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Cocaine Purification

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Posted 07 February 2006 - 03:10 PM

This is a procedure to remove ephedrine, amphetamine, and caffeine from your cocaine.

I no longer do coke, but this was well written and may come in handy for those who do.
If you're gonna use it, u might as well clean it first.

I have personally spent many hours and many dollars in search of what I consider to be the "holy grail" of cocaine. In search of finding the quality of cocaine I grew up with in the 1980's.

I have dabbled in many different purification techniques involving both washes and extractions with little to no success. For the most part, it's still like crap.

Whereas cocaine use to be a very pleasureable drug to use, inducing feelings of great impowerment, relaxation (that's right, relaxation), clarity, intense euphoria, talkativeness, sexuality and a pure state of mind, has now become so adulterated with speed that it produces the exact opposite feelings including paranoia, anxiety, edgyness, ampyness, untalkativeness, introvertedness and decreased libido.

Good news everyone! After nearly 2 long years of research and development, I have finally found the key to unlocking all of the adulterants that are causing yours and my cocaine to be speedy, paranoid and uncomfortable. The adulterants to blame are amphetamine, ephedrine and caffeine, or a combination of any or all.

I can now tell you how to easily remove both of these adulterants from your cocaine like kids stuff. So say bye, bye to that shit, once and for all! Cocaine can now be everything you've ever heard it was suppose to be. Great!

Even though there will be some entry level chemistry involved here, anyone can perform this. I will gladly walk you thru this very simple procedure.

Items you will need:

anhydrous acetone (any online chemical supply company)
31% muriatic acid (any hardware or home store)
(1) 50 ml. glass Pyrex beaker (any online chemistry supply company)
(1) 6 inch glass stir rod (any online chemistry supply company)
(1) small plastic funnel (any auto parts store)
15 cm. wide medium flow filter papers (any online chemistry supply company)
glass eye dropper (any drug store)

That's it. Now, if you don't mind a little loss of actual product, you can simply substitute acetone from any home store for the anhydrous acetone and use a tall shot glass and any stirring device from your home instead of the beaker and stir rod. You can also use a coffee filter paper instead of the medium flow filter papers. This means you can perform this procedure as early as tonight if you'd like.

Myth: Turning cocaine into freebase removes all of it's impurities. FALSE! By turning cocaine into freebase, your also turning ephedrine, amphetamine, lidocaine, procaine etc. into freebase. Now, we're not concerned about the inactive cuts like procaine or lidocaine, but we definitely want to remove those irritating active cuts such as ephedrine, amphetamine and caffeine.

Fact: Amphetamine freebase and ephedrine freebase are entirely soluble in water. Cocaine freebase is not. So, with that in mind, this is how we are going to simply wash that crap right off of our precious cocaine with good ole water. And like I said, with ease.

First we need to convert our cocaine into freebase. I'll give the easiest method known called the bi-carb method. (Please read the important note below before attempting step # 1).

IMPORTANT NOTE: Alot of you seem to be having difficulties in the making of freebase. To eleviate this problem, may I suggest that those unfamiliar with making freebase buy freebase already cooked up from their dealer. Most dealers have both, and if not, can easily do the process for you. This will save you from losing any product in a failed freebasing attempt.

Step # 1. Converting cocaine hcl into freebase

In a very large metal spoon (4 in. X 1 in. deep), add up to 3 grams of cocaine with 1/3 of that amount in baking soda and fill 3/4 of the way to the top with water.

Place the spoon with all 3 ingredients over a medium high to high heat stovetop. The ingredients will start to bubble as the baking soda bubbles off. If it starts to bubble to high or to much, simply back off for a second and then return to heat. Adjust heat if neccesary. Continue cooking until all of the baking soda has cooked out and the water in the spoon is just murky with a pool of freebase either floating on the bottom of the spoon or in pools on top of the water.

Remove from heat and rub the bottom of the spoon over 3 ice cubes placed on a towel to cool off the water. While doing this, take another ice cube in your fist and let the cold drops of water drip into the spoon from the top. This will speed up the cooling time. You will notice the freebases turning more cloudylike in appearance. Once they've become milky looking, you can now remove them from the spoon and onto an awaiting ceramic plate. To do this, tilt the spoon towards the front so that the water comes to the front edge. Now with one quick motion, scoop the freebase onto the plate with a sharp, non-serated knife, trying to not let any of the freebase touch the metal of the spoon as it goes. If the freebase hits metal without water, it will stick to the spoon. If this happens, simply tilt the spoon again so that the water covers the freebase and try again. You'll understand once you try. Now, wipe the remaining freebase off of the knife with another knife.

It doesn't matter if any water gets on the plate with the freebase. Once you've got all of the freebase out of the spoon and onto the plate, you can simply turn the plate on it's side and let the water run off. Now, carefully wipe up any water surrounding the freebase pile or piles. Once all of the water is wiped up, take one of those non-serated knives and start going back and forth over the freebase pile. This will circulate air into the oil and will greatly speed up the drying time. Quickly the pile of freebase will turn from and oily mass to a bright white, hard as a rock freebase solid. Once it starts to turn to a hard solid, stop using the knife and switch to a razor blade. Doing this will decrease the chances of any flying off of the plate.

Step # 2. *THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP* washing the freebase in warm water to remove amphetamine, ephedrine and caffeine.

Once the freebase is COMPLETELY dry, carefully chop it up however you prefer into a fine white powder. Make it as fine as you would as if your where going to snort it (even though you can't snort freebase). But it must be very fine, though. I personally use a juice strainer screen. It's a bowl shaped looking screen with a handle on it. You can buy one at most grocery stores or department store.

