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2010 Pictorial Tek- best pictorial tek for the novice hobbyist

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Posted 11 September 2010 - 12:26 AM

actually using straight damprid for drying with no "pre-fan-dry" gives you the ugliest shitty looking black and blue mushrooms you could imagine. Plus it takes about 100 years to dry that way and is a huge waste of dessicant.

#42 ukgrower21


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Posted 11 September 2010 - 04:15 AM

also people let there caps open all the way up for the weight,if im printing i do this but if not i just pick em when the veil is stretched and nearly breaking!
from what i have ate over the past years i honestly cant tell the potency difference in from open caps to veil intact fruits!
i dunno if anyone else has,

#43 microscopeman



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Posted 11 September 2010 - 05:07 PM

How to you get them to look the nicest when you dry them? I have seen most are shriveled up when you get them, but some keep a nice perfect shape with no shriveling, and those are usually the most potent for some reason. IME

#44 JanetPlanet



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Posted 11 April 2019 - 06:07 PM

In Step 8: Initiate Pinning, instructions say:

1. On the bottom tub there is SIX, 1 inch holes, 3 drilled on each side of the lower tub, at the level of the substrate. This is so Co2 can escape - and not build up (which can cause stunted or no growth, learned this the hard way).

2. On the top tub there is one hole for fresh air exchange. Drill just ONE, 1 inch hole in the very center of the top – this is for fresh air to come in and push the Co2 out the bottom holes. 

3. Stuff all holes gently with POLYFIL material; don’t use a whole bunch, just as much as needed to fill the hole. 

4. Now tape the edges where any excess air might be able to escape. 

5. Snip the plastic edges of one side and fold back the plastic so you can attach an office clip to hold the top in place.

6. Use a strip of duct tape to form a hinge on the back end of the tub. This way you can remove the tape around the edges and just flip the lid back when harvesting, also it helps keep things in place. 


The instructions to make these drilled tubs come in the beginning of Step 8, so I'm a little confused. Does one make the tubs at the beginning of Step 7: Spawning To Your Bulk Substrate Mixture? Or not until you're ready to induce pinning?

The instructions are very clear, but I'm confused about when in the process the holes get drilled. Before layering the spawn and substrate, or at the point where you want to induce pinning?


I know this thread is nine years old and Failed_Chemistry is an expired member, but maybe someone out there has an answer. 

These instructions are the simplest and clearest I've seen, helpful, I hope, for first timer me. 

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