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Psilocybe Medicine - Dr. Karl Buchanan

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Posted 07 November 2009 - 07:33 PM


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Posted 20 December 2009 - 01:09 AM

Psilocybes Fight Encephalopathy

I won't be writing this for TEO, just quietly here because I said I would and I would want you to know that psilocybe therapy is good for cleaning and stimulating liver functions and thereby fighting the onset of portal encephalopathy in folks with severely damaged livers - but for tonight, as for the same reason I can't write it for TEO, is because it has become too personal and I'm in a bad way. I just can't.
Barry Eubanks, my "Biker" guy from the Tassili Liberty article is dying. He did get a new lease on life and that for some years but there is just too much damage and he's slipping away. I told myself he wouldn't suffer and that's pretty much true. We sit and look at each other (Leslie and I) and we knew this was going to happen one day, just not quite so soon. Not quite so sudden. I'm sorry for my delay in updating this thread but there are times lately when I feel like I'm crawling to every task. I'm watching something that was noble and beautiful in the earth go away and there is no substitute. No helpful rationalization.
I can't write it as I would have at one time but I can tell you what most of you already know in some way. I want to put the matter in some order that serves more than one goal and expands the way people think about liver conditions as well as toxic trades and bad combinations, but for a little while here I think I'll just be happy for him as he insists it be and be dazed on my own as I really am.
I will, someday soon find that order and relate it then but for now I just want to post Barry dancing, having some fun with Leslie at some blues event they were at a couple years ago. I'm unfit to write and there is no kung fu I know that makes this sort of thing different for me than for any other person. He makes me ashamed that I mourn; he makes me wonder why I'm not such a large soul as he and think I should try harder.
Amidst all the rush and calls and people who cut me off mid-sentence to tell me their thing when I'm just trying to get through and do for him and her what he would want - well. For now, I just wanted to show him as he would want to be shown, eight years after he was told it was over. He sure proved that "other guy" wrong on that. He also rode out to Yellowstone this year and spent some weeks in all he found most true and beautiful and if there is a God I thank him for that.
So enough of me and without further ado, my friend Barry, trying to tell us something important that he knew in his skin:
[broken youtube link] - Evidence of Life! (Barry Eubanks)

I'll be back and add the data when I can think it again.
Best Wishes Always!
Barry & Karl

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Posted 22 December 2009 - 03:49 AM

Three articles I submitted never got posted anywhere, but one of them was essentially introduction and end for a list of psybe responsive conditions. The gist of the article was that all known areas by anyone choosing to look at the matter should be open as so many specific ones are already known. We need to stop re-discovering and move on to more;
medical as well as legislative psilocybe progress has been too slow. I watch people suffer and I watch people die while proponents and opponents dance a unnecessary and ridiculous charade, with more than a primary financial basis. It is a self defeating model.
This seems the same case with all natural sources deemed psychoactive like marijuana irregardless of well known benefits and direct need. Most often the benefits are superior and not substitutable or synthetically reproduceable. Hoffman's psilocin effort is an exception as are some of the opiate source narcotics. Don't give up the originals though, keep a wealthy shelf that you may answer in a handsome fashion.

Alright then, here is the list with a few cautionary notes:

