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Fluffaluffagus L trip report

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Posted 06 February 2006 - 10:58 AM

Where to begin...

Initially I ate 3 hits of L. About 30 minuets into it I knew I was in for a ride. The L was calling me to eat more so I opted to take two more.
The L came on strong like a cool wave from the ocean hitting me in the face. Chills race down my spine chilling me to my core. About an hour in now it was getting hard to see.
The visuals were like none I had ever seen. Sacred Geometry and a plethora of angles, the golden ratio all filled my head to begin explaining the human psyche and the physical being of man. Fractals filled my vision, swirls of bright light and colors melted to make shapes I have never seen before. I tried to walk but was pushed back into my seat. The floor was no longer solid, my legs were strangely short, I stumbled to catch my balance on the jelly like carpet. I made it to the kitchen in search of water and found my dogs to be extremely excited to see me. They were wrestling with each other and I called to them in my head, saying each of there names. THey immediately stopped with ears perked up and looked at me. Both came running and began dancing at my feet. I continued to speak with them without words for several minuets watching them react to my calling their names. I was distracted by thoughts of the warmth of my room and how chilly it was in the kitchen so I left without the water I had come to get.
By this time I was nearly reaching my peak, wondering how much stronger it was going to get I was hoping it would even out soon. The visuals looked like blossoming flowers of vibrant colors all rotating at the same speed and pulsating in and out. I made it outside to stare at nature and found it to be something of a movie. It was kinda of warm with a bright blue sky but it felt very empty to me. Like I was in a barren desolate wasteland. Looked empty and flat. All the grass is dead and the trees are without leaves gives me the feeling of it being empty.
It wasn't very comfortable outside so I made may way back to my room and sat down, and turned on some grateful dead radio and let my mind wonder.
I asked myself what was this, where am I. My mind responded with shapes and colors as explanations to what was happening. It was the strangest thing to actually understand them with feeling from the energy the shapes generated. It was a truly amazing experience. Deep into my mind I find doubt about what I have previously experienced before. I began second guessing all my previous notions of spirituality and began reforming my ideas as if I knew better. I felt a great sense of artistic inspiration and a great urge to express myself on paper. It seems to come a bit easier to speak now and Ive been able to control myself in thinking unlike before. Im more able to think clearly about what it is Im trying to do or convey.
Towards the end I smoked some herb. The trip then took a turn for the worst for me.
I hadnt smoked in weeks and I smoked too much. I got paranoid instantly. It was explained to me from within what was happening.
Earth energy the herb, was fighting off unknown energy, energy not of man or earth purely alien, the L. I felt as if the L was doing something to me, altering my DNA and transforming my mind to be controlled by an outside force. I was now a slave of some outside force, and I would only understand in time how this will effect me.
It was strange. L seemed to me to be precise and well defined where as mushrooms give me a more rounded feeling a balance of earth if you will. THe L seems to be outside of what earth or man is, completely alien if you ask me.
I want to understand more about so I think Ill be do more experiments with larger doses to try and understand it fully.
I feel its energy is very unlike any Ive ever encountered. Seems to be the very elements that make up everything explanined with shapes and colors. I cant quite explain it, but it doesnt seem right to me, and I dont know why.
What I do enjoy greatly is the shapable of LSD and how you can shape your visuals or the pace of your trip with ease, its amazing. I find it a bit more difficult to commandeer the psychedelic mushroom trip, as with LSD its like a tripping spaceship with power steering for me.
I was certainly tripping for at least 14 hours and had trouble sleeping for at least 18 hours. I drew pictures of thing I saw and are currently transferring them to the PC to share with everyone. The visuals were the most stunning things I had ever witnessed in all my days of tripping. For me it lacked the deep spiritual connection I feel with mushrooms. FOr me mushrooms are still my favorite for the spiritual aspect of them but for visuals and virtual awe, LSD is where its at for me.
I also enjoy the long duration of L, it doesn't tease me and leave like fungus, its there for the long haul. The fluff gave me no stomach problems at all, infact it gave me the munchies way before I even smoked any weed. Fluff
This trip was a 9 on my ten scale. The 5 I ate was super powerful, like eating 10 of normal blotter IME. It was simply amazing... Ill be posting more of the experience as I continue to gather it. It comes back in dreams and my waking hours, then I can remember it and what it means. I think that it may have been so profound that I am unable to grasp it all...

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Posted 06 February 2006 - 12:09 PM

That's a very nice trip report, descriptive and well written.
I know what you mean, there is something very alien about L.
It's obvious that mushrooms are from this earth, very organic.
The visuals from psilocybes tend to be deeply connected to our
earthly experience. L offers information which isn't as obvious.
The experience seems coded, and requires deeper understanding of oneself.
How do you think aliens ended up on blotter art? :)

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Posted 06 February 2006 - 12:34 PM

Hey pm...what form did the L come in? Paper or gels? or liquid?..:)

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Posted 06 February 2006 - 01:00 PM

gel... Psilo

#5 Guest_pissybee_*

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Posted 06 February 2006 - 01:08 PM

Nice report... Now use your "alien" powers to create your new world, and learn the true power of LSD... ;)

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Posted 06 February 2006 - 01:20 PM

Well written. I like reading these. Everyone chip in!

#7 PsychoactiveMessiah



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Posted 06 February 2006 - 04:10 PM

Thanks guys, just sharing as I promised I would do... ;)

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