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Toss that store bought Salsa out!

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#1 muffy


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Posted 07 March 2006 - 04:18 PM

To me, nothing compares to good ol' home cookin... and that applies twice for salsa. Store bought salsa just doesn't cut it for me, and after you taste a batch of your own... you'll see why!


Jalepeno~ peppers
galic salt
lemon juice

Food Processer
cutting board
big bowl w/top preferably

To start:

1. drink a few beers... how else would you start?

To make:

One at a time, process the tomoatoes, onion, and peppers, and mix together in a bowl. The food processer might not chop up the cilantro fine enough, so take out the cutting board and chop away! When you have a good handful of fine chopped cilantro, add it to your bowl and mix again. Now you can add some pepper, and a good couple shakes of garlic salt. Add a splash of lemon juice to the mix, and stir it again. Presto.. home made salsa, that tastes great!

I make my salsa nice and hot, so to reverse that or calm it down a bit, hold back on the jalepenos' and the oninon a bit, until you find your preferred taste.

I personally use:

4 Tomatoes
2-3 onions
5+ jalepenos'
handful of chopped cilantro
garlic salt/pepper/lemon juice

To make a guacamole dip (sp*) :

Purchase 4 guacamole's that are nice and soft
remove the seed from each, and mush into a medium sized bowl
use a fork to mash it together, till uniform
add a splash of lemon juice
add a few heaping spoonfull's of the previously made salsa to the mix
a couple dashes of pepper and garlic salt...

there yah go!

Hope you guys try em out, I just made some and it truly is better than any storebought you can find.

#2 red_lenses


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Posted 07 March 2006 - 09:19 PM

Makin my mouth water !

#3 rocketman



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Posted 08 March 2006 - 08:14 AM

for the guacamole, im thinking you mean four avacados :)

#4 muffy


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Posted 08 March 2006 - 10:28 AM


maybe i should put the pipe down for a minute.... :)

#5 Hippie3



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Posted 09 March 2006 - 09:50 AM

Simple Tomatillo Salsa

2 lbs tomatillos

1/2 lb chilies

1 teaspoon salt

1 Preheat oven to 400°F.
2 Wash and core the tomatillos, then halve them and put them in a blender.
3 Puree tomatillos and add salt.
4 Roast chilies in a 400 degree oven until they peel easily.
5 Peel the chilies and add them to the blender.
6 Use the"chop" speed until the desired texture is reached, usually a minute or less.
7 Serve immediately on tacos, tostadas, etc.
8 Refrigerate unused portion.
keeps in the fridge for a week or two.
you may vary the variety of chile used to affect flavor or heat.

#6 I_am_me



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Posted 09 March 2006 - 11:49 AM

I like to use plum tomatoes for my salsa and blacken them in the oven and them remove their skin. Mmmm roasted salsa.

#7 Lazlo


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Posted 09 March 2006 - 12:15 PM

I do the same thing. I grill all of the ingrediants first and then a light chop. Nice Muffy..

#8 rocketman



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Posted 09 March 2006 - 12:47 PM

grilled jalepenos are great to eat with a meal. grill them till the skin is loose then plate em up. i grind fresh jalepenos with garlic and boiled tomatillos, good and hot :)

#9 {Mr}fLoYd



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Posted 10 March 2006 - 12:35 AM

Pico De Gallo Salsa - also the same shit they put on top of all Taco Bell Products (Eat that shit u corporate bastards)

8 Plumb tomatoes Diced (cut in half and gently squeeze juice and seeds out)
1 large red onion diced small
1/2 c chopped cilantro
Splash of White wine vinegar
1-3 Finely Diced Jalapeno peppers, depends on preference
2 Tablespoons Ketchup (secret ingredient)
Juice of 2 limes
Fresh ground pepper

Mix in bowl and serve

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