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Wild Outdoor Thailand Copelandia Collections

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#1 Man of Knowledge

Man of Knowledge

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Posted 02 March 2010 - 02:09 PM

Ban Hua Thanon Buffalo Arena 1 area Copelandia species.

Cose up of above: Ban Hua Thanon Buffalo Arena 2.

Ban Lamai1 off of Highway 4169 7 miles south of Ban Chewang
here we have a nice grouping
A grouping of Ban Lamai 2
A Ban Lamai 3 millipede and some Copes
one more Ban Lamai 4 Cope grouping in coconut grove.

Ban Lipa Yai 1 approximately 2 km south of Ban Nathon. Tall stens and smaller cone chaped caps.

Ban Nathon Monastery 1 A grouping of three nice large Beautiful caps, pitted, crinkled and wrinkled from sun drying and age, but perfectly healthy, with some black spore deposits on the top of a cap. A nice perfect dose, equivalent to one fried gram at least. Copelandia specimens. Actually one good dose at this size when eaten within 15 minutes of harvesting.

A close up of Ban Nathon Monestary image 2.

And yet another ever more closer-up of the three above Cope shrooms at the Ban Nathon Monestary just a half km form downtown Ban NAthon Port village hamlet heading north on highway 4169 on Koh Samui, a quarter mile south of the Ban Nathon Buffalo Arena where I see mountain tattooed buffalo horns for sale. Will popst if I get this page reposted in time.

Here are two imaegs of the arena at Ban Nathon but no buffalo present, but a few shrooms. There are grass trails leading away formtheloading dock to shaded tent areas where the buffalo are kept cool and constantaly showered when the time for that particular arena is readey for its monthly shows.

Some Buffalo horns for tourism sales by locals who live at the arena at Ban Nathon. This is about 40 feet ffrom the entrance from the highway to the arena.

See beow for Par two of Copelandia cyanescens and others from Thailand

Man of Knowledge

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  • Ban_Nathon1.JPG
  • Ban_Nathon2.JPG
  • Ban_Lamai4.jpg
  • Ban_Lipa_Yai1.jpg
  • Ban_Lamai2.jpg
  • Ban_Lamai3.JPG
  • Ban_Lamai1.JPG
  • Ban_Hua_Thanon_Arena1.JPG
  • Ban_Hua_Thanon_Arena2.jpg

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#2 Man of Knowledge

Man of Knowledge

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Posted 02 March 2010 - 02:59 PM

Ban Phang Ka Copelandia grouping with beautiful Golden topped cap. Notice the overly Coprinus lagopus mushrooms that have eaten theirselves. Soon they were gond in an hour when I returned to collect shrooms in the shaded areas at Ban Phang Ka.

A small baby buffalo approaches me and the grouping of Copes.

Here we see the Buffalo ane the Copes in one shot. I took many images and this one was the closest to being perfect in every way. Kinda like the Mary Poppins of shrooms. Clarity was fantastic. Someday I will post some of the others of the buffalo as it made its way towards me and the shrooms. IT was all about the angle and putting my face and cameria on the mini-tripod close to the shrooms and ground and the upward angle of the baby buffalo and the Coco nuciferus.

Image 6 of Ban Phang Ka. A collection Ban Phang Kaa sitting on a chair at my resort bungalow in the sun in [preparation of drying. The caps were used to make large prints. You can see how the stems shrunk practically to nothing like the thinnest of speghetti. And to the left were some fresher specimens. In the morning one can only pick form around 7 to 10 am and then the heat at 110 degrees or more gets to yoi

Four specimens of fresh copes picked at Ban Saket. Three large and one smaller one. This field is the first place int he mid 1980s that I found in Feb. some mostly dried speci8emsn of both cubes and copes in some cow manure. Later the cattle were moved elsewhere and returned to thsi area with a new buffalo arena in 2005.

These are from my friends farm in Ban Thurian, Koh Samui. It was here I also gre tobacco with my friends for 3 months (50 kilos.) There four photographs are each a close up of the next one following. I took two images and then sslowly cut away the grass to give a better view of the larger split-capped cope. They had a buffalo arena here in the mid to late 1990s, and then in 2000 a new one was build 2 kms away on 4170 off od highway 4169. A t different times of the rainy season, the arenas are bmoved from area to area because of heat and shady areas to p0rotect the buffalo for the fights. They are prepped in the arena for 8 hours or more and washed about 30 times during that period being hosed down with fresh water and sometimes soaped down.

Scissor cut grass away next two images of same two imaes avbove to show the better side of the shrooms when the grass is cut away. Makes for good photography and sometimes I spend up to half an hour to cut away excess grass just to make a good photo image.

Man of Knowledge

See Below for Part Three of Outdoor Copelandia Cyanescens and other similar related species not identidied by microcopic means. Implying, unless identified by a scope, the majority are probably all C. cyanescens since is is the primarty species of the Genera.

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  • Ban_Phang_Ka1.jpg
  • Ban_Saket1.jpg
  • Ban_Thurian2.jpg
  • Ban_Phang_Ka5.jpg
  • Ban_Phang_Ka6.jpg
  • Ban_Phang_Ka3.JPG
  • Ban_Phang_Ka4.jpg
  • Ban_Phang_Ka2.jpg

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#3 Man of Knowledge

Man of Knowledge

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Posted 02 March 2010 - 04:32 PM

Two lone specimens from Suphanburi , collected in the same plot of garden where I collected the original Pan Goliath which was dried when I found it and looked nothing like a Copelandia species at all. Even Workman who developed the Pan Goliath strain also agreed that the speciemen I sent to him from Suphanburi (Quai Farm) looked nothing like it could have ever been a cope.

Five other plastic containers of mixed copes from Different regions in Thailand. SInce I could not find the original disc, which I have somewhere, I have no idea where there other copes were collected from. I had tape on the bottom of the containers to identify the collections originss.

I do know that thw Tall portrait collection of Copes are from Surat Thani at my friend from the universities family farm. And one collection is from Easter Bangkok. From Cattle belonging to a Muslim village. At least 80% of all cattle in Thailand are muslim owned while Thai's own most of the70 million water buffalo of which one out of evert ten are Pink.

This one is from Surat Thani near the Don Sak Ferry Docks (700 kms south of Bangkok along the Western Sea Caostal Region of the Gulf of Thailand).

From Various places around Thailand

Man of Knowledge,

Thus ends my series on Wild Copes from Thailand and Vietnam.

Next I will bring 55 images of great natural and indoor grown cubes of some fo those in the pictures were growin from spores of the wild cubes I collected with my participants on my forays and members of the Unioversi9ty I work with.

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  • Various_ collections3.JPG
  • Suphanburi1.jpg
  • Various_collections2.JPG
  • Various_collections1.jpg

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Posted 02 March 2010 - 04:59 PM

Beaut!! sweet pics. super cool baby buffalo shots!

#5 Man of Knowledge

Man of Knowledge

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Posted 02 March 2010 - 05:46 PM

Beaut!! sweet pics. super cool baby buffalo shots!

Now here are 2 really cute babies

Here are brothers pinky ande graybull very young and cuddley

And the rare double-headed twins

Man of Knowledge

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  • twobuffalo1.jpg

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Posted 02 March 2010 - 09:47 PM

Wuauuuuuuuuuuu .. CanĀ“t believe it !! ... Really Amazing !! :bow:

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Posted 02 March 2010 - 10:49 PM

man thats awesomereally nice pics

#8 Toad Stool

Toad Stool

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Posted 02 March 2010 - 11:48 PM

Awesome pics!

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