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Psilocybe Medicine - Dr. Karl Buchanan

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Posted 06 November 2009 - 07:55 PM

curenado said:
Interesting Wolf - we are looking at organic solvents also to replace the old "add a bunch of vitamin c" deal. I would like to try that cider method on organic DMT....ayahuasca solvent.

You would not believe the day I've had (oh it's a goodee This could be a thread on it's own !).
Right well, first I start my new psilocybin extract protocol -for my information you lot what is the difference between psilocybin and psilocin do they both occur in all active psilocybe species ?-, having finaly plucked up the courage and made a realistic window in my schedule and it's going great, at last something is working!
Then it turns out one of my associates is peddaling junk on behalf of "The Wicked Witch of Everywhere" -I ain't shittin' you guys-. I've come across this dangerous crap before (and warned people about it) but don't recognise it in the form in which it is offered to me, although I should have twigged. Does anyone know what I'm talking about ? I'll tell ya children I is refering to the evil water, ! I says the evil water !

Also; given that the shroomery is the sum of it's parts and that as a result of the number of forums one finds oneself posting parts of what could eventually build into one coherent thread at different places onsite I see no reason for any prohibition against thread referal, as long as those that do it behave responsibly and work within the other rules of the site. It seems a little anal to insist that members always repeat their posts. If we simply save ourselves time and typing by refering readers to other threads (sorry I'm still using only a small number of digits here) I don't see why the practice should flutter any petticoats.

Bearing the above comments in mind then may I refer the gentle reader to my thread on "The Physical and Mental Wellbeing" forum "I keep being poisoned with evil water" for an explanation of my comments.(SHROOMERY)

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Posted 06 November 2009 - 07:56 PM

I just received this from Bob Wold regarding the clusterbuster conference. Bob is the guy I got most time and talk with prior to writing the psilocybe/cluster article posted on this thread.
I am posting it here as it talks about psilocybe and lsd treatment and is at least some evidence of substantial progress in the area since the ClusterBuster article. It also mentions the support of beloved shroomery spore vendors and suppliers.
Congrats to ALL the ClusterBusters, and Mr. Bob Wold!

Official Report

1st Annual Clusterbusters Conference

July 15-17, 2006

Lisle, Illinois, USA

Stats: Total attendance: 52

People were coming and going at different times. This also included my three grandkids that are my biggest inspiration for this work.

Longest distance traveled to get here, (as the crow flies): 8913 miles

(that would have to be one healthy crow)

Shortest distance: 12 miles ;-)

I suppose it would only be fair to hold the next one in the middle somewhere, although that would require us to be on a cruise ship somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean.

Saturday, July 15th, 2006

Saturday was arrival day and was spent with people meeting each other. Some of us have known each other for up to 10 years without actually meeting in person. I was very happy that 5 of the original Boston-6 were able to make this year's conference. The 6th would have been there except for some uncontrollable circumstances. He was at least able to speak with some of us via an international phone call. So, all in all, the 6 were there in spirit. I think its a great testament to everyone's dedication to our group and the work we are doing.

We had several informal Clusterbuster meetings, bringing people up to date and getting ready for the upcoming presentations. It was also the day Marriott had to figure out a plan when they ran out of smoking rooms ;-)

Sunday, July 16th, 2006

Description of presentations with editors notes

Following an early morning breakfast we began our day with a few opening remarks from me (Bobw) and moved to our first presentation from Dan Bemowski.

Dan gave an updated accounting and slide presentation of his revised CHATS data collection system. Dan, and those that have been helping with program design, have been working closely with Andrew Sewell, designing a system to collect valuable information from cluster sufferers. As you all know, the study of cluster headaches isn't rocket science, it's more difficult than that. Tracking and analyzing all the different treatments, untold variations and combinations of medications, side effects & different outcomes is difficult at best, and non-existent until now. There is now great interest from people at McLean, and Dan along with help from Andrew, will be applying for operational grants for the system. We will soon be able to supply other researchers with data that until now, has been impossible to gather.

Author James Joseph gave an interesting and informative presentation on the history of schedule 1 drugs and how (and more interestingly, why) these drugs ended up on Schedule 1. I think it is safe to say he was able to allay many of the fears that people have about these sorts of drugs. Placement in Schedule 1 seems to be much less a matter of safety issues, and more along the lines of political reasons. Even if people believe and support the real reasons for psilocybin and LSD et. al. being classified as Schedule 1, as being proper for society at large, they should be aware that Imitrex caused more deaths in its first year on the market than 60 years of LSD and 4000 plus years of psilocybin use, combined. New reports now of the dangers of using triptans and anti-depressants in combinations for headache treatment, are added to the safety issues that we all know about regarding "accepted" treatment plans. Its time for medical science to put safety and efficacy ahead of what is currently accepted, and offer cluster sufferers legal options that don't exist today. Our job at Clusterbusters is to offer up data and research that can no longer be ignored.

Dr. Andrew Sewell presented us with his slide presentation describing all the details of the collection methods and findings that lead to the publication of these findings in the July issue of Neurology.

Dr. John Halpern gave us all an idea of what is involved in the process we have already been working through at McLean and what we have to look forward to in the future. As I have found out over the last couple of years, it is unfortunately as much a matter of political hoops as medical issues.

Following Andrew's and John's presentations, I think it was abundantly clear to all in attendance, the dedication, passion and drive these two professionals have in finding a way to get much needed help and aid to cluster sufferers. The fact that the advancements both men have already made in cluster treatments has been done for the most part, on their own time and done out of a commitment to all of us. The fact that the article in Neurology was the first of it's kind to appear in a peer-reviewed journal, in approximately 40 years, and to have one of the most respected institutions in the world give it's stamp of approval to the article, is an incredible achievement. The huge obstacles, both political and medical that had to be cleared to get this done, were made clear to all. It is a process full of compromise and negotiations and our job is to supply as much ammunition as we can to overwhelm those that stand between us and safe/effective treatments. We have people here that are willing and able to do whatever is necessary to advance the treatments for cluster sufferers, with our health and safety in mind, in a way no others have been willing, or motivated to do. I believe they are willing to do whatever is necessary and to negotiate the future path for us, with only our health and safety as non-negotiable.

The study protocol, the design of how the clinical trial will proceed, including subject selection, treatment features,...the who, whens and hows the trial will take place, is near completion. We expect to submit it to the McLean IRB some time in September. We then begin the process of getting approvals of all the interested parties, and there are many interested parties, including but not limited to the IRBs, FDA and DEA. Knowing how many levels and how many desks the neurology article had to pass through, we can only imagine the desks this study will find itself before final approval.

It will be interesting to see if ingesting natural substances that have been safely used for thousands of years, will be approved for human use in trials, as quickly and easily as allowing surgeons to insert electrical wires deep into our brains, severing vital nerves, using dangerous combinations of man made chemicals, drilling holes in our skulls for open brain surgery or radiating our brains with radiation.

Near the end of Andrew's presentation, he announced the following. We are now in negotiations and finalized the details of a grant to McLean to secure the time and resources or Dr. Sewell. This research grant will be coming directly from Clusterbusters and will allow Andrew to spend the time needed to follow this study through all final approvals. We will be securing the resources of the necessary departments. These discussions include which department(s) at McLean will be involved. A couple of years ago, we fought to be accepted in one department. There are now two departments that are interested and want this work to go through them. We may end up in the department of Neurology or may stay centered in the Psychiatry department. Whichever department the grant will eventually be awarded, Andrew will be the recipient of the grant so he can continue his work. Rather than our dollars going to "a department" to pay for their time and services, this grant will allow Andrew to concentrate his talents on our work. Rather than our dollars going into what can sometimes be a "black hole" of administrative expenses, we can be assured the costs will be directed to Dr. Sewell and Cluster headache research.

Final details are still being worked out as to how payments will be made to fund this grant, in one or two payments, and the final dollar amounts that we calculate will be required to achieve our goals, but at this point, the grant may total $80,000.00.

Following our late afternoon break, Ben Kahn gave his presentation of his Clustermasx. Using a couple test subjects from the audience, Ben explained the most efficient and most effective way of using his new masx. Ben's descriptions of the travails of designing and getting into production, one of the most important new tools that cluster sufferers have in battling cluster attacks. As you know, 02 is one of the best tools we have for all people with clusters and even more important to those people trying to detox and get ready to try the Clusterbuster treatment. Ben's dedication and commitment to help cluster sufferers was evident in his presentation and we will do whatever we can to help get his masx accepted as the masx of choice for cluster sufferers and available to everyone possible. This international conference was a perfect setting to display his work and to help gain international acceptance, as it should.

The long but productive day was brought to a close with a presentation by Doug Wright of OUCH Canada. Doug's wit and talents were on display as he discussed making the most of Non-Conventional Therapy in the Treatment of Cluster Headache.

Doug discussed the response to medications and treatment that are often frustrating to the patient due to variable effectiveness, mixed results and the severity of the pain.

