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Random ayahuasca questions

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Posted 30 June 2006 - 11:44 AM

Be aware that grapefruit juice has the property of causing other substances with which it is mixed to be much more rapidly absorbed orally. I used to have a prescription for Seldane before it was removed from the market. It was removed because mixing it with grapefruit juice caused it to be so rapidly absorbed that the blood levels of it became dangerously high. While it could be useful for boosting a marginal dose of something, a strong dose mixed with it could become a problem...

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Posted 30 June 2006 - 11:51 AM

I know the phosphoric works really well. I need to try the grapefruit juice next.

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Posted 16 September 2006 - 09:17 PM

...if that's how you spell it. I hear a lot about it, but can't really figure out if it's really legal/illegal/grey area... or what's in it or how it's made? Can anyone point me towards some straightforward answers. I'm interested in knowing more about it, and possibly trying it for my religious journeys.

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Posted 16 September 2006 - 09:40 PM

AYA herbs are technically legal for everyone, but once you begin to process them to consume then you are breaking the law....unless you are a member of the church. It is a true gray area, because the plants contain dmt. Just like mescaline containing cactus, the dmt containing plants are legal until someone wants to prosecute the little guy for intent. Use the search engine and you will find many posts on ayahuasca here, different plants and methods.


[editor's note: herbs containing controlled substances like DMT are illegal in many places, because the laws are often written so that any material containing any amount of controlled substance is contraband.  Protect yourself by knowing the law in your state.]

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Posted 27 September 2006 - 11:15 AM

If you are interested in books about it, I found "Antipodes of the Mind" by Benny Shannon and "Supernatural" by Graham Hancock great books.

In the book "Supernatural", Graham Hancock describes in great detail the many fascinating visions of the 15 or so ayahuasca sessions he had (and this was his first time trying it--over a six week period).

These are probaby some of the best ayahuasca trip reports I've ever read in the literature besides Benny Shannon's.

Graham saw an Egyptian goddess, pyramids, landscapes, geometric visuals, alien life forms, snakes, dragons, much more...

He also tried dmt and mushrooms and describes his experiences with them in the book.

Here are a few samples from the book on his experiences with ayahuasca from psychotria leaves with caapi vine:

"On another night the visions begin very differently. After an initial bout of geometric and lattice like ladder visions I find myself inside a building--a huge structure a bit like the ancient Egyptian temple of Edfu at its entrance but opening out into something quite other. Fantastic architecture on an extraordinary scale. I have a computercam point of view and can fly around, zoom in or zoom out anywhere. I fly up into a vast dome, examine the patterns of nested curves that decorate its ceiling."

"A short while later, out of a background of shifting geometrical patterns, a beautiful Egyptian goddess appears. I see only her head and headdress clearly. She's in full regalia. Then she vanishes as abruptly and mysteriously as she arrived."

"As I stop and return to the seated position everything ratchets up another notch. The serpents morph into Chinese dragons with beards and long serpentine bodies. Serpents and serpentine dragons with beards and rows of teeth. It's as though a Chinese painting has come to life."

"I have a series of generally small and certainly not terrifying visions. There are a few snakes. Several times I see multiple rows of green pyramids laid out in long tapering strips. I seem to be flying over these strips. I also see a sphere, a cube and a triangle, and rows of serpent or alligator mouths full of teeth.

But the single most memorable aspect of my visions this night unfolds over what feels like just a few seconds. I seem to be inside a large, quite dark room with an opened doorway to one side. Light floods into the doorway and through it I can see a beautiful, spacious balcony overlooking what is perhaps a vast river, or a lake, or even the sea.

On the left side of the balcony, at the rear just outside the open doorway through which I'm looking, I suddently become aware of the presence of a figure. It is an imposing statue, about six feet high and apparently carved in one piece from some green stone--perhaps jade.

The sculptor provided excellent detailing of fine robes, and a belt, and something--possibly a sword?--suspended from the belt.

