respiratory that isn't in the literature? I have a pretty good "key" of "medical" mushrooms from FMRC (Mushroom Researcher...) but thinking you know more...

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Posted 06 November 2009 - 06:39 PM


illeagle said:
I also had a psoriasis/excema skin condition that was not responding to treatment. One night I drank some tea "McKenna style" and the next day the condition was completely gone. It returned in a couple of days

I have noticed they have very good effects with skin. I have also noticed, as you state that there is about a 3 day window/duration of benefit in some areas while a longer duration in others.
I suggest that you try again and begin the next day with at least one of the "Power" immunos such as reishi, cordyceps (also good with the skin and mucous membranes) maitake or shittake. This may give you the "jump start" effect and allow you to maintain.
Some critters and conditions seem to take a harder whack from them, as well as body system targeting, but I think you may find continuing support will help. Best Wishes!

Somebody mentioned using lights to degrade the actives, so do people think it is some other substance that is beneficial, one that does not break down.

I don't know what all think, but I cannot recommend degreading or altering them in any way at all. You can decrease side effects by eating solid food after ingesting (say a good lunch or dinner 10-15 minutes after?) But cannot say whether you will appreciate full potential that way.

Hot water tea, at least theoretically does degrade them some however I have heard conflicting reports and indeed the cluster heads use this method and still obtain favorable results.

I do not like frequent high doses myself, what if you were to purposely build up a tolerance, increasing a dose daily so you could take 5g and have just a level 2 trip. What about taking them just before sleep or putting them in slow release capsules so the high dose occurs during sleep.

People do sleep during a dose, and if you are able to utilise a mild sedative also such as xanax or ativan this will help.
I have rx'd promethazine and low dose xanax for the heavey-pukies while on psilocybe, and both of these will also be conducive to sleep while suppressing any of those symptoms which may occur.
I also strongly suggest that if you intend to "sleep through" any potential effects that having something blander, yet solid on your stomach would probably be helpful. As to what? Personal choices. We used to eat peanut butter and banana sandwhiches before going to rest After the experience, both to replace electrolytes and offer some stabilising protein.
Again, best wishes! Posted Image and let us all know as the next guy/gal may be even worse off and even more sensitive than you. Your experiences most often help others sharing similar concerns/conditions as well as others.

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Posted 06 November 2009 - 06:40 PM

My friend has bone marrow cancer. Would treatment be effective for this nasty form of cancer?

There is a movement to provide psilocybes to cancer patients for "mood enhancement/psychological" reasons and so I myself can't see the harm at all. As to the direct benefits...immunoboosting? Sure!
But your friends cancer, though very blood related has not been studied (to my knowledge) with psilocybe therapy and the reason that bone marrow treatment is as nasty as bone marrow cancer itself is the difficulty in crossing the body's natural "barriers" with other drugs. Posted Image
Everything points to benefit, but yours would be the first case that I personally am aware of.
All thought and theory is 4 you as psilocybes readily cross the blood brain and other body "barriers" but I have no direct case experience to quote.
TOTALLY Best Wishes! Posted Image
Here is a case where I would be using a lot of shittake and maitake as well as coreolus (and indeed, ALL the direct cancer fighters) in the diet heavily to increase the number of benefits from all directions of the body. Posted Image
I would also be using the old "ESSIAC" tea formula in large amounts and if you can't afford it on the commercial market PM me... Posted Image
I have been writing up notes on how hard 'psybes are on tumors and neoplastic tissue, but I doubt it will get published for 6 months? It will appear here when it does...
Maybe WR should be writing that one up? Posted Image Also - Maybe WR has more to say on this issue so watch the thread for the next time he is able to visit..

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Posted 06 November 2009 - 06:42 PM

This is a bit long and somewhat off-topic, but I feel it should be placed here because I thought these things were all already very well known, but appparently they are not. To wit:

Jesus 'healed using cannabis'

Duncan Campbell in Los Angeles
Monday January 6, 2003
The Guardian

Jesus was almost certainly a cannabis user and an early proponent of the medicinal properties of the drug, according to a study of scriptural texts published this month. The study suggests that Jesus and his disciples used the drug to carry out miraculous healings.
The anointing oil used by Jesus and his disciples contained an ingredient called kaneh-bosem which has since been identified as cannabis extract, according to an article by Chris Bennett in the drugs magazine, High Times, entitled Was Jesus a Stoner? The incense used by Jesus in ceremonies also contained a cannabis extract, suggests Mr Bennett, who quotes scholars to back his claims.

"There can be little doubt about a role for cannabis in Judaic religion," Carl Ruck, professor of classical mythology at Boston University said.

Referring to the existence of cannabis in anointing oils used in ceremonies, he added: "Obviously the easy availability and long-established tradition of cannabis in early Judaism _ would inevitably have included it in the [Christian] mixtures."

Mr Bennett suggests those anointed with the oils used by Jesus were "literally drenched in this potent mixture _ Although most modern people choose to smoke or eat pot, when its active ingredients are transferred into an oil-based carrier, it can also be absorbed through the skin".

Quoting the New Testament, Mr Bennett argues that Jesus anointed his disciples with the oil and encouraged them to do the same with other followers. This could have been responsible for healing eye and skin diseases referred to in the Gospels.

"If cannabis was one of the main ingredients of the ancient anointing oil _ and receiving this oil is what made Jesus the Christ and his followers Christians, then persecuting those who use cannabis could be considered anti-Christ," Mr Bennett concludes.

[broken link]

here is another very good link also:


Here is another page & link:
The use of marijuana is as old as the history of man and dates to the prehistoric period. Marijuana is closely connected with the history and development of some of the oldest nations on earth.

It has played a significant role in the religions and cultures of Africa, the Middle East, India, and China Richard E. Schultes, a prominent researcher in the field of psychoactive plants, said in an article he wrote entitled "Man and Marijuana":

"...that early man experimented with all plant materials that he could chew and could not have avoided discovering the properties of cannabis (marijuana), for in his quest for seeds and oil, he certainly ate the sticky tops of the plant. Upon eating hemp the euphoric, ecstatic and hallucinatory aspects may have introduced man to an other-worldly plane from which emerged religious beliefs, perhaps even the concept of deity.

The plant became accepted as a special gift of the gods, a sacred medium for communion with the spiritual world and as such it has remained in some cultures to the present."

The effects of marijuana was proof to the ancients that the spirit and power of the god(s) existed in this plant and that it was literally a messenger (angel) or actually the Flesh and Blood and/or Bread of the god(s) and was and continues to be a holy sacrament. Considered to be sacred, marijuana has been used in religious worship from before recorded history.

According to William A. Embolden in his book Ritual Use of Cannabis Sativa L, p. 235:

"Shamanistic traditions of great antiquity in Asia and the Near East has as one of their most important elements the attempt to find God without a vale of tears; that cannabis played a role in this, at least in some areas, is born out in the philology surrounding the ritualistic use of the plant. Whereas Western religious traditions generally stress sin, repentance, and mortification of the flesh, certain older non-Western religious cults seem to have employed Cannabis as a euphoriant, which allowed the participant a joyous path to the Ultimate; hence such appellations as "heavenly guide".

According to "Licit and Illicit Drugs" by the Consumer Union, page 397-398:

"Ashurbanipal lived about 650 B.C., but the cuneiform descriptions of marijuana in his library "are generally regarded as obvious copies of much older texts." Says Dr. Robert P. Walton, an American physician and authority on marijuana, "This evidence serves to project the origin of hashish back to the earliest beginnings of history."

According to the Encyclopedia Britannica: "Pharmacological Cults"

"...the ceremonial use of incense in contemporary ritual is most likely a relic of the time when the psychoactive properties of incense brought the ancient worshipper in touch with supernatural forces."

In the temples of the ancient world, the main sacrifice was the inhalation of incense. Incense is defined as the perfume or smoke from spices and gums when burned in celebrating religious rites or as an offering to a deity. Bronze and gold incense burners were cast very early in history and their forms were often inspired by cosmological themes representing the harmonious nature of the universe.

The following piece was taken from "Licit and Illicit Drugs", page 31.

"In the Judaic world, the vapors from burnt spices and aromatic gums were considered part of the pleasurable act of worship. In proverbs (27:9) it is said that 'Ointment and perfumes rejoice the heart.' Perfumes were widely used in Egyptian worship. Stone altars have been unearthed in Babylon and Palestine, which have been used for burning incense made of aromatic wood and spices. While the casual readers today may interpret such practices as mere satisfaction of the desire for pleasant odors, this is almost certainly an error; in many or most cases, a psychoactive drug was being inhaled. In the islands of the Mediterranean 2,500 years ago and in Africa hundreds of years ago, for example leaves and flowers of a particular plant were often thrown upon bonfires and the smoke inhaled; the plant was marijuana."

