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Man, "Hopped up on Mushrooms," Killed by Police

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#41 Guest_leprachaun_*

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Posted 09 August 2003 - 07:04 PM

<BLOCKQUOTE><HR SIZE=0><!-Quote-!><FONT SIZE=1>Quote:</FONT>

the world is a far too dangerous place, full of madmen and deviants, to disarm the citizens,
if anything, the govt. needs us now more than ever to shoulder the responsibility of protecting ourselves, our families, and our neighborhoods.<!-/Quote-!><HR SIZE=0></BLOCKQUOTE>

I think the answer is more cops on the streets, not gangs of vigilantes marauding about. Law enforcement is best done by fully trained police officers. Having every man and his dog carrying a gun is a return to the Wild West. A gun is a deadly weapon that can kill instantly at a distance. It's purpose is to kill or injure, regardless if it is in self defense or to attack. It is not in the same league as a hammer or a knife. It is a killing "tool". There is a big difference between having to get close enough to ram a knife into someone's guts, and being able to simply pull a trigger several feet away.

Other simpler weapons, and even bare hands, can also kill, but not as easily and quickly as a gun. When you fire a gun, the bullet can go anywhere and hurt someone else. I consider them too powerful and dangerous for ordinary citizens to own.

#42 Guest_hippie3_*

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Posted 09 August 2003 - 08:21 PM

ok, let's take a vote.
all those in favor of more cops,
vote 'yea'.

#43 Guest_soliver_*

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Posted 09 August 2003 - 08:36 PM

"Law enforcement is best done by fully trained police officers"

I think the original post disproves that theory.
Cops are just frustrated high school kids who used
to drive around looking for trouble -
Now they get paid for it.

Fuck the police - never there when you need one.
Guns don't kill people, cops do.

"Other simpler weapons, and even bare hands, can also kill, but not as easily and quickly as a gun. When you fire a gun, the bullet can go anywhere and hurt someone else. I consider them too powerful and dangerous for ordinary citizens to own."

Sorry Leprachaun, that kind of thinking belongs across the
Atlantic - just what is an "ordinary citizen?"
I suppose these ordinary people can't make any other
decisions for themselves either -
like if they want to drink alcohol,
smoke pot, sniff glue, have sex, reproduce . . .
1984 has come and gone yet we're closer everyday.

This kind of reality scares the shit out of me,
and the fact that some think that MORE cops are the
answer is even more terrifying.


#44 shroomzhilla



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Posted 09 August 2003 - 11:53 PM

I say more cops, and as always my reasons are "out of the box" (if any employers are watching ) lol.
tis better to see the butt sniffing little prick in blue than to be suprised by the little fucker in plaid that snitches.
I say mark them with a badge, weigh them down with dohnuts, let them shoot each other when confused. more cops means more ineptitude and a better social migration, polarization, to separate the true humans from those of the sub-human catagory that find themselves short penised and unable to cope with true people and need the protection falsly awarded for proving the brown noseing abilities cops show.
two jokes come to mind when thinking of cops...
1. what do you get when crossing a cockroach with a cop? nothing, roaches have standards too.
2. what do flys and cops have in common? they both eat shit and bother people.
hey folks any more cop jokes? I'd love to pass them on at my next inevitable court hearing!lol I just cant seem to behavePosted Image

#45 Guest_kung_fu_fungi_*

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Posted 10 August 2003 - 03:04 AM

I say nay. I don't hate cops, or at least I try not to, but I do tend to feel better when they're not around.

#46 Guest_expert_*

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Posted 10 August 2003 - 03:43 AM

I say NAY!! More cops means more idiots with a supeiority complex looking for anyone they can to torment to prove how powerful they are and we aren't. In my job I have met too many of these power hungry hot shot cops who would do anything to make a bust. I no longer have any respect for the pricks in blue, and would feel safer with "old west" justice than police injustice. Just my humble opinion. Posted Image=Posted Image

#47 Guest_zap_*

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Posted 10 August 2003 - 10:19 AM

cop bad, drug dealer good.

#48 machine



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Posted 10 August 2003 - 10:30 AM

Nay! No more bullies with guns!

#49 Guest_faht_*

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Posted 11 August 2003 - 05:20 AM

ANARCHY!!!! cops are sheep herders with guns. BAH, BAH. ..."if one gets out of line, shoot 'em. set an example" "...he was on mushrooms too, Shiit boyz, look like christmas is coming early this year.." fuckin pigs. thats a big NAY from the fahtster.

A hungry dog is a mean dog.

#50 kwy



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Posted 21 August 2003 - 10:10 PM

reminds me of the movie Cheech & Chong when Sgt. Stedenko is getting interviewed by Toyota Kawasaki and she asks him if the police expect any violence to erupt at the border inspections: "We certainly hope so"

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