At first this stunning pieced of sculpture seems just that--a harmless, inanimate statue. I'm curious to see more of it and move my point of view a little closer to get a look at its face. To my surprise the statue is half animal, half human. It has the body of a powerful and well-muscled man but the head of a crocodile, like Sobek, the ancient Egyptian crocodile god. And now I suddenly realise it is alive--a living being, a supernatural guardian. At this moment its eyes swivel sideways and it is looking at me, taking note of me.
The look is intelligent, appraising, somehow sly...."


Here is a trip report from Benny Shannon in "Antipodes of the Mind":

"The third time I drank the Daime potion was the afternoon of the same day. I was offered a cup of the brew I had helped prepare. It was warm and honey-coloured. I was sitting on a small bench looking at the forest. A group of women were singing on the side. When the potion had its effect, I found myself presented with pure enchantment.

The forest was full of animals--both natural and phantasmagoric: notably there were dragons, felines, and big birds. The dominant colours were green and blue. I was sitting viewing the forest as if it were a stage. It was as if a screen were raised and another world made its appearance. At moments, however, it seemed to me that even though I was sitting here on the bench, my own self was over there in the forest and I was dancing with the various creatures in it. It was all blissful, and very real. And I saw it all with open eyes.

With the second cup I was offered, the scene changed. What now presented itself to me was an enchanted city, a city of gold and precious stones. It was of indescribable beauty. And again, so very real.

And lastly, before leaving the village, I drank one cup alone. I was sitting on a balcony overlooking a garden. As the brew was having its effect, I started to sing. What poured out of my mouth was a biblical text--the beginning of the book of Genesis. I chanted, in Hebrew, the creation of the world. And as I did so, the world was being created in front of my eyes: there was water, and then land surfaced, and trees came out of the earth and flowered, and then the world was populated with birds. I stopped there, before the creation of animals.

When I first took Ayahuasca I did so out of mere curiosity, as a traveller. As noted, the second, third, and fourth time I partook of the brew, I experienced very powerful visions that affected me profoundly and cast serious doubts on my world-view. Yet, I was even more impressed when I returned back home and started to read about the brew I had consumed.

Professionally, what drew me first and foremost to the mystery of Ayahuasca was reading that with this brew many people see snakes and jaguars....."


Here is a link to the classic muriatic acid extraction (and this should be combined with filtering through a buchner filter while still hot, and once again after recombining the dried tea extract in water before drinking to reduce the nausea to the lowest possible the filtering will remove the nausea causing tannins.):



Sync and Meteor were really big on making clean nausea free brews.

Decanting the solution in a fridge overnight, then using the uppermost solution but leaving the tannin sediment at the bottom of the flask behind will reduce nausea and may have the same effect as filtering with a buchner funnel. But if I were to do it, I would use both methods (vacuum filtration and decanting overnight in a fridge) to reduce nausea and arrive at a clean brew.


If I'm not mistaken, hippie finds 'huasca very interesting, and has some very interesting posts as do phalanx, ~roo, ~leprachaun, and others.

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Posted 27 September 2006 - 01:10 PM

click on the yellow linked word ayahuasca to find many threads here

#47 Elf Salvation

Elf Salvation


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Posted 27 September 2006 - 05:47 PM

Also check out the sponsors, particularly bouncingbearbotanicals. They have some quality aya products at a good price. I prefer capi and virdis.

Good luck Nabby

#48 piazao de sitio

piazao de sitio


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Posted 27 September 2006 - 08:17 PM great source here
and also :D

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Posted 02 October 2006 - 09:21 AM

Hey guys... alright... first off, I'd like to open the air on the fact i know this isnt "traditional" ayahuasca brew.... that being said, i was wondering if any experienced Aya dreamers could clue me in on if this mix could be alright. :bow:

I've never had an Aya dream before... i was hoping for this to be my first, and a really good one at that.

