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The Rhyme Thread (Lyricists and Poets)

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#181 picapau



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Posted 28 March 2019 - 10:04 AM

wow! What a collection....I've only read the first page so far. This forum is soooo cool~

here is a spoken word type thing that came through last fall as I was travelling through southern oregon:

have you ever felt in the wind
the voice of your beloved
calling you home?

a resonant echo
a familiar voice
from a childhood daydream
underneath a giving tree
as autumn leaves rain down
touching the places inside that lie empty
waiting to be filled with that golden light?

the endless invitation
engraved in stone
carved in our bones
by an unseen river
flowing with childlike laughter
toward a cosmic sea.

each of us a branch
on a tree of destiny
each others legends
reflecting and revealing
the patterns and weaves
of this great mystery
without beginning
and no end.

scared reciprocity
restoring a balance
the cosmic unity
between life and death
sea and sand
earth and sky
woman and man

the restless wind of autumn
threshing and sorting
the seeds of a future
both ancient and new
a call to belonging
a call to beginning
we are the leaves
rocking in that breeze
rising and falling
gently touching down
on the sacred

death and rebirth

one form
into the next
points of reference
on a web of living light
stretching out endlessly
scattering the seeds
of destiny.

i see many rivers
many voices merging
a new life unfolding
a new world emerging.
worry not for the purging
the burning away of this cold dark night
trust in the alchemy of this wind
as it guides us each as so much dust
and reunites us in the light.

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#182 picapau



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Posted 28 March 2019 - 10:20 AM

and another little blurb about the nature of a spoken word....because i'm a little late to the party:

the words are just points...
in a constellation of thoughtful
each word makes it's
leaving space for a picture of feels
to flow

no need to describe
just source the impulse
the heart
the mind
like two vines

let the imagination
of the witness
to this blissful alchemy
paint the landscape
of it's endless unfolding~

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#183 Dimitri2teachme



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Posted 27 April 2019 - 12:48 AM

Well im no lyricist, or poet, but I write things. I don't know how to properly format poems or songs but I keep writi g them anyway I have notebooks full haha! Anyway I wanted to post this. It saved my life.

The wind blows,
As cold as it gets, a new weight i've not known.
I wear it, a shroud, from my head to my toes
My emotion, displays, just simply a show.
Myself just a shell, not quite a home...
My ego explodes
I grip it, too hard to let go
But tonight it was simply disposed
At the flick of a finger, my eyes are closed
my mind and my body soon will transpose.......................

When I open my eyes and I start to see,
I realize that I am so lucky to be,
Alive, and to smell, and to live, and to breathe...
Something I don't know how I couldn't see.
hopefully this will soon represent me...

Thank you DMT
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#184 WanderingWildcrafter



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Posted 01 July 2019 - 07:05 PM

I write silly little rhymes from time to time. In an attempt to write a "foraging poem" I ended up with more of a rap:


I dash into the woods
With my basket in my hand
I'm hunting for the goods
Yes, I'm living off the land
Mushrooms, herbs, and flowers
Oh, how bountiful they are
I hike for many hours
And I travel very far
Reishi, chaga, turkey tails
Medicinal as fuck
Dirt under my fingernails
I'm having such good luck
Mullein, yarrow, goldenrod
Red clover and sumac
I'm filled with so much joy
That I don't want to turn back
Lobster mushrooms fill my cart
Not room for too much more
Foraging, it fills my heart
Oh, what a fucking score!
My basket's getting heavy
And I've covered lots of ground
I head back to the Chevy
With the bounty that I've found
Another day rewarded
With wild medicine and food
And home they will be sorted
And my home will smell damn good!

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#185 Pepper34045



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Posted 12 November 2021 - 01:27 PM

I wrote a song from the perspective of my Dungeons and Dragons character. She’s been deeply hurt by her father, and this song was written to celebrate her journey from pain to apathy. She’s not quite there yet in game, but the song means a lot to me regardless. I hope you enjoy.

I picture me at four years old
Perky eyes and a playful soul
Begging and pleading for paints instead of pearls

I feel it now, I just turned five
Mom’s mortality fucked my mind
And you did nothing to help your broken girls

Six and seven spent at the side
Of the bedridden wife you tried to hide
From visitors with power great and small

Aged eight and nine dealing with stresses
By climbing trees in my Sunday dresses
Hoping you’d care if I happened slip and fall

But Apathy
Tastes too sweet
A sugar high
That rots your teeth
I feel it now
Sinking beneath
Lower, lower, and lower
Maybe I deserved to grow up a little slower

I taste it now, I’m freshly ten
Indoctrinated to pretend
His service is excuse to fool around

Eleven and twelve, sharpened my wit
Holding my tongue, biting my lip
Stifling myself so you can’t put me down

Thirteen’s when I began to change
I finally started acting my age
And questioning the life I’d memorized

At fourteen I knew
I’m more like mom than like you
Shrugging off advances from your guys
To paint a canvas the colors of the sky
And imagine myself living a better life…

Now apathy
Is taunting me
Teasing regarding
I feel it now
From deep beneath
It’s ebbing, flowing, and growing…
Maybe you should stay unknowing

Fifteen I made the choice leave
I stumbled upon a golden seed
That morphed and uprooted my whole life
I danced the day I turned sixteen
With my dearest friends surrounding me
While a care for you was nowhere in sight

Now apathy
Sustains me
It has reshaped
My reality
I feel it now
Embracing me
Building, creating and waiting
Maybe my heart’s done aching

My friends, they lift me higher
Even higher than the mantle
Upon which you placed my body
As a trophy from the best thing you have ever had
I’m only sorry that I ever called you dad
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#186 Pepper34045



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Posted 26 November 2021 - 09:23 AM

I found a haiku on my phone I must have written very tired. I don’t remember writing it, but it is something I would write. I hope you enjoy.


With explosions like
Supernovae, I will melt
Not kick, my bucket
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