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How to spot mold on outdoor grown marijuana

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#1 greenie



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Posted 17 January 2010 - 08:19 PM

Oftan times outdoor grown marijuana is subject to less than ideal conditions. One of the worst conditions possible for marijuana, and particular dense indicas, is humid and or rainy conditions during the later half of flowering. So, to help all of you out there find and eliminate mold, i have included some pics and tips for how to indentify moldy buds.

1) If you are growing notoriously dense strains (purples in particular) , be very wary of ANY rain during any time in flowering. These strains grow nuggets like sponges, big sponges made of organic material ripe for the rotting. If they get rained on, they will never dry out. EVER. Harvest before these plants get rained on or cover them. even fog or humid days/nights will mold these sensitive plants.

2) Look for dead leaves randomly sticking out of otherwise healthy looking colas. Mold usually starts at the center of the bud and spreads outwards. The outside of the bud can look totally healthy while the inside is grey and rotten.:weedpoke: The crispy dry but sometimes still green leaves are the best indicator.

3) If you see dead leaves, grab the bud and pull it apart all the way to the center stem. If you see mold, clip the whole bud at least two nodes beneath the lowest spot of mold on the stem. Throw away the moldy weed.:eusa_booh

4) Another way to notice mold is straight up brown dead spots. If you see a brown spot, there is a good chance there is a caterpillar inside there causing trouble. pull the dead plant material off the stem and if you see little black poops, keep pulling the bud apart untill you find the culprit. Terminate with extreme prejudice.:horse::horse:

Below are some pics of purple kush i grew outside this summer. The first two show a moldy bud from the outside, the next two a healthy cola on the same plant. Hope this helps!!:rasta:

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Posted 17 January 2010 - 09:00 PM

Yes, it helps!

Thank you.

#3 Guest_cap_*

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Posted 17 January 2010 - 09:01 PM

i remember cracking apart a 3 gram deepchunk nug on 1000+mics of lsd one festi in my roomates van one morning, only to find a big fat green catepillar inside! what a bad experience! i screamed like a little girl then traded the bud which was in a med jar for 2 cannatreats for breakfast and a glass bowl. the guy said he loved the weed :lol: i guess he smoked the culprit :teeth: LOL

catepillars will borough into a cola and as it eats its way through, it fills the void with feces, which, in turn, rot the bud from the inside-out. thanks for the good post, :)

mold and mildew can ruin a harvest. diatomaceous earth can be a huge help, as well as not getting the buds wet.

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