I had this one dream where I make take 150mg harmaline freebase with 30g Chacruna + 15g Chaliponga...

I was wondering if this mix will be alright? I was dreaming of a pretty good and strong dose, enough for breakthroughs, but nothing too extravagantly extreme.... Does this sound about right?

Thanks for any input!! :rasta:

#50 synth



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Posted 02 October 2006 - 12:54 PM

that's a legit dose of dmt..

as for harmaline..

going by rue dose, 4% of dry weight of seeds is alkaloid supposedly..
so 150mg is like 3.75g rue. that's also a legit dose.

sounds good. might be a tad bit much with the Chaliponga, but you know yourself better than i do.

#51 rocketman



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Posted 02 October 2006 - 04:11 PM

a good rule is to make a few doses, two minimum. the reason behind this is to have more brew on hand if you somehow get a dud.

#52 SonOfGaia



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Posted 02 October 2006 - 04:27 PM

Thanks for the advice guys!! Nice to get some imformed input on this. :eusa_pray

So i should a little under double the recipe i have now and divide that up into 2 doses? Or i should take the recipe i have now, and divide it up into 2 servings? :pirate:

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Posted 02 October 2006 - 09:36 PM

Check out this 45 minute visual session report from Benny Shannon with ayahuasca. I found it inspirational and a good description of ayahuasca visuals and visions:

From Page 138 of "Antipodes of the Mind":

"By way of conclusion, I present two additional examples. Unlike all other examples in this chapter, which consist of specific visualizations pertaining to specific content items, these examples are records of sessions. They cite or summarize the various visualizations experienced by one individual drinker in one setting. I bring them in order to give the reader a more direct feel of the visionary experience induced by Ayahuasca.

The first example consists of a 'real-time' verbatim report of what I saw in one session in which I partook of Ayahuasca by myself. I spoke aloud describing what I was seeing and notes were taken by the person who watched me. This session is not part of the core corpus and it is the only session of which I have such a recording. Overall, I would characterize this session as one of moderate strength. In it, there were no grand visions and most of the visualizations in it are snapshots and relatively simple scenes. Furthermore, in this session I had very few ideations and no special psychological insights or spiritual experiences whatsoever. Yet, I find this report to be especially valuable in portraying the general flavour of Ayahuasca visions. Manifest in it is a fairy tale-like ambience and an overall air of magnificence and enchantment. Also featuring in the report are several details that are character*istic of Ayahuasca visions in general—these include fire (note the various ways it is incorporated within the narrative of the vision), light-producing objects, carriages, and processions.17 Also recurrent in the report are turning movements, upward movements, and looking forward far into the distance. One comment made by a person seen in this visual sequence is a good example of how ideas relate to Ayahuasca visualizations. The entire sequence lasted about forty minutes:

A golden crystal chalice.

Flowers. In the flowers there are birds and insects and the birds go up and up.

A wheel is turning and there is a rod that is turning round and round. From it, a fire ignites.
An old man holds a taper and from it the fire climbs up and up.

A futuristic city.

A Chinese king is sitting and turning his parasol. Now he is in his study. In the background, birds are kissing one another.

A great hall—like an animated movie.

There is a code here—like that of Morse or the genetic code. The code is constituted by many, many dots, the density between which varies. All this is a language calling to be deciphered.

There is something that pushes up and up. It is like a mountain train. All the time it goes up and up.

A car from the 1920s. Delightfully magnificent. From it emerge light and flowers. Advancing with this light, we pass along gold-plated walls and come out through a staircase made out of gold and ivory. The steps go up and down and reach a theatre.

Up in the heavens there is a woman escorted by a man. In the woman's hand there is a torch that swirls. Lights come out of it in the form of flags and the flags turn into hats full of gems. The gems are sparkling.