Alzheimers - The right patient and establishing the right adjusting protocol as well as concommitants with some experience are essential. Wrong use here is risk.
Anaphylaxis - Slower onset but lasting effect useful in some responces
Arthritis - Rheumatoid & Osteo + + + +!
Ascariasis - Parasites don't much like it
Audial Deficiency - This is true in some conditions but most often the benefit is of limited duration. Still well worth the duration I would think. (Stamets has tried to cause interest here for years)
Autoimmune Diseases - Many, perhaps most and again it takes some experience to call that and establish a protocol. One of the iron sails on the psybe boat for commercial/mainstream is the requirement for knowledge, attention and individual dosing. It is not a one pill for everyone device.
Bacterioenteritis - Whacko! Some reactions (like volcanic shi**ing) may occur and are an awful echo of the "vomiting out the sickness" talk of the curanderas/'os.
Bacterium dentrificans - Another whacko! with high expectation and typically lasting benefit
Bronchitis - and most resperatory conditions to some degree. Strains like p. tampanensis and p. cyanescens are more notable in this respect
Bursitis - +!
Cardiac insufficiency/irregularity - Most cases some benefit and the benefits here variable to condition and patient. Requires some experience and sensitivity in establishing protocol.
Degenerative Disk Disease - Slows progress dramatically especially if caught early. Psilocybes used with any regularity preventative with good diet and self care.
Drug Addiction - Yuck! I hate this whole bucket of tripe! Psychological-schmycological. I did say in the published article "The Groff people stand on a pile of sand...always did."
The core is that when all the christmas lights and crystals fall back off Olympus Castle to return to the dust from whence they came and you realize that the beauty is within you and around you or it was simply an incidence of brainwashing. If we don't make that crucial realization (I might've said synthesis) then we've achieved little more than a good trip.
Endocrine disorders generally - A primary medical classification of the psilocybe is endocrine. Wide margin of benefit and with sensitive dosing, safety.
Farmer's Lung - Variiable according to specific pathogen and individual from helpful to curative.
Gonorrhea - Requires high dose as with the commercial Rocephin or Levaquin. Less Harmful...
Hepatitis - As anitviral and endocrine as well as precursors.
HIV/AIDS - NOT as a psychological (one gets that anyway) but again as primarily antiviral and endocrine.
Hyper and hypoadrenalism as in cushings and others - Benefit expectation variable by condition and in effect.
Intracellular accumulations - limited but wonderful
Jaundice - i.e. the Liver tonic effect as well as ocular benefit. Any liver condition requires experience and often step-up dosing and other detoxification, protective measures. Crisis symptoms and negative side effects can increase at higher doses in the compromised liver.
Leukemia - Requires more complete protocol though hiigh expectation
Lymphodema - Traumatic and otherwise, though we typically nurse them down some with gentler protocols and include psilocybes especially in cases of suspected cancer or infection. Effects +++! Be gentle.
Melanoma - As part of a complete protocol and requires specific experience
Methicillin resistant Staph infections - A primary and very effective responce. Requires monitoring and usually supportive protocol.
Strep infections - Primary, has been effective at doses as low as .5 gm per 50lbs body weight in otherwise healthy person. Better safe than sorry and all infections should dose moderately to high as tolerated.
Most of the current !BioWarfare! top ten - Not just the infectious diseases either with other protocols. Psilocybes are powerful detoxifyers however use in these areas requires specific knowledge as some poisons are too quickly spread and shot through one like lightning as part of the psilocybe effect.
Mycobacteriosis - Also as a concommitant in more complete protocols and severe cases.
Necrotizing faciitis - This is caused by the flesh eaters and there is more than antibacterial/viral benefit. Wound healing will be quicker and scarring will be less.
Neuritis - Nerve anti-inflammatory
Neuralgia - Nerve pain pill
Neuropathy - Nerve "food" towards protection and recovery.
Ocular surgery and trauma - requires specific knowledge in more severe cases and is not often given until healing has already begun.
Obsessive/Compulsive - limited and requires specialized and more complete protocol for optimal use and period of effects.
Organicity, cerebreo - Specific cases
Protein diseases - A primary remedial
Retinitis - Typically lo-dose responcive with lasting benefit.
Schizoform disorders - Some with limited benefit window.
Some Psychological symptoms - As above.
Tuberculosis - Whacko! Continuous and more complete treatment advised.
Urinary tract and Bladder infections - Effective but a lot for a simple condition.
Warthin's tumors - Salivary gland tumors. (See? I bet you knew that somehow when you thought it if you've eaten them.)
Wound healing - Beautiful in all aspects. Double quick, double clean in the well managed patient.
On infections generally - One should note that the high expectation/impact should not be considered completely sufficient. A number of infectious conditions require contiuing treatment.

Longer list certainly now of what are suspected to be virus based conditions - I will edit this to include more conditions that are now suspect of being virus based. I was describing a broad field above that had enough and better known virus entries.

Okay! That ought to keep your cogs occupied for awhile and be worth my keep. I did want to mention that while I seem a poor fan of the mental health side as it is that this in no way means that I detract from more true and other benefits in those realms that few ever seem to mention but that most seem to know. Even Gordon Wasson said "Yes. There's something to that." (heh)

Best Wishes Always!

