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Absinthe INFO [merged]

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#21 hayatoj


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Posted 09 December 2005 - 07:53 PM

ive had a friend order it from germany. you have to insure your shipping which is like 80 dollars but its well worth it. you gotta get it shipped by fed x and insure it. if not you drink can get seized and youll lose your money. so just get the best shipping and get it insured. it took a friend of mine 2-3 times of getting it seized b4 the absinthe got here in the usa.

#22 drgonzo1969



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Posted 10 December 2005 - 04:55 PM

you should check out they say they will refund the full price if your order gets seized. Also, they are located in the UK and from what i have gathered it is much cheaper to ship from the UK. I found few Vendors in germany and all of their shipping prices were 50+ and sometime $80. Whereas the shipping prices from the UK were only $30. It is still rather pricey but I am ready to pay.

#23 obscured by clouds

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Posted 10 December 2005 - 08:01 PM

Check this thread out, LINK

Highly recommend

#24 Chen & Barley

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Posted 21 December 2005 - 10:53 AM

I dont think its for me, taste like ass, bitch
im rick james, bitch

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Posted 05 February 2006 - 03:21 AM

I seen a post or 2 about this, and just figured id share what it took alot of time and money for me to learn. First off, if you want absinthe, GOOD absinthe theres really only 1 country that makes absinthe worth getting IMO, Switzerland. I think it was about a year ago when switzerland.. who had banned absinthe completely for the last 100 years or so, totally lifted the ban. Now i had always heard from reliable absinthe enthusiasts that if you want the good stuff, try to get your hands on the stuff that the bootleggers peddle in switzerland. This stuff was going for near 400$ a bottle, and wasnt easy at all to get. But when this ban was lifted one of the biggest and most well-known illegal distributors was the first to get a liscense to sell the stuff. Currently Switzerland also allows high levels of thujone in their absinthe (the highest in 100 years), i hear its near double or triple what was legally available anywhere else. The brand is "Le Clandestine", its a clear absinthe as are most all swiss absinthes, but dont let this throw you off as absinthe isnt naturally green anyway.. all that is added coloring, for some reason people want their absinthe green. It goes for about 100$ a bottle, and take it from me the stuff is good. It doesnt take much at all before your feeling strong effects of the herbs. Dont expect to trip, it will make colors more vivid.. but its the "lucidity" and the way thought and conversation seems to flow so freely, it does wonders on creativity as well. Im a painter and this stuff is a godsend.

Ive bought several bottles, and I know a reliable vendor that is amazingly prompt and clever about how they get it to you. Do not worry about getting in trouble for buying it, the worse that can happen is your bottle can be confiscated. Absinthe is not a controlled substance, its like when you try to bring an apple across the border from mexico.. they will just make u throw it away not arrest you for it. Its not illegal to possess, only illegal to sell. Your bottle will not get confiscated if you order from these guys though and ill tell you why. Its not crossing any borders, the package will arrive within days surprisingly, a guy in a car brought mine.. some company id never heard of, definately not ups lol. On the front under contents it says "printed matter", and the origin of the package seems to be a warehouse in new york, so the way i figure it. They just keep a load of it over here already, and when you order from the guys in europe they just send it out from their warehouse here in the states. BTW they DO guarantee delivery, if you dont get your bottle they will send you another one. Ill provide a link below.

I just want to touch on a few more things, if your not up for spending around 100$ for good absinthe. There is a very viable alternative. I dont know if any of you have heard of a liquor of france called "Chartreuse" but this is a very wonderful alternative to absinthe.. and i very reluctantly say alternative because I happen to like it just as fact im enjoying some right now, the effects are much different though.Where absinthe is a much heavier, vivid experience that APPROACHES psychadelic (and if the taste for it is not acquired, quite frankly tastes awful). Chartreuse is a great tasting liquor, with a very very strong mood enhancing quality.. it puts a smile on my face every time, everything just seems spiffy..your thoughts flow so fluidly.. a small glass of it can turn a bad day great. Just be sure not to drink too much of it at once, as the alchahol will overtake the herbs effects.. and the hangover from it is a bitch. I was mentioning earlier about how absinthe isnt naturally green,in fact.. no liquor is naturally green, save for one.. funny enough Chartreuse, hell its even named after the color Chartreuse right? Wrong... The color Chartreuse actually is named after this liquor. The story behind the stuff is quite interesting as well. In the 1500's during some war a soldier visited the carthusian monks in france.. and gave them a recipe to make a fabled alchemical elixir known as "Aqua Vitae" or "Waters of Life", the monks happily took it and its said it took them 20 years to decipher the process and get it right. When they did they began selling it as a medicine of sorts in 1605 as "The elixir of long life" .. kind of a cure-all, well it eventually evolved into a liquor. I can see why they called it the elixir of long life.. drinking this stuff definately decreases your chances of wanting to kill yourself, and overall makes u feel like a million bucks.. cant be bad for the lifespan. If any of you have read Poppy Z. Brite she seems to love the stuff, in fact she cant shutup about it. As a handful of other authors.Konstantinos, an author of occult books is quite an avid chartreuse drinker himself, Its how he spoke so highly of it that persuaded me to try it.. and I was glad I did. He intentionally understated how good it was not to build great expectations. I hope thats what im acheiving here as well.Let me show you what it says on the back of the bottle =P

