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Urban explorers

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#1 Guest_hippie3_*

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Posted 26 August 2003 - 07:05 PM
also see http://socialfiction...sychogeography/

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Posted 27 August 2003 - 12:13 AM
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#3 Guest_hippie3_*

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Posted 27 August 2003 - 09:04 AM

what NOT to do=
<BLOCKQUOTE><HR SIZE=0><!-Quote-!><FONT SIZE=1>Quote:</FONT>

Two of my friends are in jail ... here's what happened:

On Sunday night my friend - we'll call him Jeff - went with a couple of his friends to this abandonned insane asylum a little from our town. They busted down a door and smashed a couple windows while exploring whatever was left there. So, last night another friend of mine - Doug - stopped over and picked up Jeff and another friend, Andy. The whole night Jeff had been saying he wasn't going to go back there because he was scared of the place and he thought there would be cops there.

Andy decides that as long as they're going to be going there, they might as well video-record it for other people to look at because a lot of other people wanted to go. So I let him borrow my camera which I have done before and I didn't really care that much.

Well, they left to go there around 10pm or so. The night before when they went there, Jeff left his backpack full of shit at one of his friend's houses, but tonight he didn't so he had his backpack on him. They got to the asylum and as they pull in towards the back of it, they saw someone walking around with a flashlight. They knew other people who would be going so the driver, Doug, turned on his lights to check it out and what they saw was a parked sherrif's car sitting right in front of them. So he quickly throws it in reverse and gives her right back down the driveway. They start to pull away from the place when they see another cop coming with it's cherries 'n berries on so Doug thought that the cop had already seen him so he turned his lights on, I guess to give up. However, the cop didn't even know where they were and if he wouldn't have put his lights on - for the SECOND time - they probably would have gotten away.

Well, about 7 squad cars ended up surrounding them and they drew their guns demanding them to throw the keys out of the window and then to get out. They were all placed in separate squad cars after being cuffed. It turns out that in Jeff's backpack, was 4 separately-bagged ounces and a digital scale. Also in the backpack, belonging to Doug, was a glass bubbler and a hand scale.

Andy had my video camera and on the tape that was in the camera, was him and a bunch of people doing stupid shit: smoking weed, eating shrooms and acid, going on a camping trip, etc. So we think that something could happen, but we're not really sure since a] it's stricly on videotape and b] it was about 3 months ago. But none of us are really sure what the detective is going to do about the tape. The reason they needed the camera was to make sure that there was nothing related to the vandalism that took place at the asylum.

Well, it turns out that Jeff is looking at about 60 days and Doug 90. Nothing else is known about what they're being charged for exactly and how long they're facing.

As a precaution, everything from Andy's house, including things his family had there, was taken out ... that just in-case they reviewed the video tape and searched the house, they wouldn't find anything.<!-/Quote-!><HR SIZE=0></BLOCKQUOTE>

#4 Guest_erebus_*

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Posted 27 August 2003 - 03:18 PM


You'd think if you were going around snooping you would at least have the decency (sp?) not to break anything, even a number 2 pencil. I know if I had worked my whole life (or 5 minutes in bill gates case) to buy a large warehouse or facility, whatever, that I wouldn't want anyone who doesn't belong there stepping foot on my property. If they did, I wouldn't want to know about it. I would not be happy to see that someone had broken in and vandalized even the smallest of things.

Serves them right. Bringing a backpack full of dope to such a situation is also pretty retarded. A personal bubbler and maybe even a whole ounce would be much better than an obvious dealers stash.

#5 Guest_myco_*

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Posted 27 August 2003 - 04:31 PM

'carthographic sadism. gabber avant-gardism. disco socialism. peripatetic hedonism. autonomous spacetravel'
sounds like poetry to me
Do we get lunch before or after we've been in the sewers ? Posted ImagePosted Image
some of these places must be a dream for photographers or filmmakers ,it's like buildings collect all what has happened inside

#6 Guest_hippie3_*

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Posted 27 August 2003 - 10:16 PM

lunch after, i think.
this does sound fun, i know an old abandoned prison nearby, ghost stories and all.

#7 herman



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Posted 27 August 2003 - 10:23 PM

Very cool HIp! Are you into that sort of adventuring.?????? Please post a little of your experiences.. It's like putting yourself smack in the middle of a movie....These sorts of secret underground catticombs have always fascinated me. Same mindset as 'catching out" or freight hopping which I have done quite a bit of...Hip check out some beautiful art work and some info on freight hopping and the life of a tramp(hobo)........HErMMMM MMM good....

#8 Guest_hippie3_*

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Posted 28 August 2003 - 12:48 PM

my experiences all date back to a time when it was still called burglary.
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i think the most fun i ever had was when me and another guy climbed over the fence at the zoo one late night long ago.
we wandered around quite awhile, the animals are much noisier and active at night so when we heard the lions roar, that scared the [email protected] out of us. it was sprinkling just a little, which also seemed to get the animals excited, we saw some rhinos playing, running and sliding in the mud. there was a wolf enclosure in this valley, on top of the hill above we sat down and smoked a joint and watched the wolves running around, that was cool too.
we didn't even try to get in any buildings or cages though, which i suppose was for the best.
i think now i'd like to go back.
this old abandoned jail nearby does interest me but it'd be kinda hard getting in, i need to scope it alot better before i step foot there.
the new jail was built right next door, only about 300-400 yards away there's cops aplenty.

i only tried to hop a freight once and it just about ripped my arm out of its' socket [mental note-hop on stopped, not moving trains.] so i abandoned my research. but my dad lived the hobo life, riding the rails, for many years until he got too old and got on social security and settled down.
kinda funny story, one time he hopped a train carrying hundreds of brand new cars from the factory. it was winter so he jimmied open a wing window on a nice new lincoln town car and climbed in , where he found the keys still in the ignition from being driven on-board. so he fired it up, turned on the heater and stereo and got comfy. fell asleep, his big mistake. next morning the train rolls into denver rail-yard and stops. but he didn't wake up. so along comes the rail-yard dicks and they hear the engine running and the radio so they go looking and sure enough they found and busted him, charged him with felony destruction of property [the jimmied wing window cost over $150] and stuck his ass in a federal pen for almost a year.
so we had to send him money, etc. until he got out. think he learned his lesson after that.
god rest his soul.

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