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Posted 25 December 2009 - 12:07 AM

Yes i too have medicinal purposes in the mushrooms...
i had a feevr of 102 on for the past few days.. i was alittle sketyed out about dosin but i figured it might help me out and kill the nasty symptoms i had... sure enough i am coming down but i am not sick anymore ... it was very unconfortable after an hour of dosein and then i started to realize what life is about love spirtuality and family... i have come to say no too synthetics ... they are ruining lives left and right i am dealin with a situation in my own family (heartbreaking) I want to dose them though and maybe they will snap out of this stubborn outlook on life and be more outgoing with every breath .. but mushrooms dosin while i was sick wasnt the best trip but i wouldnt regret it !!:headbang:

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Posted 25 December 2009 - 12:19 AM

Hey good luck with reaching out to your "stubborn" one - hope they get happy with you and leave the bad shit behind. Being ok and happy is the best revenge...

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Posted 29 December 2009 - 01:16 PM

Don't know if this one actually belongs here or on a GMM medical thread but I submit it anyway. I actually submitted it for a GMM journal but FMRC put it in the "TEO" journal last Feb? - all good w/ me.

Tassili Pediocracy:
“Cave Kids Rule!”
This article is necessarily a part of the “Tassili Medicine” series though this is all I’ve got about psilocybes and the pre-teen population; “Of course not! Are ya damaged?!” Even if I thought psilocybes were a last chance saloon to save the life of a child I believe I’d use “de-magifying” concomitants and even consider inducing drowsiness/light sleep for the duration. But that is why this article is necessarily part of the Tassili series because without cave children, there’d be no boneheads today. Fortunately I have never even had to consider such a situation, and though I won’t rule it out there are several steps to rule out
along the way before we begin to entertain ideas that are such choices of
“lesser evils”

I am pretty sure there are still plenty of “Mushroom Experts” spouting years of superstition, old wives and their spook tales about children and mushrooms. None of these opinions seems to be offered by a physician and they have absolutely no real foundation in practical medical fact or biological chemistry. A situation where the speculation of someone wholly unqualified to even guess is taken (has been taken) as scientific and medical fact. Add to this that all the superstitions seem to be a simple situation of “paranoid parroting” – repeating what one has heard because it sounded authoritative and low risk. “nefrandi non grata” (nefrandi means that place where the sun don’t shine?)

We just had another “That baby was sick!” situation and so I thought I’d finally get around to inviting some of these people to spend their time demonstrating these things or perhaps just shut up, because mushrooms have done more than keep our pediatric patients alive or get them out of the flu quicker. A couple of examples in fact?

“Lakota Mushroom Eater – It’s just food…” First use age: 2.5 yrs
I first met Lakota fleeing the threat of seizure and enforced savagery. He had been playing around the house and fallen, his poor little hand finding the wood stove at that time of year when they are never cool. Taken to such a “big deal” hospital in Springfield (none the less!) it was the opinion of someone who makes a lot of money operating on children that Lakota just had to have a thigh-to-hand skin graft. Lakota’s parents didn’t like that idea and so they were informed that the hospital would just seize their child and surgically savage their baby anyway – legally. So, being just dumb hillbillies they left and came back home with little more than a almost horror story to tell. If you looked at his hand now, you would not believe his story, because you cannot tell that anything ever but angel kisses happened to that hand, it has no blemish or scar. God and this kid both impressed me there in fact. But his mushroom eating began more like this – everyone else in the family was getting well while he was still suffering flu, his dad held a capsule in his hand mentally saying “It’s just food. It’s just food.” and Lakota has been a mushroom and wild food beneficiary ever since because he of course did get rapidly better, and connects these foods to not being sick. I mean no one has to tell him or hold his nose, he will come looking for it and tell you. He has seen two ways of having illness and chosen one he likes better. It’s such a blessing when they are adamant about something good.

“Charlie Breathes” (and plays football) First use Age: 6 yrs
Charlie was in and out of the other doctor’s office like a revolving door and had inhalers kept everywhere he went. His blessing was a mother who didn’t like that, she just didn’t know there was anything else to do.
Now Charlie only really eats mushrooms when he is sick because the few weeks he ate them for his allergy and breathing problems apparently gave his body just enough adaptability opportunity that he outgrew the allergies that were the basis of his breathing problems. The boy who could hardly run and play jumps on the trampoline and plays football at school – one little thing in the way of everything else about him, but not anymore. Because I told his mom “No, drop those damned inhalers” and she found out in the case of her son that was exactly right.

