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Energy Drinks

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#1 TheObserver



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Posted 21 October 2011 - 04:16 PM

I've been drinking at least one energy drink a day if not two every once in awhile in one day since 2006 when I enrolled in college. I can tell it's making me very tired where I have no energy in the evening to do much.

Any advice on how to kick this habit. I hate those drinks and I think they are gonna kill me. I drink my water too but I want to quit drinking energy drinks for good and stick with pure filtered water.
Shit, I think energy drinks are worse than regular pop or soda. What do you think? They got a load of sugar and tons of other crazy named additives so probably.

I think I will just stop buying them, or will stop when I'm broke which is usually the case. But I believe I have the will to stop "cold turkey" so I'll give it a shot, again. I've gone about a month or in previous times but always crave that carbonated taste with the added boost of short term energy. I know its a vicious cycle but maybe if I go a couple weeks and stay away from the stores and gas stations I could succeed.

I think I will write my goals down and tape them on the refrigerator.
#1 I want to stop drinking energy drinks completely
#2 I want to go completely Vegan :teeth:



#2 kravenmoorehead



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Posted 21 October 2011 - 04:19 PM

1.I wanna stop drinking energy drinks too
2. and quit smoking cigarettes

#3 TheObserver



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Posted 21 October 2011 - 04:33 PM

1.I wanna stop drinking energy drinks too
2. and quit smoking cigarettes

I hear you kravenmoorehead. You can do it if I can. I picked up smoking ciggarettes only last January so its almost been a year. Scary to think about that. I should quit ciggarettes with my other addictions too. Shit I hate spending money on fast food, I'd rather make my own but I get lazy and got used to ready made food in my college cafeteria when I was living on campus.

#4 KartyacArrest



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Posted 21 October 2011 - 04:52 PM

I hear ya man. I drink too much soda and I smoke cigs too!

Now these energy drinks, they are some evil shit for sure. All that sugar is just a step closer to adult on set diabeetus.
I've never cared for the taste of them so they really haven't affected me, however, I have many friends that drink them on a daily basis.

The only thing I can say is start drinking more water, make some tea, and try not to slip up. It really shouldn't be hard at all.
You can also get plain carbonated water. If you really miss those bubbles!

Now, vegan, something I could never do. I love food too damn much to give up a good chunk of the pyramid.
Fast food is terrible. Start eating subway if you want healthy fast food. You still got to be careful there too, however.

#5 dead_diver


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Posted 21 October 2011 - 05:17 PM

Observer, do some research on Taurine, which is in most energy drinks. I have read that high levels can cause fatigue in some people. I will try to find the article and provide a link when I have the time. Unless someone beats me to it.

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#6 dead_diver


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Posted 21 October 2011 - 05:22 PM

Here it is... "Taurine is an inhibitory neurotransmitter, and its main use has been to help treat epilepsy and other excitable brain states, where it functions as a mild sedative...." "....You should be aware that excessive levels can lead to depression and short term memory loss."
http://www.canadian-...DHD/Taurine.htm Hmm, sedatives in energy drinks, sounds like a legal speedball.

#7 Diesel


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Posted 21 October 2011 - 05:27 PM

Yerba Mate gets me through school really well. drink it strong, and you'd think you put on a jet pack that morning.

#8 KartyacArrest



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Posted 21 October 2011 - 05:28 PM

That's some interesting shit. I've done some research on taurine (Read one wikipedia article) after hearing rumors that it was derived of bull testes. Which is not true. "Taurine is a major constituent of bile and can be found in the large intestine and in the tissues of many animals, including humans."
Disturbing none the less.




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Posted 21 October 2011 - 07:29 PM

Yerba Mate gets me through school really well. drink it strong, and you'd think you put on a jet pack that morning.

i bought a bag of the Yerba Mate a few years back, drank it regularly while I had it, but havent bought another bag since. By the way, I drink a couple cups of coffee and an energy drink pretty much every 1st half of the day. Then switch over to alcohol the second half. I also work switch shifts regularly and well my schedule is screwed and I'm tired. The Yerba Mate packs more "get up and go" than your average energy drink. These energy boosters give me a nervous energy, I need the alcahol by evening. It would be cooler if you could get authentic Mate de Coca without a hassle. Those alchaloids give off a cool soothing energy. Damn I think I'm just rambling now, or maybe I have been for a while, possibly all the way back to the beginning:space:

#10 cym


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Posted 23 October 2011 - 10:59 PM

matcha green tea works for me.
i drink two teaspoons of DoMatcha (brand) with about a 8oz glass of vanilla soymilk and 1 tsp. of evaporated cane juice organic sugar (mix with spoon then wisk) on school days and others when i just need a "pick me up".
going to look into the yerba mate.

#11 Skyman100


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Posted 23 October 2011 - 11:06 PM

My friend used to guzzle that shit
Try earlgrey with half n half n honey:) mmm I'm gonna go make a cup

#12 ams1992


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Posted 23 October 2011 - 11:12 PM

Don't cold turkey it, whatever you do... I just started quitting a 5-6 can of pop routine. Cold turkey. No pop for 3 days now besides decaffeinated. The headache is beyond belief and merciless. Go down on the caffeine but don't completely quit. When you get close to absolutely none, then quit. Just go downward on dosage until you get there. Take it from a guy who's going through withdrawal headaches from hell. Its the caffeine. Energy drinks are even worse. Good luck, I wish you the best.

#13 Raze



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Posted 23 October 2011 - 11:25 PM

Not really a fan of energy drinks, but coffee is very addictive.

#14 Myc


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Posted 24 October 2011 - 09:59 AM

Good subject here.
I quite drinking those lovely energy drinks last year.