(Edward Preble and Gabriel V. Laurey, Plastic Cement: The Ten Cent Hallucinogen, International Journal of the Addictions, 2 (Fall 2967): 271-272.

"The earliest civilizations of Mesopotamia brewed intoxicating beer of barley more than 5,000 years ago; is it too much to assume that even earlier cultures experienced euphoria, accidentally or deliberately, through inhalation of the resinous smoke of Cannabis?"

(Ritual Use of Cannabis Sativa L, p. 216.)

"It is said that the Assyrians used hemp (marijuana) as incense in the seventh or eighth century before Christ and called it 'Qunubu', a term apparently borrowed from an old East Iranian word 'Konaba', the same as the Scythian name 'cannabis'." (Plants of the Gods - Origin of Hallucinogenic Use by Richard E. Schultes and Albert Hoffman)

"It is recorded that the Chinese Taoist recommended the addition of cannabis to their incense burners in the 1st century as a means of achieving immortality."

(Marijuana, the First Twelve Thousand Years by Earnest Abel, page 5)

"There is a classic Greek term, cannabeizein, which means to smoke cannabis. Cannabeizein frequently took the form of inhaling vapors from an incense burner in which these resins were mixed with other resins, such as myrrh, balsam, frankincense, and perfumes." (Ritual Use of Cannabis Sativa L)

"Herodotus in the fifth century B.C. observed the Scythians throwing hemp on heated stone to create smoke and observed them inhaling this smoke. Although he does not identify them, Herodotus states that when they "have parties and sit around a fire, they throw some of it into the flames. As it burns, it smokes like incense, and the smell of it makes them drunk, just as wine does us. As more fruit is thrown on, they get more and more intoxicated until finally they jump up and start dancing and singing." (Herodotus, Histories 1.202.)

The name cannabis is generally thought to be of Scythian origin. Sula Benet in Cannabis and Culture argues that it has a much earlier origin in Semitic languages like Hebrew, occurring several times in the Old Testament. He states that in Exodus 30:23 that God commands Moses to make a holy anointing oil of myrrh, sweet cinnamon, kaneh bosm, and kassia. He continues that the word kaneh bosm is also rendered in the traditional Hebrew as kannabos or kannabus and that the root "kan" in this construction means "reed" or "hemp", while "bosm" means "aromatic". He states that in the earliest Greek translations of the old testament "kan" was rendered as "reed", leading to such erroneous English translations as "sweet calamus" (Exodus 30:23), sweet cane (Isaiah 43:24; Jeremiah 6:20) and "calamus" (Ezekiel 27:19; Song of Songs 4:14).

Benet argues from the linguistic evidence that cannabis was known in Old Testament times at least for its aromatic properties and that the word for it passed from the Semitic language to the Scythians, i.e. the Ashkenaz of the Old Testament. Sara Benetowa of the Institute of Anthropological Sciences in Warsaw is quoted in the Book of Grass as saying: "The astonishing resemblance between the Semitic 'kanbos' and the Scythian 'cannabis' leads me to suppose that the Scythian word was of Semitic origin. These etymological discussions run parallel to arguments drawn from history.

The Iranian Scythians were probably related to the Medes, who were neighbors of the semites and could easily have assimilated the word for hemp. The Semites could also have spread the word during their migrations through Asia Minor.

Taking into account the matriarchal element of Semitic culture, one is led to believe that Asia Minor was the original point of expansion for both the society based on the matriarchal circle and the mass use of hashish."

The Ancient Israelites were a Semitic people. Abraham, the father of the Israelite nation, came from Ur, a city of Babylonia located in mesopotamia. The Israelites migrated throughout Asia Minor and could easily have spread the religious use of marijuana.

It was said that Moses, at the direction of Almighty God, first brought in the use of incense in public worship, and that the other nations of antiquity copied the practice from him. It was however a practice that began with Adam. The "Book of Jubilees", an Apocryphal book, (the Apocrypha was considered canonical by the early church and is to this day by the Ethiopian Zion Coptic Church) states that "on the day when Adam went forth from the Garden of Eden, he offered as a sweet savour an offering of frankincense, galbanum, and stacte, and spices, in the morning with the rising of the sun, from the day when he covered his shame." And of Enoch we read that "he burnt the incense of the sanctuary, even sweet spices, acceptable before the Lord, on the Mount."

Incense was assigned miraculous powers by the Israelites. It was burned in golden bowls or cauldrons placed on or beside the altar. It was also burned in hand-held censers. In the Blessing of Moses, a poem belonging to the Northern Kingdom of Israel, and written about 760 B.C., the sacrificial smoke is offered to the God of Israel.

Let them teach Jacob thy judgments, and Israel thy law; Let them offer sacrificial smoke to thy nostrils, and whole burnt sacrifice upon thy altar.

Throughout the Bible the ancient patriarchs were brought into communion with God through smoking incense and at Mt. Sinai God talked to Moses out of a bush that burned with fire (Exodus 3:1- 12). After Moses brought the Israelite people out of Egypt he returned to Mt. Sinai at which time God made a covenant with Moses in which the Ten Commandments were revealed. Exodus 19:8 describes the conditions at the time of this covenant.

Exodus 19:8 "And Mount Sinai was altogether on smoke, because the Lord descended upon it in fire: and the smoke thereof ascended as smoke of a furnace, and the whole mount quaked greatly.

The Mysterious smoke mentioned in the covenant on Mt. Sinai is also referred to as a cloud. Exodus 24:15 "And Moses went up into the mount, and a cloud covered the mount. 16 And the glory of the Lord abode upon Mount Sinai, and the cloud covered it six days: and the seventh day he called unto Moses out of the midst of the cloud.

Scriptures make it abundantly clear that the clouds and the smoke are related to the burning of incense. Exodus 40:26 describes Moses burning incense, a cloud covering the tent of the congregation and the glory of the Lord filling the tabernacle.

Leviticus 16:2-13 describes how God appeared in a cloud and refers to it as the clouds of incense. Numbers 16:17-19 describes how every man of the congregation had a censer full of burning incense and that the glory of the Lord appeared unto all the congregation.

Isaiah 6:4 describes how Ezekial saw God in a smoke-filled inner court. Numbers 11:25 describes how God was revealed to Moses and the seventy elders in a cloud; that the spirit rested upon them and that they prophesied and ceased not.

The Book of Grass by Andrew and Vinkenoog includes a section on Ancient Scythia and Iran by Mircea Eliade, one of the foremost experts on the history of religions. On pages 11 and 12 is the following:

"On one document appears to indicate the existence of a Getic shamanism: It is Straho's account of the Myssian KAPNOBATAI, a name that has been translated, by analogy with Aristophanes' AEROBATES, as 'those who walk in clouds'; but it should be translated as 'those who walk in smoke'! Presumably the smoke is hemp smoke, a rudimentary means of ecstasy known to both the Tracians and the Scythians..."

This passage should be carefully noted. Biblical passages make it abundantly clear that the ancient Isrealites also walked in clouds and in smoke. In fact it was in the clouds of smoke that God was revealed to the ancient Isrealites. The words "smoke" and "smoking" appear fifty times in the King James Version of the Bible and two separate times the Bible says of the Lord, "There went up a smoke out of his nostrils." II Samuel 22:9, Psalms 18:8.

There are numerous other places in the Bible that mention the burning of incense, the mysterious cloud, and smoke. This common thread is found throughout the Bible, including the New Testament. St. Matthew 24:30 "And then shall appear the sign of the Son of Man in heaven: and then shall all the tribes of the Earth morn, and they shall see the Son of Man coming in the clouds of heaven, with power and great glory."

Revelations 1:7 "Behold, he cometh with clouds; and every eye shall see him, and they also which pierced him: and all the kindreds of the earth shall wail because of him. Even so, Amen."

Revelations 8:3 "And another angel came and stood at the altar, having a golden censer: and there was given unto him much incense, that he should offer it with the prayers of all saints upon the golden altar which was before the throne. 4 And the smoke of the incense, which came with the prayers of the saints, ascended up before God out of the Angel's hand."

Revelations 15:8 "And the temple was filled with smoke from the glory of God, and from his power."

The word "fire" is mentioned several hundred times in the King James version of the Bible. The sacrifice of the Lord is made by fire (Exodus 29:18, 25; Leviticus 2:10-11; Leviticus 6:13; Numbers 28:6; Deuteronomy 4:33; Joshua 13:14; I Samuel 2:28; II Chronicles 2:4; Isaiah 24:15; Matthew 3:11; Luke 1:9; Revelations 8:4-5)

Abraham, the father of the Israelite nation, came from Ur which was a city of Ancient Sumer in South Babylonia. For the Babylonians, fire was essential to sacrifice and all oblations were conveyed to the gods by the fire god Girru-Nusku, whose presence as an intermediary between the gods and man was indispensable. Girru-Nusku, as the messenger of the gods, bore the essence of the offerings upward to them in the smoke of sacrificial fire.