Now, “Hunter 10 months”
I didn’t get to pick for Hunter, somebody else did. Somehow
after years of seeing it with their eyes and holding it in their hands some
people don’t feel they need to call us every time for everything. When the
secular MD said “Oh it will have to run it’s course.” In seasons where
pneumonia and flu related deaths are a risk in children, that kid’s friends
said “No, I don’t think so” and since Susan had a bag of mushrooms with her, the only thing I was for was telling all about it and yet again, how great God’s things are when we appreciate them and handle them correctly. Child mortality exceeded national levels last flu season and so far there have been 4 direct deaths this year so I think they felt that “other guy” was a little callous about it. There are other cases and applications as well as a few rules, like the Simmons kids, sickle cell and leukemia but I’m just turning the light on
here. (see below)

I must confess it does delight me – that they gain knowledge
and confidence, that they can act “bravely” in love for each other and in that also do it well. We have had some effect on at least some of our people that God might approve of. (Heathens still won’t go to college though…heathens)

So the next time some misguided ghoul or profiteering pedi-monster stands up and starts spouting about the “cheeldren!” you at least can sit back and say “Well, not mine.” Because if they don’t have the condition or illness that renders them meat for morons then they are better off on two counts, and the ever belching ocean of “Dr. Spocks” see their waves “smashed to spumed and shattered graves” against the rocks of simple dietary defense. Because you have to protect your kid from some doctors these days it seems, lucrative and plentiful little ‘taters that they are. Personally, I’ve never offered any of them knife or needle. I as loathe to be invasive with them as they are to be rudely invaded upon and they like that I have found better ways to avoid it.

That’s quality in medicine and health, not running your child through a chicken pot pie machine in the ugly effort to imitate and sell it, indeed force it, under threat of “child welfare”. (Barbarous!) I love their little kingdom, their blessed society - where doctors have to be polite and good too.

So you see, being a stupid tit on purpose has no rewards when it comes to parenting or protecting your little companion; acting like one so others will know “You are OK TOO!” can have a grim price. It’s no Tassili world out there anymore, so one has to be even more careful. (Indeed, I’m sure the real Tassili N’Ajer is much more dangerous now than when it was just wild carnivores and cave people...) One has to have a little impetus and fortitude to search these things out and remember that the motto in America has always been “Buyer Beware”, though that was said over two hundred years ago so how wary now? Also note how the desire for a second opinion in our country has been conveniently
twisted to “Negligence!” – owing to all the financial beneficiaries.

The !child illness! and cancer center around here is called “Momma’s kitchen” and thank God for little things - and that they do so well when you feed them. Indeed, children seem to respond 2 or 3 times better to accurate biological medicine. They are so fresh and resilient – so naturally inclined. I’m blessed with parents who don’t expect me to do dreadful things to their kid so that they can feel better. So are the kids.

Now Charlie can throw the football, Lakota can tie a string to it and use it for some treehouse contraption, Hunter 10 months can behold it all and dream and I can put my feet back up and think “Well, at least that’s still right in the world.”

Best Wishes Always!
Yours in the “Natural State” ~
Dr. Karl Buchanan

Addendum / Children & Mushrooms
With regard to single use and combinations of Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum,Cordyceps (Cordyceps sinensis), Turkey tail (Coreolus versicolor), Maitake (Grifola frondosa), Shittake (Lentenula edodes) and Cracked cap (Philenus rimosus)

Children typically respond very well to amounts that would be less adequate, pound for pound, in the
adult. Concomitants are recommended to optimize therapeutic benefit and
decrease any potential side effects. They aren’t necessary though and only about 50% of my peds use them with any regularity. The easiest for them? 1/3 doses of “Essiac” or any detox tea that has “kid herbs” and lacks adult ones – check health food store.

Vitamin C – Potentiating!
Incidences of epistaxis (nosebleed) from excessive vitamin c, a harmless but slightly alarming side effect avoided by decreasing the usual Vit C dose by half. Again – incidence of nosebleed or slight blood in urine are NOT a big deal and immediately resolve on removing Vit. C completely. I never really considered extra vitamin C necessary but I have used it when they were really “worn out” with being sick and dehydrating – your call, but use caution and don’t panic.

Regarding therapy for sickle cell crisis prevention
This benefit will endure some, so if you are just preventing sickle cell misery one dose every other day should do fine. In fact, though I think a combination is better, “reishi” alone should provide this benefit adequately. If you want to add one to that, add cordyceps.

