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Q&A MegaThread: Stomach pains and mushrooms

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Posted 13 March 2009 - 10:00 AM

Not to beat a dead horse....but.... I have to concur with Ginger. It is pretty amazing whenever you have an upset stomach. Ginger ale will work if it contains ginger, but most doesn't....Polar contains some, and some health food store brands have more. (I'm not sure if Polar brand is regional.) I've even had cactus tea with some ginger slices (not mixed in) and once with polar ginger ale and had no nausea, which other times has caused serious nausea. I also have to say tea works really nicely, but may not always work to remove nausea. Last time I did shrooms, we made tea with about 7gm, and a few of us thought we'd finish it...probably make some more with the mush to get it all out. We definitely couldn't finish the first pot. One guy barely had a sip and was amazed at how much it affected him. He compared it to tripping in Amsterdam years ago. One of us, who had a few glasses of wine prior, and probably a big meal, was vomiting for a lot of it. She kept saying it was okay, and was happy, but that she knew not to drink wine again....she kept saying it wasn't the mushroom's fault but the wine's. We powdered it up very fine, so definitely some plant material made it into the tea, but not a lot.

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