At Babylon: "The glorious gods smell the incense, noble food of heaven; pure wine which no hand has touched do they enjoy." (L. Jeremias, in Encyclopedia Biblica, i.v. 4119, quoting Rawlinson, Cuneif. Inscrip. IV, 19 (59).)

The most important of the ancient Indian gods was Agni, the god of fire, who like the Babylonian god Girru-Nusku acted as a messenger between men and the gods. The fire (Agni) upon the altar was regarded as a messenger, their invoker.

"...For thou, O sage, goest wisely between these two creations like a friendly messenger between two hamlets."

According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, the section on "mysticism":

"The Vedas (Hindu sacred writings) are hymns to the mystic fire and the inner sense of sacrifice, burning forever on the 'altar Mind'. Hence the abundance of solar and fire images: birds of fire, the fire of the sun, and the isles of fire. The symbol system of the world's religions and mysticisms are profound illuminations of the human-divine mystery. Be it the cave of the heart or the lotus of the heart, 'the dwelling place of that which is the Essence of the Universe, "the third eye", or the eye of wisdom' - the symbols all refer back to wisdom entering the aspiring soul on its way to progressive self-understanding. 'I saw the Lord with the Eye of the Heart. I said, "Who art thou?" and he answered, "Thou"'."

The ancient Indian mystics said, "...that in the ecstasy of bhang (marijuana) the spark of the Eternal in man turns into light the murkiness of matter or illusion and the self is lost in the central soul fire. Raising man out of himself and above mean individual worries, bhang makes him one with the divine force of nature and the mystery 'I am he' grew plain. (Taken from the Indian Hemp Drugs Commission Report which was written at the turn of the twentieth century.)

The concept of spiritual or inner light was found throughout the ancient world. As we shall see that spiritual light was directly related to the burning of incense. According to Lucie Lamy in "Egyptian Mysteries", page 24: "The Pharaonic word for light is akh. This word, often translated as 'transfigured', designated transcendental light as well as all aspects of physical light; and in the funerary text it denotes the state of ultimate sublimation.

"The word akh, first of all, is written with a glyph showing a crested ibis, ibis comata. This bird - the name of which was also akh -- lived in the southern part of the Arabian side of the Red Sea (near Al Qunfidhah) and migrated to Abyssinia (Ethiopia) during the winter. Both these places are near the regions from which sacred incense came, and were called the "Divine Land". The bird's crest, together with its dark green plumage shot with glittering metallic specks justifies the meanings 'to shine', 'to be resplendent', 'to irradiate'; of the root akh in the hieroglyphic writing. "Akh indeed expresses all notions of light, both literally and figuratively, from the Light which comes forth from Darkness to the transcendental light of transfiguration. It is also used to designate the 'third eye', the ureaeus, related in old tradition to the pineal body and to the spirit."

In the next chapter we will see that the sacred cloud of incense was instrumental in the transfiguration of Christ. Note that Ethiopia was referred to as the "Divine Land" and that it was the source for the sacred incense. The ancients also referred to Ethiopia as the "Land of God".

The ancient Egyptians believed that they had received their divinities from Ethiopia and have always held to the ancient and honored tradition of their southern origin. Ethiopia is so important in ancient history that it is mentioned as being in the Garden of Eden (Genesis 2:12).

The ancient Greek historian Diodorus Siculus wrote: "The Ethiopians conceived themselves to be of greater antiquity than any other nation; and it is probable that, born under the sun's path, its warmth may have ripened them earlier than other men. They supposed themselves to be the inventors of worship, of festivals, of solemn assemblies, of sacrifice, and every religious practice."

According to Jack Herer in The Emperor Wears No Clothes or Everything You Wanted to Know About Marijuana But Were Not Taught in School, "The Essenes, a kabalistic priest/prophet/healer sect of Judaism dating back to the era of the Dead Sea Scrolls, used hemp, as did the Theraputea of Egypt, from where we get the term 'therapeutic'."

The Theraputea of Egypt were Jewish ascetics that dwelt near Alexandria and described by Philo (1st century B.C.) as devoted to contemplation and meditation. Alexandria is where St. Mark is traditionally held to have established the Coptic Church in 45 A.D.

The Coptic Church has been neglected by Western scholars despite its historical significance. This has been due to the various biases and interest of the Catholic Church which claimed Christianity for its own. The result is that for the Coptic Church there is very little history. It is however assumed that the Coptic religious services have their roots in the earliest layers of Christian ritual in Jerusalem and it is known that the Coptic church is of ancient origin going back to the time of the first Christian communities and even before.

Tradition states that "Coptic" was derived from "Kuftaim", son of Mizraim, a grandchild of Noah who first settled in the Nile valley, i the neighborhood of Thebes, the ancient capital of Egypt.

At one time Thebes was the greatest city in the world and history records that by 2200 B.C. the whole of Egypt was united under a Theban prince. The splendor of Thebes was known to Homer, who called it "the city with a hundred gates". (Richard Schultes states that in ancient Thebes marijuana was made into a drink.)

According to E.A. Wallis Budge in The Divine Origin of the Herbalist, page 79, "The Copts, that is to say the Egyptians who accepted the teachings of St. Mark in the first century of our era, and embraced Christianity, seem to have eschewed medical science as taught by the physicians of the famous School of Medicine of Alexandria, and to have been content with the methods of healing employed by their ancestors."

The Essenes were an ascetic sect closely related to the Theraputea that had established a monastic order in the desert outside of Palestine and were known as spiritual healers. It has been suggested that both John the Baptist and Jesus may have been of the Essene sect as they were both heavily dependent on Essene teachings. The scripture makes no mention of the life of Jesus from the age of 13 to 30. Certain theologians speculate that Jesus was being initiated by the Essenes, the last fraternity to keep alive the ancient traditions of the prophets.

Every prophet, however great, must be initiated. His higher self must be awakened and made conscious so that his mission can be fulfilled. Amongst the Essenes' ritual lustrations preceded most liturgical rites, the most important one of which was participation in a sacred meal -- an anticipation of the Messianic banquet.

Throughout the ancient world sacrifice was a sacramental communal meal involving the idea of the god as a participant in the meal or as identical with the food consumed. The communion sacrifice was one in which the deity indwells the oblation so that the worshippers actually consume the divine. The original motive of sacrifice was an effort toward communion among the members of a group, on one hand, and between them and their god, on the other.

At its best, sacrifice was a "sacrament" and in one form or another life itself.

The central focus of the early Christian church was the Eucharist or the "body and blood" of the Lord. This was interpreted as a fellowship meal with the resurrected Christ. In meeting the Resurrected One in the Eucharist meal the Christian community had the expectation of the Kingdom of God and salvation. Christ communicated life to his disciples through the Eucharist or Christian sacrament. Christ said in describing the sacrament, "Take, eat, this is my body, this is my blood. Do this as often as you will in remembrance of me." (I Corinthians 11:24- 25)

Baptism is defined as the Christian sacrament used in purification and the spiritual rebirth of the individual. I Corinthians 10:1 makes it clear that the smoking cloud of incense was directly related to baptism. I Corinthians 10:1 "Moreover, brethren, I would not that ye should be ignorant, how that our fathers were under the cloud, and all passed through the sea; 2 And were all baptized unto Moses in the Cloud and in the sea; 3 And did all eat the same spiritual meat: for they drank of that Spiritual Rock that followed them: and that Rock was Christ.

In the Biblical story of Creation, God said, "Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed and to you it will be for meat." (Genesis 1:29) Marijuana is technically an herb and was considered a spiritual meat in the ancient world.

From this passage in Corinthians we see that the spiritual cloud resulting from the burning of incense was instrumental in the baptism of the Israelites. This baptism is also compared to the "eating and drinking" of the spirit of Christ. Spirit is defined as the active essence of the Deity serving as an invisible and life-giving or inspiring power in motion.

Scripture makes it abundantly clear that the sacrificial cloud or smoke contained the Spirit of God (Christ) and was instrumental in inspiring, sanctifying, and purifying the patriarchs.

In Numbers 11:25 the cloud results in the Spirit resting upon Moses and the seventy elders. This passage indicates that they prophesied ecstatically. "Prophesy" is defined as follows: to utter or announce by or as if by divine inspiration; to speak for God or a deity; to give instruction in religious matters.

Throughout the Holy Bible prophets of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Spirit. The smoking burning cloud of incense contained the spirit and was instrumental in bringing about the spiritual revelations of the prophets. In the ancient world marijuana was used to reveal the future. The virtues of marijuana include speech-giving and inspiration of mental powers. "Psychoactive" is defined as effecting the mind or behavior. When we of the Ethiopian Zion Coptic Church think of mind or behavior we think of that inward essence or element that makes up the individual. This is the person's spirit. We are all spiritual beings. It is just as important to keep the spiritual part of a person healthy as it is to keep the physical body healthy and in fact they are related. Hence marijuana and its relationship to spiritual food.