Prothrombin time – anyone eating reishi, wood ears and some of the other mushrooms will have increased clot time; again, don’t panic. The increase in prothrombin time (blood clotting) is not that significant EXCEPT perhaps in the already hemopheliac patient.
Mushrooms though do not make the hemophelia worse, regular precautions with these folks still apply and they are used to them. They would laugh at your clotting concerns!

Remember, it’s mostly by weight and severity of condition. Allergy relief doesn’t take as much as Anthrax!

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Posted 03 May 2010 - 10:31 PM

Tassili Pathology:
"March of the Superbugs!"
There aren't many people by now who haven't heard of Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, otherwise known as "MRSA". It's a rather tough little bacterium that can cause just a slew of hard to treat conditions in the human being. But to say "Methicillin-resistant" or "Oxacillin-resistant" etc. is actually misleading; the more accurate would be "multidrug-resistant".

But not as many people know that the term "Superbug" can be applied, at least at this point, to at least eleven major infectious and potentially lethal bacteria. It's a list quite literally from head to toe, appetite to out, heart, lungs and brain. Against these evolving little killers current commercial antibiotics continue toward failure.

When the so-called "Super Bugs!" became the second leading cause of death worldwide I thought "Well, everybody said.." and I checked myself as well to see what I thought of these recent rises and emerging boogers. But there hasn't been any change in the bugs that the psilocybes would notice I don't believe? As far as that goes they might as well not have bothered to evolve at all except for the simple realities of the population/situation.

A "SuperBug" by definition is any strain that has developed resistance to it's current conventional antibiotic such as Stapylococcus aureus strains and dicloxacillin, methicillin, nafcillin, oxacillin, the cephalosporins & etc.
One gets to be a SuperBug via Natural Selection acting on Random Mutation, being Engineered through the application of Evolutionary Stress on a population, by acquiring strengths via Horizontal Genetic Transfer from another bacteria, Conjugation, Transduction, Transformation or even by being induced through Laboratory Protocols.

However each gains the status, they are rising more and more while we keep throwing stuff at them and it only makes the problem worse. They effect resistance in a frighteningly short time now as well. The list of "people at risk" continues to grow to include college students, military personel, athletes, Diabetics, Elderly, Children, Immuno-compromised people and more.

So with a better idea of the SuperBugs and their versatility as well as their virulence let's briefly list a few:
(Sub-classifications of these such as "community acquired", "institutionally acquired" are more vector related names than biological characteristics. So the one you've heard of is probably here...)

1) Staphylococcus aureus
A CDC study published in JAMA in 2007 (10/17) estimated MRSA as respocible for 94,360 serious infections and 18,650 hospital stay-related deaths in 2005. This suggests that MRSA infections alone kill more people in the US each year than AIDS.
*Some livestock can get it but not have symptoms and can in some circumstances transmit it to humans. Always treat all sick animals and consider preventive treatment in pigs and to a lesser extent cattle and poultry.
2&3) Streptococcus pyogenes & pneumoniae
- Responcible for flesh-eating strains, pneumonia, bacteremia, otitis media, menengitis, sinusitis, peritonitis, arthritis, ?
4) Enterococcus faecium (VRE, LRE)
5) E-Coli - some strains more dangerous than others
6) Mycobacterium tuberculosis
7) Pseudomonas aeruginosa
8) Salmonella
9) Acinetobacter baumannii
10) Campylobacter
11) Clostridium difficile - the diarrhea to death disease? Cipro and Levaquin don't do much...

OK - that nasty enough? Here we go - at some length - the four main ways these critters get around us are:

1) Alteration of Metabolic Pathway - Some can adapt/utilize other precursors
2) Reducing Drug Accumulation - Some can keep drugs from permeating or "pump" it off the cell surface
3) Drug Modification/Inactivation - Enzymes to deactivate in the case of Penicillin G and some who can create their own beta-lactamases.
4) Alteration of Target Site - that is, the binding target site of penicillins - in MRSA and others (P resistant)

So there are a lot of critterrs and a lot of variables as well as a lot of conditions resultant. Get out the paper hats and fluted glasses anyway - there is one weapon we do have already that covers all of those bases, and is very broad spectrum. Isn't that remarkable? (Still!) The "Wondrous Mushroom" does more factually in the blood than in all the fancies of mind. The psilocybe genera mushrooms remain, from time immemorial, a top broad spectrum antibiotic against such very creatures as these. They remain easy to rapidly produce in viable forms, faster than most other medical species. They also continue to address a number of other conditions handsomely, but they can literally be called the "Wondrous Antibiotic" - the only one that also gives life.