The placebo effect, accepted if poorly understood response in clinical trials, causes people to respond both positively and negatively to an inert substance in ratios approaching the medication being investigated. Rather than discounting this effect, Doug proposes that the expectation of relief can be put to use in treatment. Choose to be well, was his battle cry. With an "understanding acceptance" of a condition (cluster headache) and modification of our perception of pain, one can increase their ability to manage the pain and avoid disability.

Doug's presentation included a review of the placebo effect, medical training and limitations and various mind - body techniques with more than a small dose of laughter throw in for good measure.

It's not easy to end a long day on a high note and keep the attention of those in attendance, but Doug's humor and the materials presented, did just that.

Monday, July 17th, 2006

Monday's morning session began with a presentation from Cathy Lind, of OUCH US. Cathy reported on existing and the future plans of OUCH US. As the Chairperson of the Advocacy committee, Cathy explained the important role OUCH can and does have in education and advocating for cluster sufferers. Cathy reported that they have begun the process of gathering together a collection of Cluster Headache references and materials for a Cluster Library to be made available for all cluster sufferers. As we all know, the education of sufferers is one of, if not the most important thing a sufferer can do for themselves and their supporters.

Cathy also announced that following Dr. Sewell and Halperns presentations in Milwaukee, a video library was begun with sufferers telling their stories on videotape. This collection will become very important in the future and will add a great deal of data and more importantly, a resource for others to use in understanding how far-reaching this disease is to the sufferer and family members.

The final presentation of the conference was deservedly reserved for our own TommyD (Tom DiStefano) who has been our long time historian and collector of all things important. Tommy gave a history of Clusterbusters and updated reports on efficacy numbers for Psilocybin, LSD and our latest addition to the list of choices, the LSA seeds. Comparisons of the numbers for the different choices and how they continue to stack up as better than anything currently available to cluster sufferers from mainstream medicine. Tom's dedication to collecting this information and preserving it, has allowed Clusterbusters to oftentimes have the answers before anyone asked the questions. He has allowed us to stay ahead of a curve that is constantly changing and requiring more data, more reports & more information. It was my pleasure to have tommy close out the regular schedule.

Tommy is a perfect example of what people can do and how many clusterbusters have had a positive effect on so many people.

We have taken on a project that has appeared either too challenging or not worth the time of many researchers. It has taken the efforts of dozens of people, understanding that all contributions are important. There have been no small contributions. No matter how complicated the machine and how intricate some items may be, it still won't work if just a few nuts and bolts are not installed properly and with as much care and dedication as everything else.

With each step a person takes, his imprint, in a small way, changes the contour of the earth. With each breath one takes, the makeup of the earth's atmosphere is slightly altered. If you can move, and you are breathing, and you are making an impact on the planet we live, changing the landscape of cluster headache treatments doesn't seem like a difficult task. It just takes a lot of moving that which seems immovable, and a lot of breathing new life into the group. If you're going to make an imprint, make it a positive one because it does change the future.

International Meeting of Cluster Organizations

July 17th, 2006

Clusterbusters invited OUCH Ca, OUCH UK and OUCH US to send a representative to the conference and attend a meeting to discuss ways we can work together and advocate for cluster sufferers around the world.

Official representatives from Clusterbusters, Bob Wold; OUCH Canada, Doug Wright; OUCH UK, Helen Kemp and OUCH US, Cat Lind, gathered together following the end of the regular conference schedule.

In usual Clusterbuster fashion, everyone still at the conference was invited to attend and add their thoughts and ideas on possible projects. We were all pleased to see additional members of the OUCH US Board of Directors/Executive Committee attend.

Many ideas were discussed that representatives would bring back to their own organizations for discussion.

One of the spore suppliers has offered free spores to any future cluster sufferer that is interested in farming. I am in discussions on this topic with the owner of the one of the largest suppliers and one that has done a great job of taking care of people with clusters that order his spores. Discussion centered around how we may be able to help him accomplish this offer. Problems that need to be worked out would include how he/we make sure that only cluster sufferers take him up on his offer.

OUCH US reported again about the resource library they are hoping to build that would be available to any cluster sufferer. Hopefully all the orgs can not only help this come to be, but also help make this resource known to cluster sufferers around the world.

Cat also discussed the video library that they began in Milwaukee and the possibility that this is also something that could be built with help from around the world, and available to researchers, doctors, educational programs and numerous other possibilities. Dr. Sewell added that one thing that would also be helpful in these videos would be accounts of how traditional medications have helped and hurt or not worked. The formulation of specifications on filming such as lighting, setting etc and a list of questions was discussed so everyone could shoot film and one person/group could edit them all together easily.

We discussed how we might all find a way to help Justin Ott finish his documentary. It's been obvious to many of us how important just the short clip of Chuck that Justin shot has been. Getting a full length documentary completed and distributed would be a major force in telling the story about cluster headaches.

There are many things we can and should be able to work together on and move cluster treatments ahead. It is apparent just from looking at the strides that clusterbusters has made, and those of the different OUCH orgs, as well as people like Ben Kahn and his 02 masx, that we can have a major impact on our own futures.

Working together and putting all our names as endorsements on projects, rather than working separately will make a huge difference.

We will be following up with the organizations in email and will be reporting any joint projects. There will certainly be some obstacles due to different organization goals and international laws or restrictions, but all felt it important to find ways to work together.

We will also be contacting other cluster orgs as well as attempting to get other "headache" organizations involved.

Details on how this will all work out, how it will be organized etc, will be forthcoming as we continue discussions. Our goal is to take some important projects that would normally be advocated by individual organizations, representing several hundred or even several thousand members, and be able to one day join together on a project where we could represent all cluster sufferers around the world. Instead of speaking for 200 members, we should be able to represent 250,000+ sufferers.

Final Notes of Interest

Ralphsters Spores and Sporeworks supplied free spores to anyone that wanted to take home syringes.

Upon registration, all attendees received a copy of the Clusterbuster CD written and recorded by our own Rex Tangle. I'm sure Rex would love to hear some reviews after people have a chance to listen to the cd.

Also included was a headache book by Dr. Larry Robbins. Some of them ended up having a production error with pages duplicated. Anyone that ended up with a defective copy can write me, and Dr. Robbins will send out a new copy. Just email me with your mailing address.

Sunday evening concluded with a fundraising auction, attended by all those that still had enough energy to be able to raise their hands to bid. The auction raised $800.00 with the gem of the auction being a painting by the very talented Patti Keller. Besides Patti, people that donated for the auction included Paul Vignola, Helen Kemp, Cathy Lind, Anita Wiseman & a couple of anonymous donors. Thanks to all the donors and bidders, including those that weren't able to attend but bid online.

It was great to see many people that I had met in the past and hadn't seen for a while. It was also great to meet many people that I'd been conversing with in email but had never met. I want to thank all those that took the drive down from Milwaukee after attending the OUCH convention. It was especially gratifying to see and meet DJ from and his wife. I've known DJ probably longer than anyone on any of these cluster boards. It was over 10 years ago we first met "cyberly" in an old usenet newsgroup. This was before there was a, before there was a Clusterbusters or an OUCH.

Thanks to everyone, not only for your attendance, but also for your participation. This was an example of typical clusterbuster group participation that made it all a success. From donating items for auction, donating time and labor and donating your inspiration.

Thanks to Michelle for helping out with web work both before and during the event.

Thanks to Nani for all her help organizing and planning the event and helping out with the auction and MC'ing parts of the program so I could spend time making sure things ran smoothly.

To all the speakers, thank you very much for your well prepared, professional and passionate presentations.

Next up on our list of research topics into refining our treatment and looking for new treatment possibilities, is the use of a drug called Naltrexone. It may be possible that this drug could eliminate the need for the detox periods following each dose. It may also allow for subsequent dosing to be effective sooner than 5 days. If this proves to be the case, it will certainly shorten the time required to break a cycle. More news on this to follow.

Parts of some of the presentations were video recorded. I will have dvds of these available shortly. If anyone is adept at editing dvds, and is willing to do some work to create a more polished product, please let me know.

Wednesday, July 26th, 2006 will be Clusterbusters 4th anniversary!!

Not bad progress my friends. Happy Anniversary to all the Busters.

Bob Wold

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Posted 06 November 2009 - 07:57 PM

For Immediate Release -
Wilderness Church Press:

Doctor In Critical Condition / Busted Gut
Doctor Karl Buchanan, Senior Health Officer for the Sons of the Eternal Mercies was rushed quietly to private care earlier this month. While monastery sources remain vague, it appears Buchanan "Fell out of his chair in an uncontrollable seizure of laughter" while reading a report from John’s Hopkins Medical Center sent to him by Florida Mycology Research Center curator Mr. Stephen Peele.
The report concerned one of our country’s alleged "top" medical center’s amazement regarding their recent repeat of the "Old Dead Horse" otherwise known as the "Good Friday Experiment".
Informants told this reporter that the venerable doctor, a long time practitioner and proponent of open neurotropic medicine, managed to gasp to aids "Sad.....comedic!....other people’s homework....clown car!..." in short and labored bursts, but could not regain his composure and eventually had to be sedated.
He was later seen alive, but under the assistance of companions as he still apparently could not walk upright.
This reporter was told that the Church may consider pursuing litigation against John’s Hopkins for damages to Dr. Buchanan as a direct result of "academic obtusity" and "harmfully negligent pseudo intellectualism". Church attorneys could not be reached for comment.