"CHARTREUSE is made only by Carthusian Monks of La Grande Chartreuse near Grenoble, France. CHARTREUSE today is still made from 130 alpine herbs according to an ancient 1605 formula. The secret method of preparation is shared by three Carthusian brothers and is protected by vows of silence. CHARTREUSE is sold in America as a green or yellow liqueur,the latter being the sweeter and milder, Each type is also available in a rare V.E.P. The only liqueur to have a color named after it CHARTREUSE is also famous for flavor and fragrance totally unexpected, remarkably beguiling, unique in all the world. CHARTREUSE is most popular mixed with tonic or soda in a tall glass with ice,accented by a slice of lemon or lime, but can also be enjoyed on the rocks"

I love this stuff, in fact aside from absinthe its the only thing ill drink. And i drink it daily, the herbal effects are surprisingly potent and VERY pleasant. Trust me on this, im understating. Some of those 130 herbs are kept secret for a reason im sure =P I highly recommend this stuff, The green regular stuff goes about 40$ a bottle. As does the yellow, but the yellow is sweeter and tastes nowhere near as good as the green, besides its milder and its probably not what your after.. Ive also gone through a few V.E.P. bottles, wich they only make 100 of a year.. about 150$ a bottle, VERY good. 1 shot will have you feeling full effects of the herbs. I recommend 1/4 a glass of the regular green, over ice. When the ice melts a bit it does wonders for the taste, my mouth waters just smelling it *takes another drink*. This stuff would have Oscar the grouch singing its a beautiful day in the neighborhood in a snap. IMO its a bit of an afrodisiac as well, girls love it. And I and several friends ive given it too for headaches, stomach probs, sinus congestion u name it.. claim it does in fact have medicinal properties, i dont keep aspirin or anything in the house now.. this stuff kills a headache like nothing does wonders for upset stomachs and sinuses also. A friend I introduced it too uses it as an anti depressant, hes a self-proclaimed "Goth" usually all around dark and depressing guy, i was shocked after I gave him a small glass of chartreuse.. I witnessed him wave and smile at the mail-man wishing him a good day, if you knew the guy youd understand the significance hehe.

OH! and about the absinthe.. If you end up trying some of the cheaper brands, heres some pointers. "Louching" (the absinthe turning milky white when water is added) is a good way to tell if what youve acquired is quality absinthe or not.Last but not least, the ultimate test and tell-all is..if you drink the stuff, and are not exactly sure if you feel anything besides the alchahol..then write that brand off as a fake and dont get turned off by it, because if its will know i promise.

And if you get some dont just drink it straight! I and many others arguabley claim that a certain ritual preformed before you drink makes it soooo much better. Point to be taken: your after the herbal effects not the alchahols so read on and take note of the addition of a flame.

How i drink absinthe:

Pour about 1/4 a glass, 1/2 a glass if your feeling special.
Place a sugar cube on a spoon,dip the sugar cube into the absinthe and let it soak a spell,scoop it out.Be sure theres a little absinthe pooled up on the spoon as well.
Set the spoon with the soaked sugar cube across the rim of the glass, set it on fire. Let it flame until the sugar cube melts and caramelizes well.
While still flaming dip the flaming spoon back into the absinthe in hopes it sets on fire,it wont always so u may just have to light it yourself
When the glass of absinthe is flaming, scoop the cube out again and hold it. Let the absinthe burn as long as u can, thats the nasty alchahol we dont want. Once your ready, the absinthe will most likely still be burning.
Hold the spoon with the sugar cube over the flaming glass, get a cup of cold fresh water and SLOWLY pour it onto the sugar cube, letting the water dissolve the cube and slowly TRICKLE off the spoon into the absinthe letting it eventually extinguish the flame. The absinthe will slowly "louche" and eventually turn white as milk. *drool* Now your ready to roll.

the more water you add the better, just be sure to do it SLOWLY and let TRICKLE. first few bottles i got, i thought all that was nonsense.. i would pour the water in fast, and gag when i drank the awful tasting shit. If you follow those directions.. it will do WONDERS for the taste, its amazing really how it can go from being gag material to making your mouth water if you do it properly.