Not only working much faster than current antibiotics, the "Wondrous Antibiotic" is a one-dose high expectation treatment, but is also flexible according to it's parameters. It not only affects the bacteria, it helps "prop up" the respiratory and other systems for a better fight and a better ride. Many of it's beneficial effects are residual. In tandem with other daily use mushrooms and phytomedicals the best front line still goes to this Garden we dwell in and all it's wonders.

So, as we all face a very "thick" future with Lord know's what swirling in the air, the water, the dirt and even the food just remember our ancient friends, made by the same which made our enemies.

Best Wishes Always!

Yours in the "Natural State",
Dr. Karl Buchanan

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Posted 13 June 2010 - 11:31 AM

Whjile this is not an article, I got a letter about Endometriosis and thought it might help others as well if I cut out the personals. (These folks are on contact now so they aren't just winging it...FYI...but with endo they probably could and do just fine)

Hello Dr. Buchan*n,
I've been enjoying reading many of your articles this past week and the seemingly miraculous benefits of psilocybes in treating so many difficult medical disorders is truly fascinating to me.
I have a female friend who is 23 and has had a condition called endometriosis for several years now. I'm not a doctor and don't know if you're familiar with that and its hard for me to explain, but basically she has lesions and tumors on and around her ovaries as a result of metriotic cells introverting from her uterus into other parts of her body. This has resulted in at least 2 large 'chocolate' tumors (dead blood inside) that burst and hospitalized her.
Psilocybes have been proven effective in treating infections, inflammation, and tumors, but are you aware of any specific instances in which they've helped patients with endometriosis?
Your advice would be wholeheartedly appreciated. I'm sick to death of seeing my very close friend contaminate herself with RX opiates and SSRIs.
Thank you & rock on, Doc!
Yes ~ your poor friend definitely has the "untreatable condition" which is usually only abated by menopause. No, I have not yet nor do I know of anyone who has used psilocybes to treat endo. That said, I don't see how they would not at least help...
Psilocybes will help with immunomodulation, they should help with the pain (and I'd like to know if they didn't, because I'd be surprised) and they may help to get rid of weaker cells that can begin the cause of some problems.
Has she ever tripped before?
What if anything is she taking besides the opiates and an ssri?
She may not "trip" as it were at all, but the pain relief effect still works in spite of the ssri in my experience. (I am thinking specifically of "Effexor" and diabetic neuralgia)
So young to suffer so much.
The other GMM's like reishi, maitake, oysters should help to keep it under some control if she eats them regularly too. "Essiac" tea helps as well but don't pay big $$ for it! It is all over the internet in prices from $30 pint to $5 a gallon - **** - "Flor Essence" which is really pretty lousy.

Does your friend have much bleeding? I would like to know about any presence or degree of:
nausea, vomiting, fainting, dizzy spells,
frequent or constant menstrual flow
chronic fatigue
heavy or long uncontrollable menstrual periods with small or large blood clots
mood swings
extreme pain in legs and thighs
back pain
mild to extreme pain during intercourse
ovarian cysts
pain from adhesions
extreme pain with or without the presence of menses
premenstrual spotting
mild to severe fever
hypoglycemia (low blood sugar)

Mushrooms like reishi increase pro-thrombin time and so this is why I ask about the when/how much/how long of the bleeding as I sometimes have to get that under control first and then add mushrooms in patients with internal bleeding of any sort.

Ha! I apologize! You wrote for an opinion and I sent back a homework assignment!

I really do think that she could benefit from psilocybe use if all the other cards are in place and with endo....I'd be satisfied if she could be more pain free and less feeling physically and mentally "poisoned" all the time. When they are so young it usually means they have some heavy symptoms as well so my heart goes out there...

OK! Hope that helps a little and if you can send me more info I'll try to offer some more specific helpers and ways. Psilocybes will NOT make her condition worse and if anything may help more than we realize at this time, especially in combination with other naturals.

Interestingly enough research is now looking at immunomodulation as a treatment for Endo....about time.

Best Wishes!
I hope you will let me know what she thinks and if she considers trying them at any dose!