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Posted 06 November 2009 - 07:58 PM

Two more for "TEO: The International Journal of Psychoactive Mushrooms"

Tassili Tumors:
Oh Wait! There ain't no such thing!

Dr. Karl Buchanan and
the Tassili Medicine Group

Has everyone heard the new dish about giving cancer patients psilocybe mushrooms so they can see the pretty colors and feel emotionally and spiritually better about having cancer? How sweet! How finally utopian and I think that's all fine except - what a bunch of banana dummies! Is this J*hn's Flopkins playing pseudo-intellectual "Marco Polo" for $ again? I don't know, but I was told and I don't have time to chase down every goofy thing that gets done in this country under the name of academic medicine. Did it catch you off gaurd and trick you too, or are you quick about rats, weasels and "smoke and mirrors"? Here's a thought: Why not just treat the cancer with the psilocybes, all see the pretty colors and laugh about the idea of anything different? Too simple and easy? Yup, I suppose but that's part of what makes it so attractive. I guess it's all the things you specifically don't need that make it less than profitable for medical business interests.

Now if someone is really sad about something, and seriously contemplating death, I'd be very dubious of the idea of giving them lots of neurotropics. Unless you are really ready (qualified?) for that ride and capable of seeing it through - and then my advice is to really think it over again. My advice also is to be very dubious of anyone who would. If someone has a sad sickness do your best to love and include them as much as we are able; but if somebody just has cancer? Pfft! "To the moon with you Alice!" ...and that at least every month until better. (as tolerated, of course)
Because when someone who thought (who was told) that they were dead gets better - wow! - are they interesting to be around! Compare that with someone who never gets better and takes all kinds of treatments, but none to cure the hopelessness, despotic morbidity or "wrath & sorrow" they have become exposed, numbed and habituated to, or the deadly illness it has fostered. Every year it seems I see an "improved care" that ends up looking like quite something else to me. "We just want you to be comfortable" are truly chilling words if you think about it a bit.

So I thought I would write to you and explain that, (es-plaining to Lucy-John-Hopkin too...) if we give our cancer patients psilocybes they will indeed get happier - but it will be for a real reason like cancer going away, not a souped-up "imagination" one. Honestly! "Oh I feel so peaceful and I've reconciled everything and lo, I see a white tunnel.." and BULL SHI*! It really seems comparable to "Fentanyl" to me - a hyped up glorified euthanasia drug. HEAL patients, not do neurotropic powered intentional brain washing as a helpful component to passive aggressive euthanasia! This is really beneath contempt. It is conduct and ethics unbecoming ipso facto.
When you use psilocybes and other foods to treat cancer patients pain reduces and goes away, so do tumors and you are utterly spared the ridiculousness of circling the bed behind a paper mache mask chanting "It's not OK, but we imagine it to be. It's not OK, but we imagine it to be.." and other such hokey mantrams. I think one of our patients here might say something like "Keep away from me dolt! Keep away from me dolt!" (at least I hope they would)

So in wanting to write to you and to give the psilocybes thier true and just due in multi-type cancer treatment, (lest you become the victims of fools and worse) I thought "Well, we're all a "little professor" aren't we (Hi Muriel James!) and we always want to know "how? how do it?".
In my practice it's not as important "how" or "why" psilocybes, cannabis or other protocols reduce cancers, I'm more concerned with that they do, and I've spent more time in long term care than pure "R&D". I just usually say it "burns" them and disrupts thier ability to grow. I asked the Tassili Medicine Group about thier thoughts on the specific mechanism of action in psilocybe related tumor death and a very good reply came from bro. Jim Friere at Camp Greenleaf, who has direct experience and whose primary basis is that tryptamines with the monoamineoxidase inhibitor and fungal polysaccharides damage the tumor tissue; once damaged the stage is set for cannabis induced apoptosis to attack and destroy it. Jim is very right because the non-digestable polysaccharides are like pelting the tumor over and over with rude spikedy meteors (no kidding, that's just what they look like) concomittant with the acids which "burn" and weaken the wounded tissue. Cannabis has several times been shown to be antitumor, and that raw and without the support of a more complete protocol. Jim's marvelous syrup, which ehances the cannabanoids effect, would serve in that respect several times more effectively than just the basic marijuana. I'm just not willing to slice a thousand rats to prove it to you. I don't think I would have to because I bet you'd like the syrup better anyway and for more than just cancer.

There is more than just the direct tumorcidal effect where psilocybes are concerned. There is the secondary benefit of those systems which the psilocybes touch because cancer does not belong in the body, and the body resists and fights it when it is able. Psilocybes attack the cancer directly and benefit other body systems making them able-er and also resistent to metastitization. In order for the cancer to metastisize, (travel and expand) the way must be clear (so to speak) by weakend, premorbid tissue and psilocybes, especially the wood eaters, work to block it by increasing the resistance of healthy tissue and cell integrity.

Cancer, like US medicine, needs a sick place to go to if it is to thrive and destroy the living organism. It requires weakened, distorted cells, tissue and organs (individuals, families and institutions..) in order to be of any real effect at all. I'm not saying euthanasia medicine will kill the US, it's only a form of occult population control. I'm not saying idiot research will kill medicine either, it's really only a nasty, lucrative "pass time" for those who weren't really up to real medicine but needed a job anyway. Those who fund them, in my mind are the same. I'm not saying has-been institutions desperately seeking funding and a remaining (if hollow) stature will do anything more than to achieve that, and certainly if that's what they were rooting for - well, a hog always finds itself a truffle if it root through enough hog yard searching.

A final and simple say:
Two rooms, two late stage terminal cancer patients and everything is the same except
- in one room they are dispensing bitter tears and morphine while the loved one is in fact being gradually and grotesquely medically euthanized. (by persons who have made a pact with death and are fit to belong to his party...)

- In the other room there is laughter, ridiculous sayings, plans for the future and warmness among friends.
Which room do you want to be in as patient, family, friend or doctor?
Because I've been in both, so take your's a "free" country, and if that's the excuse the unfit and rotten get by on, so can the living right?

Best Wishes Always!
Dr. Karl Buchanan with
The Tassili Medicine Group

PS - Since we have mentioned cannabanoid therapies in this article I would be remiss if I didn't give you the truth about "Marinol" the alleged "marijuana pill". It's complete worthless junk ok? Let God be thy maker and the maker of thy things because you can eat that stupid marinol all day and still be wondering what the cannabis folk are so happy about. "Word" (heh-heh) +kb

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Posted 06 November 2009 - 07:59 PM

Tassili Liberty:

Recovering Barry Eubanks

He wheels and reels casually around, a picture of grace in graceless motion like a lot of people our age are. Indeed, as we age we do, like children, tend to adopt more comfortable postures and movements; we become, at least in our motions and forms - more relaxed and "monkey like" it seems. A joy and a privelege but the real joy here is that he moves at all; because the first time I saw Barry Eubanks he couldn't even walk upright, let alone swing around and down from the porch pole as he occiasionally does these days. Such simple pleasures and freedoms that we so obliviously take for granted.
It was nearly two years ago now, and I had been going down to town here and there with Leslie "Wild Child" Wagner - local artist and erstwhile Clayton College student. She has a little shop on the highway there in Yellville next to the "Front Porch" Restraunt, and I am not the only person who sits out at the pic-nic table some days just loitering a bit.

So on this particular day I'm sitting out by the road as I recall, and Leslie says "Hey you gotta talk to this guy!" I mean she wasn't alarmed, she was actually half laughing because she herself was already a "mycophile" and heading towards the "cognoscenti" grade regarding medicine and mushrooms. So when I see this guy walking, I get up and go towards him because he's obviously in distress. He was stooped half over, cradeling his guts tenderly and had that face like when somebody is real nauseous and then you punch them hard in the stomach? I remember thinking "Ok, this could be serious right now." and started going through my mental routine and powering up the virtual drive just in case. Never mistake children; livers are dangerous, can be treacherous, and no form of hepatic disorder is to be handled by the support crew.

His chief complaints were PAIN and high blood sugar. When most people have a high blood sugar that means like 150 - Barrys were 400-600 and his eyesight was severly impaired. So we started talking and I come to this conclusion: This is pretty serious right now, but there isn't any real reason necessarily for it to be. He was in remarkable shape for the shape he was in, but that could've collapsed like a house of cards any second (done there/seen that) and in younger days I probably wouldv'e been in more distress myself ("Ringers! EK! Lab!"....just like the "TV babies"...) but I've been in long enough to see a few "inexsplicable phenomenons" and "bullhead miracles" and I try to resist the panic even when there's a good reason.
I propose and explain that we start simple and get the 400-600 blood sugar under control and begin whacking away at the hepatic toxin and viral load, and that this should hold off death and offer some pretty quick relief. We talked some more about how the recovery stages would be and what to expect, and he made arrangements to pick up his protocol and headed on his way. I felt sure he would try, because anything would have had to have been better than the way he felt that day. I bet I could have said "Oh, well lay down on the road here and I'll just cut that bad boy right out" and he would've said "Ok". But of course that isn't what actually happened.