New habit is ice water - or just a glass of filtered water.
I also love tea - but that's another source of caffeine. Early grey and Ginger black are both very tasty.
I quit drinking coffee regularly too.

With the exclusion of coffee and energy drinks, I notice that I rarely have heart-burn anymore where I used to get it almost every morning. The tea will still jack you up if you drink too much.

#15 Nobody


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Posted 24 October 2011 - 03:16 PM

I would recommend green tea, it's lower in caffeine but still has enough for a boost. It's also good for you! You can drink it several times throughout the day, and if you use whole leaf(I like the "gunpowder" type), you can steep the leaves a few times before having to use fresh.

You might also look into ginseng, although it can have some side effects and can give slight withdrawls when stopped.

#16 eatyualive



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Posted 24 October 2011 - 08:54 PM

energy drinks can cause seizures and have reportedly killed a few people by caffeine overdose. but the amount is something like 10 to 12 of those giant monster size energy drinks in less than 2 hours.

i was drinking them for a long time. there is some horrible stuff in those drinks. and also, i felt more tired when i was drinking them and became dependent on them.

best choice you can do for your own health is to toss them in the garbage. drink coffee if you need to wake up.

i drink tropical ice tea and green tea. tazo makes a brand called tazo black iced tea. and tazo black tropical iced tea. they also make a green iced tea. this is different than what you can buy from starbucks. you have to order it online and it has to say keyword here "iced"

its rough but cold turkey always did it for me. also change up your habbits. like when do you usually buy the drinks? cut it off right at that point. if its like you buy them on the way to work, or a drive to school, then go a different route and avoid the whole ritual of buying the drink. thats what i had to do at first. eventually i kicked em. but i was going on to about 4 to 6 of them a day.

#17 ozb



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Posted 25 October 2011 - 05:42 AM

Ever try pricetam or arancatam?

#18 TVCasualty


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Posted 25 October 2011 - 06:49 AM

I'd suggest stopping the energy drinks completely and tapering the caffeine gradually like others suggested (by switching to coffee) because those caffeine withdrawals can be nasty.

There's no way around feeling like shit for a little while as your body readjusts, but it will adjust and you'll get past that part (knowing this helps you stick to it). Until I tried it myself I thought it sounded like BS, but eating an apple first-thing in the morning wakes us up as well as a cup of coffee.

#19 MungoFungo


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Posted 25 October 2011 - 05:38 PM

yeah man.... them energy drinks are nothing but INCREMENTAL DEATH IN A CAN..........................but sometimes they just hit the spot..

yeah soetimes i feel stupid getting an engergy drink...........but the cans are so pretty...

#20 Hypervision


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Posted 25 October 2011 - 06:24 PM

Personally i have never drank a single energy drink in my life. So i know it is hard for me to relate to you and your situation, however about 2 years ago i was 'addicted' to soda drinks... whenever i came home from school first thing i HAD to do was crack open one.

i knew that soda was bad for you- especially in the way i was drinking it (at least 3 a day EVERYDAY). Living with the parents at the time and with my semi-addicted father i didnt have to supply it for myself so $ wasnt a matter for me to quit.

Anyways, what worked for me was to first get my mind set right. After about a month of on and off trying to quit i was like WTF why cant i stop?!?!? so then after really meditating on it for about a week- talking to my self in the most honest way one can speak to oneself, i convinced myself to quit.... try and speak to your inner self- even if you dont quite believe in an inner you- (if you dont share this belief i highly reccomend it- similar to one's soul, it is the you that makes you, you,,, not your physical self being the body you have but the spirit inside that makes you act, react, and behave the way you do,,,, its a very radical thing to think about but once u have gotten to this stage of self-being i can guarentee you will be much happier)

The next day was the start of my 'quest' to quit.
- I know it prolly has nothing to do with anything but i told myself that the first thing i HAD to do was drain my body of the caffinated 'goodness' i craved. So i spent the entire day drinking straight water- trying about 1 glass every hour.. like 5 within the first 30 minutes. Then the pissssss started flowing.
In reality i probably wasnt ACTUALLY doing any of the things i thought i was cleansing my body of but in my point of view- MIND is hell of a lot stronger than matter... if u think it, it WILL happen- at least in your mind it will :)

Now I was clean of it all. Took a good long hot shower before bed to melt off any excess emotion or want of the drink. Then the next day and the days following- especailly the first few 3-5 days try and keep yourself BUSY...... KEEP AS BUSY AS POSSIBLE, trying to do anything that would deter you from a drink- like working out/ playing sports- which makes water seem a lot more enjoyable to drink and spit out than it would be to drink a soda. (i reccomend sports over actually working out cuz u can 'play' alot longer) also playing keeps ur mind off it....then whenever you get a sense of 'want', ATTACK it with water and say fuck you to the false being inside you that craves it.

AND that is mainly it..... just try n keep busy, and as the days go by u will be able to PROVE to yourself that you do not NEED that shit anymore...... you are better than it and fuck it and any1 else who needs it....those ppl are cheats and you are pure- free of the drink and its false sense of energy...... this mindset of 'attacking' the addiction helps me immensely- i use it for basically everything to get better at anything.

Once you DO free yourself of it, i reccomend picking up other beverages as other ppl are saying..... i found refuge with TEA for a very long time, it is relaxing and is proven to have 1000's of beneficial ingredients,, so does coffee-- my grandmother drinks black coffee no sugar or milk/ cream everyday 1 or 2 cups in the morning everyday since as long as i can remember and she is 90 yrs old now and looks great!

I wish you the best of luck!

BTW i had my first Coke today in months and my oh my,,, i was jumpy as a mofo lol,,,, by the time you get to taht stage you wont believe how you ever used to do it!

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