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4/20 Tips on avoiding and dealing with the security side of guerilla pot farming

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#1 Guest_cap_*

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Posted 20 April 2006 - 03:09 AM

from lester gas @ icmag

The fourth and sixth as well as parts of the first and second, amendments are gone.
Warrantless search years ago had its "plain view" rulings expanded (fourth amendment).
Now, if a porker sees you a-smoking cuz you didnt pull the blinds,
said porker needs no warrant to enter and bust; this has been common knowledge for a long time now.
Plain view now includes odors.
Skunk, smoke, or a police dog going off is all leo needs to come in and escalate into bust and property seizure.
Don't chat with leo-- he may remember you later with no idea why he remembers you,
which will make him process you very vaguely into being suspicious.
Now he has to at least i.d. you, right?
Has to know what your slave name is.
They are not stupid human beings by a damn sight.
Rather, they are very single minded and focused. They are linear thinkers served up with a side order of authoritarianism.
Never invite them in, thinking you can con or handle them
because you're such a nice, harmless pothead and they'll feel at ease with you.
Don't drink in cop bars. I used to and some of these guys are bent!
The ones in bars can be hard drinkers who are very frustrated with the job and the way the world is going to hell in a handbasket.
They have big arms and know alot of fighting technique and get to test it out on human practice dummies--- they're not mail-order black belts.
If busted, do not know your rights. Ask them what your rights are. Force them in this way to mirandize you.
Force them gently and with respect to either press charges or release you
( by saying ' Sir, I'm not sure, what exactly ARE my rights in this situation?).
Anything short of the now weakened and crippled miranda warning
and you say, politely and with no tude,' then I understand that I'm free to go'?
They then say ' you go when we say you can go shut up before you get my partner pissed' or some sweet delicacy to that effect.
Give them no tude do not bluster about your lawyer brother-in-law and do not pretend to be a naive virgin choir boy.
Volunteer nothing.
Especially if the good one gets chatty in a relaxed manner after the bad one shouts ' do you want to go to jail tonight, punk?'
They have no pull with the d.a.
The da doesnt even know them.
They cant make sure things will go easy on ya
or put in a good word if you'll just escalate the simple bust into dealing or manufacturing.

Where I grew up, the cops were brutal and had absolutly no right to be respected as human beings.
If you blustered that you knew your rights they would beat you with a flash light.
They planted things. They lied.
They would nail your solar plexus and balls because those areas dont bruise and bleed obviously like a face does.
I realize cops are people too and that small town sheriffs can be remarkably cool.
All I'm saying is dont volunteer anything, dont give them a handle (bench warrants for traffic citations upon which you flaked ).
Dont smoke pot in cars.
These guys train with incense that smell very close to cheap mexican smoke and they'll smell it as you drive by.
Be polite and non- aggressive; even if you are taking a fall.
I could relay a lifetime of true bust stories
that include fake witnesses in court they just pulled out of lockup and ounces magically turning into pounds.
Don't be a bad ass.
E.G. guy I knew gets pulled over for a busted tail light. Cops find his pet 38 in the trunk, illegally loaded. Instant broken nose.
In court, they claim he assaulted them and they just defended themselves.
Whats this got to do with pot?
They got him for that too.

If an old aquaintance calls on the phone and asks if you still do this or that illegal pot related thing,
say' of course not. you were allways the one that was into that'.
This is even more true if that person is a parent.
Porkers will threaten to take their kids away when they bust them unless they can give them something bigger.
Like a grower.
Especially an indoor one that cant quite flush those plants down a toilet when it hits the fan.

Dont keep aggie supplies and receipts around.
Dont keep seed catalogs.
Dont grow outdoors on your own or your neibhors property or rental.
Dont ever wear camo in public-especially around leo. Especially out of hunting season.
In the woods , have either a fishing pole and license or a bird guide and binoculars.
Learn these skills in case leo is a birder or fisherman.
Dont go to the hydro store in your town and dont mail order any supplies in bulk.
Go out of town and park around the corner.
Look for vans or suvs with dark windows.
Feels wierd? walk past your car and go to a coffee shop or bar or chapel.
If you are a drinker, never, ever park near the bar.
They lurk around these places and know that drunks often do horribly evil things like smoke pot.

Please please please do not be a prarie dog.
Dont get the noia so bad that your head pops over the fence every time a v8 drives by.
2 years ago my friend moved to a new town. His neihbor lady was a prarie dog.
I told him" shes either a dealer or a meth type-- they'll get busted soon."
A month later he said " you wouldnt believe the traffic these people have in and out."
2 months after that they were shut down :meth manufacturing and child endangerment(true on both counts).
How did I know?
The lady of the house popped her drug addled head over the fence every time any one drove down that street.
Now, a young cop who works in the city owns that house.
He knows everyone around him is smoking home grown and he couldnt care less.
Hell, hes probably relieved they all wake and bake.
Growers dont have either or acetone explosions!

