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Ky. Bill will force Drug testing on welfare recipients

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Posted 30 May 2011 - 12:04 PM

All drug testing is political. It's nothing but a symptom of the control mentality at work. It accomplishes less than nothing.

Are they going to dump somebody for beer? For owning a boat and a snowmobile? Playing poker? Driving a gas guzzler? What's the difference if you're going to talk about wasting welfare dollars?

The vast majority of test positives are for pot. Duh. Inactive metabolites stay in the body 10 to 15 times as longer than 'most any other drugs.

And the irony? Much drug use, marijuana in particular, has no demonstrated negative effect on workplace performance or safety. To the contrary, pot smokers are better workers. They make lessuse of medical benefits. And don't tell me that some of the most succesful companies in the world weren't lifted up on the shoulders of coke freaks and "stoned coders." (taking the liberty of quoting someones 'nym)

The statistics cited by the pro-testing wackos are primarily related to alcohol use, for God's sake.

Just think. You get blind, stinking drunk and see how your productivity is the next couple of days is, if you go to work at all. Yet nothing shows on a piss test, nor are they even looking for alcohol.

Now, get right fucking stoned. You get up in the morning and go to work as usual. Depending on the weed there might be a little lethargy but that goes away soon. But next week you get piss tested and you can be shitcanned then and there, or forced into rehab (why do you think "marijuana rehab" statistics are up?). So you're out of a job and have to go on welfare. Duh.

And take a look at the policy of denying convicted pot smokers any government assistance for education. On and on. Stupid, stupid, fucking-a STUPID.

The fucking war on politically unpopular drugs is destroying productivity. Causing unemployment and underemployment of those who don't toe the line. Denying employers the services of good and dedicated workers. Tearing apart families. For no other reason than a bankrupt political agenda.

Shit, I remember an HR weenie whining because all the best engineering candidatess were unemployable because they pissed hot. Blaming the drug use for denying the company good employees. The idea of hiring them based on qualifications and work history never entered her empty little head. Just that stupid little can of piss sloshing around inside her skull.

There are many write-ups about the fallacies, cover-ups, skewed logic and downright lies used to promote the evils of drug testing.

Here's a starting point for looking into the often-cited "studies" used to justify warrantless and unwarranted perusal of bodily fluids. http://www.duncan-as...roductivity.htm

I won't go into listing them all here, just google things like "drug use productivity" and go from there. Look at both sides of the coin. You'll find that all the "wisdom" used to promote that shit is nothing but a bucket full of steaming stinking carnivore crap.

Rant, rant, rant.:horse::gah:

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