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A Taste of Samui (Honey)

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#1 Man of Knowledge

Man of Knowledge

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Posted 17 December 2011 - 04:41 AM

Was putting my whole computer data on an external hard drive, pain in the ass it is as it says it would make my computer ten times faster and instead it is ten times slower. Even with the DSL speed.

I came across this image of Psilocybe samuiensis Guzman, Bandala and Allen.

Hope all appreciate this baby. They never get taller than 3 inches in height. I still cannot figure out how to make the pictures fit the screen like I usually post them.


man of knowledge

#2 eastwood


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Posted 17 December 2011 - 08:39 AM

Beautiful picture.


When making a post, under the smiley's icon there is another icon for uploading attachment. After you upload the attachment click on the picture and it will let you size the picture. I set this picture to large.

#3 Man of Knowledge

Man of Knowledge

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Posted 17 December 2011 - 11:26 AM

HEy, Thanks, I usually measure all of my photographs at 7 1/2 inches to 8 inches in height. That way they fit. Like the cyans, the long image where they trail across the screen, I make sure it doesn't go beyond the 10 inches wide or less so the text does not spread across the pages. I will try later. I have been deleting hundreds of duplicate imagfes after I had my five days for the 500 gb External hard drive to do the back up. Now I am not sure if I am suppose to unplug it or what. I also have some media player problems with organizing my albums. And two folders of playlists of all my music in different themes and I do not like that. One album, multi has about 9 or 10 songs each by someone different and though the folder in My Music has all the icons for the songs, they show up as separate songs in the albums, in the songs, in the artists in different parts of the music library and yet they are all in a single folder. It is weird because I see the album cover all over the place3 and only one song is there in each one that it shows up. I tried to call three places, The Go-Flex is all friggin recorded replies, the media player cannot find a number and microsoft and several software programs I have charge a lot to tell you how to fix a probl;em thtat just takes a minute. But first you need to listen to five minutes of sales pitches and then they have trhe nerve to ask yo0u to stay on the line after you finish and they will give you a recorded survey. I am so friggin sick of these companies who use automated messages for everything because they are to friggin cheap making millions to spend time talking to those who make their pockets rich.

By the way, Glad you like the photo. Sometimes I take a cd or my recorded video art with the music on it and play it at my friends on his 50 inch screen. My art is so awesome when blown up, but then so are my shrooms and even my scenic photos.

have a shroomy day. I will probably crash soon. So far I am still right on for the winner of X-factor. Many shows I have picked the winner from the first auditions they do, But I cannot stand that Steve Jones (Pearce Brosnan wannabee host. sop repiticious and so robotic, and Nicole, shit she can sing a storm. Had no idea? but her and LA Reid blocked a lot of good singers off by having the stupid singoffs. Marcus in the bottom two on three occasions. HJE sent both the 14-years home, Nicole and Paula got booed badly and both sobbed for real, but the girl, Rachel Cook had a meltdown to the floor moment when she learn Marcus Canty had more points than her. I think Josh or melanie will win, but all three fianalists deserve to win. Now I await the new American Idol in January. Picked 6 out of 9 winners on that show and the first winner of both Americas Got Talent and also Wayne Newton's Entertainer show. Sorry I ranted there. Old age makes me more mental.
man of knowledge. Thanks for the clue about the larger images and have a shroomy weekend

#4 Ilia



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Posted 17 December 2011 - 01:37 PM

Very nice picture :). Photos like this help the rest of us id magics in the wild.

#5 wildedibles



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Posted 18 December 2011 - 04:56 PM

Man of Knowledge we can still see them full size when we click on them so it is really good if we have a slow computer we can open them you don't have to make them big but that one above eastwood thank you very much it deserves all rights to be HUGE :) lol I am going to read a few of your post's Man of Knowledge to see where I can help ya make them bigger Like eastwood has if they could help explain things it would be great I am not good at explaining computer things :)
Thats one great pic thank you for sharing Man of Knowledge :)

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