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making incense cones part 1

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#1 director of sound

director of sound

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Posted 27 November 2010 - 02:55 AM

all right i figure ill post a tutorial on how to make your own incense cones! there are a few basics you will need to get started. you need a selection of essential oils (clary sage, lavender, patchuli, cypress, cinnimon, ect) and resins (such as copal, incenso, benzoin, dragons blood, pine ect.) you will need fine ground charcoal. buy or make it, i just use nice black charcoal from the fire pit but you can use bamboo charcoal or whatever charcoal you can get your hands on (just dont use the charcoal for grilling!). and you will need powdered woods like palo santo, sandalwood, aloeswood, red ceder. then your binder is made by first boiling corn starch and water (about 1/4 cup starch to 1 cup water). after it is cooked toss the 'jelly' in a blender with 1 1/2 cups rubbing alcohol and 1/4 cup white glue, you will use small ammounts of this to make you incense powder into a form-able clay/dough. now take one of your powdered woods and some powdered charcoal. about 1oz of each and put in a 1 gal ziplock ans mix it up good. select the oils you want to use, it could be 1 or2 or as many as you want. mix the oils so that you have roughly 1/3-1/2 cup and add to the charcoal/wood powder and mix around. now its time to add some binder and let the incense set/age for a little bit. add enough binder so you can form the charcoal/wood/oils into a ball about the size of a baseball and set off to the side somewhere in the bag for 2-3 days or up to a week. this will let all the smells meld togather and form one smell. for my annitial ball i use palo santo for the first wood and for the oils i used (in order of most used) clary sage, cypress, patchuli, bulgerian lavender, myrr, wormwood and cinnimon. stay tuned next time!! : after the set you will break up your ball into a powder again (it will have dried out a little) and add the other woods and resins.
the formed ball ready to set up and age:
essential oils:
powdered woods and other incense supplies:
and (better selection and prices)

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#2 onediadem


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Posted 27 November 2010 - 10:23 AM

Sweet! Looking forward to the next write up. :kewl:

#3 director of sound

director of sound

    every thing is exactally the way it was aways suppose to be!

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Posted 24 December 2010 - 02:48 AM

allright so the rest of my supplies finally came in... took a long ass time to get here....... but the rest of the stuff was all mixed togather which includes:

1oz yellow sandalwood powder
1oz aloeswood powder
.75oz red ceder powder
50g patchouli/amber resin powder mix

20g golden copal resin
25g dark copal resin
20g pinon pine resin
20g siam benzoin resin
5g dark elemi sarcenum resin

the origional ball was broken up and the powders mixed into it. the resins were painstakingly crushed into small bits and ran through an old coffee grinder and turned into powder which was dissolved into hot 91% rubbing alcohol and added to the powders. it was not moist enough to re-form the ball so a little bit more of the glue mix was added. the ball is now about 3 times the size and weighs close to .75kg! it will sit now foe 1 week and then be formed into cones by hand. a small sample i dried in the open and lit is unbelievably fragrant i may only be able to burn half of a cone or less before i have to put it out.:headbang:!! ill post a pic of the new ball soon. when you guys attempt this think field capacity when adding the glue, just enough to get a ball formed but if you squeeze it nothing drips out.

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#4 Guitardude


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Posted 24 December 2010 - 10:57 PM

thanks... looks like a good recipe... been making stick incense for a little while....
I was looking at your ingredients.... very cool man...
those are great ingredients... incense seems to really intensify a good trip for me... I like pinon resin and patchouli.... I got some nice lemon grass I wanna mix with pinon to see what happens... .
copal...I dont notice it as much... but in the right state of mind....Copal is magical to me... it's really nice...
I wonder if there can be other bonders rather than the glue....

#5 director of sound

director of sound

    every thing is exactally the way it was aways suppose to be!

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Posted 25 December 2010 - 03:43 AM

Acacia Gum, guar gum and Tragacanth Gum are used as binders so then just water would be added to the blend to make it dough like. i just finde it easier to use dextrin (cooked corn starch) with a little white glue added because you can make it yourself and it imparts no smell the alcohol added reduces the cure time as it evaps faster than water and lessens the chance of your incense molding when it is curing. some of the gums used still have a slight buring wood/papery smell that they add. the finished bled will sit in the form of a large ball for a few more days to cure before i start forming it into comes. here is the total ingredients for this blend which is called "Om Shahana Namaste"

powders: parts:
sandalwood powder------1oz
aloeswood powder -------1oz
palo santo powder--------1oz
red ceder powder---------.75oz
patchuli/amber resin powder----50g
charcoal powder ----------2.5oz

resins: parts:
copal (golden)--------20g
copal (dark)----------25g
Pinon pine------------20g
siam benzoin--------20g
dark elemi sarcenum------5g

oils: parts:
anise -----------------1tbsp
clove -----------------1tbsp
clary sage------------6tbsp
bulgarian lavender------2tbsp
cinnimon bark---------1tsp
parsley oil-------------1/2 tsp
calamus oil------------1tsp
patchouli oil-----------2tsp
wormwood oil---------2tsp

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