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First mushroom grow

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Posted 21 November 2010 - 11:37 PM

Hey guys im planning on starting my first mushroom grow here soon and I just wanted someone to critique what i plan to do and to give me some tips.
Im going to use brown rice flour and vermiculite for the substrate and im going to pressure cook the jars to sterilize them. After i inject the spores ill keep them in a warm dark place probably in my closet. Once the jars are ready I am going to use the casing technique using two cakes per tupperware and again place them in a dark warm place until they are ready. what would be a good temperature to keep these jars and tupperware at this point? when the mycelium has taken over the tupperware i will then transfer them into my FC which will be a clear container with perlite in the bottom to keep the humidity up and the heatbomb incubator for the temperature. what is a good temperature to keep the FC at at this point? Also the FC will be kept in a room with a light that has a timer for so many hours of light a day is that ok or should i keep it in a seperate room with constant light?

that is basically my plan does anyone have any tips or suggestions?

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