Outdoors always use misdirection.
Park on the opposite side of the road from where you are really going.
If you are serious, consider mountain bike or motorcycle that you can hide in the woods under a camo tarp.
Dont ever ride either one into the patch.
Use track zones to see who has come in on top of you or been there while you were away.
This means: rough up several sandy or dusty or muddy patches on the entry trails so that most folks would never notice.
They leave their tracks. Without thinking about it.
You then learn to age those tracks by comparing them to the ones youve left behind.
I've never walked into a patch without knowing it was busted ahead of time because leo goes in like a herd of elephants.
Leo wears boots. Usually vibram soled.
Often the toes splay out to the side instead of straight ahead because leo does'nt know proper movement.
Back country sheriffs, some rangers and all search and rescue types use either vibram soles or nam style boots with a piece of one lug cut out.
This way, each leo can i.d. every other leo in the team because each pair of boots sole is cut up differently.
If they see a pattern with a nick they dont recognize they know its a strange leo.
No nicks and they know it's you.
If you ever come in on top of such prints that enter with no exit prints, leave now.
If ever you come in on one of your track zones that has no prints after a week leave imediatly-- thats not natural even in winter.
This means a human has wiped it afresh.
In the real world there is a thing I long ago named 'background noise'.
This consists in the west of rabbit, rat, mouse, darkling beetle, millipede and coyote tracks.
Even if there are no deer or elk for miles around you always see heavy background noise 2 nights after you scraped clean a track zone.
Not only have I seen this lack a couple of times;
once I was picking blackberries in full camo when I came accross 2 sheriffs tracking me.
I had circled around because the birds told me someone was coming.
From behind them I could hear the man leo teaching the hot woman leo
about sand transfer where I had crossed the river and glued sand to the rocks on the other side with my wet feet
. They didnt want to get their feet wet so they did'nt ford.
That fall the bastards left a note in my patch with my name on it.
It read ' Thanks for the plants , lester.'
It's simple. My truck was the only thing parked there the day that porker was teaching cutiepie how to track.
They simply ran my plates and got my name and waited for the buds to form.
The note had a green/brown stain on it.
They wrapped it around a bud of ghani just so I could smell it and shake in my nearly trackless moccasins.
No bust came. which brings me to: never put more than 50 plants in one spot!
100 plants activates the federal mandatory minimum of 5 years in prison for something less harmfull than aspirin.

happy 4/20 and stay safe :)

#2 arezap


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Posted 20 April 2006 - 07:09 AM

Nice Cap! Damn good advice imo. Thanks for sharing.

#3 Hippie3



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Posted 20 April 2006 - 07:23 AM

where i go
there are no tracks
'cause it's all rock.

#4 Guest_cap_*

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Posted 20 April 2006 - 07:37 AM

hehe i liked this line--

Don't chat with leo-- he may remember you later with no idea why he remembers you, which will make him process you very vaguely into being suspicious. Now he has to at least i.d. you, right? Has to know what your slave name is.


#5 arezap


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Posted 20 April 2006 - 07:46 AM

It's true too.

#6 Hippie3



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Posted 21 April 2006 - 07:38 AM

some of his comments are kinda silly, imo.
like that 'never wear camo' bit.
how one dresses should reflect the season and the area,
nothing wrong with walking thru the woods
in camo carrying a rifle
IF it's squirrel season and you have a license.
you'll look much more conspicious out there in tye-dyed tshirt .
your goal is to
fit in, blend in . that means dress like the locals.

one good piece of advice he neglected-
stop and listen as you move towards your patch/s.
your ears will often spot a threat before your eyes do,
esp. in thick brush and/or rough terrain.
approach the patch in a circular manner,
once around before closing in the circle.
it's not illegal to be out there,
so you're safe until you get close to the plants
so use a wide circle to make sure no one
is hiding nearby before closing in.

and don't forget- this is 2006.
the piggies have high tech toys
like video cams that are sound-actuated
so they only kick on when they hear movement.
that means you should still take precautions to
conceal your face like sunglasses, hat.
better yet, work at night.
be on the look-out for such devices,
and don't forget to look up, in the trees too.

#7 Hippie3



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Posted 21 April 2006 - 08:30 AM

another tip-
grow on hillsides.
the inclined angle of the terrain
messes with the infrared detection cameras
mounted in piggie airborne vehicles.

#8 dead_diver


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Posted 21 April 2006 - 05:48 PM

I used to grow in thick palmetto scrub. There were no easily visible trails in it, sugar sand is the most common habitat for palmetto scrub and that stuff doesn't leave much of a print when walked on and the rattle snakes keep most sane people, rabbits and deer out of dense palmetto scrub. I would just plant a few here and there and only lost them on occasion to pests or weather. It was a bitch though to truck water in even with a fresh water lake a couple hundred yards away.

#9 Guest_cap_*

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Posted 12 April 2008 - 07:24 PM


#10 eastwood


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Posted 12 April 2008 - 08:34 PM

another tip-
grow on hillsides.
the inclined angle of the terrain
messes with the infrared detection cameras
mounted in piggie airborne vehicles.