In the Apocrypha (Book of Jubilees), Chapter 10, God tells an angel to teach Noah the medicines which heal and protect from evil spirits. Surely God taught Noah about marijuana. In the ancient world marijuana played an important role in purification and protecting from evil influences.

Note the following concerning the transfiguration of Christ: St. Matthew 17:1 "And after six days Jesus taketh Peter, James, and John his brother, and bringeth them up into a high mountain apart. 2 And he was transfigured before them: and his face did shine as the sun, and his raiment was white as light. 3 And, behold, there appeared unto them Moses and Elias talking with him. 4 Then answered Peter, and said unto Jesus, Lord, it is good for us to be here: if thou wilt, let us make here three tabernacles; one for thee, one for Moses, and one for Elias. 5 When yet he spake, behold a bright cloud overshadowed them; and behold a voice out of the cloud, which said, This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased; hear ye him."

The Bible Dictionary by John McKenzie, page 898, says concerning the transfiguration that the cloud and the formula of the utterance of the Father are derived from the baptism of Jesus.

He says that the change described in the appearance of Jesus suggests the change which is implied in the resurrection narratives.


...and as regards Syrian Rue and organic MAOI: Benny Shannon, Hebrew University, found a HUGE field of Syrian Rue outside the monastery at Qumran. Here is a MAPS conference link you might enjoy also:

[broken link to]

...And as I thought this was all already well understood, AND as I AM a Church Teaching Physician - I just took it on the chin and said "Oh well, I don't think the guy means any harm."

But, I myself, in my position am not allowed to be false or a hypocrite about such things. "Be careful. Strive to be Happy." ~ Desiderata

SO take heart! You are blessed by the One who knows and who doesn't care what any man has to say after He has spoken! rockon.gif

...and to my boss (and I don't mean bro. Troy...but him Too!) rockon.gif

...and now without further ado - we can move on back to practical myco nutrition..

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Posted 06 November 2009 - 06:44 PM

Hey Thread Followers! Check this out:
(BTW - I e-mailed my article on such as this to TEO many days ago now. You can guess what I said, can guess what I said..After it comes out in the Journal I'll paste it up here as usual - but gotta give TEO first rights..)

This is an official

CDC Health Advisory

Distributed via Health Alert Network

January 14, 2006, 15:25 EST (03:25 PM EST)


CDC Recommends against the Use of Amantadine and Rimandatine for the Treatment or Prophylaxis of Influenza in the United States during the 2005?06 Influenza Season

Recent evidence indicates that a high proportion of currently circulating Influenza A viruses in this country are resistant to these medications
(*Note to those who don't already know - this was half of their arsenal!)

While the primary strategy for preventing complications of influenza infections is annual vaccination, antiviral medications with activity against influenza viruses can be effective for the prophylaxis and treatment of influenza. Two classes of antivirals are currently available?the M2 ion channel inhibitors (i.e., the two adamantanes amantadine and rimantadine) and the neuraminidase inhibitors (i.e., oseltamivir and zanamivir). The neuraminidase inhibitors are effective for the treatment and prophylaxis of influenza A and B, while the adamantanes are only active against influenza A viruses. This alert provides new information about the resistance of influenza viruses currently circulating in the United States to the adamantanes, and it makes an interim recommendation that these drugs not be used during the 2005?06 influenza season. Amantadine is also used to treat the symptoms of Parkinson?s disease, and should continue to be used for this indication.

ROF,LOL Viral resistance to adamantanes can emerge rapidly during treatment because a single point mutation at amino acid positions 26, 27, 30, 31, or 34 of the M2 protein can confer cross-resistance to both amantadine and rimantadine. The transmissibility of adamantane-resistant viruses is not impaired by any of these amino acid changes. A recent report on the global prevalence of adamantane-resistant influenza viruses showed a significant increase (from 1.9% to 12.3%) in drug resistance over the past 3 years.
Posted Image In the United States, the frequency of drug resistance increased from 1.9% in 2004 to 14.5% during the first 6 months of the 2004?05 influenza season.

For the 2005?06 season, 120 influenza A (H3N2) viruses isolated from patients in 23 states have been tested at CDC through January 12, 2006; 109 of the isolates (91%) contain an amino acid change at position 31 of the M2 protein, which confers resistance to amantadine and rimantadine. Three influenza A(H1N1) viruses have been tested and demonstrated susceptibility to these drugs. All influenza viruses from the United States that have been screened for antiviral resistance at CDC have demonstrated susceptibility to the neuraminidase inhibitors. (bear in mind...maybe only for a short while...)

On the basis of available antiviral testing results, CDC is providing an interim recommendation that neither amantadine nor rimandatine be used for the treatment or prophylaxis of influenza A in the United States for the remainder of the 2005?06 influenza season.
During this period, oseltamivir or zanamivir should be selected if an antiviral medication is used for the treatment and prophylaxis of influenza. Posted Image Testing of influenza isolates for resistance to antivirals will continue throughout the 2005?06 influenza season, and recommendations will be updated as needed. Annual influenza vaccination remains the primary means of preventing morbidity and mortality associated with influenza.>>
Posted Image

Just thought you might find this interesting and a "distant early warning" for those with an ear to hear...

Now, I know YOU children know just what to do Posted Image

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Had a fireman out cutting sassafrass today and he was hacking around and telling me he had "killed himself 4 years ago and just waiting for it to catch up" and I asked - He told me that he had arrived at a blazer and there was a kid inside. He did not wait to put on his respiratory equipment but went in and got the kid. Asbestos present. I put him on reishi/cordyceps and told him "We'll see". I'll put him on a more complete protocol as we proceed, but I wanted him to be able to appreciate just how much those two can do for the resp. system and get him adjusted to a new food. He told me he pays about $500.00 a month in prescriptions....deplorable! I told him he may not be needing them much longer Posted Image
I would also like to see him on a psilocybe protocol because there has been a lot of talk (at least around me...) lately on the dislodging and expulsion of particulates in the lung tissue and what food based protocols would do that.
I'm not saying 'psybes would, but I have always said that they drastically improve responce from other food proto's by simply performing the functions that they do.

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Posted 06 November 2009 - 06:46 PM

This Article Appeared in the February '06 Issue of "TEONANACATl" The International Journal of Psychoactive Mushrooms"

Tassili Tickler:
About Half the Deal with Neurotropic Medicine and Psychiatry in a Nutshell
(or, ?Let not Pharmaceuticals cudgel up what God gave in wonder?)

I like things simple. I can make them complex, and when I am teaching I really, really do. I mean really. If I were me, I would tape my lectures so I could spend the actual required amount of time on them bit by bit and over and over because once you get me started it's truly horrible. Natural defense mechanisms kick in and cause one to either become unshakably drowsy or dreadfully suffering the urge to just grab one's poor head and flee screaming. Bring a lunch. Bring a Vicodan!
But when it comes to things that need or essentially have no complexity, I don't seek to make them seem so for the sake of grant or image. I am not involved in or profiting from this newborn industry of investigation surrounding neurotropic medicine. It is just a slice of the pie. A "piece of the puzzle" as Dr. Webb would say. Nothing to obsess on. But that is the way it seems in the research industry, and decades worth of money can be kept flowing in the intentionally meandering (and seemingly never ending) search for - whatever?
P.T. Barnum would have been proud! I bet he would have ditched the Circus business for the almost unbelievably lucrative "Circus" of U.S. Medical Research in a flash! But who can wait that long, especially if they are already miserable? Wherefore this treatise will be as brief and simply put as possible - and though not complex, does have a number of features so let's dig in:

Neurotropic Medicine in Psychiatry
Think about how many years and how many papers we have had to endure regarding the psychiatric application of neurotropic species. Wow - I mean there's a pile of 'em that frightens me! A guy brought home something that affected the perception and so it was the perception that became the battle cry for "we gotta have it!". The CIA wanted mind control drugs and justified their activities that way. Another group knit up wanting freedom and so justified their positions that way. It was the "cold war" days, and paranoid bullocks was in style and high demand The point is everyone became an ?operative? and we all agreed to lie heinously to each other to get whatever it was we really wanted. After the example we were given. (Well, I was too young then! I lied to keep out of trouble with my folks in those days...nonetheless...) That's why a huge chunk of this research seems like an elusive spook chase that never really got anywhere, said or accomplished anything - though a lot of it is very direct and some of it actually did. But even today all of it lacks the single thing that would actually put most of it together: Stop studying groups and start studying, and from thence generally classifying - individuals and individual conditions and needs. I?m not trying to ruin the theatrical and great $moke-and-mirror$ research efforts. I'm just trying to make sense for those who find all that exhausting. I guess that's easy enough for me to say in my position; I don't deal with "10,000 Generic Subjects" at a time trying to "justify a hypothesis" to continue my funding. I deal with people one at a time, and like snowflakes - there is no one thing one way for everyone. Anybody who says so is not a caregiver (or probably shouldn't be) "No two Code Blue's are alike" This is what I mean to say. I also really am dubious of efforts to label foods as ?drugs? certainly ones that have been around for thousands of years as ?new drugs? conveniently opening the door to pharmacolization and privatization of the real property and free rights of all the living, while conveniently closing the door on them. I been in long enough to smell a rat ? especially such a second rate and pitiful one.