What actually happened is the man picked up his protocol and did the whole thing just like I said. Three days later he became a more happy and hopeful believer, because the pain did stop and the sugar started to go down. I was pickled tink, and Barry had done the entire thing with his own hands, he had been pleased with his results and was almost entirely independent. Whew! Let me stop a minute before I swoon, because here be doctor paradise; the hoped for goal with all patients is comfort, confidence, independence and self esteem.

What actually happened is he got to feeling so good he captured the "Wild Child", moved into better digs and bought a four wheeler! He is still awed that such simple things as the turkey tails, wild reishi and other things that lay at our feet have so much vital power. He's in the woods as much as ever now but his eyes catch many more things, and the garden has become much larger. He makes up a little ginseng, but outdid me by making his with pure moonshine. You just cannot get better art or medicine than Barry-strong ginseng in a moonshine extract!

What actually happened was as fresh and new as it is every single time we are priveleged to witness it; Fascination, liberation and renewal in the simple fundamentals of what we are really made of and what we really are. Because there's more to every person and condition than the sum of the symptoms, and more within our grasp than we know all the time. Barry wasn't out that day seeking help, cures or miracles - he was out that day because he couldn't stand to just sit around, suffer and rot. He would rather be outdoors and suffer "on the hoof" and if in the end it was his sense of vitality that put him in vitality's way, I guess the universe counted it for hutzpah and threw him another card.

He found a large cluster of reishi the other day, more than I ever have in the wild. At least a pound of well formed fruits. I'm totaly green! He also has bags of coreolus drying in colanders in his living room, and a bag of maitake under the table. They have a natural culture ginseng patch going and just put the roof on thier new greenhouse. Not bad for a guy who was supposed to already have been gone for years by now!

Did I "save" Barry as much as Barry saved himself? I never offered him anything that wasn't already his, or performed and advanced technique that couldn't be done in a kitchen? He, like all of us to some extent, had just been sidetracked by the blur of post modern life and the antics of industrial medicine. While he in many ways really is a "model patient" he is also a bulldozer, and since diabetes and hepatitis couldn't kill him, he has since tried to accomplish it by stepping down the ankle breaker hole, rolling down the mountain under the four wheeler, amputating the tip of his thumb with the skill saw (but he saved it in a jar - I think he means to make a pendant of it someday...) and...what I'm glad of is that he has the energy and urge for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness - and is able to find some for himself. He no longer has to live by sheer will, and in fact endured stages and phases I never mentioned because it wasn't necessary - and may have actually been disabling for an independant and "common sense" kind of person.

Now I'm waiting for the lab to tell me that my "terminal" liver patient has normal liver function. They don't have to tell me - but I want them to, and I hate waiting at all, any time for any thing. (But that's just me, and it is the nature of a Karl to go...)

I don't need them to tell me because I watch him walk, eat, smoke too many ciggarettes, run the four wheeler, go fishing half the night and a dozen other things that he hadn't done in awhile.

He said to me not too long ago "You know, when you gave me that stuff and told me what to do, I laughed at you." (heh-heh) Now, he gives it to other people and tells them what to do. He also donates the on-call cell phone we have been using for the clinic.

Psilocybinly speaking, Barry is one of our country's original "Mushroom Children" and he has often picked them freely in the open fields but confirms "You don't see them anymore like you used to." He epitomises natural liberty and that quality that the greeks used to call "Kalos" or "One born in that natural fitness which is beauty". Because there was a less jaded time, when we just "didn't know any better" - but seemed nonetheless better off! There was a more recent "golden age" of evolution and thought in our country and world spawned and carried out by people who were at that golden age, at that golden time. Barry is one of those people, and it takes strength to live with that kind of freedom, but what it really requires is to never give up that natural virtue which is where our strength really comes from. When he was a boy, he told me he kept a shoebox full of sassafrass roots and was always making tea out of them. Certainly one his blessings lately has been to find his pleasant remedy once again - right there in the same grass that he grew up out of.

Yes, psilocybes for interferon, and psilocybes for virus, and psilocybes for the respiratory, vascular and endocrine system and more but - be impressed with the simple things themselves, and how they seem so custom made for us. Don't let what doctors (like me!) do beguile or overly impress you or you may forget the original basis, the original children and even more importantly the original child. If you forget that, you will have forgotten everything - because what's the use of a liver, that it have no red blood in it? Why preserve the eye, if it see only darkness? What is the use of us at all if we recall no innocent, pure or higher thing? Do we gravitate toward or covet those things because they are different than us and we lack them, or do we do so because we recognise them intuitively as being innately written into us? Another part of what we are made of. Just turn the magnets around, and you will find that they stick together instead of pushing apart.

Sure, we'll be glad to rinse out your lungs, align your spine, clean your organs and philter your blood, but you'll just be the "worthless walking dead" if you don't air out your head, open your heart and let some fresh air in through the windows of your soul. You can still do that, even here even now. Physical changes are accompanied by intellectual, emotional and spiritual ones so be sure to recognise and allow them to take part in your healing, which is realization and growth. If your body isn't the body it was before, niether is the rest the same as it was before and one is supposed to be able to gain by that. "Permission to Thrive" I guess is what I am saying. So you see though this article was about two cavemen and some psilocybes, polypores, roots, bark, seeds and even all of the things that they do - as well as the continuing "giddy calamity" of the creatures they do it for - It was, as always, about the real healing basis and the underlying theme.

Also, Barry says don't stop eating your mushrooms and drinking your tea. I guess he figures that's enough said and his vote of confidence that you will discover the rest along the way happily for your own self too.

Yours in the "Natural State" we both remain and ~

Best Wishes Always!
Dr. Karl Buchanan

PS - Here he is 9 years after declared terminal, the "unsinkable" Mr. Eubanks!:<wbr>talwoman57

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Posted 06 November 2009 - 07:59 PM

This article won't actually come out until next Feb, however, in passing it around to colleagues I got some replies that included other conditions and thought I'd compare notes with shroomerites?
To wit:
Has anyone experienced allergy or asthma relief, temporary or permanent, from any use amount and frequency from p. cyanescens or even other psybes?
Thanks! Here's a sneak peek at the article (Shhhhhh!) Posted Image