Got back:
The length and detail of your email is much appreciated, as a 'homework assignment' is exactly what I'm after. And I suppose, a science project as well.
She came over last night. It was a 'bad night' for her. She was in some pretty brutal pain and came over to watch some cartoons and get her mind of things. I read your email to her and asked her the questions. She's very grateful for your help thus far.
She is taking 100mg of pristiq a day, .5 to 1.5 mg of xanax as needed, and im not sure exactly how much percoset.
Yes, she has tripped before. More on LSD, I think, which I believe should be stronger, correct? So I doubt psilocybes would negatively affect her much.
She does 'bleed' when she's not menstruating, but its only when she's in severe pain and (nevermind the details o' that...)
She's experienced all the symptoms you mentioned at one time or another but the most frequent and bothersome are depression/anxiety, back pain, mood swings, internal pain especially during intercourse (I think that may be what made the tumors burst the first time) and migraine headaches, which she's apparently been getting botox injections for? Not sure how that's beneficial. She says she's never felt faint but does get dizzy sometimes.
Oh, and do you think you could give me your definition of immunomodulation? I've read about it a bit but still don't quite understand.

Yup, I think she can do a lot better...

The psybes should also help w/ the headaches - I would do that as a hot tea like the clusterbuster folks do. For the fastest onset we use hot water or pre-frozen ice pieces dissolved in lemon juice for about 10 minutes.

<<I was briefly checking out your website while her and I were chatting last night and I see that there are some people in your 'co-op' offering spores and cultures for a lot of GMM's. What do reishi, shittake, and other GMM's mostly grow on? Wood, right? Ah, come to think of it, I can just look all that up.>>

Wood chips and sawdust - if you have a sawmill around there, that is the best place.

<<If I was able to locate some psilocybe mushrooms, how much do you think she should have, and how frequently?>>

Up to her and at least once a month or as tolerated. I think once a month would give her a lot of symptom reduction but with her there will be:
1) Degree of pain relief from regular trip
2) How long the relief stays after the trip (hours, days,?)
3) How much the SSRI prevents her from the pretty colored side effects - short term users say they don't trip. Some long term users say they do as they think they have adjusted to the medication. Stopping the Pristiq 48 hours before tripping for color should help a lot and what if these can just take care of the need for that and she doesn't need the pristiq anymore? I'd be could happen...

But certainly she doesn't have to start "1/2 Gm" - if she has tripped then 2-3 should be good and give you some idea about the pristiq. Just remember that the effects will definitely be stronger without it if she stops taking it a couple days before. Wish she didn't have to take it at all...

<<Oh, and do you think you could give me your definition of immunomodulation? I've read about it a bit but still don't quite understand.>>

That's because people don't use it consistently and I'm as bad as they are....
Half the time I mean turning things down and the other half I mean turning things up but MOST of the time I mean both.
There are over 200 body responces/functions that are called "the immune system". Some we do want to turn down (like the over-mass production of tumor necrosis factor which can harm us) and some we want to turn up (Like macrophagic activity against infection)
Mushrooms, wonderfully, seem to do these things in a nearly perfect fashion for us to the extent one would believe in intelligent design. They turn down the right things and turn up the right things making that part easier on us. All we have to do is "mix the flavors" for what we need.
So most of the time that is what I really mean to say - immunomodulation is causing a complex set of responces that generally benefit our recovery without throwing us into reaction.

The essiac works synergistically physically and chemically to enhance and add to those benefits. Most folks we start on this combo find they will be considering it a part of thier regular diet as it has other benefits.

A grave error of modern medicine is the determination to have a one-pill answer for everything. It has only led to shoddy treatment and shi**y drugs.

<< I've got to help her get this under control. Apparently the metriotic cells can spread to her spine and brain, and if she's having migraines, that could possibly already be underway. I think she may have had these problems for about... 5 years.>>

I completely agree - damage control in these cases is very important because she will age to the point that this will subside and she wants all her body with her then as well.
I do think she will be able to benefit from the things we've been talking about and I'll ask in that specialty about other current biological helpers as well.

Best Wishes!

OK! 'till next time.... :rasta:

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#69 curenado



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Posted 14 June 2010 - 08:26 PM

Just found this online. The articles he is referring to are the "Tassili Medicine" series of these psilocybe articles:

<< I used the articles in a college paper, got an A for actually doing something besides weed, and also for going beyond cluster headache treatment. Gave a copy of all the papers xxxxxxxx to the guy too, for he was really into it being a young professor who no doubt eats them. >>

What kind of love notes do you think he got for that A, and MOSTLY for pushing that envelope! I told him "You PUSH that envelope!"

