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Starting an intentional community/farm

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Posted 17 September 2011 - 07:23 PM

Things have been pretty great in my life in just the past few days.
I'm growing and learning every day, and I LOVE MYSELF!!!
I'm also finding out that I am a pretty darn powerful person that can do anything I set my mind to.
Now that I'm really finding out what makes me excited and I have the courage to share those ideas, a lot of things have been falling in place for me.
So, with no further adeu...
I'm going to start a small intentional community/organic farm which has 15 acres, 4 of which are pasture, the rest is timber.
My friend is down for the idea, I just need to get things figured out a little more and get a plan down on paper.

On the property is a house, a small woodworking shed, and a large barn that was used for pigs once, then sterilized and houses quail right now.
The quail are gone after this winter, and that's when I'll be starting on getting things going.
We will build a large earthbag building that will be the main "house" for now.
It will include a kitchen, bathroom, living area that would be large enough to function for the whole community.
I would like to have around a dozen people living and working on the farm, but my friend feels more comfortable with around 6-7, and since it is his land, it's going to be around 6-7 :(

Crops I am thinking of growing:
Potted Bamboo
Mushrooms (all legal of course!)
Salad greens
A LOT of different culinary and medicinal herbs
Anything else that we want to eat.
Cherry, apple, apricot, pear, pecan, hazelnut trees..pretty much any fruit/nut tree that will grow well in zone 6
Blueberry, raspberry, strawberry

We will raise fish in an aquaculture environment, providing both fish and plants for our consumption, possibly for sale in future years.
We will also raise chickens, goats, rabbits, i would like to have some sheep and possibly a cow or two. A mule would be great too!
If we get a pond built we could have ducks too.
I want a lot of little critters running around to play with Posted Image and some, to eat.
We will catch as much rainwater as possible and utilize our greywater to the best of our abilities.
I really would like this little community to be a model for how I believe the world should live.
Self sustainable, green, and a place where people of different backgrounds can come together to learn, grow, and share.
I would love to have an artist in the community, there is a lot of great topsoil here, but if you go down deep enough, you can get a lot of clay. With that, we would build a kiln, and produce our own locally made pots from local sources for our potted bamboo and any other plants we sell at market.
Plus, it's just always fun to have a creative artist in the group Posted Image

There is a lot of legal stuff I need to get working on to get this up and running, as well as planning, it's a big project and i'm trying to take it in small steps.
If anyone has ideas, tips, suggestions, opinions, or just encouragement, drop a line! Posted Image
With the right people and a lot of hard work I know this can and will work!

Obviously everything is not going to be fully functional the first year, but I want to get that house built and get the garden in as well as get a start on the long term projects like the ginseng and orchard.
I also really want to design everything on this property as a permaculture experiment.
There is a lot of resources for getting work done cheaply out there, such as WWOOF and other volunteer programs as well as friends who like to get away for a week and enjoy some time out in the good clean fresh air.

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Posted 02 December 2011 - 11:39 PM

this sounds really cool, keep us updated

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