Tassili Emergency:
Psilocybe Cyanescens and Acute Respiratory Distress
The medical community has identified and struggled with ARDS since 1967 (officially) and while understanding and treatment advances have been substantial, acute respiratory distress syndrome still looms large on our most difficult conditions list and in fact is of increasing concern though no one is entirely sure why. It can be fast and it is lethal. Two of the scariest words in medicine. About 1 in 10 ICU patients in the U.S. are admitted because of ARDS, and the reason mortality varies so much (from 40 to 90%) is that the precipitating conditions and patients vary so much. It is a "profound" condition involving acute care, which means that it incapacitates the victim completely and requires advanced life support equipment and drugs as well as highly skilled care. Typically, one starts out with a puny enough pathogen (including: Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Streptococcus pneumoniae, Haemophilus influenzae, enterobacteria, and Acinetobacter species...) and develops pneumonia ("nosocomial" - but ARDS can develop in aspiration pneumonias too) but then progressive inflammation and inflammatory processes lead to a downward spiral of occluded gas exchange and "micro & macro" functional capacity. The lungs actually are injured and it only gets worse because:
"...of a profound immune response and can be divided into early and latent phases of disease progression. Alveolar and basement membrane damage is incurred from a microbial insult and compromises the alveolar-capillary membrane. This membrane becomes increasingly permeable and allows leakage of protein-rich fluid into the alveoli, resulting in pulmonary edema and reduced surfactant levels, and leading to atelectasis. The shunt effect caused by this series of events leads to refractory hypoxemia, a classic sign of impending ARDS.[5]...." - MedScape
...And by this time, one's immune responce has gone off the chart (profound!) and neutrophils and alveolar macrophages release chemical weapons such as cytokines, "tumor necrosis factor" and interleukins. The result of this is even more inflammation, causing further alveolar damage, leakage, and hypoxemia. Damage sustained from this inflammation leads to even more physical changes in the alveoli and capillary beds, causing decreased respiratory compliance, pulmonary hypertension, other abnormalities and continuing hypoxemia (which essentially represents ARDS.) In short, swollen and injured lungs that cannot breathe and are drowning both within the tissue and cavity.
So you see, it's no typical pneumonia with only a source pathogen to fight and a little lung fluffing to do.
Regretfully, we can’t yet offer a simple solution to ARDS. It is not a "one type/one shot/one cure" situation it is a multitherapy, tag team "choreographed disaster" that has every team member on the edge of their seat and the "pique" of their skills, especially in the severe cases. At least right now. The chief goal is: Keeping the lungs clear and functional enough to sustain the body long enough for remedial therapies (including damage control) to be in place and take effect.
A young man from the midwest, recently having departed to the South for military training was sick on arrival and passed away within 48 hours, under hospital care with all the "bells & whistles". Too many ARDS cases are like that, and while you want all cases resolved as quickly as possible you don't stand much of a chance when you can't keep the patient afloat long enough to try. Psilocybe cyanescens offers the lungs more than antibacterial/antiviral treatment and prophylaxis, which is typical of the moderately potent to pontent mushrooms of the psilocybe genus. P. cyanescens not only helps to support the lungs and reduce damage by “suspending” negative pressure (as it were) it also stimulates and feeds lung tissue, providing increased oxygenation and expectoration of excess mucus towards the end of the treatment*. Whole food treatment with psilocybes when possible is best because p. cyanescens is a hardwood fungi, providing polysaccharides as well as lignins which enhance cell integrity by strengthening cell walls. Other properties contribute to breaking down and clearing infiltrates, essential to damage control and recovery.
So if it happens in your sphere, the first thing said after "It's ARDS" maybe should be "Cyans and OJ stat!" because that is the first thing, and you're already late starting. Ideally, one could pre-treat the at risk patient and catch them before ARDS begins to develop, because it truly is a case of "an ounce of prevention". I also would not use any "lo dose" philosophy because as I said in the first Tassili Medicine article "Caregivers are compelled to take a better-safe-than-sorry approach in such a situation." Exactly the situation I was talking about! The patient can relate the experience later, the point being that they have the ability to. Now, we'll hit a patient with enough electricity to kill them in an effort to keep their heart going rythmycally, we'll dose them with enough antibiotics to liquify their organs in an effort to spare their life, and the pain we'll put them in to save them rivals deSade, so why should you think it odd that psilocybe cyanescens and orange juice should be a top shelf "code red" treatment for ARDS and the pre-ARDS patient? So what if your living, breathing patient should say "Oh! It was wild! I saw all these colors and thought like Jesus, but they had a pill for that too if I wanted. Anyway, by the time it was over the other medicine had kicked in and that's how I made it. They said I did real good." Because that's a much better story than anyone who has been conscious while they were de-fibrilated or writhed mindlessly in a bed on massive antibiotics for two weeks can tell, I guarawntee!
At higher dose levels stronger side effects are present and patients may be restless though weak. Provide like company, and offer them things like colors and a big sketch pad to play around with. Also, it's easier for the high dose patient if family or friends are dosed up too, as it's more fun for them, less disorienting and helps occupy their time. Really, very often the most severely infected patient will be prostrated during treatment anyway, and they are more a bed full of giggles to deal with than a wandering gypsy. ("Wandering Gypsies" are patients that are confused owing to injury, infection, or medication but still walking and able to slip by the nursing staff ending up on other people's wards. It happens...funny thing, they seem to end up on OB a lot? Is that just me?)

Psilocybe cyanescens in an orange juice vehicle (aged 10 minutes of course...)* is a most hopeful emergency treatment. It contributes to oxygenation, reduction of infiltrates and in that respect is also "anti-inflammatory" though it accomplishes this in more than one way. Still, it is only at this time a possible window of temporary opportunity to get whatever else you have on the ball fast. ARDS is not a “lower daily dose” situation, it is a higher dose, every three* to seven days treatment.

Would I be thrilled to find out that the cyans were after all the primary and majority of treatment? Absolutely! What a wheelbarrow full of treatments, plastic and time that would save! But that will have to be learned on the hoof, not gambling with lives saying "Well, lets see." I have no lives I feel I can afford to spend on that type of methodology. If you have knowledge of anything that will work as well, as fast and provide as many benefits in this condition as psilocybe cyanescens, please write. Because even if they are "the bomb", having only a "one bomb option" in medicine is not a good place, it's just a start. Usually though, one good bomb eventually leads to another.
One day soon ARDS will be even better understood, anticipated and certainly much better managed. Multiple treatment options will exist, everyone will know about them, and survival will occur much more often even in the more at-risk patient. Until then, and considering the rise of SARS and other respiratory distress infections in recent years, I would keep myself a few caramel caps around, be quick on the draw, heavy on the dosing and may God help us all.
Best Wishes Always!
Yours in the "Natural State",
Dr. Karl Buchanan
P.S.- Notata ambulata? ("notes on the hoof?")
*While some residual benefits will remain in effect for several hours, after the expectoration period (4th-6th hour onset) the major or more immediate benefits will be seen to depreciate all to quickly. Respiratory support not required during treatment may need to be restored in severe cases.
*The orange juice is not specific, but the cyans are in this case and one could use any palatable similarly acidic juice as the vehicle. There is not enough ascorbic acid to be of much therapeutic value in the dose amount, and if I were going that route (I would!) I would be using 3-5 grams of ascorbic acid in a dose of it's own about an hour before the neurotropic course. A little giggles and diarreah is better than a funeral.
*If using a three day gap increase the dose by 30-50 percent. If able to wait the week, increase dose by ½ to 1 gram.

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Posted 06 November 2009 - 08:00 PM

Been putting this together for awhile and we'll keep adding but thought
I'd put it up here FYI:

Partial List of Pathogens & Conditions
Psilocybe varieties effective and/or effective component against:

1) Infections Generally

2) Infections Specifically:
Bacterium Dentrificus

3) Conditions & Syndromes
Anti Aging
Aural Disorders
Cardiac Arrythmias
Cluster Migraine
Diabetic Neuropathy & Neuralgia
Herpetiform Disorders
Degenerative Occular Disorders
Respiratory Disorders Generally
Serotonin related disorders
Toxic Disorders
Vascular Disorders
Wound Healing

Posted Image
Dr. Karl Buchanan, Senior Health Officer
Sons of the Eternal Mercies
in professorship, Psychology and Health Sciences
Rose Chapel Colllege School of Medicine

Bro. James Friere, Co-Research and Development Director
Camp Greenleaf Research Center

"The Mushroom Researcher"
Florida Mycology Research Center
Stephen Peele, Curator

Speculative Comments by
Paul Stamets, Chief Researcher
Fungi Perfecti

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Posted 06 November 2009 - 08:02 PM

Interesting.I read that people with HIV are prone to "Opportunistic infections" such as Tuberculosis, Pneumocystis carinii, Streptococcus pneumoniae, Mycobacterium avium, and Toxoplasmosis.

I think that psybes would be a potent and helpful part of an HIV/AIDS protocol, not just as an antiviral but also as endocrine and respiratory support.

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Posted 06 November 2009 - 08:02 PM

From "TEO: The International Journal of Psychoactive Mushrooms" / August 2007

Tassili Integrity:

The Noble Mushroom & Immune Responce Arthritis

Not too long ago I was talking to Stephen Peele of the Florida Mycology Research Center and as we were winding down (takes us a bit..) I once again promised to get something sent in about mushrooms when I mentioned that one of the forthcoming articles would be about the use of psilocybes in reduction and pain management of rheumatoid arthritis. I had a flare up myself last year, and mine manifests in perfect textbook fashion beginning bilaterally in my hands (Oh God....). It terrified me, and after resolving never to set foot in the environment which caused the flare up again I resolved to diss-olve that crap and get every bit of it possible away from me post haste! So I thought I'd use an example of personal experience as a basis for this "informational" along with a thought about auto immune conditions in general and Peele cut me off to say "Already did arthritis AND know a story specifically about using psilocybes to treat arthritis from Arkansas in the 1920's."
Wow! I was really happy about that because I have for years been keenly interested in Arkansas ethnobotany, neurotropic species and a simple idea of how these species occur here which I had always suspected may have been at least partially the result of the wanderings of the "Mississippi People" in our region long ago - but that is another thing completely. Suffice to say that I was not only delighted to hear about this, but Peele's account of himself, his friend and the "old lady out by the road" made the whole call a double bonus!

I couldn't write what I would want you to know about the immune system, it's "dis-eases", mechanisms, responces and practicing medicine around that in a hundred small type pages, so I'll deal specifically with one more common responce here. It is an increasing condition in animals and humans called "Immune Responce Arthritis" (IRA) or "Rheumatoid Arthritis" which is part of a group of conditions connected to the immune system. I myself have it as I write this, however this particular type, caught early is often very responsive to treatment and is even often transient and of short duration. Not always though, sometimes it comes with a mind to stay and it is also rapidly, horribly deforming and considerably painful.

Now, the basic thing with "auto" immune syndromes can be theoretically described essentially as a critical failure of the body to distinguish between "self" and "not self". The body, for some reasons, identifies parts of itself (like proteins) as foreign and enemy and faithfully begins to attack in full force. In other immune responces, the body gets "insulted" (exposed..) to a chemical, pathogen, allergen or other rude thingy that it does not like. (like indigestible complex polysaccharides....hmmmm?) In return it activates it's own war type responce which is really a number of responces it can make and it selects them according to the "offender/threat" data it interprets. Now, in the early stages of the arthritic manifestation this means that the small joints (usually first) become inflamed and filled with fluid and neutrophils, macrophages and a "peculiar potion" of water, blood and (wouldn't you know it..) substances which actually contribute to worsening the arthritic side effect. Just like in your head or heart, when you go on the "self attack" you have no more determined or formiddable enemy.