I will mention something, I usually only drink absinthe alone. Im usually a very easy-going nice guy. But ive been told by several people I become a complete asshole when under the effects of it. I will admit I feel like im having a "fuck-you good time" with severe "happy to hate you" and "maim you merrily" feelings, the image of me cackling insanely over crowds of ant-sized people comes to my mind... This is not my normal personality at all, but im not sure if it has similiar effects on others as I dont share it much being so expensive. And Im the only one I know that drinks it.

One other thing to note, if your interested in this sort of thing. One thing ive been meaning to but have yet to pursue (due to money going to other projects at the moment),is Jagermeister. It is a fact the Jager you get here is not the same Jager you will get in europe, Jager in europe contains thujone as absinthe does and (im note sure about this one) has an opiate in it, according to a buddy of mine who owns a local liquor store. I am not clear on the legality etc. of getting a bottle shipped over but I am sure I could do so. Very soon I will be obtaining a bottle (depending on legality, HEH) and I will report on it then,If anyone here has tried or knows anything else about it id love to hear what they have to say,please share.

my absinthe supplier: (points at the swiss section)

le clandestine's website on back of bottle, right now it seems to have nothing on it but a nice pic of the label - notice how absinthe art so often depicts topless women holding it up high and admiring the bottle or glass hehe.

(Chartreuse is sold and available in most bigger cities in the U.S., youll probably end up having to order it though, i searched allover Miami for it only finding 1 shop carrying it..they had 2 bottles, the lady said its not anything she remembers ppl buying. Im lucky enough to have a friend here in my small town that owns a liquor joint, and he keeps it in stock for me. Ive turned alot of people on to it so it flies off the shelves.)

STAY AWAY FROM: canadian absinthes, chek absinthes, any *ahem* "absinthe" sold in america.. new orleans has a few brands that doesnt contain any good stuff.such as whats served at "the old absinthe house" in its day that was the joint.. but now they cant legally serve real absinthe,although i do recommend visitng it for nostalgia..very interesting!. Common brands that people get ripped off on- Hills, Herbal King (something like that anyway,forgot exact name), Pernod (doesnt really claim to be absinthe but ppl have been confused,its the original brand of absinthe, but this is no longer real absinthe) . And many, many others. Pay attention to the spelling, usually if its spelled "absinth" and not "absinthe" , its probably bunk. They are legally allowed to call it "absinth" but not "absinthe", because the latter contains thujone,wich is what it takes and real absinthe it makes. Also do not mess with any "make your own absinthe" kits.. if you mess around with wormwood your liable to end up dead,and thats if it really comes with wormwood, most such kits are just plain bunk. the process of making absinthe is complex and involves more than just mixing this or that.. so dont expect to do it that way. i would name certain vendors ive caught eye of and seen complaints about, but since ive never bought from them nor tried the "absinthe" they sell, I will not point any fingers. If you take heed of the stuff ive wrote here and check out some absinthe enthusiasts homepages etc. you should get a pretty good idea of what your looking for. The main thing i stress is stick to swiss brands if its strong effect your after..there is plenty of technically real absinth that has such low amounts of the active ingredients that youll probably be too drunk to know by the time youve consumed enough to feel anything of that. Absinthe has become somewhat of a hype deal among certain "sub-cultures" and vendors around the world are aware of this and slobering allover themselves to cash in on it,use common sense and learn to recognize when labels are blatantly targeted towards said people.. names like "green fairy" , "devil's poison" , "dark doom and gloom", "vampire juice" whatever... you get the idea,actually anything in english lol. this kinda stuff should be a red flag right off the bat..I trust you take my point.

Another thing to note, people seem to be under the common misconception that the only active ingredient in absinthe is thujone, while ill agree that thujone content is something to aim for i will state the following. Its not JUST the thujone, many absinthe distillers even say that the thujone alone isnt what does the trick..the fact is there is a good variety of herbs used in absinthe that work in combination for a "push me pull you effect". So please, dont go screwing around with wormwood thinking your gonna get something out of it other than hospitalization or an early death.

Damnit, writing this is making me jones so badly for some Le Clandestine. Im getting that feeling that would drive me to kill puppies and baby seals without hesitation for my next bottle. It is quite addictive and I have said and will always say.. If I could afford it youd never see me without a glass in my hand degrading innocent bystanders with a mad look in my eyes and a creepy smile on my face *cue the pipe-organ*, it makes me want to go to a coffee shop and order something just so I can calmly slap it out of the waiters hand and say "what is this garbage?" watching him scurry away in shame. aaaaaahh *sigh* lol.

