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No Pressure Cooker Popcorn Success

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Posted 22 March 2006 - 12:04 PM

you rock

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Posted 04 December 2006 - 09:01 AM

This was a good grow for me, not in the sense of yeild but in success of all aspecs of this hobby. i was able to successfully experiment with new casing materials and watering techniques, take prints, and make a honey LC with no contams or problems. kinda one of those milestone grows we all have.

Spawn: 1/2 quart popcorn innoculated with Puerto Rican multispore.
(incidently this jar of popcorn is the LAST jar from this thread i posted about boil sterelizing popcorn. Rican. The jar has been in my fridge, in the open (not in a bag or covered with plastic or aluminum) for almost 8 MONTHS. it was just returned to room temp for 2 days and then proceeded as normal. )

Substrate: Violet potting soil and jiffy mix mixed @ 50/50 ratio, sprinkle of lime

Casing: same as substrate. case was applied before pins just after colonization of substrate. incubation for 3 days in dark then exposed to light to innitiate pinning and prevent overlay pins visible on day 5 of casing colonization.

I got 2 solid flushes and recased after the the second the mycelium is slowing down on colonizing the casing so i dont know if ill get a third flush. im doubtful.

this is using indicaz's Waterproof bandaids for a filter and just a nail hole taped over for an injection port. see thread for bandaid details.

LC: 450 ml water, 1 Tablespoon Honey microwaved on High for about 4 minutes or until it JUST started to boil. lid was applied and let cool to room temp. I used 2 spore prints from the pic below to make a print syringe and injected into the LC.
The LC is just shy of 2 weeks old im going to be using some of it to innoculate another LC of same proportions done the same way but using Karo to keep the "mother" alive.

thanks for all the knowledge here at topia and the great people

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