Pee-Wee picked up something in the forest (ticks) or creeks recently that either for infection or immune responce affected her quickly (probably a little of both...) and had her hobbling. (Yikes! I was on that like stink on a hick! Pee-Wee is fine!) Though a dogs immune system may be a little different than ours, they manifest autoimmune diseases and IRA just like we do. "Super Robust" Pee Wee was actually on the hobble because of how powerful her system is - not vice versa. Anyway, I have taken these things as a sign from God & Nature that perhaps you should know more since it is on the increase and has been, and also because the ignorant excessive use of some foods, drugs and activities are some of the primary causative factors, though the general cause is environmental.

Symptoms in the arthitic manifestation can vary in growth and severity. (Because of course, you do.) Narcotics and "NSAIDS" are helpful, but mobility is not all you need - you need destruction of what is called the "pannus", the gooey wad of lodged up helpers and body trash that become the deformative growth. Find me a chemical drug or even another food/plant that works as cleanly & effectively all around as psilocybes, and you will be showing me something. (Though there are a number - and a growing one - of good helpers and protocols and I'm not sayig this is the only way.)

There are substances that kill a pathogen on exposure, and there are substances which cause or enable your systems to do that. Mushrooms do both, and they do it very powerfully. They also clean very powerfully, and that's one of the main ways they are hepful in rheumatoid arthritis. Within my range of knowledge, psilocybes are not only exceptionally powerful, but also temporarily releive the debilitating pain of IRA. The seeming "enigma" of the harmony of biological interplay psilocybes produce includes their very unique way of immunostimulation, support and interaction. That is why one can use them in at least most autoimmune/immune responces as an alternative method to "immunosuppressing" (Mein Gott!!) chemical drugs. Again (over & over) the proper foods in the proper amounts. There are those who mistakenly believe "It must come out of a lab to be better!" - Dr. Hoffman hasn't said that as I recall! (I could be wrong?) The laboratory is only the "imitation" of life. The real alchemy occurs inside of you. The "Labor-atory" is the expert effort at imitation or re-creation.

As stated above the basic "avoision" of this situation is DIET and HYDRATION, and one can take an example from the "Fruitarians" (Not the people of my generation...dietary ones..) who are in a very good position with IRA. Their largely fruit and very hydrated diet pretty much negates the effects I am talking about, but that's just one way. Other foods do too, and mushrooms are VERY good, example being that "Reishi" (Ganoderma lucidum) and "Crackly cap" (Phellinus rimosus) have ten times or more the amount of "antioxidants" (free radical scavengers) than the more well known "Green Tea". Really, if we wish to be quasi-technical, surfactants and saponins ("soaps & slimers") in the body are some of the best helpers in counter-balancing and complementing the immune responce and it is conditions or behaviors that cause the lack or "stripping" of these which are a real culprit. Three people walk into a cloud of offensive mold spores - one immediately begins to choke and whine and flees; one laughs it off with the other but later begins to develop IRA or other AIR symptoms; the third notices nothing then or later; The difference is mostly food, personal habits and environment. Like the old, old lady said grinning "It's a good life if ya don't weaken!" Incidentally, personal fear and self concern levels play a role in some auto/immune disorders also, but that is a whole other can of worms. By the time they are on the table, one can only treat physically, accordingly.

OK! What's the POINT?!!
Monthly use of moderate and higher dose psilocybes is a good preventer and component treatment for IRA and to my knowledge most AIR based disorders. Though you can use low doses for pain relief frequently I think it is good to periodically have a course of psilocybes, though my last real course was only 14 months in a row and some time ago. While I appreciated a complete "restoration" of my systems, it's a bit labor intensive and I often found myself thinking "Oh Gawd! 'Ol mushrooms again!" but I'm sure you know I always got over that happily within the hour. I have no direct personal knowledge or experience that "LDPs" (Low dose psilocybes) will be as effective as they need to be in IRA once symptoms have begun to manifest, and I think that if they prove to be later, the effect will be more gradual. They do relieve pain and temporary swelling in lower doses - I am referring to longer standing and more severe conditions. You don't have to go to Mars to get some relief; but if you do go they will hack at your swellings with great zeal though the lower dose is helpful. I won't be proving this myself because my hands hurt last winter, and I don't mind the higher level dose at all compared to the truly "bad trip" I go on everytime the thought even occurs about what will happen if I don't reduce this and fight it furiously. I want rid of it now and completely because it's a horror and I feel like I will need my hands for at least another hundred years anyway. Psilocybes are a wonderful and natural immuomodulator in IRA and AIR conditions, as well as seemingly made to work on auto-pilot.

Now that I have said that I'd be remiss if I didn't also say that Psilocybe medicine has benefits that are astounding really, but it also has limits that are profound and not negotiable. A good example is the recent "Obsessive/compulsive Disorder" fiasco; they could try for whatever reasons (?) but in that case what they want is in the mechanism, not the mushroom and everyone already knew you can't run long term psilocybes at therapeutic levels in such conditions. See calmly through the "dynamite" and past the powder to the hand itself, lest you be included with those who will soon enough have to report "Well, all of a sudden it was like the bottom fell out." possibly leaving some thinking they have been led by the nose and let down with the flare of neurotropic dynamite. You simply cannot abuse or exploit these things - if one could, they would already be a part of mainstream US medicine. You can benefit greatly from them but they must be employed according to their own rules and they cannot be forced into performing or being that which they are not*. That's why they are noble, and can substantially increase your "integrity" though I mean that here in a purely physical sense. (and I do mean it!)

Best Wishes Always!

Yours in the "Natural State",

Dr. Karl Buchanan

PS- *I bet next we will hear about trying to hack out and fragment psilocybes they way we have opium. I don't think this is a very good idea medically and fear it will be those who do who will be at risk, but refer to the "list of people who listen to me" for the quick answer to that one! Posted Image KB

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Posted 06 November 2009 - 08:04 PM

This & the above article from "TEO: The International Journal of Psychoactive Mushrooms" August 2007

Tassili Neuropathy:
Will the Psilocybe Genus be Beneficial in more types of Nueralgia?

You know, talk about marvelous disease benefits and only the truly interested listen for long. You can go on about the benefits we don't directly see and even the vital ones we visibly do, and you'll still be putting people to sleep. Talk about pain relief though, and you've got everybody listening. Especially rapid and "true-er" relief in normally difficult to manage conditions. Add to that a condition in which the "etiology" or direct causes are still being argued over and you have a winner! Neuralgia (nerve pain) secondary to diabetic neuropathy (or, nerve damage resulting from prolonged diabetic symptoms) and other conditions not only fits this criteria, it is moderately to extremely painful, and not the kind of pain that is easy to touch. It is certainly one of those types where a battery of drugs may be employed one after the other seeking something that offers one individual some relief - which is a kind of bad thing to do really, because "drug innundation" not only ruins your health it is also suspect of causing even more pain.

Now we know that sporadic incidents of such neuralgia are very treatable with the psilocybes, preferentially cubensis and typically at "sub-hallucinogenic" (like 1/2 to 3/4 gram per 75lbs body weight...) doses; though it seems that the higher dose offers more complete relief. The degree of effect is similar to the headache result except that it takes from 35 minutes to one hour to appreciate the full benefit. Pain will begin to subside in about 20 minutes, and from there will continue to decrease. After about an hour, that's the best you're gonna get for your dose level.

Hey! Don't take this lightly! I have had to hear "It's like someone is driving corkscrews into my legs!" and "It's like someone is driving an iron bar right up the bone!" I've also heard it's pain compared to bone marrow sampling. No other pain relief effort I am aware of works as completely and satisfactorally in my opinion and experience, and the relief they give the patients is most definately relief to me because it's horrible to have someone in intractable pain looking at you, or have to utilise "masking" drugs which aren't very healing or curative. Simply put, the only other option is usually to render them so stupid on expanded cns depressants or narcotics that it masks the pain some which is still present. If pain still present, how healing? (it's the simple questions like these....) People try NSAID's and other mostly useless (in these cases) drugs including "Requip" which wasn't really made for all kinds of neuropathy and neuralgia but gets thrown in, with so-so results and sometimes too many not-worth-it side effects. Neuropathy is serious! It only leads eventually to the worst and must be fought, prevented and repaired at all costs. Not too long ago though, it was generally thought in medicine that nerve damage wasn't fixable and "re-myelination" and nerve regeneration didn't occur - boy! Have we ever changed our thinking on that across the board! Since we have there has been a great deal of interest in therapies which contribute to or support nerve recovery or regrowth (..not just the "babies in a blender" research which is about much more than is told to the public here...) and there again you have a reason that psilocybes are so intriguing in some areas of medicine at this time.

Neouropathy generally comes from poisoning, pathogen or starvation. I see starvation very often these days. Not just "regular" starvation like you're thinking, or obese people who have malnutrition (Though yes, big problem in our gross for us) I mean brain starvation and secondary physical starvation because of it which can lead to neuropathy and neuralgia. So you have a middle aged diabetic who's also taking another wildly destructive drug and the "Whammy" is double. Really. Get a moderately severe diabetic and put them on another neuropathic drug for awhile; episodes of degenerative nerve agony and legs kicking around in the bed all night like frog legs on a hot skillet (worse really, the frog legs don't jump on a hot grill that much...)

