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Psilocybe Medicine - Dr. Karl Buchanan

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Posted 22 December 2010 - 12:29 PM

..... one nite while particularly depressed about it I decided to eat some shrooms and pray for an answer. Well that answer came in the form of a steady healthy rhythymn the next morning.And continues to work whenever my heart rate becomes erratic,5-7 g after the kids go to bed and I wake up great

After a long hiatus from this board, I've jumped back onto the wagon to comment on a recent discovery that I think is worthy to pass on. Many people have AFIB...can't remember the actual numbers, but that's immaterial.
What I discovered was this, and it coincides with the above quotes from a 2009 post, that shroom ingestion and meditation does in fact restore the heart to a normal, evenly paced rhythm. I have had chronic AFIB for 3 years now. Have had several cardioversions, have had a pacemaker implant, have been on every rhythm med there is and have even gone through round one of a pulmonary vein ablation procedure - and I say round one because it didn't work. Oftentimes, one has to go through a few before it does the trick. I've since lost my job and health insurance so surgery is no longer an option at this time.
Anyway, in June of this year, 6 months after the ablation, I decided to stop taking the prescribed meds. Within a few days, I was in full-blown AFIB and felt like crap most of the time. Very dizzy, faint, breathing issues, etc. I went back on the meds until I ran out and couldn't refill the script (again, no insurance).
WELL, WELL, WELL, hubby and I decided to shroom one saturday night (I have tons of dried in the freezer, TONS) and low and behold, I haven't had an irregularity since!!! It's a friggin' miracle I tell you!!! Additionally, I have been getting into metaphysics, meditation, you know - self-discovery stuff. I am convinced that our capabilities to cure ourselves are endless once we reach that state of 'awakening'. I hope many more people out there will realize that shrooms are multi-faceted and can be a powerful remedy for more ailments than we're probably aware of. :heartbeat Throw in a side-dish of meditation and spirit-healing and you're all set. At least it works for me....
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