Serotonin and Serotonin Related Disorders
For the sake of this article, take all the serotonin related disorders (both real and imagined...industry fostered..) and lump them into this category "Sufferin' B*stard's Deficiency" because why one suffers these things is wholly secondary to the simple fact that one does, and 10 kajillion drugs all designed to perform what should be one simple thing keep a lot of $crewballs busy and make plenty of sales - but again lack something simple. They are not food and many of them are not what we are made of. Not too many of them are too great either really, but folks feel so much better even at the relief they get that - well, my advice is don't try to get between someone and their MAOI or SSRI! (Believe me, I try to all the time! It's a nimble affair at best!)
People's hearts are broken at the misery and pain suffered by some diseases like cancer and leukemia, but who realizes/sympathizes with the misery and suffering (and secondary illness) of a common (very common nowadays especially) and often lifelong condition we can call in "politer" terms "Hungry Brain Gripe". Because that's what misery in many people boils down to: something missing from the belly or brain, or both, that wholly affects and colors the rest of the person and their entire existence. " 'Cause they hungee for sumpin' and only part of 'em know it." is what brer possum might say?.

Psilocybes and Serotonin
Everybody knows psilocybes affect serotonin. Every body knows a well fed and cared for brain equals ?lovely citizen of the wonderful universe? and a neglected and starve-ed brain equals ? furtive violent criminal or weeping suicide? Hey! We can leave this then, and move right on to:

Harmaline and Serotonin
OK - have we kept on so far? Now to the "Golden Bowl". (That's what I call your head; when its functions are all well fed, clean and glisteny...) Your lovely brain that like every other organ of the body (but not like them at all) exchanges gases and nutritive, alterative (not in the way you are thinking..) cleansing and a whole host of other (indeed - the "Host of Heaven"? Where is Matt Wyman?) items too long to detail through blood exchange and a kind of chemico/nutritive cycling in the way it takes care of and renews itself (yes I said "renews" itself). So what if your Golden Bowl is really a dingy aluminum salad collander that leaks too much and doesn't suck back enough or often enough? "Hungry Brain Gripe". Psilocybin does not linger too long in the brain really - so even at low doses one would still need more than one dose per day to appreciate benefits. Also, one cannot consume larger amounts of psilocybe continually without bringing on ?crisis? symptoms either. But, thanks to the ?True Architect? - Enter yet another wonder from the Creator's closet - organic source harmaline, one of nature's own MAOI's. Yessum, there is the secret for you in plain print because the lovely "Syrian Rue" (humble bush from the Judean desert) in low doses will help to prolong the retention and benefits of the psilocybe, as well as bringing it's own benefits to the table. In fact, organic MAOI in the form of Syrian Rue is a "stand alone" treatment for depression of these types but it, like the psilocybe is more complete and effective when used in combination. It offers more relief and treatment carrying one farther through one's busy day. Equally, one can take less of both if one has a little dab of each together. This is not genius, unless common sense and clarity are thought so. (maybe in today?s world?)

Food and Drug Concerns
At the end of this article please find a list of foods and drugs that one should use caution with when using MAOI?s (organic or not) and Serotonin affecting Foods/Chemical drugs.
While no one worries too much about what they ate the day before tripping, there is a potential dietary concern when considering low dose combination and continuing therapy with psilocybin/harmaline. Remember snowflakes, everyone is different and so not all these things will matter much to all though they may matter much to one or another. They are given so that you will be informed, and so that you can ask informed questions in your personal choices.

It's Not ALL About Serotonin Virginia...
Stephen Peele once sent me a slightly alarmed note "Dr. Karl! Mushrooms are a buffet of chemicals!..." and so gentle reader, is thy precious brain. The way serotonin is hyped and marketed today though, you would think it was the only and most important thing in the head, and it most certainly is not. In fact, we are back again to the simple concept of a well rounded and more complete diet which provides even the things we only need ?traces? of to function closer to our own ?golden mean? of the philosopher.

"Slim Dawg" and the Doctors from Mars....
Poor Slim didn't make it in time for this article, and in the end may not make it at all. Life is work and we all make choices. Very often we, myself included, don?t feel we have the time, money or ?hutzpah? left in us to choose every perfect way all the time. I would have liked to tell you that he is not at all the person that he was when I met him, that he can't believe how different it is now, or that in the end it could be so simple and pleasant. I would have liked to tell another one of those "...and the look on their face.." stories that I (we all) love, but I'll have to mail it in on down the line. Here's a tickler for us anyway though: Sometimes, Dr. Karl "overdo" you a little on purpose the first round just to be sure (posology) and for that ever precious soul-saving "look on their face". Many caregivers do this same thing to get immediate control of pain or other type symptoms because ? hey, they would for themselves and it often does take a ?loading dose? to battle a morbid process. But I got all good hopes for Slim and God with us both maybe some day soon he can drop a line and tell you for himself. I get so sick of seeing people suffer in a malaise that they too often blame on themselves, or accept as "regular reality". (The ?Eee-or syndrome? Bullocks!)
But I would like to use Slim's case as a classic example of the type of possible syndromes I am but briefly discussing here:
1)Depression, diagnosed (by somebody else..) as secondary to serotonin insufficiency.
2)Degenerative Disk Disease, treated solely with narcotics, muscle relaxers and surgery.
Here we have a good example of both a ?psychy? type problem coupled with a physical one and whether it?s popular now to say so or not ? they are directly related and connected. Also, the treatment lacks in prevention and cure if you ask me. Why are we waiting for a bacteria to finish destroying and then ?cutting out the bad parts?? (I would say ?Half-witted Stone Age Butchery!? ? but cave people had better!) What I would like to see for Slim is the very combination therapy I have talked about here because we are ?getting two stones with one bird?. We are attacking the bacterio basis of DDD and supporting the Sero-deficiency with the very same protocol: Psilocybe mushrooms (as well as a number of other foods I would like to see him have in a more fulfilled diet) Because you will continue to lose disk material until those bacteria are knocked back, and they are admittedly pernicious ? and you will continue to have misery as long as you have to suffer sero-insufficiency as well as ?Narcotic dysphoria?. But for now I have simply said ?Well, if you eat 4 of those capsules I gave you with your pain pills they will certainly work better?. They will also help knock back the bacteria, but not every patient wants to hear a two hour explanatory lecture on food based bacterio suppression. God willing he and I both may have the time and resources one day to really work together towards a better life for him and his family. He has a son that I think is just as cute as a bug, and ?one on the way?. He doesn?t have time to be a lucrative medical victim anymore, he?s somebody?s husband and dad. That matters. That can be very healing.

Whole Food Organic Treatment, and why we don?t hear so much about those jazzy colored brain scans anymore?
Things change and we know that we can change them. The true jewel of this therapy and the true hope of the caregiver and patient in many disorders is that one day daily treatment won?t be needed anymore. The miracle that, just as the brain ?learned? or became ?habituated? to a less beneficial action/state it can also seemingly ?re-boot? it?s systems (albeit passively and gradually of course ? and sometimes rather dramatically) and just like the heart, re-find it?s more proper or beneficial cycle and rhythm. When this is possible & occurs only occasional supportive treatments may be needed. The brain is like every other organ of the body, but it is not. We began to learn this better after someone jumped up and said ?Look at this pretty color brain scan by which we can now identify and diagnose you!? But that?s not exactly what ended up altogether happening ? because those things can change and often do. If we can change your brain scan with diet or even mere words, that is at once ?nix? for definitive (and potentially dangerous) diagnoses/labeling and explosive confirmation for actual clinical psychotherapy (not what gets passed off for public mental health these days ? I mean the real thing) because things can change for the better, even if it wasn?t exactly what was sought or less than financially viable in practice once we began to learn more. This is your brain on food! So forget that stupid commercial, turn off the skillet and eat the eggs before they burn. You?ll be much better off.