The chemical drug "Effexor" is an SNRI epitomising what I am talking about. "Effexor" doesn't bring your body necessary foods or precursors at all - it ROBS the rest of your whole body of what it was already seemingly short of and focuses it in your synapses. This, over long periods is visible in the patient and it is my observation that some effexor takers physically deteriorate after awhile owing to severe serotonin "mishandling" and body starvation. Check that skin! Even in a well hydrated patient. Watch for tissue breakdown which is non or pre-carcinogenic. SHOW ME how you can add yet another hatched up chemical drug to combat and cure this and you will have really shown me something! Oh wait! You can't!
It's much more than the horrible psychiatric curse that rotten experimental drug is! Effexor to me is an ethical, spiritual and physical crime as well as an emotional one. Don't judge me too quick - medical people are still "observing" the negative side effects of this drug and approach! ("Look how some of them kill themselves? Isn't that interesting? You want a coffee?") These drugs are dubious at best and really proving themselves out more and more to have been a very big and very costly mistake. (Costly in lives and damage I mean - the money is the maker'$ problem, though they certainly have made plenty while making life even cheaper and more despotic than it was here.)

OK! ok - got off track (but right on!) for a minute there....alright. Here's what's wrong with psilocybe therapy in neuralgia right now: Not enough information yet! The effects, while seemingly miraculous to the patient simply do not endure as long as we'd like, and certainly not in patients taking the horrible SNRI's and other such type "anti-depressants". There are key questions about this therapy, even though the use of it is simple and sweet. Those who may read this and suffer from neuralgia/neuropathy and have or have not used psilocybes for pain are invited to send me your "two cents" at [email protected] because I'm interested in what has & hasn't helped you. In the meantime though, whenever I have to hear "Oh Gawd! It's muh legs bad again!" the answer will still be "Drink your juice. 15 minutes OK? Let's watch the clock and see."

Best Wishes Always!

Yours in the Natural State,

Dr. Karl Buchanan

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Posted 06 November 2009 - 08:04 PM

I was going to send this out as PM's & E-Mail, but thought to post it here as well. I don't know what "infection watch" resources you may use, but I use a couple and this is really just MHO & advisement to my patients; remember - there is always about to be a disaster so be prepared but don't panic.....

I am writing to you because you have sent me a message or given me a rating on "shroomery" and I think that this may be a significant bacterial/viral season in parts of the US.
In general, the flu situation has actually been less over the last three years, but the CDC is continually sending clinicians updates on the 5 top bio-warfare bugs, west nile virus strains and influenza strains - all of which are affected by the psilocybe cubensis mushroom.
Recently I receieved my CDC update & there was a "non-pharmaceutical" approaches to outbreak because vaccines are not usually available at the onset of one. The "approach" was close the schools & stay home....
I know that many of you probably have not had the opportunity first hand to destroy disease and someone says "anthrax!" & it's unnerving for you.
That is why I am writing to you to advise you that with nasty infections your psilocybe dose needs to be moderately high to high for best results, and that it may be a good idea for folks who may have gotten lazy over time to put a few doses back just in case....and if I have jumped the gun a little/nothing much happens around you that is great! You will have pleasanter times and still have the mushrooms!
The reishi, cordyceps & turkey tail mushrooms also provide significant protection and recovery alone and (better) in combination.
Brothers & health officers here who must be around the infected or in public consider 3-5 "00" capsules of the above three mushrooms every six hours to be an excellent, reliable protection & barrier.
Should any thing happen here in the US we will of course be posting more information and updates from a private care perspective. Meantime again, you'll still be benefitting from all those good shrooms you eat. If any of you would like search or link resources that may help you gain a greater confidence in mycos & other "first line" defense or recovery drop me a note and we'll see what we have.
Best Wishes Always!
Posted Image
PS - the rising "flesh eater" strains are also affected by p. cubensis/p. cyanescens....thought you'd like to know....

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Posted 06 November 2009 - 08:06 PM

The most frequent lo-dose we have done is every three days but that was pain relative - general rule is the lower the dose the more frequently it can be tolerated.
I really do (did-some time ago) know a rabbi who ate "1 cap every morning" claiming that it helped control symptoms of chronic reynauds, which the benefit then I could only speculate was at least partially vascular (probably a lot vascular).

I'm sorry it was only a few hours Posted Image
The rest of the items will help, just over the lomg term and if they eventually prevent the attacks it would take 3-4 weeks to know. I was just hoping that they would have some contributing relief within 24-48 hours.

Most importantly is to watch for any tendency toward increased spasms.

I really enjoyed visiting with you guys and hope to hear from you soon!

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Posted 06 November 2009 - 08:08 PM

Yo brother Curenado! A droplet from the great wet wood... Griffolia frondosus, Maiatake, as and adjunct to caapi vine is a medicinal hyper-healer. Huge amount of health energy is created in the synergy of the MAOI and the suspected tryptamines in the western Griffolia.This ayahuascha analogue is filled with clarity and powerful healing spirit. I suspect similar results coming from Peganum as well.
I await an epic year in the PNW for plenty of medicinals to experiment with compounded formulas containing beta carboline adjucts as well as using our fungal medicines in preparations with the anti-biotic and polysaccharide rich flesh of certain cacti, this combo will lower my fasting blood sugar for near a week at a time!
I will be in touch brother. Some vast changes have occurred in my life and I have moved to a much healthier home.

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Posted 06 November 2009 - 08:08 PM

I got a letter from Florida with a question about LSD, Tryptamines general and the eyes. I was in a hurry but thought that it was good to respond and generally support this person's inquiry owing to other factors that made other treatment undesirable.
Not enough has been brought forward about the eyes and psilocybes though I have seen a few "No, I could swear it was the mushrooms." comments that I know are right track.
I put this up in case anyone has info to add and in case Rasta is online lately because he reels off better R&D than I do - I have primarily been direct patient care with the usual R&D orientation we all get.
Does anyone have additional links or info about tryptamines and the eyes?

Here is the letter I sent back:

Dear Azure & Mr. Peele ~
The psilocybes affect both the optic nerve and the eye tissue and are extremely cleansing but to my knowledge at this time that is the major lasting effect. The short term effects are attributable, at least in my opinion to the stimulatory effect which fades with the trip or within a few hours.
So I am saying that while detoxifying and "debriding" (as it were) help to preserve and maintain eye integrity and I can certainly understand Azure's temporary benefits, there isn't enough direct information that we are aware of here tracking them in progressive/degenerative conditions.
I think that it is a much more promising area of pursuit than some of the current ones we are seeing and I would pursue such documentation myself with a lot of positive expectation. (I think it's a "Golden Egg"...) However though general interest and testimony has been seen the opthamology school general remains non commental.
Maybe that's waiting for the right doctoral candidate's "Eureka" and I'll bet you now that it will most likely be from the branch of eye surgery (hmmm...Kreskin!) first but that's just betting they are clever and because that is an area where you will see some really visible immediate results for the "Ohh!Ahh!" that gets noticed.
In all cases keep using good foods and things according to your natural schedules and limits - you may be righter than you think! Also, believe it or not, we reccommend 3 weeks of "hyper copious carrot eating" in most eye injures/surguries here. (I mean like say a cup or more of baby carrots every day.) This seems to improve healing and cut healing time noticeably.
OK! I have to go! I am gathering ergosterol and coumadin (turkey tails and wood ears...) among other things and just happened to see this whilst stopping off to deliver a brief lecture and demo on semi-organic treatment of some skin cancers. Now break is over and back to the woods!
Best Wishes Always!
Dr. Karl Buchanan

NOTE: Some time ago I got a letter from FMRC about psilocybes and the eyes and I posted the following responce. Since that time and currently I have seen really good benefits in retinitis which for those who don't know is a painful and messy condition which psybes seem to relieve and it's only the duration of relief and relative variables we are considering now. The letter below did not cover that and in fact I had forgotten it but down the line I ended up getting to see first hand. What I would like to know is if others have had retinitis or do and use psybes? I am beginning to put these things together for presentation and compare my direct resultswith any experiences any of y'all may have had.

You can PM if you don't want to post - Thanks!

Here's the old letter back:
Dear Azure & Mr. Peele ~
The psilocybes affect both the optic nerve and the eye tissue and are extremely cleansing but to my knowledge at this time that is the major lasting effect. The short term effects are attributable, at least in my opinion to the stimulatory effect which fades with the trip or within a few hours.
So I am saying that while detoxifying and "debriding" (as it were) help to preserve and maintain eye integrity and I can certainly understand Azure's temporary benefits, there isn't enough direct information that we are aware of here tracking them in progressive/degenerative conditions.
I think that it is a much more promising area of pursuit than some of the current ones we are seeing and I would pursue such documentation myself with a lot of positive expectation. (I think it's a "Golden Egg"...) However though general interest and testimony has been seen the opthamology school general remains non commental.
Maybe that's waiting for the right doctoral candidate's "Eureka" and I'll bet you now that it will most likely be from the branch of eye surgery (hmmm...Kreskin!) first but that's just betting they are clever and because that is an area where you will see some really visible immediate results for the "Ohh!Ahh!" that gets noticed.
In all cases keep using good foods and things according to your natural schedules and limits - you may be righter than you think! Also, believe it or not, we reccommend 3 weeks of "hyper copious carrot eating" in most eye injures/surguries here. (I mean like say a cup or more of baby carrots every day.) This seems to improve healing and cut healing time noticeably.