A scene in Europe in the sixteenth or perhaps the eighteenth century. Knights are riding. They are mounted upon magic motorcycles full of colours and light. All is like a cartoon and enchanted. It is all part of big procession. There are also small dwarfs there. Two of them are holding a banner with the insignia of the sovereign.

An Indian is smoking a big pipe. Through an old telescope, a man is peering into the far reaches of the universe. A view of the planet Earth turning round and round.

Beautiful gardens like Versailles and the Tuilleries.

There are ballerinas there. Like a cabaret. Their thighs are exposed. One woman gets to the balustrade and is watching the audience.

The Indian is smiling. The message is that 'all of these are the expressions of the same source, a source of bounty and grace'.

In a King's reception hall. There are chalices full of wine. Long processions of carriages proceed further and further. Slowly, all the time, the horsemen are pushing forward. In the hall, the seats are made out of silver. There is a feast. A big pot is placed in the middle. A fruit salad is offered in goblets of finely polished, very clear glass. Slowly, the chef pours some sort of syrup or gooey topping. The sauce covers the fruit and then it ascends upwards.

An elephant lifts up its trunk high and looks far, far forward. Up there are birds and they are looking in my direction. There are flowers, and butterflies are flying from flower to flower. All are washed in the light of the sun.

Women are dancing. Carriages come one after the other and the wine flows. An officer approaches a carriage and salutes. The footman bows and opens the carriage's door. The Queen is stepping out."


"The second example was provided by a young man who partook of Ayahuasca in private sessions conducted in Europe. This individual is not amongst the informants whose data are analysed in this book; his report was communicated to me just when the typeset of this monograph was being sent to the publisher. I present this report as an illustrative example of the experiences of a first-timer. The following is a slightly edited synopsis of what this person saw during his first two sessions with the brew. I shall note that while the report is rich in details, the intoxication experienced was not especially strong; by the present structural typology, all items seen would be characterized as single, simple images.

Animals. Those seen most frequently were serpents, felines, and birds. Some of the serpents were ornate, like Chinese dragons; the felines included tigers and black pumas; the birds included parrots, peacocks, and toucans. Also seen were a galloping horse, dragons, monsters of all sorts, and evil beasts; with some of the latter blood was associated.

Many human persons were seen. Amongst these were Indians and a sensuous Caribbean dancer. A person present in the session appeared to have the face of a gorilla with the beak of a bird.

Palaces and mansions. Amongst the buildings seen were skyscrapers and pyramids. Also seen were interior decorations of buildings. These were very exquisitely ornamented; many were gilded.

Cities. Many different ones were seen; some had futuristic architecture.

Landscapes. These included forests, open deserts, river scenes, and scenes under water. Associated with the latter were corals and 'tornadoes offish'. Overall, the landscapes had an ambience of serenity and silence.

Especially frequent were disembodied eyes; many of these pertained to big cats. Other items noted: an Indian in a boat, an old woman turning white and transforming into a young girl, cars of the 1950s that were colourfully painted in a style which was 'rather kitsch', streams of gold.

The trees outside looked like goddesses.

Significantly, the items reported by this informant include all those that are typical of Ayahuasca visions. As such, this report, I find, is a good example supporting the cultural non-specificity of these visions."


This report is that of Kusel (1965: 64—5), a trader who lived in the upper Amazon for seven years and, in his words, 'was very skeptical and not interested in these low-class local manners'. Twice he partook of Ayahuasca and nothing happened; then there was the third time:

"The first visual experience was like fireworks. Then a continuously creating power produced a wealth of simple and elaborate flat patterns in colour. There were patterns that consisted of twining repeats, and others geometrically organized with rectangles or squares that were like Maya designs or those decorations which the Chamas [the Indians with whom Kusel partook of Ayahuasca, B.S.] paint on their thin, ringing pottery. The visions were in constant flux. First intermittently, then successively, the flat patterns gave way to deep-brown, purple or green depths, like dimly lighted caves in which the walls were too far away to be perceived.