Above all: Altashet
(This means "do not destroy" or rather "Do not in your zeal (& ignorance?) attack another innocent with your spirit of destruction")
Patient care is rarely if ever "en masse". Even in an "epidemic" there is no "one dose of one cure". Not in reality. Only dim bulbed second raters read and follow "standardized protocol" without individual regard, adjustment and implementation. Medicine unfortunately is full of these unfit dolts, and honestly one informed might say "Jeez! I think I'll try looking after myself for awhile Doc, thanks!" unless one just wants "doctoral attention? and "care" (oh pity the voluntary victims, for they get not what they came for - but get it just the same...) The basis of ?counseling? is supposed to be helping to us to give up our latent infantility ? not cater to and capitalize on it. The field of contemporary Psychiatry in public medicine is perhaps one of the primary examples of loads of chemical drugs in which the ?Precise mechanism of action is unknown..? as well as one in which the word ?Theory? is all too often passed off as ?Reality? to the patient. A good example from juvenile psychiatry? The one who pays the bill is ?sane & correct? the one being paid for is the one ?who is sick and must change? ? even if that means chemically being poisoned with methamphetamines until one gets old enough to run away. Get old enough snowflake, run away!

Best Wishes Always!
Ever yours in the "Natural State" ~
Dr. Karl D. Buchanan
?Still Karl after alllll these years??

PS ? Note to colleagues; What if there really is a God, and we really do have to explain to him what we did to those who turned to us, and why, one day? There will be an exam?

PPS ? Right now, 7 Billion people have the ipso facto God given indigenous right to psilocybes, very soon, if but a handful of people are successful only one or two companies and their attending registered dealers will have a copyright, rubber stamp and ca$h drawer open. That is insane. That is fraud. It?s a bit like me saying ?I found out Oak Trees are good for you to eat, so now I own all the Oak Trees, and you must have my permission and pay me to eat of them.?
It?s criminal theft under the guise of purely theoretical flashy sounding wizardry. The only hope I think we have (all of us) is that our current president, whatever his views on ?It does not mater what you take, but your behavior does absolutely or else.? (or whatever they may be) I myself believe (Hope. Pray?) that he is just too stubborn to accept this ridiculous attempt to defraud and rob the people of our Nation and the World. When a very stubborn person (and God bless him ? he is!) realizes that they have been being bamboozled by a bunch of second rate ?Actors? (the Greek ? ?Hypocrites?) Hon ? that hard head just immediately goes to solid bone! I know. I share the characteristic.. and, psilocybes do not care what disorder you may have, they let anyone eat them anyway?so what gives? kb

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Posted 06 November 2009 - 06:49 PM

This Article Also Appeared in the February '06 Issue of "TEONANACATl" The International Journal of Psychoactive Mushrooms"

Tassili Tragedy:
The Dodo, The Passenger Pigeon and the Lemming

"Twen-ty-five years of my life and still - I'm trying to get up that great-big-hill of hope;
For a des-ti-nayy-shun..." What's Up? - Four Non-Blondes

I am nearing the anniversary of my 25th year in the care of souls and "The knowledge of blood & dust" (Medicine, the carbon based organic life form...) I have seen us as luminous beings into this world and out of this world and through everything in between, and were it not for God himself (it must else?) I would've long ago been utterly crushed to pulp under the weight and sheer force of the staggering beauty and hapless tragedy that life on the ?real? is. I've been through burn out, beheld it's awful and liberating pangs in others, and looked upon the most tragic aspect; when the burned out continue to practice. But this article is about large scale severe disease management not burn-out, and though there is a plausible methodology herein, there is no happy ending for my own unfortunate tale.

Since 1998 the American Congregation of Essenic Scholars has been actively talking very earnestly to everyone about simple sustainability and eminent decline. Since we started, the country has gone to war of it?s own making and 3.5 million people have died of medication errors ? that we know of, which doesn?t count the victims of bad reactions, gruesome exploitation and shoddy medicine in general ? you will have to contemplate that one for self. Since we started earthquakes have destroyed thousands, a tsunami has brought infections that no one has ever seen up from (or in from) the vast depths of the sea and an American city (& culture) has been utterly destroyed most likely forever. Original founders have passed on into the mystic or onto independent paths of their own, and I have passed from basic secretary to Abbot (briefly ? my first time!) to my current designation of service as a health officer. Well, granted, senior health officer and like every other task put before me I have tried to live up to the expectation of the ?Entirely Bomb Proof American Clergy? (Oh Heavenly Father!) Even before 1998 though, I had been begging, longing to get back to the country as I had been stuck in urban environments for three years and while I love to visit the cities of men, I find that it is forest life that better suits me in the long term. Alas, I is a possum. (not ?Opossum?, if you say that in Arkansas people will think you are meshuga..) The God who sustains me did send me back, though to a new hunk of the Arkansas woods I had not been in before, to the country and wilds I love for what I thought would be a pleasant retirement into blessed unbothered non-sober obscurity (boy, now that one sure didn?t work out!) and I discovered many wonderful things on our new mountain top, and spent not less than 4 years just watching and cataloguing it season to season. I began a list of what I viewed as ?crucial species? and attempted to interest local ?ta-do?s? in a top shelf living museum and open access study center but?and that?s all I have to say about that. (I even billed it as a ?one of a kind from the ground up knock their socks off around the world from the dirt farmer to the post-doctoral level model program ? but no man is a prophet in his own town. It seems...)

But I never expected to lose this population. Actually, with only a couple of thousand I?m sure we all thought we could easily handle our percentage because we barely even discussed it. It was taken for granted because?well just because! When ever in history was it ever any different except for that one bloody mess in 70 AD? Pretty much everybody got slaughtered then. At least those brothers sang their way out. But that?s our tragedy because we have lost this population. It happened several months ago now. Not a sound, no alarm ? just a final acceptance in my head that I had a horrible ?finato? to report and that Yellville was now, in my professional opinion, well past the point of no return for successful agri-based famine and plague resistance after the original model we had conceived. What was a simple contingency plan that might have spared a couple of hundred at least has gone way out of the window of opportunity now and despite everyone?s best efforts I fear that many people of my community will soon go the way of the Dodo. Except, the dodo didn?t go to hell and Yellville surely will, because the dodo couldn?t adapt fast enough, but the Passenger Pigeon was hunted to extinction. Indeed, a real life Rob Zombie (local celebrity of sorts?) ?Town of a thousand corpses? ? wonder if he?ll make a movie out of that? Too bad he didn?t want to make a viable people. That would?ve been more helpful. My first time for a sinking ship and having to say so. How would you like to be that guy? (Hey ? let?s stop for a minute. Just stop and think.)

You have to understand about Yellville. We try to tell everyone we want to be ?Mayberry RFD? but that?s just a smoke screen for something else not very ?Mayberry? at all, and we all know it. Our Sheriff ain?t no ?Andy Griffith? and don?t much care if you don?t think so! We put ?anti-guvvamint!? in our literature, but mostly live by all those free government checks and food stamps, off the backs of the spics and niggers we say we hate so much. (Hey! That?s what we say about Jews! Does that make us ?self-hating Jews? to boot? Figures?) The local food pantry sign says ??and My God shall feed you...? But God?s things are violently cast away, and the food we are giving away is actually the property of one ?Uncle Sam? (Who we hate, and ?hoo ain?t tellin? us nuthin!?) It would be deplorably sad anywhere else, but it?s Marion County and that?s our condition. The place where ?Jesus? was crucified so ?Jay-zuss? could rule. My grandma used to say (about such as we are) ?Not really country people, just some things nested out in the country that country people have to be ashamed of and put up with? (and pay for and clean up the damage and etc.) and it?s not everyone, but the rest of us abide it and so deserve what we get I guess. I guess?

I?m generally thought by my country ethical, loyal and somewhat intelligent ? so how did I end up here? Isn?t it ironic, don?t ya think? (What is God thunking?)

"So I cry sometimes when I'm lying in bed, just to get it all out - what's in my head - and I, I am feeling - a little peculiar..."

But it's not just poor and seemingly doomed Yellville, it's most of us really because the truth is that the current bio-resistance situation seems to be ?not enough of anything to go around? - nor does everything (of what is available) apply readily to every individual.
For those ?fortunate? enough to have gotten some sort of ?shot? that might actually work and be actually what it was billed as, even these other medications nonetheless - Adamantine, Rimantadine, Neuraminidase inhibitors and the other commercial so-called anti-virals (pffft! How do you type that ?pfft? sound? Anyway..) only improved recovery by 1 day compared to patients who were simply given a placebo, and they are a bit rough on your body to boot. What a joke! Does anybody actually think about this stuff? I say for the thousandth time ?They are not food; they are not what you are made of; They are the half-assed for-sale industrial products of half-wits.? Nobody listens to me. Doesn?t matter much anymore I ?spect.

So ok, about the probable ?pandemic? - my job on the preserve here (or any of our places) is really pretty simple; deal with whatever is bad sick, or weird and pissed off. Attending this pretty simple if at times laborious position (every doctor?s job dear?) is added the regular expectation of any administrative physician, among which is a solid disaster contingency plan. That?s normal, and we had a normal plan. Normal for us I mean, because Christians (covenant Essenes) don?t do anything like secular people, which is why they are still around while so many other societies and cultures have gone the way of the aforementioned and less fortunate creatures of God.