Thought it was pretty cool. Made my day!
Here's to better futures in medicine!

(Whoops! Now some other folks will have to start claiming they knew all along and putting lots of papers on their website of other people's homework so they can keep raising money for "doctors" salaries! Heh..)

All "up the mediocrity!" aside - that he was able to score that A made my day...:rasta:

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Posted 14 June 2010 - 11:13 PM

I do hope this thread turns into a book.
If you need any help transcribing more notes..

#71 curenado



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Posted 14 June 2010 - 11:14 PM

Actually here I think they just get dumped. I will Erk ~ thanks!

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Posted 16 June 2010 - 06:59 PM

Actually here I think they just get dumped. I will Erk ~ thanks!

Not dumped cure, tagged for vaults. :cool:

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Posted 16 June 2010 - 09:32 PM

I'm going to have to get a better monitor! Some great reading here, but after a couple posts my eyes are just hangin' out of thier socket.

Well I suppose I could make pdf's and zoom in..

Anyway, Curenado, thanks for sharing these insights with us.

#74 mycobri


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Posted 16 June 2010 - 10:03 PM

Keep up the good work curenado :thumbup:

#75 Digital Phoenix

Digital Phoenix

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Posted 17 June 2010 - 07:03 PM

Phenomenal amount of work deserves at least a +1 rep. Keep it up doc. How much research have you done concerning ADD or ADHD?

#76 curenado



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Posted 17 June 2010 - 11:55 PM

Unfortunately not much. I have had a family want the cordyceps/maitake antidepressant effects for their 8 year old, but his situation was transitory and related to dislocation and culture shock. If it is more complex then it goes to specialty.

That is not to say that there are not people working on it - it's out of my fields. I am primarily Infectious/Emerging Infectious diseases and we get a lot of chronic, debilitating & terminal.

My awareness of endo comes from the immune theory and cellular apoptosis. i.e. therapeutic agents that go everywhere including crossing the blood-brain barrier (ahhhhh!)

By all expectations - theoretically - the psilocybe part of the above should facilitate and amplify the body's ability to make war on the offending cells eventually resolving them - theoretically.

But medicine in the flesh is rarely the chemistry on the paper because when any substance encounters it, it also encounters a unique biochemial environment. Almost all drug creation efforts start out with a theory that is later revised by the effects of the agent in actual testing. (That said, I'm right, and we'll see....neat every time!)

My final thought about ADD/ADHD is that if I were going to pursue it I would look at microdose situations first - if the microdose shows no relevance then the risk or desirability of pursuing further would need to be reconsidered.
I don't like the idea of pre-teens and psybes anything at all, but under some circumstances I suppose it might be plausable and a fool says no/never only to be proven wrong.... (That said...)
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Posted 18 June 2010 - 12:24 AM

Every day for 120 days, just before sleep, I ate one matchstick-sized dried cubensis, amazon strain. I honestly don't know where to begin describing the changes that precipitated. For one, I used to be allergic to chicken before that. But, subjectively, I think different, better.

what more evidence do we need?

#78 curenado



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Posted 18 June 2010 - 12:36 AM

Andrew Weil said LSD cured his allergy to cats. He tripped and noticed later that he was not allergic to them anymore.
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Posted 18 June 2010 - 09:50 AM

I do hope this thread turns into a book.
If you need any help transcribing more notes..

Word! A book or article summing up your experience of psilocybes for medicine would be awesome, Curenado. There are many people outside of the OMC who might benefit from this but who would most likely never read this thread. Nice formatting and some graphics in a pdf for download and printing? But yeah, it's easy for us to suggest new work tasks for you. :) BTW, this thread might also be of interest to you Best wishes, Om

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Posted 18 June 2010 - 12:55 PM

I read that.
I know someone who is trying to see how well it helps her schizoform symptoms and so far so good. As long as a person is taking some vitamins/minerals, drinking plenty of water and eating good things I don't think most people would stack at .5/day and I hear it more and more. All that do take thiers in the morning as well.
Tolerance levels will be different. Someone like crazie's metabolism handled 1.5gm/day and it helped. I would think most folks would begin to stack at those levels, and some would benefit but need the supplementary support as well.
That's the first psych case like that I have read about where someone was taking multiple doses/day for bi-polar.
I hear a lot of good things from people about bi-polar and schizoform symptoms but never get to follow up long term.
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