This forum and the people here have been such a help to me, the free flowing exchange of knowledge and information that happens here is not something to be taken for granted,just look at what happened to overgrow(wich should serve as a lesson to record all information we find useful).These bastards are out for blood and rest assured if they had their way they would lock us all up and throw away the key. and in this world we live in places like these are something to be much appreciated. Im glad I may be able to add to it something that wouldve saved me alot of time and money had someone done the same for me, as small as it may be, as a show of my gratitude. Thank you!

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Posted 05 February 2006 - 03:39 AM

Damn nice post man. Very informative and well written to boot. I appreciate and applaud your attitude, as well.

The advice about cutting and pasting everything you want to keep is good advice as well. Anything can happen at any time. We must be like the book learners of Farehneit 451. We must learn and spread the "forbidden" knowledge, regardless of their persucution or protestation.

Just keep it all hard encrypted...better safe than sorry...

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Posted 06 February 2006 - 04:51 PM

Very informative indeed. Thanks for taking the time to share your knowledge with the rest of us :)

Anyone know what the short/long term effects of absinthe consumption are?

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Posted 06 February 2006 - 09:19 PM

I might try to grow some absinth, and use the plant while i Play guitar, and Sketch.

Its really insparational

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Posted 07 February 2006 - 04:30 PM

so you can get the "le clandestine" on that site?
is this the stuff? http://www.absintheo...s_absinthe.html
how much do you have to drink for the effects?

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Posted 07 February 2006 - 06:13 PM

thats the stuff, the brand I prefer anyway.
It doesnt take much, ive seen friends claim to feel it just off a shot but that could be placebo effect.. What I usually do is is pour roughly 1/4 to 1/2 a glass and follow the pre-drinking ritual i laid out, that should have u feeling it quite undeniably. It can get better the more you drink though. Ive had bottles last me 2 weeks, and Ive gone through a bottle in a night. I felt the effects well into the next day after drinking near an entire bottle.

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Posted 09 February 2006 - 09:36 AM


#32 ulatek



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Posted 09 February 2006 - 10:12 AM

Ive read many similiar things,in general questioning the psychoactivity of thujone or claiming it to be very weak. This was very discouraging when I was looking for a good absinthe,but if you read what distillers have to say about it, they do tend to shy away from talking about thujone too much at all. Instead taking pride in the combinations of herbs used, While Im not sure on the psychoactivity of thujone itself I am sure of the psychoactivity of this brand of absinthe. I will also say id not been pleased with any absinthe up until sweden lifted its ban,wich made the strongest absinthe available since the days of van gogh etc. The guys who make it are former swedish bootleggers, theres no telling what they put in it. And no, do not expect a mind blowing experience. It does alter perception and gives flow of thought a nice lucidity though. Worth trying at least once IMO. But if your looking to get high youd be better off just sticking with what you know works.I personally enjoy the effects.What I notced about this absinthe that is different from others ive tried is it gives my mouth a slight numbing sensation wich makes me think they could be putting some sort of opiate in it, I dunno im not an expert on these things.. the effect is enough for me however =)

#33 Guest_dial8_*

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Posted 09 February 2006 - 10:20 AM

Wow...damn good write up...made my mouth water just reading it.

I've got to at least try some!

Peace :hippie:

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Posted 09 February 2006 - 10:46 AM

youd think twice before fucking the fat bitch, but do her anyways.


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Posted 09 February 2006 - 10:54 AM


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Posted 09 February 2006 - 11:24 AM

The worm wood has thujone in it, but I don't think it's enough to cause real hallucination before alcohol poisoning. Absinthe that contains thujone is regulated by the FDA, and not made in America, but is imported from other countries. If you have American absinthe it's probably thujone free.

#37 blackout



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Posted 09 February 2006 - 11:44 AM

over-rated crap IMO. You will be destroyed drunk before you feel any wormwood effects. Commercial stuff only has tiny amounts. Either make your own (wormwood is extremely easy to grow), or make a better mixture like shroom vodka or cannabis green dragon.

#38 arezap


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Posted 09 February 2006 - 11:55 AM

See this post:

#39 FLcubiefan



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Posted 09 February 2006 - 12:01 PM

See this website... https://www.absinth2...4e8aac62950fddd Absinthe brands sorted by high thujon content.

#40 Landogarner


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Posted 09 February 2006 - 12:28 PM

Looks like 34mg is the highest content of thujon you can have in europe and remain legal. Is that enough to drink a half glass and notice the effects?

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