"I realized quickly when I knew I should that the world was made up of this Brotherhood of man - for whatever that means?"

But when I realized that even we (even the very Sons of Mercy!) would be truly hard pressed to make a good stand in the too near future, I thought ?Jeez! Well they?ve got a snowball?s chance then don?t they? What if (when) it happens? What a nasty mess they?ll be.? and considering that we potentially faced a multi-type multi-strain outbreak from hell (no kidding ? there?s a lot more already on the horizon than bird flu ? stupid flu is easy!) and not only that, but stinking biological warfare on top, which the President said could happen anytime and - we told. No, wait a minute "We" didn't tell. I told. I opened my big stupid gob (blame Stephen Peele! He started it!) and faithfully handed my fellow countrymen bio-resistance in a matchbox, right out of the very treasure house of God. In my mind I thought ?Well, I suppose that?s why He left it all here, so?s we?ud have it when the time come.? (I must actually be a simple creature! Good Gawd! No wonder I have to live in a private zoo for choirboys with the other beasts of the field!) I also started on about Neurotropic medicine, and the things of thousands of years for a people that didn't seem to have even a dozen left. I knew that. We all pretty much knew that, but it wasn't us we felt needed to be warned that upon this people we were afraid the ?end of the ages? may have come.? I couldn't help it really, I am only a man after all and besides, have you ever heard of the punishment of God on those who suppress the truth? The Romans call it the "Pena reticentia Dei" and you honestly don't want anything to do with it!

Then, like a levee break the "Tassili Medicine Group" of doctors and researchers jumped in also, and we began chirping to each other and others like baby birds who just found out there was someone else in the nest. I read letters and notes ? I never got so many in my life. People asked me to help and people told me how to. People said things to me that I?ll remember while I?m dying (if I do) and people said things to me that made me think (again) that living might have been worthwhile after all. I had to recapitulate. To be more sure I had to ?re-think? everything I thought I knew about academic medicine and severe disease management and thought ?OK. Just checking. Good to know.? I had learned, but I also realized that even our teaching wasn?t as complete as it could be. Is now.

The point of this article is everyone can know, and if everyone in Yellville knew, you can know for your own good too. Here is a Tassili tid-bit to make you giggle: I heard the local TV news (Springfield ? figures) say "There is no cure for arboviral encephalitis" (the famed but puny ?West Nile? virus, of which we have three types here?) and I kicked the shoe of the good brother by me and gave him eyes to say "Can you believe they actually have the guts to say stuff like that to people?" but I try not to make too big a deal of these things anymore, especially in front of hapless people who have been slated for death by their own leaders and power players. It doesn't seem fair or really helpful anymore considering. When the city knows, the local grant foundation, the rich, the supposedly "cool" rich, the police, the colleges, the hillbillies, even the gnarly bikers! - there just isn't much we can do now but go ahead and back up out of the way ourselves so at least we aren't suffering the insult of actually being physically shoved under the rug. (That?s all we?ve ever been able to do when the non-believers hit the skids. We shut up and back up. 25,000 years?.)

That's one of our better techniques here in the U.S. though; we get you to hate your friend without cause, and follow your enemy to your own destruction. So it's your own fault, (what happened to you) and there's still all that gleanable profit with you out of play. It?s just business I guess. Realistically, it's hard to blame the government because in the end; all they ever really want is simple information and basic stability. They just too often pick real morons and rotters to listen to. They really (if you ever have actually met them) don't have a lot of time for all that television drama and other "politicky" stuff they are always attributed with. They?re as dumb as anybody else and just trying to keep treading water. Blame this "$" and greed of it alone. It is greed and fraud that destroy our people for lack of knowledge. That is the work of rotten men. The government cannot own greed and fraud; it is the government. It doesn?t really even have that feature. Only men do.
(Before we have to run a code blue on Stephen Peele - Yes! There have been too many instances where, to say the very least, people and situations could have been handled much MUCH better, but this is generally with petty officials, and when petty officials start petty officialing with each other there isn't much hope for anyone. Stephen Peele and FMRC are a classic example of what I am trying to say and there is no excuse, no right one, for the way they were dealt. Those people are gone now though and that said...)

"...and I try, Oh my God do I try! I try all-of-the-time, in this in-sti-too-shun!
And I pray, Oh my God do I pray! I pray every-single-day - for a rev-o-loo-shun!"
Hey managing an apocalypse is no easy feat for those of you hoping to try! You have to know what you can work with, how to apply it and worst of all you have to be able to encourage people to not be their own worst enemy and direct hindrance in their stupid, albeit understandable desperation. It?s a mess really. Look what happened in Florida last year.
Unfortunately you can't just think you can grow enough psilocybes for an entire population (shades of Timothy Leary?) Though the psilocybe-ers are definately in a much safer place (and happy about it too!) there's still a whole load of others to consider and care for, not to mention all the particular details of individual and public health distribution that boggle most doctors and in case you didn't know this, there is a too-large percentage of U.S. doctors who actually are ...well....a box of hammers! (or tragically coward or sordidly greedy or deluded or something like that...the field of sickness is - a very sick least in our country. Just par for the course. Useless to get all boiled.)
A whole bunch of them don?t even really understand the drugs they use ? they just read the label and dispense accordingly. At least to God I hope they don?t really understand and can at least think that if they did, they wouldn?t do it or would do it better!

But the star of this show is still the very broad spectrum, high expectation psilocybe, still and so far, all around and hands down. (Panaeolus too by my best bet from their history, but I won?t ride your butt on that without better info. Of our own or someone we can regard.) You don?t even have to ask that question, the real questions that are being asked and will be tested (soon enough dears) revolve around
1) Posology ? (dosing) amounts, frequency, maintenance vs therapeutic levels and in what situations, patient demographics, concomitants & etc. (lots to do quickly precious..)
2) Species/strain Variations ? Can we rely on the genus as a whole? Which strains for which strains (as it were..) Is one or more outstanding? ? some of this we already know.
3) Form effectiveness ? I always say ?whole food? but then extract makers begin to groan and mycelium eaters begin to shake (hey ? literally!) and then there?s 100 year old Albert cooking it up in his tin cans and that whole school. Can I say with certainty beyond what I say? (I?m just personally gacked of that whole tin can thing ? I know, guys are out there laughing! My babies = whole food U babies = your call and best wishes always!)
4) All out availability ? Can we really call 10,000 teenagers, frat boys and old hippies and say ?Your Country needs you? ? How do we pull all that together quickly and who?

So you see realistically informed use places the priority (actually) on those who can take the easier to produce, more effective and more rapidly available psilocybes. Organized efforts at plague resistance will automatically prioritize those foods (and less desirable options) that are rarer, slower to produce/arrive and/or serving an area of the populace that the God blessed psilocybes will not appropriately or adequately serve. You are talking about a situation where one chance may be all most people get of anything after all, and all hands will be out for something.

Psilocybes are really just a ready made, already in the pocket easy beacon for the majority with 4-6 weeks to produce viable forms for application prior to or in an emergency. Oh, and the creator made them perfectly also, not like "everybody and their rotten-er brother's new vaccine-for-profit factory" now blooming up all over. These people didn't earn this knowledge, they are just following someone else?s recipe. They are like opportunistic little poisonous mushroom swindles hotch-potching up doses (or dragging doses out of the 50 year old waste bin) for the ?feckless cattle? and whether they are worth a damn or not, everyone will still get paid. Whatever the side effects and death rate (2% at the very best...and that with people who are actually worthy manufacturers and handlers) everyone will still get paid. Don't worry. $$$ Everyone who matters will get paid. But what you will get remains to be seen.

What's the point of telling you all this? So you'll go right now and find anyone who in any way has been trying to prepare, to warn, to aid - maybe it's just you all alone? But go to them and say "I heard" and lend yourself to the gentle way and steady labor of quiet hope. Make things for yourself with your hands that will be there for you in the times to come, because time?s a coming. The real ?keys? of this predicted thing are ?sharing? and ?food? ? again, it?s just that simple. Just because it was too hard for our people doesn?t mean that it has to be for yours. Establish private sector cooperative efforts and realize that your community may have enough gardeners already sitting around thinking how delightful it would be to produce even one food that is effective and would be it?s ?piece of the puzzle?. Some people think ?Oh! I?m growing for the little ones! What a blessing on me!? and some people think ?Ok boys, we gotta feed America!? and some people think ?Yes! I?d hoped to live to see this day!? and you need EVERY ONE of them if you are really going to have the kind of percentages that we here (and among our own) take for granted. As given. A done deal. Be monk-like together and you will see. Best Wishes!
Remember ? ?Sharing? and ?Food?, and remember Jesus and me when you are sharing together, because that is some comfort to me now. Thinking how neat you are.