At times snake-like stems of plants were growing profusely in the depths, at others these were covered with arrangements of myriads of lights that like dewdrops or gems adorned them. Now and then brilliant light illuminated the scene as though by photographic flash, showing wide landscapes with trees placed at regular intervals or just empty plains. A big ship witn many flags appeared in one of these flashes, a merry-go-round with people dressed in highly coloured garments in another.

At a certain point I felt, helplessly, that [the person administering the session] and his song could do anything with me, which made me slide... deeper and deeper into a place where I might lose consciousness. If, to reassure myself, I opened my eyes, I saw the dark walls of the jungle covered with jewels as if a net of lights had been thrown over it. Upon closing my eyes again, I could renew the procession of slick, well-lighted images.

The colour scheme became a harmony of dark brown and greens. Naked dancers appeared turning slowly in spiral movements. Spots of brassy lights played on their bodies which gave them the texture of polished stones. Their faces were inclined and hidden in deep shadows. Their coming into existence in the centre of the vision coincided with the rhythm of [the] song, and they advanced forward to the sides, turning slowly. I longed to see their faces. At last the whole field of vision was taken up by a single dancer with inclined face covered by a raised arm. As my desire to see the face became unendurable, it appeared suddenly in full close-up with closed eyes. I know that when the extraordinary face opened them, I experienced a satisfaction of a kind I had never known. It was the visual solution of a personal riddle."


This report was written by a traditional Shipibo healer from Peru, Guillermo Arevalo Valera (1986: 156-7); it is taken from an article in which the process by which one is trained to be an ayahuasquero (an Ayahuasca shaman) is described:

"The [master and the initiate] enter a marvellous world, passing through a path of gold, until reaching a very beautiful city with most good-looking men and women. They are introduced to a factory whose machines operate perfectly. • • • They exit through a secret door and they enter a bar where they drink a cup of black wine.... Then they reach the coast of a river or the sea and from the distance they see arrive a white boat, with a white flag. When the boat has reached the place where they stand, they climb up and they salute the chief. Thereafter they leave the boat and they continue walking. There are many beautiful flowers and pretty hummingbirds. • • • They continue walking. Here there are birds that know how to speak mysteriously and that know one's name. When they see that someone is coming they start to pass the word that so-and-so is coming, and soon they discover a small city whose forms are that of a circle. In the middle there is a lagoon surrounded by flowers, nothing less than the horn of plenty. In order to return, one has to pass through a subterranean path. In the centre of the city one encounters a very big castle where there live the God of ayahuasca along with some other gods. He who enters through the main gate of this castle will never return back. In this city the master and the initiate are now led to a bar. There they drink a large cup of chicha that brings about the effects of the toe [datura, B.S.]. Soon they meet the gods of medicine. The initiate is recognized as a future healer of high category and the gods reveal to him how much is left for the conclusion of his diet. They bid farewell and follow the road back.

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Posted 02 October 2006 - 10:01 PM

And if you decide to try some I have some extra Caapi and Viridis for trade.

#55 synth



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Posted 02 October 2006 - 11:24 PM

cook up a brew of 60g Chacruna + 30g Chaliponga [double].
divide this into 2 servings.

if your harmaline is legit, then eat 150mg, wait like an hour,
drink one of the servings. if stuff isn't going well, drink more.

#56 Mystictrails



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Posted 03 October 2006 - 12:36 AM

im a newbe but i got some momosa hostellas and sarien rue! just gotta extract it but let me know if ya wanna try it, im alwayas willing to try something new

#57 Hippie3



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Posted 03 October 2006 - 07:13 AM

sounds ok to me, a bit more MAOI might benefit

#58 SonOfGaia



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Posted 03 October 2006 - 03:48 PM

Good advice! Thanks... :cool:

After some re-calculation, 250mg harmaline seems about right... Hopefully this dream will happen sometime in the next few months! I am very amped. :greenboun

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