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Ever dosed an evildoer?

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#21 Guest_pbeester_*

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Posted 09 July 2004 - 10:22 PM

I know a guy who got ripped off by another guy for like a gram and they dropped a tenth of a gram in his soda. They saw him months later on tour and they said he still wasn't quite right. Also, I've had family tell me that the only way they used to let someone buy grams was they had to do a thumbprint. He also told me they ended up dosing an undercover once with a thumbprint and he supposedly broke down in tears and told them he was a cop. They say he left and they never got busted but it could be an urban legend. You could always dose me with up to 50 hits without me knowing but any more than that and I need a warning. Posted Image

#22 Guest_big_*

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Posted 10 July 2004 - 06:59 AM

"but there are better ways to get justice"

I can think of a coulple of instances where it would be alright and maybe even a prudent move.

Lets say...

Someone rats you out to save his own sorry ass and your gonna do several years in prison but they need his testimony to get the conviction. An hour before he goes on the stand to testify, he comes up to your house and begs your forgivness. You tell him you understand "he's got family to support" and if you get convicted you can probably role on a big supplier, make a deal and go into the (Witness Protection Program). Then you tell him "let's have toast to my new life" and you get a couple of beers outta the fridge. You make toast to your friendship of many years and tell him "I'm gonna miss you".

Some how his testimony isn't quite what the D.A. expected and his deal falls through.Posted Image

#23 banjojo



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Posted 10 July 2004 - 11:36 AM

I'd say, dosing the guy would only backfire. He may feel "tricked."

#24 banjojo



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Posted 10 July 2004 - 11:40 AM

I think that it is impossible to shove peace and love down somebody's throat. If you force psychedelics down somebody's throat, the trip they have will not be one of seeing the light and learning the error of their ways. They are likely to feel even more alienated from society than they did before, not helping the long term situation. If we mean to spread the wisdom of psychedelics we can't do it by force, or trickery.

#25 1dumbmyco



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Posted 10 July 2004 - 02:25 PM

I had quit taking lsd for quite a while in the early 80's and some friends and I were going hiking at a nature reserve. My buddy popped open a beer and handed it to me on the way, I should have been suspiscious, and I downed it not knowing he had dosed it. At 1 hour I was so pissed they had done that, but calmed down and enjoyed the trip. Ironically we encountered a moss covered rock with two or three shrews, an animal I had never seen before, which was a pleasant surprise and NOT a hallucination.

#26 Guest_walter_*

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Posted 11 July 2004 - 01:25 PM

But isn't turning a hallucinagen into a weapon very counterproductive for us?

#27 Guest_hippie3_*

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Posted 12 July 2004 - 09:25 AM

if you mean politically
i doubt it matters much.
ethically it's a bit of a different story...

#28 Guest_jeklhyd_*

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Posted 12 July 2004 - 09:45 PM

A buddy of mine just told me about when his friends dosed his beer without him knowing it. He was delighted because he couldn't afford any of the acid his friends had. Go figure...

#29 Guest_drunknmunky_*

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Posted 13 July 2004 - 09:34 AM

my dad was a bona fide "dead-head" and has told stories of people with squirt-guns loaded with diluted cid squirting randomly into the crowd. dont know the valiidity of the story as he was pretty much out of it for most of the late 60's and early 70's, but i can see how an entire crowd dosed at a show like that would be quite an expierience.

#30 Guest_hippie3_*

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Posted 13 July 2004 - 09:35 AM

they used to mix LSD
with DMSO
called it 'Lace' and put it in squirt guns for use on police and other authority figures.
or so i hear.

#31 Guest_mycos_*

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Posted 13 July 2004 - 05:45 PM

Ah, yes that was another one of Abbie Hoffman's tall tales to scare the Man withPosted Image

He threw a press conference with a hippie(yippie) couple on a mattress, squirted them with some non-psychoactive purple stuff, and they started going at it right there in front of the journalists who were assembled therePosted Image

The story is in one of Paul Krassner's books, excerpts of which were published in High Times a few years back in an article on Abbie, from around the time "Steal This Movie" came out.

#32 banjojo



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Posted 14 July 2004 - 11:35 PM

It also in Abbie's Autobiography, "Soon to Be A Major Motion Picture" My favorite book of his.

#33 Guest_hippie3_*

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Posted 15 July 2004 - 09:59 AM

bet it would work,
soak a lb of shrooms in a gallon of DMSO...
get a super-soaker...

#34 Guest_invader_*

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Posted 15 July 2004 - 10:40 PM

ok here's my story...i had a friend that shorted me on a sack one night before a rave..while at the rave i had a sweet breath bottle full of water. he knew that i was into that kinda thing and could get the real thing easily and asked if he could buy a couple drops, he paid and i told him to hold his head back and open his mouth, he did so and i took the top off the bottle and squirted the whole thing into his mouth...he almost immediatley jumped back and had this omg im gonna die look in his eyes...i let him deal with it for about half an hour then i explained to him it was just water and some sweat breath mixed together and procedded to give him his proper dose....he has never let me live it down to this day and has never let me dose him like that he only lets me dose a couple cubes and give them to him hehehe Posted Image

also i found this.
DMSO can carry other drugs with it across membranes. It is more successful ferrying some drugs, such as morphine sulfate, penicillin, steroids, and cortisone, than others, such as insulin. What it will carry depends on the molecular weight, shape, and electrochemistry of the molecules.

concentrated psilocyben vials? Posted Image

(Message edited by spekter on July 16, 2004)

#35 Guest_erebus_*

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Posted 15 July 2004 - 10:41 PM


Posted Image->Posted Image->Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

(Damn we got a versatile collection of smileys)

#36 Guest_xochi_*

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Posted 30 July 2004 - 08:22 AM

Indeed not ethical and shooting yourself in the foot. All dutch lawmaking needed in the sixties, was a group of hippies making jokes about putting massive amounts of LSD in the drinkingwater factory (dont know the english word and too lazy to look it up), to just go along with the anti psychedelic laws proposed by the USA. It's not helping our case. Use of psychedelics need a good sense of responsibility, to yourself and the other members of the psychedelic community.

You know what I mean, the truth about psychedelics is not coming in the media, the only thing you'll see in the media is that poor sob that jumped of a roof because some smart guy dosed him.

Anyway, if you want to deal with your enemy in the spirit of the psychedelic experience, just make peace with them, regardless if they want to make peace with you. I believe it makes you feel better in the long run.


#37 maliki



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Posted 30 July 2004 - 08:10 PM

Mom ate some of my shroom choclates...Posted Image
Was plesntly suprised to find out what they where.
I asked if you noticed the difrence in tast and her only reply was But I had the munchies...
Love my mom..

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