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blue's mycobag tutorial

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#1 bluehelix



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Posted 11 April 2006 - 10:16 PM

Thanks everyone for the kind words. I received an e-mail from a guy who was wondering how he could get started using spawn bags. I figure I'd answer it here so others can benefit from the reply.

To start to use spawn bags, I recommend three things (a) the bags, (b) an impulse sealer, and © a hot glue gun. The best inexpensive bags that I have found (30 cent a piece for 100) can be found through the Spore Works catalogue (not the web store but through their catalogue only) here:

Look for "Large Autoclavable Gusseted Bulk Spawn Bags".

For 60Hz/120V power, the impulse sealer is best purchased through Ebay. You want one that produces at least a 2mm-to-3mm-wide seal and is 12" long. Although you can get away with an 8"-long one, it's easier to use a 12" or 16"-long one in case the flaps aren't perfectly aligned out of the cooker. It'll end up about $20 to $30. Here is an example auction for a 12"-long one that is perfect for the task:
Posted Image

The last item I recommend is a hot glue gun. Hot glue allows you to re-seal and sterilize the hole after a huge LC injection. It's the most inexpensive way to reseal the hole. You don't have to use hot glue, of course, but that's how I do it and find it works well. You can find a hot glue gun just about anywhere. They sell them at dollar stores for a $1 or you can buy a nicer one at Wal-mart for $5 to $10. They all work about the same except some won't burn you if you touch the tip and some handle hotter glue than others. Any will work fine.

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Posted 11 April 2006 - 11:01 PM

Bluehelix, have you tried sporeworks' "presealable" spawn bags? FOAF just did his second project with them. Very cool development. Being able to seal them up tight before the PC run totally rocks.

A blob of silicone caulk/adhesive on the bag makes for a nice/cheap self-healing injector port (Hippie3 gave me that one). I had a problem with hot glue coming loose over time. Do you use standard glue sticks?

Two thumbs WAY up for mentioning eBay as a source for Impulse sealers. FOAF got an 18 incher (with a rebuild kit) for $28. If you know what you want and what it's worth, you can get some insane deals on eBay. Unless you get "bidding mania" that is. Sadly, I speak from experience on the topic of bidding mania...

#3 bluehelix



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Posted 12 April 2006 - 12:22 AM

I think the presealable spawn bags are great. I also like the ones with the injection port. But all of these fancy things drive the price up many times. I have seen bags over a $1 a shot, and while it's not a lot of money for a few runs, it just isn't really necessary and does count up. After all when the bags come out of the cooker, the flaps should be folded down the side and sticking togther tight. All you have to do is be careful to not pull the flaps apart before you seal the bag. Once you have it sealed, it will be void of air so just hang it up with wood clamps to self-inflate (see attached picture). Then once it's inflated and cooled, you inject with liquid culture, seal the needle hole with hot glue, allow the glue to cool, and mix up the substrate by kneading through the bag taking care to never touch the filter patch. Those are the essentials to "my tek" (ideas which I borrowed from a dozen others) covering this topic on the Shroomery, although I have attached some pictures from the tek here.

As for the best bags for me, I am rather split between the 60-cent bags with the superior plastic and filter patch like those Fungi Perfecti sells and the cheapest 30-cent bags that Spore Works sells. The cheapies work okay but just don't have quite the quality plastic and filter patch of the more expensive ones (and they are a tiny bit smaller). If you are working with sharp stuff like woodchips, the cheaper ones can puncture more easily during the kneading step. Another thing that differs a lot between the two bags is the filter patch. The cheaper bags must be treated with a lot of respect because if the patch gets wet and you touch it, the bag is basically toast. The more expensive ones seem to resist this vector of contamination better. In any case, I take care to never touch the filter patches regardless of the bag and keep the patch dry at all times. For example, when you are injecting the LC, take care to not squirt it directly on the inside of the filter patch; that's just asking for trouble and I contaminated a bag that way.

I have been using hot glue for some time and it will not come loose using it the way I recommend. First, I do not recommend ever using hot glue directly on a spawn bag. Some types of hot glue with some types of bags will melt the bags! I recommend one always makes a tape-based injection platform to poke through and put the hot glue on and protect the bag. Mine consists of two types of tape.

Directly against the bag, I first stick a small square patch of heavy duty duct tap--buy the good stuff. Over the duct tape I put piece of heavy duty masking tape. The duct tape alone softens in the heat of pressure cooking and will stick to the side of the cooker if pressing against it while the masking tape alone is pretty weak and doesn't stick too well directly to the bag. The two together, though, make a perfect team with the duct tape providing the heavy grade thickness and stick while the masking tape keeps the duct tape from sticking to the walls of the pressure cooker during cooking. I have used these two together for dozens of spawn bags, and it works great every time. No matter how violent I get with the kneading, I never have had the hot glue come off, although one time I actually broke open a bag because I was drunk. I have an attached picture showing what it looks like once the tape platform on the spawn bag been injected and re-sealed with hot glue.

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#4 happyHippo



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Posted 15 July 2006 - 06:22 PM

I've birthed pf cakes before and I am going to start with the presealable mycobags from sporeworks. I have only 1 far.

What's the best way to fruit the bag?..Should I cut it open and gently place it in my terrarium laying flat?

Should I case?

I just want the highest yield

I apologize if this has been asked before But i can't find it.


#5 LotRev



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Posted 15 July 2006 - 08:00 PM

Hey Hippo, glad to see bag supporters...

Almost all invitro info I've ever gotten was right here in the vaults...

Give those a look to find all kinds of answers

#6 mason420



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Posted 16 July 2006 - 06:22 PM

What mil bags can withstand the PC?

#7 happyHippo



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Posted 13 August 2006 - 02:26 PM

I got some of these bags from sporeworks
Don't know what mil they are

Everything is working out fine now. I used feed corn and ground up with coffee grinder (kinda messy). I then followed the cracked corn TEK
Everything working out fine for now

#8 Hippie3



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Posted 13 August 2006 - 02:33 PM

i believe 4 mil is about the minimum thickness needed

also see

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