But me myself, I'm out now. The brothers have officially gone into "cloister" (a monk-ish term which essentially means ?We don?t want you anymore little brother? ? the Mau Mau?s..) and are fading rapidly back into the trees and the blessed hills from whence we first came forth. I doubt we will be much missed, and of us anyway "the World was but little pleased" (though the Heavens and the Earth rejoiced!) We ourselves are only going through the regular seasonal motions of preparing for an irregularly intemperate Winter in the good hopes of preparing for a wet and blustery Spring. We always happily follow the simple way of life. There is no other choice for me now because I can't get away, and though I want very dearly to go to an un-dying place where people wear bright colors and smile to see each other laughing I am a prisoner in my poverty. To fall back into it and the comforting embrace of the mountain that knows my name is what I've got. But really, that's a lot! These poor and exploited people can live and die how they choose to, but not on my watch. I am not this strong. I will not be charged with their well-being at a time when no one means them much well at all. Not their leaders, not even themselves.

Best Wishes Anyway,

Dr. Karl D. Buchanan, fifth non-blonde and
Former Senior Health Officer,
Sons of the Eternal Mercies, O.E.
At Monastery of the Rose Chapel

Oh! PS - We opened the East door and I nearly fell out of it and down the stairway. My body had suddenly become Jell-O under me and all I could think about was the lovely (beautiful!) potted sage plants dancing like anemones in the night. (Though I could see them, dear things, as if it were daylight!) I staggered awkwardly down the steps one at a time laughing hysterically while poor Gabriel fretted that I would surely tumble to my death (all of 5 feet...) and reached the carpet covered patio, kneeling down on it still laughing while poor brother immediately returned to perch more safely on the upper steps from things that might go bump (or bite) in the wild forest night. Through my helpless cackling seizure I managed to croak out "but dude, it is they who are afraid of us!" and we both knew I had said more than a mouthful. Eventually he came down to risk the now unfamiliar and motion filled jungle the yard and forest had become for us and asked me, astonished, "What is all that Aztec sh*t in the sky?!?" - Now, one is certainly challenged to form a brief and immediate answer for a sacred question like that! I laughed. We are both ?breed? boys and it?s no surprise to me really at all. They are near, and the time is short....but thank God for them. Thank God for God. Thank God for yourselves.

PPS ? ?There was a man whose name meant ?Man?; and he dwelt with the beasts in the wilderness, and his meat was algae and wild mushrooms; and he came preaching repentance and the kingdom of God?? and I mean, how thick can ya get?!? At least the Lemming knows it?s a lemming. My poor, poor people. Would that we had dwelt among the ?spics, fags and niggers?. They at least know when to duck, and they treat their choirboys a damn sight better! Hopefully, they will their environment too. BWA!-kb

#34 Guest_potatocore_*

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Posted 06 November 2009 - 07:25 PM

What I'm not sure on is what healing is being contributed purely to psilocin/psilocybin.

Neither, specifically, are we entirely - It is obvious that the effects of psilocybin on the body stimulate healing responces, and it is thought that the mechanisms of action are multiple though not complex.

Are we thinking that if you eat 1 gram of more potent mushrooms they will be equally medicinal as 3 grams of less potent mushrooms?

Well - that would be true I would think, though the 1.5 gram dose that knocked out the strep throat (case in first article on thread) was not overly potent strain. Patient sat up in bed, giggled and drew on a sketch pad.
The more fearful question in my mind is - will those amounts be enough in a more pernicious infection? Also - strain differences do apply, and I would have at least cyanescens, cubensis, panaeolus, and gymnopolis on hand in a hopeful contingency. As WhiteRasta has pointed out, other neurotropics like Gymnopolis are somewhat "system specific" in how they benefit the body.

Are what we seeking just psilocin or is it the antibiotics the mushrooms make, which by chance are extremely effective

D - all of the above. Psilocybes are not like "striking a healing note" in the body, they are like playing a powerful chord...multiple actions at multiple levels which coincide in a healing harmony....

Oh - that's poetic! Even if it is descriptive!

#35 Guest_potatocore_*

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Posted 06 November 2009 - 07:39 PM

There would also appear to be the issue of cocaethelyne (see previously mentioned tread). Would it be produced in significant amounts by the action of the spirit on the liver of a coca-leaf spirit preparation? You say not to worry too much, do I detect a certain "holding out"? You see I vodka up about 400 shrooms in 75cl this year (still in storage) how would that mix with coca spirit and can you treat coca-leaf in the same way? How long does it take coca to be absorbed into alcohol (if it is at all)?
I suspect any resulting spirit (if it's is possible) would be real "crazy juice" (especially if you infused the mushrooms -wet or dry ?- in apple cider vinnegar first ?).

#36 Guest_potatocore_*

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Posted 06 November 2009 - 07:41 PM

how would that mix with coca spirit and can you treat coca-leaf in the same way?

Yes, and I can't honestly say how as I have never tried it - ity would only be theoretical...I think it would pass throught the body fairly quickly and I would start with small doses to test body responce.

How long does it take coca to be absorbed into alcohol (if it is at all)?

I would give it a week, though I doubt cocaine manufacturers wait that long - I think they use petroleum solvents and go about three days...

I suspect any resulting spirit (if it's is possible) would be real "crazy juice" (especially if you infused the mushrooms -wet or dry ?- in apple cider vinnegar first ?).

So do I. Though I do see the therapeutic potential in some scenarios like perhaps respiratory and alimentary infections - for a start.
THEORETICALLY speaking - coca and psilocybe COULD be a powerhouse lung benefactor in many conditions where opening up the lungs and heavily cleaning them (well - I guess that's MOST cases really...)

But remember - psilocybes are a "bitter" and coca is a "cleaner" - I would not use this protocol alone in cases where soothing and rebuilding the tissue was as important as just "knocking out a bug and the extra snot" (so to speak)
It would not be a stand alone protocol for example: COPD or allergy induced congestion/infection.
It would need a "butter" and a "builder" as part of the protocol though not part of each component - don't mix it all up in a bowl - make two or more bowls and serve in succession type of thing....
You would be amazed what "pre buttering" the lungs and then p. cyanescens and then "re buttering" the lungs will do in copd. But you need to be able to see the body through healing cycles gently and completely for the most part.

Not that one always has perfect options and choices. I used the psybes in strep the first time because there was nothing else to be had, and I could not (would not!) have an "in-house" spread of it.

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Posted 06 November 2009 - 07:43 PM

I have a personal quirk that is just below the "Howard Hughes" level - I am "gacked" at infection and consider sickness "unclean" "Un-fit" "insulting" - a "how dare you!"
But I keep this responce under control because patients will think it is them you are repulsed at instead of their "invader" or "insulting circumstance" - and that's no good! Posted Image
I think my good patients too good to suffer - that's what I try to teach. Illness is an "unfit" condition for the luminous being as descended from the Father of Lights...
We theorize that 'pybes perform the functions they do because what is suffering or unclean isn't properly prepared to "walk in the skies under heaven" so they have to clean you up first and prepare you for your beter destiny...
A bit of philosophical mixing in pure medical thought I know...

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Posted 06 November 2009 - 07:45 PM

A few months ago, I had what I'm sure we've all had at one time or another that is referred to as a 'pinched nerve' in my upper back/neck. It was so painful, that for two weeks, I couldn't even turn around to look out the back window of my car as I backed up. I ate a rock of mexicana sclerotia, and by the time the trip ended, the pinched nerve was completely relaxed and gone. No more pain, and it didn't come back.

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Posted 06 November 2009 - 07:50 PM

That being whether he mostly utilises them at the lower doses which can be said to "heighten awareness" (much as coca does) without producing macrocosmic audio visual synesthesia etc.

I actually recommend higher doses to be sure - typically 5+ grams dry weight of a regular/moderate strength strain.
No one seemingly knows enough of reapeated and varying cases (at least in infection cases) to establish a firm posology (dosing table)
I have been trying to reach toward that myself....

#40 Guest_potatocore_*

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Posted 06 November 2009 - 07:51 PM

Remember my apple cider vinegar idea? well I'm running tests now, method: turn dried psilocybes into paste with pestle and mortar, macerate in apple cider vinegar using as little vinegar as possible, transfer mushrooms and liquid to glass and stir, cover with clingfilm, leave overnight and add a little vodka and stir. 10ml of this today on top of a coca and marijuana protocol worked wonders.
(note: I have yet to ascertain the optimum length of time for the maceration process or if leaving the liquid/paste longer will result in the eventual breakdown of the psilocin etc. The vodka seems to dilute and disperse the psilocin whilst prserving it. Interestingly there seems to be a powerful vapour given off once the mushrooms and vinegar are combined.)

I don't know if it would work with muscimol, The crystaline resin I've seen advertised is produced by an alkaloid extraction process. Could dried powdered a.muscaria be macerated in Vodka?

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