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Tek needed to extract 5-meo-DMT and defat, Delosperma sp.

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#1 psylocaria


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Posted 24 May 2011 - 03:50 PM

Tek is needed, and i figured i'd start a thread dedicated to the process.

So at my local nursery, I found six packs of D. cooperii and D. Kelaidis (mesa verde ie. D. cooper x D. nubigenum), needless to say, I bought what they had and now have them planted in ground. What beautiful purple flowers on the cooperii.

My question is, has the community come to a good agreement on how best to extract from these babies. Can you do it similarly to the MHRB tek, or what?

I should have more than enough to run some trials in a month or so, and want to be ready.


#2 Norman



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Posted 25 May 2011 - 09:14 AM

I imagine the best place to start would be an A/B with lots of defats, pulling with something broad spectrum like toluene, and evaporating.
Maybe start at a low basification pH and work your way up, doing an NP pull at each step in case the alks are sensitive to high pH.

#3 psylocaria


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Posted 25 May 2011 - 10:00 AM

Thanks Norman for that bit of knowledge.

Now I'm going to grow them in that pot for 2-3 years then dig up the whole plants including the roots and put them in a jar or a bag and let them sweat in the sun for a week or so. This needs to be done because both Kanna and Delosperma guenus contain Oxalic acid which is not very good for you. The sweating/fermenting step reduces the Oxalic acid so it is safer to consume. After the plants have fermented for a week or so I will dry them in the sun until cracker dry then grind the material in a coffee grinder.

Just want to know, if this is tried and true, and what happen after the the coffee grinder.

this is a raw hydro-alcoholic soxhlet extract. still too fatty for smoking or vaping. although, plenty of effect was felt orally. i'm not real sure just how to defat this stuff, but i bet the results would be quite interesting. bet some of our dmt pro's could make some good suggestions :weedpoke:

How do you get to this point, and where do you go from there?

Also if taken orally, is there a need for MEOI?

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