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Posted 06 November 2009 - 08:10 PM

MUSHROOM HOSPITAL??? Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

I just got copies of the begining (Gawd!) paperwork to open the 6-8 bed temp care facility for general medicine.
Part of the requirement for physicians will be training in advanced myco and biological medicine, nursing folk too.
Thought that was cool enough to post on this thread because we will be asking "WhiteRasta" and other Tassili Med Group members to sit boards or review for quality control/Interpretation.
So, we have a hospital now...just have to architect it right (standard of practice) and put it up/turn on....
Out here some folks have no other kind of home support or care and the need for 3-5 day skilled care resources is large so that is why we think it's better to provide a standard we can live with and be less dependent on already overloaded public sources. Anyway - it seemeth cool to me!

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Posted 06 November 2009 - 08:11 PM

I put this here because Dr. Hoffman synthesized a version of the magic mushroom that Maria Sabina approved. I always wanted to compare it medically but have never had (yet) the chance. I bet somebody knows! Posted Image
I also place it because it will appear in the next issue of "TEO: The International Journal of Psychoactive Mushrooms" and I place everything that goes in there here also. OK! Best Wishes Always! Posted Image

Tassili Eulogy:
Reflections on a Man I Never Knew

I was on the Earth when a great and beautiful wonder occured - and that is saying something compared to those who lived in the centuries of abject darkness after the loss of the ancient world. A slavelike, violent, lifeless psychosis burst apart in the latter days of the 19th century by a gentle and graciously intelligent chemist from a far away place where all they eat is chocolate, and their girls are all like models. I really appreciate LSD! Hon I mean that, and I have since the first day oh those 30 years ago, though I haven't seen any that was the "real Owsley" in ever and ever. I admit I was shocked when I heard Tuesday - I had to take several seconds to register what I thought of that and it came up stupidly "But I wasn't ready". My neighbor said "He got to see at least one medical use and that made him happier he said." But she doesn't realise how much more our lovely uncle Albert will have to see from his place in the skies (if such is done..) how much more the discovery of Dr. Hoffman will reveal to man and medicine yet in the years to come. For some it already has but still remains outside the mainstream format and better with competent application if medicine be the purpose. I believe he knew but I know he had to consider that perfection is damned hard to achieve on Earth and from every truly great discovery flows as much chaos and horrid comedy as any meager one except with more force. Dr. Albert Hoffman's "LSD" was a true "force majeur" that rippled the entire race and Earth. Even more than Bill Gates! (Imagine!)
The man I was so suspicious of until I learned "No, he was just very good with chemistry - it was not his God" thereafter became the only final word I cared to hear at all owing not to his creation of the drug, but to his intimate understanding and perspective. His ever balanced and beautifully poised way of saying things frankly and directly as well as his larger thoughts - he was always a better scholar than me. Also, I always loathed those st*pid, great giant a*ses floating themselves off and around as gurus, guides & counselors (gimme a break!) even as a kid. I felt insulted that they would even try, and that what they tried seemed an uglyish, unwelcome form of violation and exploitation - No sir! Not me! I-am-the-very-model-of-a-modern-<wbr>major-general! (hm...) As an adult I would remain odiously offended (anathema marantha) at any purported psychedilic research which was re-hashing the entheogen feature and especially the "Joan Hallifaxes" of the world scurrying desperately around seeking note and prominenece for ethicless idiotic misuse. I chose "my man" because of his self described "problem child" and because I would spend twenty years challenging a simple concept (synthetic/mother nature's kitchen) which has not "gelled" for me but has gotten much larger and much more helpful over the years. Maybe someday I'll have the maturity, poise and grace of our marvelous Albert but he was born into a world which however dark had not abandoned grace, poise and dignity as our world today has. Alas, even at my age I am "tainted goods" and comparatively all but bereft of some of the key virtues that grant such wisdom and power. Compared to Dr. Hoffman I am as a "Forest Fire Physician!" - I go charging in under heavy fireproof squirting, raking and shoveling as fast as I can go! I destroy the sh*t out of disease! - I count on guys like the Dr. Hoffman to do the thinking about what I am fighting it with (mostly..) It's good to be me, but he always gave one something to wonder at what it would be like to be...such a divinely down to Earth gentleman.
Dr. Albert Hoffman gave me both a model and a challenge - fantastic ideas I couldn't refuse and also couldn't fail to test to thier limits. I never wrote him a letter. Now I'll have to eat 'ol mushrooms again to see if I can get a message through! I just could never combine cordiality, compliment and question satisfactorily - and certainly never "the" question, the question you would ask the man who concieved the possibility and application amid the ocean that is mind and possiblity (I mean simple, admirable "pharmacognosy" - I'm just too romantic) At this point though, a card that simply said "Good Show!" would have said it all and been better than what I got sent off right? I did always want to say "I'm sorry if I ever seemed like your problem child. Bucking and grabbing; I have hard head and "show me" real bad, a trait no doubt inherited from my feral Scottish and Indian ancestry." I realised I was afraid of the power he showed in synthetic chemistry because I was afraid of all the lesser men unworthy to say then holding up every chemical creation and calling it a grail, hucksters of psychedelic society and religion which are just fantasies really. Second rate synthetics with much less potential and application and many damn dirty and dangerous now flooding our chemist's shelves and drug stores - but there I go a' mourning and this is about celebration and continuation. Ironically, the passing of Dr. Hoffman will give another resurgence to LSD intelligence and application. Let's hope we get another Owsley too. After all Hoffman made it, but Owsley made it for me, and may God bless him always too.
Good night you Great Gentlemen! Great gentlemen of mind and humanity!
Ever pursuing you I remain ~
Swing-set Karl, captain of the "Golden Acres Psychedelic Revolution" (circa '69-'76)
and now in my dotage, common if colorful rural physician.
(Dr. Karl Buchanan, +MD, at Rose Chapel College)

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Posted 06 November 2009 - 08:12 PM

Psilocybes and H1N1/Seasonal Flu Viruses

While psilocybes may be effective in flu and secondary bacterial infections it is important to know that:

- Psilocybes are a one dose high expectation treatment and can only be a part (if a good one!) of your disease resistance strategies. You can not depend on them alone for a number of reasons including tendency for reinfection and need for a continuing "bio-shield" as it were owing to the number of strains flying now.
- Secondary bacterial infection/pneumonia is present in lethal cases and you need more lung support and protection in your strategy.
- Immune related conditions such as rheumatism seem to be a major factor and you need immunomodulation in your strategy - neither to suppress nor over hype, but more controlled and constant.

However you feel about this flu, it's origins and purpose or even forced vaccination doesn't change your need to avoid it and blow it off like shroomerites can - stupid flu is easy and apparently weird flu is too if you stomp it right but - do not believe psilocybes and they alone will suffice you or you could be making a potentially fatal mistake.
Persons feeling sick and using psybes as an immediate "get rid of!" treatment are most welcome and requested to post their experiences on this thread as psilocybes are effective and supportive in this seasons primary and secondary infections - but of course by the individual and "lo-dose" is not advised until proven effective.
"If it's scary, whack hell out of it and take chances later"

OK! Thanks for viewing and contributing to the psilocybe medicine thread! Have a well and safe "shamdemic" Posted Image

BTW - We are whacking it good with reishi, turkey tail and cordyceps mixed in equal portions and using 3 "00" capsules 3 times per day. We are also using common pleurisy root (butterfly weed) extract and so far no significant sickness or pneumonia...I mean not to take thunder or multi-billions from the big shamdemic or anything. Posted Image A lot of our folks also drink colloidial silver too.

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Posted 07 November 2009 - 04:40 AM

Is there some sort of master link that has all of this compiled into one file/text so I can share it with my family and my friends?

This is really interesting stuff.

#59 Guest_DanLarkin_*

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Posted 07 November 2009 - 01:09 PM

Contains the link to the original shroomery thread. Otherwise, this is the new master link. Dr. Buchanan will drop in from time to time; he is currently writing a new article on hepatic encephalopathy and psilocybes... Should be a good one!

Edited by DanLarkin, 07 November 2009 - 01:19 PM.
NOTE: this is Potatocore posting off the gf's iPhone

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Posted 07 November 2009 - 05:18 PM

Contains the link to the original shroomery thread. Otherwise, this is the new master link. Dr. Buchanan will drop in from time to time; he is currently writing a new article on hepatic encephalopathy and psilocybes... Should be a good one!

alright thanks! :bow:

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