Now, once your freebase is finely chopped, it's time to remove the enemies. This is a simple, yet overlooked solution to removing ephedrine, amphetamines and caffeine from your cocaine.

Simply fill a small water glass about 1/4 of the way about 100 ml.s if you have a beaker, with warm to medium hot, basic tap water. Now pour the entire freebase you've chopped up into the glass of water. Stir the solution for a minute or two. All of your amphetamine, ephedrine and caffeine are now dissolved in the water while your freebase is still in solid form on the bottom. Let settle for a minute or two.

Have a filter paper placed inside of a plastic funnel for support. Now, pour the glass of water containing the freebase into the filter paper. Pour a little fresh water into the glass to gather any additional freebase left behind and pour it into the same filter paper. Let drain thoroughly. Remove the filter paper from the funnel and place between a few paper towels. Press firmly on the towels to absorb any additional water from the filter paper. While in the filter paper, place under a heat lamp for a few minutes until the paper is dry. Once dry, carefully open up the filter paper and let the dry freebase fall out onto a ceramic plate. If not completely dry, let dry some more open under a heat lamp.

If your a freebase smoker, your almost done. Simply re-cook the freebase to form rocks again and smoke away. Killer freebase!

If snorting is your bag, you'll need to press on a little further. Once completely dry, chop up once again into a very fine white powder and proceed to step # 3.

Step # 3. Converting freebase cocaine back into cocaine hcl.

Weigh out exactly 1 gram of COMPLETELY dry chopped up freebase. Fill your beaker with 20 ml's. of acetone or a "tall" shotglass with exactly one third of acetone. Pour your entire gram of freebase into the 20 ml's. of acetone. Stir the freebase until all of it is dissolved entirely in the acetone. You will now have just liquid at this point, though the cocaine is still very active. Once completely dissolved, with your glass eye dropper, add exactly 8 drops (and NO more) of the muritatic acid to the acetone/freebase.

Once you've added the 8 drops of muriatic acid, gently stir the mixture for about 3-7 strokes. Now here comes the majic! Out of nowhere a virtual snowstorm of cocaine hydrochloride crystals will start forming out of the liquid and within seconds the entire bottom of the beaker will be consumed with pure cocaine hydrochloride crystals. It is very important that once the snowstorm starts you STOP stirring the mixture. This is so that the crystal growth will form on its own and form heavier, larger crystals. It's actually quite brilliant to watch and should amaze both your friends and family!

Now, just sit back and watch as the crystals continue to form and become larger and larger in size at the bottom of the beaker or shotglass, whichever you decided to use. Let the crystals do their own job, undisturbed for about an hour or so. After an hour, gently stir the mixture again making sure you really get the bottom of the beaker/shotglass stirred up. Once you've stirred for a minute, run the stir rod up the side of the beaker where it's still dry. If any new crystal growth takes place on the edge of the beaker, the crystallization is not yet complete. If this happens, simply let the crystals continue to form for another 1/2 hour or so. Stir again. Crystallization should be complete at this point.

The most brilliant looking cocaine crystals you will have ever seen will be at the bottom of the beaker at this point. It's almost unbelieveable at how beautiful they are.

Let the crystals completely settle on the bottom. Now, carefully pour out the acetone into an awaiting filter paper placed inside of a plastic funnel for support. Try and not let the crystals fall out yet. Once most of the acetone is poured out, pour in some fresh acetone over the crystals. Stir up the mixture and then pour the entire contents into the filter paper. Pour fresh acetone into the beaker to gather any remaining crystals. Let drain completely. Remove the filter paper containing the crystals and put between a few paper towels and press firmly to remove any excess acetone. Now, place the filter paper containing the cocaine crystals under a heat lamp until the paper is dry to the touch. Once dry, carefully open the filter paper and pour the crystals out onto an awaiting ceramic plate. Return to the heat lamp and let the crystals continue to dry in the open until no more smell of acetone is present. (Please note that it's best to just let the acetone evaporate on it's own overnight).

Now, chop up those most beautiful crystals into a fine white diamond looking powder and get ready to experience the very best cocaine money can buy............anywhere! No more ampyness, edgyness, paranoia, anxiety or anything uncomfortable. No more craving to do more and more lines while feeling more and more like shit. This is just pure euphoria, sexuality, talkativeness, openess, impowerment with no negatives. Hard for most who have never done pre-90's coke to understand.........until now!

It's taken me 2 long years of trial and errors to get to this point. I certainly hope some of you take advantage of this opportunity to enjoy it for yourselves.

An exceptionally beautiful high is now within your grasp. So take it!


If your final product does not resemble diamond-like crystals and is more of just a dullish white looking powder, it most likely contains NO cocaine at all. Alot of what is sold as cocaine today is nothing more than just procaine or lidocaine mixed with either ephedrine or amphetamines or both. (In fact, a recent bust resulted in the confiscation of 2 kilos of pure procaine). The unsuspecting rookie might actually be dupped into thinking they're doing cocaine when in fact they're not. The end result is always a miserable buzz resulting in paranoia, ampyness, edgyness, untalkativeness, etc. The high is from the amphetamine/ephedrine and the numbness is from the procaine/lidocaine. If this is the case, doing this procedure will simply leave you with pure lidocaine, procaine or whatever "caine" they used to adulterate your sample with. Unfortunately, you cannot get cocaine out of something that never had any to begin with.

I have personally found this to be the case nearly 30% of the time. Just remember, if it doesn't contain any diamonds, it doesn't contain any cocaine either.

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Posted 07 February 2006 - 03:34 PM

Great! I feel a poop comming on.....
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Posted 07 February 2006 - 03:46 PM


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