How,why or what does marijuana plants give off that can be detected by infrared.

#11 twoguysupnorth



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Posted 12 April 2008 - 10:49 PM

just from reading, they are trained to look for patches of the color that isnt in the natural landscape and (freshly?) dug up patches release more heat than the ground around it so it shows up warmer.

#12 BlacHaze



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Posted 12 April 2008 - 11:58 PM

It's probably more effective finding large grows. I wonder if the plants are more detectable during flowering?

#13 Guest_cap_*

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Posted 13 April 2008 - 02:04 AM

flowering or not mj is bright green. ive watched a documentary where they do a flyover. pot stands out like nothing else. even a few plants, which is the plot they happened to 'catch', were detected quite easily amongst various natural growth in the bush. its a jungle plant in a north american forest. even without IR they have trained agents with the eyes to spot plants from the sky with the greatest of ease. scary stuff. :(

#14 suckerfree



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Posted 13 April 2008 - 04:54 PM

When the pigs grow wings and take flight, they are usually after spoting outdoor plants with their high tech heat signature dectecting what ever its called.

It is called FLIR (Forward Looking Infared)

When you plant cannabis, it gives off a different heat signature than the surrounding plants, and there also a noticable signature disturbance in the ground around the plant that indicated someone tore it up to plant a seed.

This is a myth. FLIR cannot tell one plant from another. I have heard this rumor over and over but it is just a rumor. Cops in the air spot marijuana fields by looking for rows planted, water lines and dead trees. Last week Candi and I took a news team in a helicopter, spotted a pot field and I then crept the news crew in for a story. We then snuck my camera crew in to get footage for NEVERGETRAIDED where I teach how to grow plants invisible from law enforcement.

I hear they can also see the exhaust of your indoor grow from the air, but thats about it. They cannot see into your house,

This is exactly what FLIR does. It is used to fly over and take heat images of your home or barn looking for heat from grow lights pumping out of your grow room. To counter this, use fluorescents and LED's to grow safely. FLIR cannot "see" through anything.

Can they see through the cover with FLIR? And if so, does that constitute illegal search?

They can only see heat. If it is hot, it can be seen, if it is not, it cannot be seen. Having only thermal images of heat that fit a "grow room profile" is not enough evidence alone for a search warrant. Thermal images are included with evidence of high electric bills, postage records of purchased grow equipment etc to obtain a search warrant.

Can I grow adequate plants under ultra-violet-resistant polythene?

Adequate cannabis plants will grow anywhere as long as they have the proper amount of nutrients, lighting and water.

The only way LEOs could detect what is in it is by using binoculars as I am hundreds of feet off the road, or coming onto the property and looking in the greenhouse. Either way, they will not satisfy plain sight requirements and the mere presence of a greenhouse is not enough to obtain a warrant right?

You are correct!

#15 growurown



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Posted 07 August 2009 - 08:04 PM

seems like some good advice. I wear camo all the time so i dont think that would be a problem. Not like Real Tree or nething just some fatigues. cant kill them and there comfy as hell

#16 Mushrooms201


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Posted 07 August 2009 - 11:48 PM

Good post, can never be to educated or aware.:weedpoke:

#17 Shadowlord



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Posted 08 August 2009 - 12:02 AM

Good post, can never be to educated or aware.:weedpoke:

Second that.

#18 TheObserver



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Posted 08 August 2009 - 08:44 AM

great advice, I do a couple outdoor which one of them is on a 45 degree angle hill a few miles back in the woods. I appreciate this advice because I will put it into practice. Respect

#19 Hippie3



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Posted 08 August 2009 - 09:22 AM

as i understand it
the passive IRA detector can be hooked to a 'puter
and software analyzes reflected light's spectrum
much like how NASA can tell various minerals on a planet-
everything has a unique signature.
being on a hill helps by introducing the doppler effect,
slightly shifting the spectrum as altitude varies
between detector and patch.

#20 TVCasualty


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Posted 08 August 2009 - 09:33 AM

Clip the sun leaves when the plant goes into bud; spotters look for the "hand" from the air since they cannot see buds, and those big spread-out leaves are almost a green beacon directing people to your plot. A drunk Drug Task Force agent told me that at a bar once.

Planting along the north side of east-west oriented interstates in rural areas (where appropriate) is one of the most secure ways to do outdoor I'd ever seen. This guy I knew would plant 5-10 plants one tree deep inside the tree line along an interstate, at a spot where there was a steep hill rising up at least 50 feet from the road before the trees began. The area was mowed up to the tree line, but being on a hill minimized any foot traffic and the people doing the mowing never looked inside the tree line. He could walk along the interstate (out of sight inside the tree line) for a mile or so, checking his series of plots and never lost a plant to another person. A few losses to deer are inevitable, but most people can live with that. I'd also bet the hot asphalt of the interstate would reduce FLIR efectiveness in such an area, and if it's also near an airport the aerial searches would likely be minimal.

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